Fallout 3 writing editorial

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    May 28, 2010
    Award-winning* NMA user Searanox penned a Gamasutra blog devoted to break down Fallout 3's plot and explain why basically it makes no sense whatsoever. Snip:<blockquote>Anyway, so the GECK was created by Dr. Braun, but he doesn't have one, because... no reason. Instead the GECKs were sent out to various Vaults around the country, even though they were very dangerous and probably should have been entrusted to the military or US government and not just random people. The only GECK on the East Coast, apparently, exists in Vault 87, which is an evil cloning lab... thingy for Super Mutants. Who is creating them there? Nobody. Why are they being created? No reason. But more importantly, why would you put the GECK, aka the goddamn GENESIS DEVICE out of Star Trek III, into a Vault that was centered around doing cloning and sick twisted experiments, and which is so heavily irradiated that anyone but mutants are instantly killed when trying to enter? You're telling me that the GECK is a miracle device designed to save everyone, and someone said "hmm, we've only got a few... put it in Vault 101, the control vault where nothing will go wrong? nah, let's put it in the one with insane hostile deadly mutants and radiation everywhere, that's much safer."

    Speaking of, let's go locate the GECK. We need to use the computer at the Jefferson Memorial. So let's go to the Jefferson Memorial, so we can use the computer. Wait, I thought they wanted to go to the Jefferson Memorial to restart Project Purity? So which is it? Both? Did father lie to us? Whatever. The Enclave invades and father kills himself for his stupid project so we can't learn anything.

    Well, now we're screwed, so what now? Oh, let's escape the Enclave invasion and visit the Brotherhood of Steel! Turns out that they have a computer that tells us where the GECK is. So basically, instead of going to the dangerous Jefferson Memorial and committing suicide, we could have gone to the big fortified Brotherhood of Steel base and just asked them for help instead.

    Wait, come to think of it, couldn't we just have gone back to the Jefferson Memorial and killed all the Enclave soldiers? I mean, we already had to mow down several of them in order to reach the Project Purity control room to witness father killing himself. Why don't we just, like, kill the rest of them, make our stand there? If we can kill a few with no trouble, why can't we kill a few more? Why are we leaving? Why are we giving them time to reinforce and fortify the location? Can't we send one person as an envoy to the Brotherhood of Steel while the rest of us hunker down and keep the bad guys out? At the end of the game we have to use a big giant robot to get past the Enclave defenses, which are only set up because we waited too long to kick them out. I guess all those Brotherhood of Steel soldiers who helped us fight to get to Project Purity again died for nothing/because we were all idiots.

    In Vault 87, we retrieve the GECK with the help of Fawkes. Yay! But then the Enclave knock us out with a magic stun grenade that does not exist anywhere else in the game, and they kidnap us and steal the GECK. Boo! After this, we never see or hear of the GECK ever again. How does the Enclave use the GECK to activate Project Purity? No idea. How did they know how to use it to save Project Purity? No idea. Did Anna Holt tell them, as she admits to blabbing about Project Purity? Maybe, but why would an understudy/lab assistant know a) exactly how Project Purity works, even though she looks too young to have ever worked on it (and I'm pretty sure her backstory says she never did work on it, only with Dr. Li at Rivet City), and b) how would she know how to use this ancient piece of miracle technology to work with another piece of brand-new miracle technology that she shouldn't understand to begin with? Did anyone at Bethesda proofread this or think more than 1 second about it?

    In the Enclave base at Raven Rock, Colonel Autumn interrogates us. If we give him the correct code to Project Purity, we die and lose the game, so we have to lie to him or tell him to piss off. Why does he kill us after helping him? Is he so stupid he concludes that we are no use to him after he got the answer to one question, even though we single-handedly found the GECK, resisted an Enclave attack on the Jefferson Memorial, and did all sorts of other impressive shit? Apparently, yes, he is that stupid.</blockquote>* NMA 2013's "Best User with an Icewind Dale 2 Portrait as Avatar" Silver Medal.
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    Basically, Bethesda sucks at open world story telling and quest design. They seem more limited to that final fantasy on rails game I read about in the questing department.

    Seem to recall watching an Extra Credits episode about open world design done right vs wrong, but checking on phone right now would be onerous. Would be good fodder for them as they seem to think about their games a good bit.
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    Bethesda is semi-good at making things 'shiny'. but is very good at the whole giant open world thing.

    Unfortunately, its an open world full of the bland same shit/rehashed dungeons/etc.

    Bethesda also sucks at script and story telling.


    Obsidian does all the dialogue, script, gameplay, while Beth does the size of the world and the graphics (hope they use a better engine).
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    This Emil Pagliarulo deserves to be dipped in vats before doing more "writing" like that..
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    And don't even get me started on Colonel Autumn simply surviving the radiation that killed dad...
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    They have an "explanation" for that - he stabs himself with a syringe with magic anti-radiation medicine (you can actually see him do this). Of course, how he actually regains consciousness, leaves the locked control room and somehow returns to rejoin the Encalve is never explained or shown. You'd think some guy who could shrug off radiation would be some sort of badass, not... well, this guy:

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    Fallout 3s story. Was there ever a bigger mess in RPG history? Maybe. Who knows.

    Thing is, that if you ask me the story had even some potential. For example, would have been nice if the Enclave and their Robo-President would have been as far as the moral goes "gray" as a faction this time. Not simply "hurr durr evil".

    But I guess it simply fitts to well in the Bethesdian way. I mean the Brotherhood has "shiny" power armor, enclave "black" ones. So of course

    Enclave = evil force

    Brotherhood = awesome knights
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    Beth's story tellig was good at morrowind. too bad other game's story teling is sucks.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    I would say Beth never had "really" an hand at story telling. Cant talk for any of the games before Morrowind though.

    But, and that is the point, their worlds have been up to Oblivion which was as exciting like an empty white sheet of paper, very well designed and interesting. It was simply fun to roam around in Morrowind, exploring the Landscape, doing the quests and all that, even if a lot of those quests have been totally useless MMO like chores. But it was as far as an open world goes "good".

    I think, Morrowind was a game of extremes. The story and NPCs, very bad. But the world very exciting. Both thrown together made a "good" game.

    If Bethesda would have only improved on the story/npc part in their later games instead of throwing the world design out, Oblivion could have been easily an realy awesome RPG.
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    Sometimes, when you are buying some corn-flakes, or you maybe can see it on the box of a flour, there is some text about recipe for some dish on these boxes.

    Have you ever thought about literary form or quality of that text?

    Bethesda approach toward game story, deepness of quests and all those core RPG elements was as that text on a flour box: an extra content, unneeded and generous present from a mighty producer to a needy consumer. Or a necessary evil to sell what they are selling. Main consumer product is hype, PR SS divisions and then goes graphics, how many weapons and enemies are there and how to kill them all. That's all.

    Gaming sites do the rest.
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    Depends on opinion I guess really....You can break down any movie, video game, book, tv show, or whatever and find flaws in anything. Depends on what you see as a "flaw". I enjoy every bethesda game Iv'e played, and quite honestly thought that they've done a good job on most. I didn't care for Skyrims ending, but that's just me. Obsidian to me did decent on New Vegas, Had more of a fallout 1 and 2 feel to it, but i hated the ending for NCR. I enjoyed fallout 3 more...I mean I understand that most people on this website are too stuck on fallout 1 and 2 to accept anything made by someone else, obviously there are big differences but a majority of people/critics who played Fallout 3 thought it was a good game. I mean you're entitled to you're own opinion, and i respect that. If I didn't, then I would probably be fed up with the fact that nearly everyone here has the oposite opinion on fallout 3 that I have. But I don't care to be honest...you can't argue opinion anyways.
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    It's fine to like the game, I basically do, but I think Fallout 3 has objectively bad writing. I don't think it's just a matter of opinion.
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    The fact that no enviroment is absolutely aseptic does not make it ok to perform a surgery in the sewers.
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    You know what they say about opinions? But, no, it's not question of opinions, in this case it's not even question about quality of writing (in a literary sense). It's, more than anything, a question about coherent and logical writing and sane inner workings of quest plots. As Sea have written, they basically don't make sense in most cases.
    There is different levels of "flaws" and what we are talking about is level of flaw: asinine. Citing films today is not a good argument pro "I don't care actually" - most of US films are the same shit like the rest of this "fast food" entertainment today. But that's different story.
    Good, congratulation, you have an opinion... Care to explain why do you think they did a good job? But, please don't say "millions of moms/kids bought it".
    You are not alone in that feeling that you don't care. That's the single most important reason why today games are the way they are. "I don't care" is very dangerous state of mind. Not so much for you as it is for the rest of us. And not just in games...

    /edit spell
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    No one is telling you to not like it. But the writting having plot holes the size of Watermelons is not a matter of opinion, is the result of analysis (and not very hard analysis, they are spotted almost instantly) And You CAN argue with analysis. But most people just resort to say....

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    Nice read, heh heh :) I never cared to delve that deep in finding the FO3 plot inconsitensies.

    Well, the best thing to mend this would be to rename the game and detach it from the Fallout franchise. It would be easier, anyway, and more honest.
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    May 28, 2010
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    Fallout 3 plot was more interesting that in FNV.
    I mean i like much better the ideas of F3 but those ideas were very badly implemented and the dialogs were awful.
    It would have been quite easy IMO to make something more or less "logical" with the F3 plot with some minors modifications here and there. Some really stupid things should have to be removed though.
    FNV plot/setting was much more logical/consistent with good dialogs but i did not find it exiting.
    Not a single location impressed me in FNV while several were great in F3.
    Megatown, Tempeny Tower, Rivet City are great locations with lot of potential but flawed. Should not have been too hard to make those locations more "intelligent".
    "Project Purity" plot is also a good idea but again badly executed.
    Overall FNV was much better because every factions make sense and the writing was good (and because F3 writing was so bad and have so stupid things that it was gamebreacking). Unfortunately it feels a bit "flat" and not surprising IMO.
    Anyways Fallout 1/2 were much better and i'm quite burned with the Fallout setting (it becomes too repetitive or/and don't really feel like Fallout anymore).
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    It's just your opinion. I found fo3 world and story is awful and makes no interest even I have not played other fallout at that time.
    But for NV I found everthing is intersting than fo3 or TES(even morrowind that was my best game). But it's just my opinion nothing is objective but subjective opinion

    there's no potential. only good thing is looking good(but not for me). they should role as a city which gives quest, rumor, supply and so on(for both TES and fallout) but they hardly works as a city.

    No it's just copy or mixture of Fallout1' main quest and Oblivion's main quest. there's no new idea.
    It is surprise they ruin the main quest even they copy Fallout1's main quest which are well designed.(Actually Fallout 1's main quest was copied from wasteland's quest though.)
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    More like a mixture of Fallout 1 and 2, with purifying water and genocide.
    Rivet City could have been really, really cool. Inhabitating an old aircraft carrier was a neat idea, but the execution was really bad.
    All the land around it was just wasted. It could have been the big main location like the Strip, with restricted access to the carrier (sort of Uptown for the rich and famous with power and comfort [and also buttloads of fortification on top]) and a big slum with farms around it.
    Insetad, it's been 200 years and NOTHING has been done. They didn't even use the airfield on top. So much wasted potential there.
    /edit: And yes, I'm aware that Rivet City isn't 200 years old. It just could have been so much better.