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    Jun 17, 2013
    Name: Spiker Drew
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Occupation. Mercenary
    Family: A little sister

    Personality: Dosen't take sides gose where the caps is. hates Ceasars Legion. He only cares about his sister and Caps so he can keep food on the table, he as a kind side. he never kills woman or children. He always get the job done. he hates people interfering with his work

    History: Spiker and his sister was some of the only surviors from a small villigde on the outskirts of Nevada. That was attacked by the legion, Spiker and his sister(Sara) fled. After two days in the wild they were find by the mercenary band"The Reapers"
    They took them in, gave them food and shelter. Spiker wanted to become stronger so he could protect his sister, so he inlisted in The Reapers. When he was old enough he left The Reapers, he moved to Freeside with his sister, There he started Mercenary work. His sister at the time had become very intersted in Robots.

    He usually as an Ak 47 but sometimes take somethingels
    Colt 1911 in his holster, A sharped egde combat knife his pride joy
    He can use any gun that is giving to him and is very deadly with knife too. some grenades.

    Merc armor, a neckles with a picture of his sister, ammo vest,
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    Name: Na'zu'err (Nah-zoo-er) ***Na'zu or Nazz for short

    Race: Human

    Sex: Male

    Age: 52

    Height : 5'10”

    Weight: 110

    Faction: Neutral to all except rival tribes (all fallout tribes that don't include Mingro'shre[Mingo'shray], chars native tribe)

    Occupation: Holy Man

    Appearance: Long, straggly, greasy, dirty hair reaching a good two or three hand lengths past his shoulder. It's mostly grey but what coloured hair he does have left suggests he had black hair. Darker skin-tone, similar to the skin tone of indigenous people of South America. His cheeks on his face are boney and very pronounced. Eye sockets seem pretty shallow and darkened. Appears to have red pigment in the shape of a hand on his face. Has a full beard with 3 braids in it with black and brown beads, no larger than his pupils. Looks malnourished as you can see his ribs. His body is full of scars creating art. On his chest seems to be a depiction of a wanamingo and on his two shoulder blades are brahmin skulls.

    Clothing: He is wearing a large, thin, brown fabric rag covering his “parts” and reaches a little above his knee. Wearing a bone collar made of carved and pointed bones from unknown critters that he has come across. Usually (when not resting) wears a brahmin skull with feathers on his head as a spiritual guide. On his feet are makeshift sandals made out of soles from shoes and a leather belt.

    Na'zu'err was apart of the Mingo'shre tribe. He is the third child and first boy of Falt'zu'err, the village Shepard. As with any other wastelander, it didn't take long for him to notice the world is full of suffering, disease, famine and death. He pondered about this for most of his teenage years. As a wise individual, he followed the footsteps of the village Holy Man, Jar'ka. Jar'ka seemed to have all the answered for the questions that Na'zu'err threw at him, this amazed Na'zu'err, in his eyes, Jar'ka was the wisest, most intelligent man there was.

    So at the age of 17, Na'zu'err set out to be the Holy Man's apprentice. He enjoyed serving his spiritual leader. His father, Falt'zu'err, did not feel as dignified as Na'zu. He watched as his sons muscles whither away to the point he can't help with the brahmin. His father prayed to his gods asking for his eldest son to be a strong leader. The person Falt'zu saw was not what he wanted his son to be, he was a mistake. Na'zu carried on helping Jar'ka and indulging in his spiritual rituals.(Consists of high amounts of meditation/herbal blends and incense). When Falt'zu died when Nazz was at the age of 26. Falt'zu left the heir to the farm and Brahmin to his brother, Kail'zu, the new Chieftain (Khail'zu was the warrior of the family) who was awarded the position after defeating the former Chieftain in a duel, while leaving nothing to Na'zu. Kail'zu was a spitting image of his father and Na'zu was a failure in his eyes, so on the one year anniversary of Falt'zu's death, Kail exiled Na'zu believing it will relieve his fathers poor soul of shame. So he packed up his various herbs, texts, holy items as well as a hunting rifle with feathers fraying off the stock. Jar'ka, would use it to get rid of pests from his garden.

    Nazz has been out wandering the wastes for 26 years. He's gotten pretty handy picking off prey from a distance and learned a while back that sometimes, killing is justifiable, murder is not. Hunting for his own food slowly made him a very skilled hunter and tracker. Na'zu is now looking for his final calling, which he hopes will give him insight or peace by death.

    Items: Na'zu'err's Tribal Outfit, Jar'ka's Hunting Rifle, Rope, 25 Caps and Iguana Meat
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    Oct 14, 2013
    Name: Pike Davenport
    Age: 34
    Race: Human
    Height 5'11
    Weight: 195 Pounds
    Faction: Himself
    Occupation: Merc, Bounty Hunter, Etc.

    Gear: Combat Armor/Helmet, Armor has USMC logo on it, a R-91 Assault Rifle, Modified with Composite Parts instead of wood parts, a 10 MM pistol as a side arm, and multiple knives, black combat boots, and black leather gloves.

    Bio:Pike was a Force Recon Soldier During the great war, but as the war was winding down to its final days he was selected for a vault program, this program was a military one at the core. 25 Soldiers were selected to be put "Under Ice" Or Flash Frozen, then be awaken after the bombs dropped to rebuild the country.

    A Malfunction occurred that put the entire team Under Ice for 200 years, Pike being the only survivor from the program. Now with his team dead, his mission gone wrong before it began, he wonders the waste. Using his skills to benefit only himself.

    Personal Items: His Dog Tags, and a note from his wife and Son.
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    Nov 16, 2013
    Name: Joey "The Happy Medic"

    Race: Human

    Sex: Male

    Age: 27

    Height : 6'4”

    Weight: 70kilos

    Affiliation: Neutral/Followers of the Apocalypse

    Occupation: Doctor/Prospector


    Clothing: Black riding boots, faded woodland combat trousers, stained white shirt, black plate carrier, olive drab trench coat, Chinese leather belt and holster

    Biography: When asked about his history Joey will often change the subject or ask the same question, little is known of his early childhood other than he was born among the Followers of the Apocalypse. Nowadays he wanders the wastes going from settlement to settlement treating the injured and sick in exchange for food and supplies. He refrains from combat and would rather defuse the situation with words and will only draw his weapon as a last resort. (Hoping to reveal more about Joeys history ICly)

    Items: Joeys trench coat outfit, 23 caps, 150 NCR dollars, Doctors Bag, Tokarev M213, 9mm round (54)
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    Feb 17, 2014
    Occupation:Genius Wasteland Murderer
    Family:Murdered at her hands

    Physical appearance
    Hair:Pixie-cut like (But more suited to wasteland styles obviously) and dark brown
    Weight:124.7 lbs.
    Complexion:Rough yet soft skin, confusing to touch, gives chills on contact

    Personality: A vault escapee, killed everyone in the vault due to how scared she was. A genius beyond comparison and containing a magicians ability to determine the history and personality of a person by their looks and how they act (with a twenty-second look over of that person), and likes making friends with engineers and hates the Brotherhood of Steel. Is a great shot with her guns.

    Weapons:A large hunting rifle with a scope and barrel extension called Bassine. Dual-wielded, scoped and silenced 10mm pistols called The Twins.

    Items: An armless and blood-stained teddy bear named Mr. Snuggle Mc Murder and a large supply of chems all in a bag at her side.

    Clothing: A blood-covered vault suit, the numbers unreadable due to tearing. A large and makeup-covered hockey mask with covers up her entire face. Large bloodred combat boots. Tightly fitting bloodred gloves to match the boots.

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    Name: Arianna Lahar
    Preferred Name: Ari
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Profession: Scientist/Wanderer
    Main Skills: Medicine, Science, Repair
    Secondary Skill: Energy Weapons

    Personality Type: Kind, gentle, somewhat withdrawn. She doesn't let people get close to her, on account of being on the run. She has no friends, is always looking over her shoulder, and is quick to draw her plasma rifle if she suspects an Enclave agent. Because she spends so much time in isolation, she's not the most sociable in the world. She *can* socialize, she makes frequent trips into various wasteland settlements, but she's very quiet when she does. She spends her life in a depressed state, blaming herself for the death of her sister Kara. Guilt heavy on her mind, she strives to make up for the evils she feels she was a part of when she was working for the Enclave in Raven Rock. Having lost everything she's ever cared for, everyone she's ever loved, she's very guarded--afraid that anyone she gets close to is destined to die eventually.


    The Early Years

    Arianna Lahar grew up in a loving family, with both parents and an older sister, Kara. If it sounds like there should be a catch, there is; she was raised in Raven Rock, as a member of the Enclave. Her father was an Enclave scientist, her mother a soldier in the Enclave. Kara and Arianna were about as close as two sisters could be, even though Kara was 5 years older. The two got along wonderfully, always playing together, sharing secrets,

    From an early age, Arianna took to reading and books. She would often slip into her father's lab when he wasn't looking, and read his journals and biology books; she became enamored with science. One day her father discovered her reading his books--ones that would be frustratingly difficult even for an adult to comprehend, let alone a young child JUST old enough to read. Not only could she read these books, she had remarkable understanding for being so young; she was able to pick up on things pretty fast. Her father quickly discovered that Arianna was beyond gifted. To say she was a scientific prodigy would be closer to the truth, much like Einstein or Isaac Newton. It just came naturally to her; she loved science and she loved biology. As such, she became really close to her father; this isn't to say she and her mother didn't get along, but she was a daddy's girl through and through.

    Yin and Yang

    What Arianna is to science, Kara was to soldiering. If Ari was talented beyond belief in all things scientific, Kara picked up all things combat with ease. She was agile, she was fast, she was brilliant; able to memorize and execute tactics with precision and skill. She also took to guns very quickly; energy weapons and standard firearms alike. While Arianna was developing into the greatest scientist the Enclave had ever seen, Kara was beginning to show promise as an outstanding soldier (and possibly officer).

    Ari was so gifted in science that she ended up helping her father in the lab at an astonishingly young age. At 10 years old, she was already helping her father, even to the point of designing her own hypothesis and experiments. She took to genetics like a tic takes to blood; it was just in her nature, it seemed. As she grew older, she had more and more responsibilities in the lab; she seemed like a sponge, absorbing everything she was taught. Likewise, her sister was making incredible progress; she was making a name for herself as one of the best Marksmen (if not THE best) in the Enclave. quick on the draw, accurate, and able to use most anything with a trigger--that was Kara Lahar.

    Two Tigers Meet

    Kara, as she flew through the ranks of the Enclave with her brilliance, marksmanship, and natural leadership, would later meet another soldier of scary talent. It would be some time before the two really got together and spoke; this man, named Victor Lance, seemed hell-bent on proving himself to be better than her. For Kara's part, she hadn't really been trying to outdo the guy in nearly everything they did together. She just had a gift, she was a natural born soldier who excelled in her training without having to really give any special effort--so focused as she was, she tended to leave others in the dust; it never occurred to her that others might compare themselves to her. She was just a soldier, trying to prove herself a capable officer.

    That said, Kara and Victor did end up talking to eachother during their free time; Kara found him to be a very nice, driven, and determined person. She really did want him to succeed; she'd have loved the chance for them to fight side-by-side together in the field. As they grew to know eachother, Kara eventually introduced him to her parents and her sister. They all got along rather well--in fact, Arianna seemed to take a liking to Victor right away.

    As time went on, Kara and Victor grew closer, and their rivalry became almost friendly in nature. Realizing that Victor liked to push himself, Kara began purposfully making sure she always bested him, just to ensure that she could give him that extra push to go a little farther.

    All Good Things

    ...must come to an end. Ari's world would be turned upside down at 11 years old, with the death of her beloved father and mother. Both were assigned field duty; a handful of soldiers and scientists were picked to go out in the field, collect various samples of things, and bring them back. While Kara was not among them, both their father and mother were. And, unfortunately, they ran into a Brotherhood of Steel patrol--they were ambushed and every last one of them were killed. Arianna and Kara never even had a body to bury; they were just informed of the death of their parents.

    11 year old Ari was hit the hardest. She'd always been the sensitive, emotional one. Her parents deaths upset her a great deal, throwing the 11 year old girl into a grave depression. Kara, sad though she was, had to be strong for her little sister. She kept a strong front, not hiding her sadness exactly, but not letting Ari see how wounded she really was. Ironically, when something is lost, something is usually gained, and the two sisters became even closer because of their parent's death. Ari and Kara began to bond, strengthening their already strong relationship. All they had was eachother now; well, that and the Enclave.

    As the years would go on, however, Kara would begin to get more and more disgruntled over the Enclave. She found it harder and harder to justify the things they had done; kidnapping, murder, experimenting on innocent began to get harder and harder for Kara to accept this from the group she grew up with, was born into. Loyal though she was, she began to question things. She began to question them a great deal, in fact. And then, questions began to turn into a deep seeded hate; she began to realize the atrocities that the Enclave were committing--and her part in them. Three seperate times she asked her sister Arianna to defect with her, to desert the Enclave. All 3 times, Arianna declined, citing such things as loyalty and referring to the Enclave as "family." While Ari never reported Kara, this slightly strained their relationship; not enough to break them apart, but enough to disturb Ari greatly.

    Scientific Pursuits

    Even with the death of their parents, Ari and Kara still remained on friendly terms with Victor. In fact, Victor often helped Ariana by gethering supplies for her when he was out in the field. Sometimes she'd ask him directly, specifying certain computer components or biological materials; other times, she'd tell Kara what she needed and Kara would, in turn, help Victor find such things when they happened to be together out in the field.

    She never said anything, but Arianna was very fond of Victor's visits; she always loved it when he'd show up in her lab to drop something off, or see if she needed anything from the field for her research. Still, much as she liked him, she never told him about her top-secret research into mind control or FEV. One reason is that she wasn't allowed to; but even more, she wasn't sure she could really confide in him about that. Her sister was one thing; Kara had already shown herself to have anti-Enclave sentiments by asking her to leave with her. But Victor had never blatantly shown anything of the sort. Because of this, confiding in Victor at worst seemed a fatal idea--at best, a dangerous one.

    Trouble in the Capitol

    So, despite her growing disturbance at her research, she treaded on, always looking forward to those times when Victor would pop in. But then, one day, he would stop coming into the lab. It would seem that the man just vanished. When she asked her sister about it, Kara seemed to have no idea what was going on either. Feeling rather hurt, she inquired about Victor's strange absense, and learned that a small handful of Enclave soldiers had been sent away to tend to a "special project." In short, she was told that while she had black clearance, it wasn't quite black enough to know what was going on.

    She was still recovering from the death of her parents, and now her only real friend was gone too; and she had no idea if she'd ever even see the man again. Ari voiced these concerns with her sister; Kara, also was concerned. She, too, liked Victor, and really wanted to see him succeed--but at the same time, she wondered just what project he was involved with. But, the two sisters were destined to never get their answers--neither of them ever learned of his involvement with the special forces team known as CHRONOS; in fact, they would never even hear the name, as it was kept under wraps.

    Ari Defects

    Ari was very loyal to the Enclave; she viewed them as family. But, her sister often made great arguments against them. And, the things Ari had seen....after her father died, Ari began to get involved with FEV research. The Enclave wanted her to develop a strain of FEV that was water soluble; one that could use water as a vector for spreading. She was also to make it highly lethal, targeting only those who suffer from genetic mutations. At the young age of 13 she began her FEV research. It only took this prodigy of science one year to succeed. She managed to develop the strain of FEV that the Enclave would later try to slip into Project Purity. The Enclave were very pleased with her work, and astonished at how quickly she'd managed to come up with this, when other scientists had been working for years on the subject. Because of her success with FEV, she was given a second assignment--by issued by Colonel Autumn himself. It would also be the final straw for her. The Enclave wanted her to conduct research into mind control. Specifically, they wanted to use the orbiting satellite system as a vehicle to control the will of the people. in this way, they could effectively control every person in the wasteland. They wouldn't need FEV if they could accomplish this. As it turned out, Ari was the right girl for the job too. Having access to old Vault-Tech research, she discovered one that used white noise as a form of mind control. Granted, it all went to hell real fast, but the concept of using what amounted to a variance in sound frequency was what she had been interested in.

    Ari discovered that she could disperse a specific frequency into the atmosphere that would render humans into a drone-like, highly suggestible state--in effect, creating mindless zombies that would do as told. The only catch was that it effected all humans. The Enclave couldn't use this because they, too, would be rendered into such a state for as long as the frequency was broadcast into the atmosphere. Ari discovered that this could be easily countered with a chip implanted into the brain, to compensate for the sudden frequency being picked up. In this way, the Enclave themselves could be immune to the effects, while enslaving the rest of the wasteland.

    It was this research that ultimately lead to Arianna finally seeing the light. She could not justify taking everyone's free will, making them slaves to one group of people. Everything her sister had said began to make sense. Truth was, it always had--she'd just been in denial. So one night, Ariana and her sister got together and began planning to flee the Chicago base. Where would they go? Neither was sure of that, but they would get as far away from the Enclave as they could. After 3 attempts to get her to desert the Enclave, Kara finally had her little sister on board with her.

    Ari's Flight

    Arianna knew that even if she fled, other scientists would take up her research and finish it. THIS, she could not allow. One advantage she had was that nobody really knew how to accomplish what she planned. Not yet, anyway. So she devised a plan. Her sister Kara would don full power armor (minus the helmet, she hated those stuffy helms), along with her trusty plasma rifle. Arianna would releas a virus into the computer mainframe that would permanently and irreversibly destroy anything pertaining to her mind control research. The damage was done with her FEV research....but the mind control wasn't yet perfected. It was still in it's research stages. If she could destroy it, she could put an end to that threat at least. Both sisters did their part, Arianna releasing the virus and taking all of her own journals regarding the FEV and Mind control research (this kept in a small leatherbound notebook); she also copied all of the data in the computer systems to a holodisk (also in her pack), and then let her virus do the work.

    Arianna had intended for her and Kara to be long gone by the time the Enclave discovered what was happening. But Enclave security systems and John Henry Eden are not to be taken lightly. Just 20 minutes after the Virus was in the system, it was discovered. Their best techs were unable to stop it from destroying her research data, but it did alert them to the fact that she was now on the run. Kara and Ari hadn't even made it off the base when the alarm sounded. Luckily for them, Kara was so skilled in firearms. Ari, no slouch with energy weapons herself, was still nothing compared to the tactical genius that her sister was when it came to combat. Fighting their way out of the Raven Rock, they took off into the mountainous wilderness, followed by several squads of Enclave in persuit--plus a young Commander named Zane Lozen.

    Kara's Last Stand

    Ari and Kara fled, but pursuit was hot on their heels. After a couple of hours treading through the mountains, Kara turned to her sister. They had a heated argument where Kara told Ari she had to go. They near a cliff, just a stones throw away from an old highway overpass; Ari could make it if she jumped. Maybe. After several minutes arguing, Ari finally (grudgingly) agreed to allow Kara to hold their pursuers off while Ari made her escape. Kara said that one of them needs to make it, and she wanted it to be Ari. There wasn't much time to argue at length. With one last embrace, Kara sent Ari to the overpass, and prepared herself for battle.

    It worked like a charm. The squads of soldiers, lead by Commander Lozen, arrived minutes later where Kara stood, alone. Facing eachother, they gave her a chance to surrender--and tell them where Ari was. What Kara never knew was that Arianna never left. she was hiding behind the ruins of an old car on the overpass, watching. With just a Plasma pistol for a weapon, she couldn't help from so far away; she was helpless as Kara stood her ground, refusing to give Ari's location away--or to surrender. Then, with speed that would rival Billy the Kid, she drew her rifle, and fired. She killed 7 Enclave soldiers with perfectly aimed plasma blasts to the head--and mortally injured Lozen. The victory was short-lived, however--because though she fought valiantly, she was herself cut down by dozens of plasma shots.

    With Lozen so badly injured, and no idea where Ari had gone, they opted to get their commander back to the base instead of continue pursuit. They would pay for this decision later, as a high Colonel Autumn (incredibly pissed off that Arianna had escaped, not only crippling their research into mind control, but also taking copies of top secret research) would punish them severely--in some cases stripping them of rank, in other cases serving time in the stockade. Lozen himself would die 3 days later from his injuries, the last kill Kara would be credited for.

    Ari Says Goodbye

    Arianna saw what happened. The second the Enclave had left, Ari dashed to her sister's side. She held Kara in her arms, devastated at her big sisters death. She spent the entire day and night holding Kara, crying over her dead body. She never got to tell her how much she loved her; or to apologize for what she perceived as failure on her part--if her virus had gone unnoticed, Ari reasoned, Kara wouldn't be dead. This weighing heavily on her mind, she dug a shallow grave for Kara, surrounded by stones and otherwise unmarked. Kara was known for wearing a pink ribbon in her hair; Ari took this ribbon, as well as Kara's Plasma Rifle and holotags. She tied the ribbon around her own Plasma pistol holstered as her waist. Then, with a final kiss to Kara's forehead, Ari put her in the ground, and walked away. She has never returned since. She was 16 years old at this time, just 3 years prior to the start of the RP.

    As the start of the RP, Ari has been looking to construct a new lab in the DC ruins. She'd established a makeshift lab not too long after fleeing the Enclave, but it was destroyed by a group of raiders when she was out scavenging for materials. She has yet to rebuild, and is looking for materials she needs so she can continue her research into how to restore ghouls to their original state.

    Weapons: Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol

    Attire: White labcoat worn over merc adventurer outfit. Long black boots, belt, and tied to the handle of her plasma pistol is a pink ribbon that belonged to her sister (more on this in the bio)

    Items: Microscope, a few petri dishes and test-tubes, 3 stimpacks, a small notebook containing some *interesting* material (more on this in bio), as well as one vial containing an orange serum. She also has some sort of holodisk that would fit perfectly into a computer terminal or pip boy....In terms of food, she has little left; a couple Salisbury Steaks she salvaged in the Wastes, plus some Iguanna bits, and 1 full cantine of water. She also has 3 clips worth of Micro-fusion Cells and 5 clips worth of Small Energy Cells. (pretty sure that would fit in a backback; you'd be surprised how much I stuffed into my own backpack ).

    Accessories: Ari wears her holotags, along with Kara's, around her neck. However, she keeps them hidden beneath her blouse, so that only the chain is visible; to any observer, it would appear as if she's wearing a necklace of some sort. She wears her labcoat open, revealing the Merc Adventurer outfit beneath. On the right shoulder, one can see the very faint outline where there was once a patch with the Enclave's insignia. It is a slight outline, a barely noticeable discoloration in the fabric. One, paying close attention, can see there was a patch there, but probably wouldn't know what it was.

    Appearance: **EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO CARANTATHRAIEL for drawing my character for me! She did a most WONDERFUL job on this, and I cannot every thank her enough! Thanks Cara!!!! <3

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  7. Ryan "Rayne" Jackson

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    Apr 26, 2014
    Name: Ryan Jackson

    Race: Caucasian

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'6

    Weight: 210

    Affiliation: Retired/ NCR

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Family: Wife & Son ( Murdered )

    Appearance: Dark brown hair, Rough beard, Scar over chest and Muscle build.

    Clothing: Old leather jacket with old NCR rank on left sleeve and has team name on the front pocket, Has a light grey tank top and fingerless gloves with old cargo pants and combat boots, has ring on his ring finger and his wifes ring around his neck and his sons bracelet he made and a bandana.

    Personality: Very quiet about his past and doesn't take lightly with people asking about his NCR past and listens to his instincts and also has nightmares of his past

    Biography:When he joined the NCR he quickly made a name for himself when he killed 20 people in combat only armed with brass knuckles and after that he was told to be a Ranger so he went to training and led a group of his own. After 2 years in service he met a girl and they fell in love and soon after marriage they had a son and a house of their own but when the NCR wanted him back he painfully accepts and went back out to fight a war. So after months of fighting he finally returns home to see it burnt to the ground and his wife and son tied to a post beaten and killed, this soon enraged him as he sought the men responsible and after a few days search he found them and killed them all with his bare hands and after he did so another order came in and Ryan went to the HQ of the NCR. At the HQ he was told to retire and live in peace since his family was murdered but he refuses and ends up going into a "Special Mission" that was turned bad and he and his squad was fired upon by raiders and all of his men were killed but he was left alive long enough to meet their leader. Now after meeting the leader he shoots Ryan in the chest and leaves him to die but that wasn't the case when he woke up and ended up walking to a nearby town only to be treated and looked up to by children. Ryan soon became a merc and was damn good at it too for he was paid a lot to do assasinations and protection work so he went by the name Rayne and by the age of 24 he was soon haunted by his terrible past and to this day cannot come to terms with it.

    Items: 44 Magnum (20), Assault Rifle (36), Brass Knuckles, Knife, Old Pip-Boy and a Guitar
  8. Cave Bear

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    Apr 20, 2013
    Name: Sixty-Four
    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 1500 lbs.
    Affiliation: Neutral
    Occupation: Scientist, Mechanic
    Tagged Skills: Science, Repair, Energy Weapons
    S 04
    P 08
    E 09
    C 01
    I 09
    A 05
    L 04

    Background: Sixty-Four is a feral child raised by robots since he was an infant, and the only surviving human resident of Vault 64. He lived without any human contact until he was 13 years old, when he was removed from his home by a family of prospectors.
    The family did their best to integrate Sixty-Four into human society at first. They called him Herman and tried to teach him how to socialize, even going so far as to hire a prostitute to sleep with him so he could know what it was like to touch another human-being. Sixty-Four rejected his human name, and would always run away whenever a person would try to touch him. Sometimes the family would find him days later skulking around the outside of his old vault.
    Over time the family's compassion turned to hatred as their patience with Sixty-Four wore thin. They kept him around for his savant-abilities with advanced technology, but otherwise avoided contact with him except when necessary and used regular beatings and threats of violence to keep him captive and compliant.
    Eventually Sixty-Four was able to repair a laser pistol and use it to escape.

    Sixty-Four now travels the wasteland seeking cybernetic augmentations. He wishes to escape his prison of human flesh and find true freedom in a mechanical body.

    Clothing: Vault 64 jumpsuit, robot mask
    Items: Pip-Boy, Laser Pistol +ammo, Tools
  9. NlaveC

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    Jun 13, 2014
    Name: Bosnivich
    Race: Super Mutant
    Age: 38
    Height: 15 ft
    Weight: 2,483 lbs
    Organization: Enclave
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Strength: 10
    Perception: 5
    Endurance: 5
    Charisma: 1
    Intelligence: 10
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 5

    Family: Still kicking

    Armor: Advanced Power Armor Mk II (Torso)
    Weapon: Mega Power Fist

    Biography: Bosnivich was dipped in vats at age 16, making him the hulk-like being he is today. Bosnivich doesn't age like Humans and Ghouls do. His aging is slower while his brain age is accelerated which makes him smarter every-day. Bosnivich does not have emotion and cannot sympathize with anyone, making him a well-trained killer. He was recruited (enslaved) by the Enclave after he was tranquilized. They were originally going to execute him but realized the potential he had in their outfit.
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  10. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    Such lame characters...btw "bosnivic..what?" your character is inspired from Frank Horrigan,noob.
  11. BoS_is_da_Boss

    BoS_is_da_Boss Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 5, 2013
    NAME: Dr Francis Almand-Trask
    NICKNAME:The Doctor/ Dr Trask
    SEX: Male
    SPECIAL: 4, 6, 4, 6, 10 ,4 ,5
    HEIGHT: 5,7
    BUILD: Skinny
    RACE: Caucasian
    FACE & HAIR: Well defined, jagged face with pointed chin (quite ugly). Muddy brown eyes. Balding and greying brown, tightly combed over hair. He looks much older than he Is.
    CLOTHING: A brown blood stained, heavy, long sleeved over coat, ending at his knees. A brown, crumbled fedora rests on his head and small circular sunglasses cover his eyes. Under his coat he wears a bloody white shirt with torn denim trousers, tucked into black walking boots.
    EQUIPMENT: A 44. revolver is tucked inside his coat with 4/6 bullets. A large bowie knife rests at his hip. A large bag is slung onto his back, containing: surgical equipment, a heap of books and crumpled paper. In a addition to some drugs: 4 stimpacks, 2 Jet, 3 Phcyco, 5 med-x, 1 pack of mentats, 1 buffout and 1 Rad-away.
    BACKSTORY: When the doctor wasn't a doctor he lived in a small village, he never new his father, but his mother was a medicine woman; she mixed natural herbs to create readies, cared for the sick, but oftentimes couldn't cure them, and she was only able to perform rudimentary amputations of limbs, that often ended in the amputees death. His mother had been training him as a medical man but he grew sick of its basic nature. He started to cut open animals: dogs, lizards and cattle, to discover what made them tick. The village was sickened by this, but put up with it. Until he went too far for the villagers comfort. At the age 16 he lured a 12 year old to an abandoned building, before experimenting on her for 14 days. The doctor, after being chased from town, wondered the wastes testing on unwilling patients, for the greater good of knowledge. He has leared almost everything about the human anatomy, par how the brain works. He intendeds to learn it's secrets. No matter the cost.
  12. Ethan of the Enclave

    Ethan of the Enclave First time out of the vault

    Jun 20, 2015

    Name: Ethan
    Race: Ghoul
    Age: 213

    Faction: Formerly a high ranking Enclave doctor and medical researcher

    Body attributes: Average height and weight, mostly green irradiated skin with little hair left over

    Clothing: Normally his lab coat, but when he can muster up the strength, he wears his old Enclave field armor.

    Equipment: Power Fist and different kinds of medicine

    Backstory: Being only a teen just a few years before the Great War, he was a volunteer at his father's military station in the medical field. His father was a pilot in the US air force, and had connections with men and women who would soon move to the Poseidon Oil Energy Rig. The Enclave personnel offered a piloting job to his father. When the bombs hit, his family moved on to the rig where they would stay for a little while until his father was sent on a scouting trip of the remains of America. Now that he had aged, he followed his father as the Enclave officials had placed him high up in the medical department of the faction, thinking his skills might come in handy in the Wastes. When they landed, they were greeted by a hoard of feral ghouls. The young doctor barely defeated them at the cost of his father's life. There were enough rations in the Vertibird to last for a little while before officers on the oil rig became suspicious. They sent another Vertibird out to look for the pilot and his son, but they only found a man who had slowly ghoulified. Leaving him there to fend for himself out of their hatred for "unclean" humans, he would soon move to locate the Followers of the Apocalypse that he would serve to help further the education of Wasteland dwellers. Even after he was denied by the ones who took him in when he was so young, he still had some loyalty left in his heart for the Enclave. Not for the faction's ways, but for those he had come to love as he lived his life on the old oil rig.

    Current location: After the NCR moved more into the Boneyard, he followed some smaller groups of the Followers to start a settlement at the Old Mormon Fort where he resides today. Though he has settled, he still longs for adventure and to truly apply the skills he learned in the lab.
  13. Ash

    Ash First time out of the vault

    Jul 5, 2015
    Name: Ash.
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Sexual orientation: Lesbian
    Race: Human Asian
    Hair: Black cut short
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Military jacket over Blue ans white tshirt and Flood pants.
    Affiliation: None. former traider.
    Weapons: A 12.7mm SMG
    Ash was raised by the "Old Man" a local crackpot inventer and part time Merc who she offten found herself patching up and traiding for when he was home.
    She cooked and he braught in stuff for her to traid for caps and taught her to fight. nothing was special till he wound up going the way of all flesh.

    Honestly i prefer to work on my characters as i continue.
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  14. Magnifico

    Magnifico Devils Egde

    Jul 12, 2015
    NAME: Jack
    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Male
    RACE: Human
    HEIGHT: 5’9” ft
    WEIGHT: 173 lbs
    HAIR: Brown Black
    EYES: Brown

    APPEARANCE: Medium Size In Height. Has A 60's Business Man Hair With a Scruffy Beard But not to scruffy.

    Jack Is A Good hearted person He wont kill someone unless they need to be killed or are hurting him in some way.

    : x1 Mosin-Nagant
    : x245 7.62x54mm Ammo
    : x1 Double Barrel Shotgun
    : x79 Shot Gun Ammunition

    : x4 Nuka-Cola
    : x1 Gas Mask
    : x1 Pip Boy 2000 Model A
    : 1697 Caps
    : x1 Lighter

    NCR Ranger Overcoat, Under that a Vault 101 Armored Jumpsuit With Black Bullet proof vest on it, Black Steel Toe Boots.
    Red Pre war Hat With Bandanna / Scarf Around Neck and Pre War Sunglasses.

    [B][B][B]Jack is also Into Pre-War Technology and Early War Vault Technology. But Overall He Loves Guns And he is A Skilled Marksman.

    An old Bunker From The Beginning Of The War Which jack believes was used by The BoS. Has One Bed A Bathroom, Kitchen And a Lounging area.
  15. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    Lmfao,so your character is actually a lesbo? OMG

    FOVet also your character is inspired from that overrated movie Hunger Games.I noticed that

    also this is the page 13 omg.
    Ethan its not enclave its USA,after the bombs felt they created enclave.
    Enclave didn't exist back to pre-war.It was US army or US Gov't
  16. Silk

    Silk First time out of the vault

    Sep 24, 2015
    Basic Bio

    Name: Lyla Black
    Race: Human
    Age: 19

    Physical Description: 5'9", Lyla has a slight yet athletic build and a hint of Eurasian ancestry. Normally has her dark frizzy hair in a ponytail with a purple scrunchie, her dark brown eyes are set in a heart-shaped face that is marred by an inkvine scar that runs along the left of her jaw. On her right shoulder is a set of five stars set in a cross save for the centre star, smaller than the others a little to the bottom right of centre.

    History: Lyla's life is not exactly one beset by incredible sorrow or loss, far from it. She grew up in a relatively isolated community on the West Coast in Oregon called Eureka, a stable community since the time the bombs fell. The men and women who founded it were a mix; survivalists, farmers and people from a land whose name has long since been lost but their symbol has been given to the community that came to be known as Eureka. Initially a scattering of connected fallout shelters far from any population centres, they weathered the initial blast and fallout. While the eldest of the community ranged out after the first fourteen years to supplement their supplies, the majority remained shielded from the radiation due to their sacrifice. This allowed the community to emerge after twenty eight years with minor damage from radiation and to start building.

    Eureka's history has been one of quiet expansion interrupted by bloody wars with various nomadic raiding clans where it has come out on top. Due to it's isolated nature it adopted many of the mannerisms and ways of the foreign people whose culture have become dominant in Eureka, a highly distinct accent from the rest of the West Coast. They continue to grow by forming relations with the people around them, offering co-operation and trade in resources such as purified water and food in return for goods they do not produce for themselves as well as raw materials for manufacture.

    But what has this got to do with Lyla? Several people are chosen every five years to explore the Wasteland, to bring back information about different societies and settlements, look for new resources and any information about their own history, the details of which have long been lost. These people are trained for years before setting out, well versed in survival skills, weaponry and orientation and have a great smattering of various skills and talents. Well armed and armoured before they are sent out, they form the elite of Eureka's fighting men and women, the Eureka Trailblazers.

    Sounds impressive doesn't it? Well, this isn't their story. Lyla thought they were pretty amazing and while she didn't make the cut she figured she could skip all of that and just head out on her own. After all, she knew enough to get by and there was a whole world out there waiting to be seen. So a 9mm by her side, supplies and two changes of clothing (because people just walking about in the same epic clothes for months are just gross), she has set out to find out what she can, leaving a somewhat resigned father and two brothers behind (who are still very much alive and not been murdered by raiders).


    Clothing: A green t-shirt, a white blouse and a blue singlet. Denim jeans, red shorts with white stripes, and a couple of pairs of white socks. A pair of heavy boots and a pair of runners. Basic undergarments and a couple of hair ties, her purple scrunchie being her favourite. A pair of mirrored shades help keep the sun out of her eyes and she is usually seen wearing a cowboy hat that she occasionally refers to as an Akubra.

    Supplies: Usually sufficient to get her through the next few days, has a set of plastic containers she uses for storage. Also has three water bottles stashed away.

    Weapons: Combat Knife, skinning knife, 9mm (which she sometimes has ammunition for) and sharpened spear (which doubles as a walking stick).

    Other: Large backpack that can be separated into multiple segments with a matching set of mug, bowl, knife and fork that are secured with velcro in the bag to stop them rattling. Also has a geiger counter to avoid radiation hotspots that she found on a dead scavenger. A compass and maps she has picked up along the way help keep her walking in the right direction, often with scribbled crib notes from various pencils she has managed to salvage.

    Also has a scope from a broken hunting rifle she uses for scouting and a lighter for fire and light.

    Money: Not much, caps tend to come and go.

    Character Statistics

    Level: 3
    Perks: Intense Training (2)
    S: 4
    P: 6
    E: 8
    C: 5
    I: 5
    A: 7
    L: 7

    Standout Aspects

    - While she wasn't picked to be a Trailblazer, Lyla's survival skills are more than enough to keep her going.
    - Ridiculously fit, what she can't fight she can usually outrun in speed or distance.
    - Has a healthy respect for danger.
    - Tends to heal quickly and hardly gets sick. Doesn't tend to notice the hot and cold very much either unless the weather is extreme.
    - Has a distinct accent from the rest of the American West Coast (mix of Australian, New Zealand and American) that also lends itself to curious expressions that have perpetuated in Eureka.
    - Isn't bad with an acoustic guitar when she gets her hands on one though they inevitably never last long on her journeys. Also knows her way around a piano. Other musical instruments she can normally work out some simple tunes given time.
    - Her voice sits at a high alto, but she can push up into the soprano range or down to tenor, fun for singing and imitating people's voices to their irritation at times.
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  17. wailedostrich

    wailedostrich First time out of the vault

    Dec 20, 2015
    Name: "Cake"

    Age: 20

    Affiliation: Crimson Caravan

    Weapons: Switchblade

    Special Skills: Memorizes his surroundings and knows the New Vegas area and the sewers by heart.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Caucasian, about 5'11 with short messy brown hair, blue eyes, and a little on the skinny side. Never seen without his bounty hunter trench coat

    Bio: Grew up underneath New Vegas, in the sewers, abandoned there nameless by his parents when he was six. He got caught stealing sweet rolls from the Atomic Wrangler which earned him his name. He quickly made friends with the other boys his age, Nilo, Ace, and Blue, all abandoned previously.

    Extra Stuff: Him and his friends challenge people on poker at the Tops for extra money. He currently lives in an abandoned house outside freeside with his friends. He never backs down from a fight, especially with gang members and passing NCR troopers.
  18. AbullSinCara

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    Jul 2, 2012
    Boring characters,majority of the 12 year olds posts on this thread.

    But anyways if that makes you feel happier and accomplished then unleash your creativity.

    I'd rather go make a browser RPG or a game like FO before creating characters.Trust me this would be way funnier.
  19. Mutant Screg

    Mutant Screg Totally not a mutant

    Jun 27, 2015
    Name: Jonah Williams
    Nickname/Alias: Bronn
    Gender: Male
    Race: Super Mutant
    Height: 10'8"(slouched)
    Age: ??
    Occupation: Mercenary/Bodyguard

    Big, mean and green. Is never seen without his suit of armor, a hodgepodge of scavenged power armor and car metal. Ridiculously tall, and unbelievably muscular, even for a super mutant. Wears a constant scowl that usually discourages conflict before it can even begin.

    BACKGROUND: Even before his mutation, Jonah Williams made a comfortable yet dangerous living as a bodyguard, as well as doing general mercenary work in whatever area he happened to find himself in. For years Jonah was hunted by bounty hunters of various employers, although all of them eventually ended up in the same place; six feet under. However, while on a job, Jonah was turned over to his attackers by his own employer, who had been bribed into betraying him. Soon afterwards, Jonah, gagged and blind folded, was taken into the lair of a start-up crime lord in the Core Region, a cruel and merciless man named Skinner, named so for his tendency to skin his victims alive. The bandit-lord had nabbed Jonah hoping that killing him would build up his reputation. After a menacing and very long-winded super-evil monologue, Skinner then injected Jonah with a strain of FEV, the origin of which unknown. Jonah later escapes, unable to kill Skinner, but managing to kill a handful of his goons. Having already had a reputation as an excellent mercenary, Jonah had very little trouble resuming his work afterwards.

    Jonah is a no-nonsense motherfucker, and everybody in the wasteland knows this. Not a thing is known of his past, since the very little that he does say is always related to business in some form or fashion. Wasn't very different pre-mutation.

    A modified shotgun, fitted to his immense size, and upgraded for reduced spread as well as maximum distance. Uses the nearest carcass as a meatclub when the occasion calls for close-quarters combat.
  20. TheWastelander121

    TheWastelander121 First time out of the vault

    May 11, 2016
    NAME: Joel Shwarz
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    RACE: Human(German,Irish and some British mixed in)
    HEIGHT: 6ft2"
    WEIGHT: 195 Pounds
    FAMILY: Dead
    FRIENDS: Very few have gained the title
    HAIR COLOR: Dusty brown
    EYE COLOR: Cyan Blue
    SKIN COLOR: Slightly tanned but only on his face and forearms
    FACTION: Former NCR desert ranger, but he deserted
    OCCUPATION: Caravan guard, Mercenary,
    APPEARANCE: Joel is broad chested and has a face that tells you that you would not want to pick a fight with him. On Joels face he has a scar on his eye that was made by a knife from a raider and also on his chest he has a couple of bullet scars right in the middle of it that are all in different sizes and each one has their own story. On his left shoulder he has a tribal tattoo that wraps around his shoulder and the rest of his left arm and he also has a scar that starts from his right shoulder and ends right below his rib cage on his left side that was created by a deathclaw. Joel's left arm has a tattoo of the names of his family.

    LIFE STORY: Joel's father was a caravan guard who was nothing special with a gun or knife but he had the looks and Charm to impress a caravaneer who he was guarding for a trip from Mojave outpost to new Arroyo. Joel's father and mother ended up having two children who he named Joel and Andrew but sadly Joel's mother died during Andrew's birth. They grew up in new Arroyo for some time and while there Joel excelled at shooting and the taking apart and repairing of common firearms while his brother Andrew was a natural at throwing spears and fighting with bladed weapons. for Joels first yau gui kill he got a tribal tattoo on his left shoulder and arm as a mark of honor.

    On Joels 18th birthday, Joels father took him and his brother on an assignment with him to guard a caravan going to New Reno. A couple of miles away from New Reno a group of Jackal gunslingers lied waiting on a hilltop for unsuspecting caravans. When Joel and his family got close to the ambush waiting for them Joel and Andrew were talking about one of the times Andrew got in trouble for making out with someone else's girl and her boyfriend ended up going to Andrew while he was with Joel and confronted him about it then Andrew said a smartass remark about him and he ended sparking a fight between them then Joel ended up stopping it by kicking and knocking out Andrew's aggressor. Once they got with their story they were on the hill then out of nowhere bullets started firing their way and Joel instantly got hit in the chest by a stray bullet and fell unconcious.

    Once Joel woke up he found his father and brother lying on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding them. Joel's father had tooken many bullets to the chest and stomache and lying a couple yards away from him he found his brother, Andrew with a huge hole to the head which only could have been done by a .308 round. After the shock from seeing his dead family wore off Joel looked for anything useful on the dead bodies of his dad and brother along with the dead pack brahim and caravaneer they were guarding. After he got everything he needed he went to New Reno searching for the people who killed his family as it was the closest place nearby.

    While in one of the Casinos he overheard a group of thugs boasting the amount of caps they got on the bodies of a caravan they had raided a few hours ago. Joel lied in wait outside the casino and started to tail them to their hideout lying just on the outskirts of New Reno. Once there Joel pulled out his fathers M9 baretta and stormed the building and when he got in there he shot everyone inside with no mercy.

    Ater this happened he joined the NCR and was trained to be a loyal soldier. during one his patrols with some of his fellow NCR squadmates they encountered a group of Brotherhood of steel paladins returning to there base. Joel shot one of the paladins in a chink of their armor with his service rifle and quickly took care of the rest of their squad with ease. After word got around he was elected for ranger training. While there his drill sargents and officers treated him as a piece of unformed clay and they molded him into the perfect killing machine. After more than a handful of encounters with raiders,deathclaws, and the brotherhood of steel he was finally issued Riot armor instead of the NCR ranger patrol armor he wore. during the first battle of hoover dam he got a shot off at Joshual graham but scaved his cheek and was quickly suppressed by the legion's snipers. After the battle Joel no longer saw eye-to-eye with the NCR and decided to leave and never come back. The NCR dispatched Rangers to spy on him but they never returned so they sent another and he came back with Joel's message to leave him alone or he'll kill any other ranger sent to spy on him or otherwise. After this had happened the NCR pretty much ignored him as if he didn't exist. Now he wanders the wastes a lone vigil.

    PERSONALITY: Joel is ruthless in combat and will try everthing he has to kill anyone that tries to kill him. Joel is really intelligent because whenever there was a book whether it be a 'Tesla and you' or a 'Wasteland survival guide' he would read it over and over until he memorized the whole book and all the information in it by heart. After Joel's family met their demise Joel went from an outgoing guy that would have the best stories to tell around a campfire or bar to a loner that would rather do anything else then to talk to someone. If you don't see him trying to drink to forget you'll find him reading or taking apart and putting his guns back together over and over again. Joel will never trust anyone or show his emotions openly believing it to be a sign of weakness. If you do obtain his trust though very rarely will he tell you about his life. To the average wastelander he's someone you shoulden't trust but on the inside he's a nice guy trying to stay sane in a insane world and not to let his horrible past break him.

    CLOTHING & ARMOR: Joel wears a black t-shirt and over that he wears pre-war riot gear with a grey psuade trenchcoat over for his lower body he wear a pair of worn grey combat BDU pants with black combat boots and a houlster on each hip along with a belt that has a lot of pouches on it for magazines and clips plus a large olive drab doufle bag that he has slinged over his shoulder most of the time.

    1. Joel uses a M4A1 Carbine which he has an ACOG scope on and an angled grip which he uses for mid range.
    2. When it comes to long range Joel uses his trusty M24 bolt action sniper rifle to pick off foes afar.
    3. Joel has two pistols a M9 baretta for it's ammo capacity and a colt M1911 for it's stopping power.
    4. If he needs to be quite Joel has two combat knives on him one in his right boot and another in his coat.
    5. If it comes down to it Joel has two frag grenades he got from a super mutant he killed.

    one large metal canteen filled with water
    three 20 round magazines of 5.56 ammunition
    22 .308 bullets
    2 clips of 9 millimeter ammunition
    2 clips of .45 ACP bullets
    four bottles of nuka cola
    whet stone
    a couple of informational magazines and books
    2 journals on which he keeps a daily log of his supplies and his account of what happened that day
    3 boxes of sugar bombs
    1 box of mentats
    3 cans of pork 'n beans
    2 brahim steaks in a brown paper bag
    438 assorted bottle caps
    500$ in NCR money
    2 radaways
    1 rad-X
    4 stimpacks
    1 super stimpack
    45 bobby pins and a screw driver
    1 pencil

    SKILLS: Joel's a remarkable marksman with any gun in his hand but not energy weapons and with his great strength he's also a heavy hitter and can throw frag grenades further than most people could. With his superior knowledge about firearms he can take apart and put together the most complex of firearms in record time. With Joel's large frame and heavy weight in muscle he's not as agile as a normal person and he also has the worst of luck when it comes down to gambling. Joel being the loner he is is not at all charismatic in front of people and this sometimes gives people the wrong impression of him.

    Strength: 8
    Perception: 7
    Endurance: 7
    Charisma: 2
    Intelligence: 10
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 1
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