Fallout 4 DLC revealed

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by 13pm, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Spacemunkey

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    Dec 4, 2015
    It's set in Maine so I'll take that bet and say it's Stephen King inspired.
  2. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Synths in Fallout 4 seem to be as generic like Trolls in Skyrim though. You could be right. But I doubt it.
  3. Courier

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    Apr 10, 2011
    I mean, it's not like the New Vegas DLC tied into the game's plot that much either. It's more like they contained a separate distinct story arc that was kind of marginally related to the main game's story arc, but you weren't actually missing anything important to the main story if you didn't play them.

    So I'm not saying it sounds like it's actually going to tie into the main game in any important way, it might just be kinda related.

    Oh, and I mean as far as we know there's no way to prove they didn't plan this ahead and even foreshadow it in the main game yet. Who knows, maybe they learned something from NV.

    By the way I'm shaking my head at all of you who shamelessly defended Gun Runners Arsenal and Courier's Stash but are getting upset about this. If you keep buying this kinda stuff of course they're going to keep making it.
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  4. Ilosar

    Ilosar Vault Fossil

    Apr 20, 2010
    I actually had decent expectations, because with the exception of Hearthfire the DLCs for the last 2 Bethesda game were fairly heavy in content. Unfortunately this offer doesn't seem very worthy of the price tag.

    Workshop and Automatron are already mods, to an extent at least. Certainly doesn't look worth the price tag, I paid as much for Old World Blues that I would for Automatron and that was full of content. Jury's still out on Far Harbor, maybe it's going to be an even bigger DLC than Dragonborn was and be more or less an expansion, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Also, the concept of Synths vs Children of Atom leaves me lukewarm at best, I foresee a typical Bethesda plot full of shallow characters, clumsy moral choices (mad radiation-loving cultists are people too!) and two-bit "lol so random XD" humor.

    Add to that that they will increase the price of the Pass to 60$ (here in Canada) in the future and well, I'm not playing FO4 anymore and that sure didn't made me rush back to it.
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  5. Pvt Snowball

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    Nov 2, 2015
    What the fuck is this shit? This is the best they could come up with?
  6. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    Well it is Bethesda. It feels like they have had the small DLC already complete and now they are releasing it bits at a time. I guess we will see.
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  7. 13pm

    13pm Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Apr 10, 2007
    >Fart Harbor
    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Hordes of evil robots, taxidermy and dungeons. That just screams 'Fallout', yeah.
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  8. DirtyOldShoe

    DirtyOldShoe Some kind of lucky

    Dec 15, 2015
    So, what you're saying is that your way of saying thank you to people who are loyal to your franchises is to reward them with being charged for mod author tier dlc content?

    I played Morrowind when it came out and I own all the Elderscrolls titles as well as all the Fallout titles. I guess I'm a pretty loyal for being around for such a long time. Maybe instead of rewarding us loyal fans with a paywall mod (workshop items and bad writing) you could have included the things that everyone was asking you to include for almost a decade? Just a thought. Skills, karma, dialogue choices that matter, not 4 ways to say yes.
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  9. Walpknut

    Walpknut This ghoul has seen it all

    Dec 30, 2010
    Settlement building structure packs. Called it.
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  10. Millim

    Millim Half-way Through My Half-life

    Oct 13, 2010
    Okay, I'm going to be that one asswhole who says they are at least a little excited for the DLC.
    Again, I get there is hate and some of it is justified. I think it's pretty poor on Bethesda's part to sell other people's mods for their game. So I'll just sum up my opinions one by one.

    DLC 1. Eh, if done right, this could be really good. I mean, if it has its own story to it that expands the World of F4, I could play along with it. I'm hoping they don't try to push side-quests from F3 too much, but as it's already a mod, Bethesda need to really change it up to justify its price. As it stands, this could easily have been done as a free update.

    DLC 2. This again could just be done with as a free update. It's pretty low compared to the other DLCs Bethesda has put out (not horse armour bad which guys, that was nearly 10 years ago from early console DLC, it's time to stop using that as an argument).
    As it stands, if it wasn't for the fact I already bought the season pass, I would have just skipped this one other. Granted, if they add in more ideas like hunting, it could really shape up the survival mode (such as you have to lay traps and eat the mole rat meat or something). That could work in my opinion, but as it stands, my impressions on that are rather.. meh?

    DLC 3. This is the kind of expansion I was looking for when buying Fallout 4. I understand that it comes from the two most hated factions in Fallout history on here. But I confess, I don't have a problem with either Children of the atom or the Synths. I wished Beth used a different name for COTA as I don't like the idea that a small religion in a small part of Fallout 3 has turned into a big force in later games, but they don't bother me (I do get annoyed that people want to see new fallout factions yet when Bethesda do give us more, it's they are the worst thing ever. I'll be honest, the BOS and Enclave weren't that complex in the original games, BoS are just crazy asswhole who worship pre-war technology and the Enclave are Government asswholes). I get there are problems that the Synths and COTA seem too one dimensional, but we haven't seen enough of COTA to really judge (besides that one part of F3 and that one area of F4, maybe they have an interesting back story in F4).
    Robots being in Fallout isn't anything new, tactics literally took robots as the main villain. Plus, I don't mind Synths. So, I'm hopeful for it as long as we get interesting choices which aren't all black and white.

    And just to let people know, I'm by no means defending F4 or Bethesda as the saviours of the industry, I have argued that F4 is a dumb game that had so much potential. At the same time, I can look at this and see that maybe, DLC and updates can make my F4 experience a lot better. I know I'm going to piss people off with this, and fine, I get it, you don't like to see the series you enjoy get dumbed down and have everything you enjoy taken away from it. I can understand and I would be more pissed if a game like Wasteland 2 didn't scratch that RPG itch. I don't think Bethesda are the best company in the industry, I think Skyrim was overrated in a year that brought so much better games, and F4 isn't even the best RPG to come out of last year. I'm just trying to keep hopeful that this at least a decent DLC, if I've tried it and it's awful, I will say it is.
  11. kraag

    kraag Stalwart Prick

    Dec 26, 2015
    Ha! Picked it like a dirty nose! [Valentine addon case]

    Aaaaaand this is kinda fitting cause of small DLC crap...
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  12. ZigzagPX4

    ZigzagPX4 The Swiftness of the Ranger

    Nov 22, 2015
    And hilariously, a few Redditors are just figuring that out and are having the most lovely and wonderful time gushing all over the idea of it. Amazing! This place is bitter and cynical but at least it's miles ahead of the common crowd. Logically, at least.
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  13. Irwin John Finster

    Irwin John Finster Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Nov 13, 2015
    LOL their plan all along was to start charging money for mods masquerading as expansion DLC.

    These "DLC" are just things that modders normally used to add to games for FREE. Worse, the objective seems to be KILL LOOT RETURN still. And settlement building add-ons for money? This is stuff modders do for free.

    Yea good luck with Elder Scrolls VI I am sure people won't remember this. What an enormous disappointment this whole game is. They seem to have no idea with role-playing means in role-playing games and are content to put out 10 dollar Borderlands shooty shooty bang bang add-ons that add more crap for you to shoot.
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  14. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    People are starting to wise up now. They won't settle for this shit for long. Fallout 4 barely scraped by this time it seems. The next Elder Scrolls better be good or people will start migrating to other RPG's that are actually, well, RPG's.
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  15. CRBASF23

    CRBASF23 First time out of the vault

    Sep 2, 2015
    Well, they already have:

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  16. mrchaos

    mrchaos Super Orc

    Nov 14, 2015
    So 2 of them are just things modders can do. The far harbor seems interesting going by the description.

    Any idea how many are?
  17. whixyna

    whixyna First time out of the vault

    Feb 8, 2007
    I can see more Preston Garvey memes coming along with Far Harbor...
  18. whirlingdervish

    whirlingdervish Brahmin Cavalry Commander

    Jul 3, 2007
    "General, somehow there are still more of these idiots left alive from the children of the atom cult who need to be shot to death! Let me mark them on your map!"
  19. Spacemunkey

    Spacemunkey Vault Senior Citizen

    Dec 4, 2015
    I am a little curious how the mechanist made it to Boston after I emptied a plasma rifle into his face.
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  20. whirlingdervish

    whirlingdervish Brahmin Cavalry Commander

    Jul 3, 2007
    Apparently he was marked as an essential NPC.
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