Fallout Haiku


Look, Ma! Two Heads!
An idea stolen from FF7 Citadel. Write a haiku (a three line poem, with 5 syllables in teh first line, 7 in the next, and 5 in the last.)
At the end of teh post, pick a subject for teh next one.

To start you off, Vault City.
Since you didn't really specify a next subject...

The waterchip broke
Necropolis is the key
Oh look, a big rat

Next subject... Ian!
don't touch my jerky.
okay, i was kidding. please
don't call mel gibson.

next up: frank horrigan.
Ironic church,
To Hell or Heaven we go?
Twisted truth,

Next subject: The Glow.

The Vault Dweller


Cant be thankful enough for this topic. Fresh and unique. Everyone can take part in it. I mean its amazing enough its Fallout related, but even basing it on specific subjects its hard yet inspiringly creative. Thanks RPGenius.
Since zioburosky13 apparently did Fallout in general/deathclaw, I'll take the Glow.

Rad-X, Rad-Away
Giant hole with holodisks
Zax, the chess wizard

Next: Torr
Bug-men kill moo-moo
Chosen One kills Radscorps, yeah!
Oh look, free Rad-limbs

Rrrrrrrright... anyhoo, next up is SAD!
Sad but alive at
the SAD with no shit. Private
Dobbs turned to dust, dude!

Next: Tandi

(I had a nice one for Torr as well:

Torr and the Brahmin,
the Brahmin and Torr: moo moos
rustled by bugmen.
The smallest of towns
endured in the aftermath
became republic.

Next: Gizmo