Fallout Haiku

the sniper rifle:

Meeting some mutant scum,
time to draw my gun,
no one can escape.

Next one: Smiley the trapper :)
Smiley gone missing
searching in futility
fortune in a cave.

Next up: Hanukin.
Fucking hell people.

5 Syllables
7 Syllables
5 Syllables

(Syllable: A unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterrupted sound formed by a vowel, diphthong, or syllabic consonant alone)
Yeah. Since I'm the last one who did it right, I'll respond to myself by making one about Hanukin.

He was unselfish;
a humble man of healing,
but died in dismay.

Next up: Lynette, first citizen of VC.

Heck, I'll just do it myself.

A bitch dressed in blue
With a secret desire;
she needs to get laid.

Next up: Cornelius gold watch.
nimeni said:
i'm a mean-old-motherfucker
don't know who the hell is Decker
do know Raziel's a wanker

===>> M J

:roll: Right... I better just do the Kain haiku Twelve Motion ordered:


Kain rhymes with pain, it's
a fact. If you don't off him
fast, you'll be shot at.
Topic: The mirrored shades found in Golgotha

Dirty shades from death.
Grave Digger looks wicked cool.
Helps him to get laid.

Next: The Regulators
I am not sure why people are having such a hard time with haiku. A syllable is not the same as a word. So it's not 5-7-5 words, it's syllables. Also taking one or two sentences and using line breaks to make them fit a 5-7-5 format isn't a haiku either.


Boneyard by the balls
Metal armor and huge guns
But such tiny dicks.

Iguana on a stick
Made out of rotten human meat
I guess Sulik would find that pretty neat
because, you will never know what a tribal might eat.

To 'spice' things up a little, I'm giving the next poster two options:
-Write about the Master, BUT, you have to rhyme

...and if you aren't that poetic, you might write about...

-Any potential sexual relationship between the Master and Morpheus
(I'm sorry, but I have to see how this can turn out :lol:)
Honestly, as if the name of the thread and the constant reminders isn't enough. The thread isn't called "Shitty poem vaguely related to Fallout."

So someone please pick up the ball and do "Iguana on a stick."