Fallout 2 mod Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.3.3 (Unofficial Expansion)

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    The newest 4.x still works under WinXP. It's not like its XP support will be ended anytime soon.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    YAAMod question:

    How does the YAAMod treat natural DR like Psycho?
    I mean a naked dude (DT 0) with Psycho. Does that count as “armoured” and needs AP ammo?

    I did read the readme but couldn't figure it out.
  3. Ring-a-Ding-Ding!

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    Sep 8, 2018
    Thanks for the reply! I'm using the sfall that came with the RP, the one in the windows95-98-ME folder. I thought that was the latest one that would work under windows 98, given it's inclusion. If there is actually one more recent with more functions then that would be nice. ( While I am a little curious if there are swathes of RP content not present because of the dated/lacking sfall functions - it says 2.3.2 in the rock and menu though so I think it's not an issue.. likely.)

    I'm not too worried about performance, it's choppy in Dosbox Turbo but Magic Dosbox runs well. I think once I make sure I have as much of the RP functioning as possible I'll then ensure I'm getting the optimal benchmark for the context. That's an excellent tip though about GPU rendering and I'll check it out.

    In the post I previously linked that poster seemed to be implying that they got the appearance mod working independent of sfall by manually dropping files into data/art/critters. That sounds a bit messy though and there are a lot of files - that I don't want to miss out on mind you - in the appearance folder that I would think don't belong in that one place going by their like directories and extensions.

    Edit: I think I found the Sfall by Crafty you mentioned, there's a win98 readme that mentions hex editing, something I'm not familiar with. Is it possible the win98 exe that came with the manual RP is already edited accordingly? Also in replacing the two ddraw files and renaming the sfall.dll I had no choice but to delete the old sfall.dll (I had both sfall.dll and ddraw.dll).

    Edit2: The exe worked, the character even showed up on the creation screen but this sfall seems to have crippled performance to an unplayable level, not sure why. Went back to the sfall included with RP win98 since I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

    Sorry for all the text by the way.
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    Thanks...I'm still running XP, and will for a long time.
  5. NovaRain

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    Yes, it's like a time-limited armor with normal DR 50%.
  6. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    one more thing I can cross off my list of ignorance :).
    So AP ammo may do better vs "naked" than JHP if the enemy is on drugs. So it's tanks vs Hippies, check.
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    Sep 14, 2017
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    Oct 31, 2017
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    Dec 15, 2014
    I love RP, to me the best F2 Mod, but i started playing again after a couple year and got this very weird "bug": 3 invisible items in the inventory that i should not in any circumstance try to drop (my total Wt drops to 50 and AC to 0).
    Just see the video here:
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Where did you get the item? The only item in RP with the name "Nothing out of the ordinary" is the invisible armor for displaying vault boxer appearance during boxing, and it shouldn't effect ST and AC.
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    Sep 14, 2017
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    So I upgraded my internet package a couple of years ago and got a new homepage (was promised it would stay the same, but no, that didn't happen). I guess my ISP decided to finally shut the old one down. Will put up a new link at the end of the week.
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    Sep 14, 2018

    I have installed Fallout 2 Project Restoration 2.3.3 with the patch v3.06 with exagear.

    When I enter in Vault City, the gard said one sentence and the game fall.

    There is a error :

    “The instruction at 004af46a referenced memory at 00000028.”

    “The memory could not be read from”

    “Clik on Ok to terminate the application”

    Then another window said :

    “The program fallout2.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience.”

    “This can be caused by a problem in the program or a deficiency in Wine. You may want to chek the Application Database for tips about running this application.”

    I use a LG6 with android 8.0 and exagear rpg 2.6.8.

    Could You help me please ?
  14. sansucre

    sansucre First time out of the vault

    Sep 14, 2018

    J'ai installé Fallout 2 Project Restoration 2.3.3 avec le correctif v3.06 avec exagear.

    Quand j'entre à Vault City, le gard dit une phrase et le jeu tombe.

    Il y a une erreur:

    "L'instruction à 004af46a a référencé la mémoire à 00000028."

    “La mémoire n'a pas pu être lue”

    “Cliquez sur OK pour terminer l'application”

    Puis une autre fenêtre dit:

    “Le programme fallout2.exe a rencontré un problème sérieux et doit fermer. Nous sommes désolés pour le désagrément. "

    «Cela peut être dû à un problème dans le programme ou à une déficience de Wine. Vous voudrez peut-être consulter la base de données d'applications pour obtenir des conseils sur l'exécution de cette application. ”

    J'utilise un LG6 avec Android 8.0 et exagear RPG 2.6.8.

    Pourrais-tu m'aider s'il te plait ?
  15. gustarballs1983

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    if You want to run Fallout 2 with Sfall under ExaGear app on android then i'd recommend to stay away from the official branch of sfall as it will not work. ExaGear emulates win98 libraries and RP 2.3.3 needs sfall at least v3.3 from the official branch.

    Instead you should use Crafty's Sfall2 v 1.7.8 although i'm not sure how to properly configure it as You should be using original ddraw.ini from official branch v3.3 not to mess stuff up in the game. the extra features from crafty's ddraw.ini must be added by copy & paste into the official ddraw.ini v3.3.

    In addition to that You should also make the nessecary changes from crafty's win 98 compatibility in order to run under Exagear. Also I would like you to know that ExaGear does not tolerate High Resolution Patch ( [or HRP] any version) so you need to launch HRP configuration tool executable(on your PC *before* copying files to android) and disable HRP from modifying Fallout2.exe

    Be advised that 3.0.6 method should work undr real windows inside a diskdrive image booted from any dosbox app on android, however ExaGear is not a real windows machine it only emulates windows API and translates binarily x86 machine code to ARM and vice versa so it is not a real emulator but a binary translator (hence it's faster but less acurate).

    PRO TIP.
    You mentioned You use LG G6 that means you have a Adreno 530 GPU onboard. Pretty solid graphics chip that is rated well above 500 GFlop for 32 bit floating points. Because of that you may try to offload Graphical conversion of ExaGear to the GPU chip instead of the usual CPU chip.
    In order to pull this stunt you must first enable developer optios (no it is *not* root) by tapping several times somwhere (as to where google it please)and inside developer options enable Force 2D rendering on GPU. this will force your device to use GPU chip for 2 dimensional graphic applications (otherwise GPU will only be used for 3D rendering) as by default 2D applications are rendered by CPU wich is not best suited for this task (GPU will perform much better [if it's good enaugh] and will offload CPU to do other tasks/calculations) this step increases performance significantly. Running Fallout2 under ExaGear *with* Sfall can significanlty hurt performance so the trick to redirect rendering to GPU mostly reduces the slowdown caused by use of sfall.
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  16. Mr.Stalin

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    Oct 29, 2015
    Some kind of crazy bug) I would like to get saved game with this bug.
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  17. Battlefieldisfun

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    Aug 13, 2016
    I suppose this is the place to ask since there is a part of this mod that makes stimpaks dose radiation in addition to healing. Is there any way to make waiting in the wasteland give large amounts of radiation? I ask this in light of my current character, who has both levels of faster healing with 10 endurance. After every combat section, I simply wait until healed with no downside whatsoever. This leads me to ask, what is the point of stimpaks, first aid, or doctor? Stimpaks are expensive and limited, and the two skills heal very small amounts while giving a token amount of xp. All three of those options are clearly inferior to just waiting for 20 seconds and presto, full health again. My first reaction to this problem was to simply edit the derived statistic .ini so that healing rate is always zero, but that was always a secondary fix - it would be better I think to have HR have C&C value instead of just removing it entirely. If resting until healed also gave radiation, that would give it some balance versus the skills and stimpaks. Do you want to heal for free, at the risk of getting highly irradiated (meaning also that you can't spam it unless you have a large amount of radaway), or do you want to invest in skills that can heal you up decently while also getting no radiation? I don't know if this is an already modifiable option in the .ini files, or if a mod already exists for this. I just want something to balance out the free quick healing with the other more invested options.

    Also, is there any mod for this game that makes the critters take targeted shots more often than maybe 5 times total in a 30 hour run? I swear, you'll get more crippled limbs by crippling youself with Jinxed in one run than critters will do to you in a dozen. I tried modding the critter scripts a la Sduibek's modding guide, but all I did was damage the game files and had to reinstall.

    Also one more question, is there any headway anywhere at porting FO1 to the FO2 engine, so all of the mods for FO2 would work in the original game? I particularly like being able to mod the derived statistics/xp tables via sfall, and the scripted perk that allows perks to be chosen every two levels. After playing a couple FO2 runs with these mods going, it's really difficult for me to go back to FO1 without these available.
  18. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    I guess the most obvious point of stimpaks are healing during a battle. In some fights I have to stim up turn after turn, from the damage taken

    Doctor skills are needed to remedy crippled limbs

    Some locations are also more radioactive than others, making it risky to stand put for long durations, especially if you are seriously injured

    Finally, there's immersion. Personally, I just don't like the idea of standing on a spot for sometimes days on end, waiting for an injury to heal. Using a mcguffin healing remedy makes just a little more sense.
    My own personal routine is to spam first aid and doctor - when wait - then first aid and doctor again, for accumulative XP, after every fight.
  19. valcik

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    Nope, sfall would have to be rewritten due to differences in executable files. Your best bet is some "unofficial" F1 engine tweak expansion such as Crafty's:
  20. Battlefieldisfun

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    Aug 13, 2016
    One more thing - I've tried modding the game to have critters take more targeted shots than essentially never, and failed even when tweaking the files for it. However, I noticed on my most recent playthrough that the guards at the Navarro base take plenty of aimed shots, crippling me twice in a single firefight. Does anyone know what the critter name for the enclave guards is (both in power armor and combat armor) so I might look at their settings and attempt to copy their aimed shot behavior to other critters? It didn't seem like pure happenstance that they took aimed shots maybe 20% of the time, when most critters everywhere else in the game virtually never do.