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    I have been working on this for a couple months now. It is a WIP of a Fallout title featuring Detroit and the Great Lakes Wastes. I propose a Fallout much like New Vegas, but with a better engine (of course).

    I have been editing this quite a bit, so it changes a lot.

    Fallout: Motor City or Fallout: Detroit

    *Cue obligatory War Never Changes speech followed by summary of the Great War.

    The year is 2355 and the location is the Great Lake Wastes. Before the Great War, Detroit was one of the most pleasant and wealthiest cities in America. By 2030 the Motor City was producing most of America's automobiles. During the Sino-American War (Alaskan Occupation) Detroit produced most of the nation’s ammunition from 5.56mm to micro-fusion cells. When the bombs fell The Great Lakes Megalopolis was protected from 90 % of the nukes by an Advanced Naval Missile-Defense Network, but the anarchy that followed was just as devastating. Those dark years in the Great Lakes Wastes were known as the Burning Times. Many bombs did make it through the missile shield, fires ran rampant throughout the cities, the people that could not make it to the vaults were forced to scavenge for food, but there wasn't enough to go around. Many desperate souls turned to cannibalism. A disease known as the Jitterbug soon spread to those who ate contaminated meat. Those afflicted by the disease (Known as Buggies) suffered from tremors, violent outbursts, constant pain, and horrible dementia. Millions were slaughtered in those first few decades as the Jitterbug virus ran rampant and society crumbled, but there was hope on the horizon.

    From the ruins of a Naval Base near Chicago the Great Lake Confederation was formed. The founders were made up of the US Navy stationed in the area that had defended the Great Lakes from the incoming missiles. The GLC founded Great Lake City and began the process of rebuilding civilization in the surrounding areas. They quickly used their military expertise to set up supply routes along the Great Lakes, occupy nearby towns, and defend against enemy resistance. In the following years they were a beacon of hope for the survivors of the apocalypse.

    The GLC has now revitalized the Detroit area with new businesses, supplies, and protection. A uneasy truce is upheld inside Detroit between the competing factions. Any violence will be met with deadly force from the GLC Troops. They have established a network of communities with a thriving supply route known as the Iron Road. The Road runs from Chicago through GLC, Detroit, Cleveland, all the way to the Pitt. It is primarily a caravan route, but half of the road is a railroad running from Chicago, GLC, and finally to Detroit. From there the goods are unloaded from train, and transferred to the Brahmin Caravans.

    The GLC does possess a small Navy (About 25 boats) that run off of Electric motors (Developed by Tesla?). The pirates that raid the Detroit River use antiquated steam boats of some sort, and boats made out of the wood in the nearby forests with very small electric motors. Many wield flamethrowers and Rocket Launchers and are brazen in their attacks against the GLC and various trade boats. The area is still relatively safe for boats to pass through and they do quite frequently. Fishing is fairly common throughout the Great Lakes with various kinds of fish, crabs, and other critters swimming in the rad free waters.

    Various factions have begun to struggle for control of the Great Lakes Wasteland. One such group is known as the Reavers. They were deemed heretics by their original clan, so they were cast out into the Northern Deadlands. They struggled for many years until they stumbled across the Great Lake Wastes. It was there in Detroit that they settled, but conflicts have quickly escalated in recent years. The Reavers are coming into contact with the GLC and quickly turning hostile. The GLC is not tolerant of religious fanatics, and the Reavers are known for causing trouble in the city with their public preachings.

    The Iroquois Confederation have also begun to migrate into the area from nearby Cleveland. They are largely nomadic, and have taken over several of the smaller tribes in the area, thereby increasing their ranks tenfold. They have quickly established a stronghold near the Detroit area, but the GLC has stopped them from expanding any further. Tensions have slowly reached a flashpoint and sporadic firefights have been common. It seems that the different groups struggling to gain public support are having a hard time staying civil.

    The Devil's Brigade have violently defended the Windsor area from all travelers. The GLC has been forced to avoid the Windsor area largely due to the Brigades large arsenal of energy weaponry. It is simply too much a risk to bother with. The Reavers, GLC, Iroquois, and Devil's Brigade all have various motives in regards to the Detroit area. Soon the tensions will reach the breaking point and all hell will break lose.

    The Great Lakes War is about to begin.


    Great Lake Commonwealth - The remains of the United States Navy , based in Illinois, formed Great Lake City and the GLC decades after the Great War. They established a supply line that stretched across the Great Lake area, linking Great Lake City to Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, and even as far east as Pittsburg. The Great Lake Commonwealth quickly absorbed lesser factions into its ranks, but has met resistance with the Enclave , Iroquois, and Reavers. The GLC owns and operates a weapon cartel that supplies the entire Great Lake Wastes with weapons, armor, and other equipment. They supply the muscle for the caravans that transport the supplies as well. They possess a large supply of Advanced Naval Power Armor that is manufactured by robots in a Detroit Factory.

    Note on the GLC: I realize that some may be turned off by a faction that is as strong as the NCR. They control a relatively small number of areas like GLC, Detroit, and a few outposts along the Iron Road. They also have standardized gear for their troops due to their healthy supply chain. The basic troops wear High Grade Combat armor similar to what the Van Graff's wore. The Elite troops wear the Advance Naval Power Armor (No pics yet), but there is only one unit of those badasses. The Advanced Naval Power Armor would sometimes be worn with a large trenchcoat (which is flame retardant) much like the Rangers did in New Vegas.Also, most militaristic groups use acronyms, hence GLC instead of some other name.

    Devil’s Brigade- The Canadian forces, represent a kind of improved NCR, they are better equipped, as they have scavenged the US armed forces equipment that was once used against them in pacification, and are readily armed with standard salvaged power armor and combat armor, as well as laser rifles and assault rifles. These Power Armored wearing commandos are made up of the Canadian Special Ops Freedom Fighter and their offspring. They are located outside the To(ronto) Megacity area, but have also occupied the area around Windsor. They appear to be establishing FOB’s throughout the Great Lake area, and their true purpose is unknown.

    Pickers - Deformed mutant-like men who became mutated due to prolonged Rad away use and high rad doses. They live in the abandoned Detroit Salt Mines, and are primarily nocturnal beings. They come out at night to scavenge for food and supplies. They prefer the darkness and have little contact with normal humans. They are cannibalistic, and are known for capturing woman (Used for reproduction possibly).

    Detroit Steel Reavers ? They worship technology. They migrated from the Kansas City area after they split from the main Reaver Faction. The Detroit Steel Reavers are a separate entity and considered heretics by the original order. The original Reavers worshiped several deities, but this sect of Reavers do not worship deities, but rather the technology itself. The group wandered in the desert for years before stumbling across the Motor City, and a Vault filled with Pre-War tech.

    (Poseidon)? - The Poseidon group (untitled) has a hidden bunker in Chicago. They also have a hidden bunker near Windsor. They are made up of ex-Enclave members, BoS Outcasts, and various other military deserters. They are focused strictly on survival, and try to stay out of outsiders affairs if possible. They are a relatively minor faction.

    Mutant Alliance(working title) - Remnants of the Masters and Gammorins Army have finally organized around the Great Lakes area. Several Highly Intelligent Mutants have surfaced known as the (Untitled)(Unsure of this concept) …..They have established a FEV Processing Center outside of the Detroit Megacity. They have continually expanded their ranks over the past 15 years with no resistance. No one knows what their goal is, but they have been known to kidnap humans quite frequently. They are also a minor faction. They would mainly be seen around their Vault area, but several scouting parties would roam the wastes and kidnap humans. They are made up of several generations of mutants, centaurs, ghouls, and other creatures. They use a wide variety of weaponry. They prefer to create their own armor using pieces of Power Armor, Hide, and various junkyard components.

    Iroquois Confederation - the Iroquois are a melting pot of tribals and raiders. League traditions allowed the dead to be replaced through captives taken in the "Mourning War.". Families of the tribes are to replace members who die and generally adopt the captives. The Iroquois worked to incorporate conquered peoples and assimilate them as Iroquois, thus naturalizing them as full citizens of the tribe. The Iroquois are located around the Cleveland area. They have many enemies due to their warlike nature, but they are respected by all for their bravery and skill. They are armed with various weapons that they take from their enemies. Recently a large warparty of Iroquois has entered the area surrounding Detroit. They have assimilated many of the tribes that were once in this area. They are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with

    The Circle of Steel - Formed by hardliners from the Brotherhood of Steel, who believe the rest of the organization has drifted from the original principles of preserving tech. In terms of their position relative to the Brotherhood proper, they are essentially Internal Affairs. They have occupied a Secret Bunker from which to conduct their special operations. They are observing the Midwestern BoS and determining the best course of action in regards to their treasonous actions.

    Buggies (Needs new name possibly) - Those afflicted with the Jitterbug Disease are known as Buggies. They have developed a strange culture due to their twisted outlook on the world. They are highly dangerous, often times they blindly charge into combat in drug fueled rages. They live very short life spans (Around 35 years).

    Redfaced Ones- A tribe of bloody savages who adorn themselves with their victims blood. They are known for their sacrificial rites, and strange beliefs. They are also known for their brutal tactics in combat such as scalping and wearing the severed ears of their enemies. Typically they wield Rippers or Chainsaws, but have been known to use various firearms. They are the only remaining tribe in the area that has withstood the Iroquois onslaught without being absorbed or destroyed. They have occupied Fort Wayne and secured it's supplies of weapons and other vital supplies.

    Midwest BrotherHood Of Steel - The Midwest chapter was forced to go underground due to repeated conflicts with the other factions. They are KOS by most factions like the Reavers, Iroquois, Pickers and GLC due to their obsessions with technology, and frequent attacks on those who possess it. They have stockpiles of tech and are rumored to be operating out of a Weather Research Facility, but the weather is so severe in that area that no known has ever verified the rumor. They once recruited from the wasteland, but have stopped doing that recently due to over population.

    * I would like the Midwestern BoS to make contact with the California branch somehow. Possibly through some newfangled technological doohickey. It would be interesting to see the Circle of Steel and Midwest Bos in a conflict with each other (however minor it might be). I think the CoS and California BoS might view the Midwestern BoS as Outcasts. They might even try to destroy them just to take their advanced Pulse Rifles and whatnot.

    Briefly on Locations

    Note: Would use a Hub system for Cleveland, Chicago, and Toronto. Each DLC would have a new city area. They would be much smaller than the regular game map (about the size of Point Lookout)

    The Detroit/Windsor Tunnel is an underwater highway tunnel connecting Detroit, Michigan in the United States, with Windsor, Ontario in Canada. It was completed in 1930. The tunnels are controlled largely by the Pickers, but several ghoul bands have also taken residence throughout the area.

    Must mention Grand Rapids Michigan and Evil Dead in Easter Egg
    encounter. Ash's Chainsaw or Boomstick would make great weapons. It would be neat to stumble across a old cabin in the forest like in Evil Dead.

    Must mention Miskatonic University and Lovecraft in Easter Egg encounter. There would be great potential for a Lovecraft inspired horror quest.

    Detroit (Motor City) is often covered with snow and heavy acid rains. A few roving bands of raiders frequently attack Detroits outer walls, but the GLC protects the citizens with an iron fist. There can be no denying that the GLC control Detroit, but the Reavers, Iroquois, and Devil's Brigade all have moved into the surrounding areas in recent years, and are each fighting over pieces of territory. The land around the Great Lakes is very valuable since the fresh water reserves are still in good supply, and the land is being revitalized as a booming farming community with a setup similar to what the NCR had in the Strip.

    Detroit River is filled with mutant catfish, mirelurks, and other creatures. The river is patrolled by roving pirates. They use old river boats as transportation, and frequently attack the GLC Navy.

    Toronto or Ronto is a large megalopolis surrounded by a frozen wasteland. The Devil's Brigade has control of the city for the most part. Various Raider groups that once filled the area have been wiped out by the Brigade. The community of Ronto is largely militaristic, and anti-American due to the pre-war conflicts. They are a force to be reckoned with.

    Chicago is occupied by the Poseidon group from underground. It was largely destroyed during the war, but many areas survived. Chicago and Great Lake City are pretty close to each other. One area in Chicago would be a World's Fair Exhibit that would be run by an AI that is worshiped by several ghoul followers. Chicago would be heavily controlled by various raider gangs, with several heavily fortified wastelander communities similar to Westside in FNV. Chicago would be reached by traveling on the Iron Road Armored Train.

    Cleveland is Iroquois territory. It would be a focus of one of the DLC's. The Iroquis would be drawn into a conflict in the Detroit area by the GLC. The GLC's caravans have encountered frequent resistance near the Cleveland area, which would be the main conflict in that area. I see this area playing out much like Honest Hearts, but executed in a much better way. The GLC would almost appear like the badguy in this quest since they are encroaching on the Iroquois's homeland, thereby instigating the Iroquois into conflict. You would have the option to resolve the conflict peacefully between the two, work against both groups, or side with one or the other. Clevalnd would be reached by traveling with a GLC Caravan.

    The Ford River Rouge Complex (commonly known as the Rouge Complex or just The Rouge) is a Ford Motor Company automobile factory complex located in Dearborn, Michigan, along the Rouge River, upstream from its confluence with the Detroit River at Zug Island. Construction began in 1917, and when it was completed in 1928 it had become the largest integrated factory in the world. After the Burning Times the Rouge was taken over by the GLC. They soon were able to convert the facility into a manufacturing plant capable of producing weapons and armor in large quantities.

    Michigan Weather Control Research Facility is controlled by the BoS. Nothing is known about the facility due to constant blizzards around the site. Anyone who has tried to enter has died of exposure. (The BoS is in possession of a weather modification device. It would be a integral part of the main quest). The Weather Facility actually has the capability of creating Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Blizzards, and even Tornadoes. It can only perform these actions at certain times due to the high amount of energy used in creating the events. It would be partly Solar Powered, possibly using High Frequency Waves of some sort like the HAARP project.

    I would like to see a underwater vault under the Detroit River. Just a idea.

    Great Lake City is a city that is bustling with trade and technology. The city is primarily made up of the relatives of the United States Navy,Coast Guard, and local law enforcement that lived in the area. It is located near Chicago alongside Lake Michigan. The city is completely made up of GLC citizens. You must be GLC to get access or have a trading permit. They are focused on rebuilding civilization in the surrounding areas, protecting the weak, and preventing anyone from stopping them from their tasks.

    Fort Wayne is located in Motor City at the foot of Livernois Avenue in the Delray neighborhood. The fort is situated on the Detroit River at a point where it is about a mile to the Canadian shore. It is currently occupied by the Redfaced Ones, but the Devil's Brigade has it's eye on the area for strategic reasons.


    Ghouls- A series mainstay.
    Geckos- Fire Gecko, Golden Gecko, Regular Gecko
    Molerats and Giant Molerats- Bring back the massive Molerats from Fallout 2.
    Centaur- Used frequently by the Mutants
    Mutated Badger
    Endless Walker- Mutated Ghoul exposed to high radiation.
    Yao Gui- Bears would be common in the area.
    Venus Mantrap
    Mutant Ferret(needs new name)
    Komodo Dragon- Secret Easter egg with Beastlord
    Radtoads- Toads as big as a Bus. They use their massive tongues to grab enemies.
    Trog- Have spread throughout the wastes around the Cleveland and Pitt area.
    Wild Hog
    Giant Spider
    Giant Ant
    Fire Ant
    Lamprey floater- Bring back the Floaters!

    Briefly on gameplay and other assorted notes

    I think FNV was the shit. I propose an expansion on many elements introduced by FNV.

    Normal mode, Hardcore mode, and Custom

    Normal - No requirement for Food, Sleep, Etc...

    Hardcore - Must eat, sleep, and drink water. Adds in a Weather element. Extreme Cold requires warm clothing. Must not stay exposed to arctic temps for too long or you get hypothermia or frostbite. Can use Warming packs, Coats made from animal hides, or Power Armor to protect against the elements. Extreme heat can dehydrate you faster and cause Heat Stroke and other illnesses. Can be poisoned by rotten food. So you would have to manage Hunger, Fatigue, Thirst, and Warmth.

    Custom - Allows you to pick what suits your playstyle much like the FWE mod did.

    Weather effects - Seasonal changes that change the way you play the game. In summer time prepare for some blistering heat, flash rains, Sandstorms, and even high winds knocking your visibility down to nothing. In Winter this changes completely. You have to contend with snow drifts, the cold, and blizzards. Temperature changes would be added to a survival mode. If you don't dress for the weather then you are going to find your temp meter depleting rather quickly. I wonder if it would be possible to have certain bodies of water freeze over during the Winter and thaw out during the Spring?

    Vehicles - They can use this as a platform to finally introduce vehicles and mounts [moose/horses] into the game. If only so you can experience your vehicle stalling in a Canadian winter. Horses would be a sign of prestige. Obtain a Pack Brahmin, load it up with your gear, and have it wait outside when you go into certain areas. A Horse would be avalable, but they would be fairly difficult to get. They would also be unable to carry as much gear as the Brahmin. The Mounts would have to be Fed, Watered, and taken care of. Vehicles would be even rarer. I don't know about adding a Highwayman or anything large like that. I think something closer to a Dune Buggy would be more likely. Fuel would be very hard to obtain, but there would be various ways of going about it. Maybe you could siphon from Gas Pumps, and old vehicles. I suppose alcohol may double as a fuel.

    Different languages - The French/English part of Canada is a pretty big part of the culture. It would be interesting to have different languages that your character could learn so that he/she could get along with different factions. Maybe add a Language Skill?

    Chryslus The company name is a reference to Chrysler Motors, an American automobile manufacturer headquartered in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

    "I used to be a wanderer like you.... Then I took a bullet to the knee."

    Ronto is a region mentioned by Ishmael Ashur and the slave Brand. In a speech to the slaves of The Pitt, Ashur proclaims that The Pitt, with its industry, security, and strength, is the envy of the Commonwealth, the Capital Wasteland, and Ronto. The name Ronto most likely refers to the Canadian city of Toronto, which would have been under the control of the United States after the annexation of Canada in 2076, just prior to the Great War. It may also refer to the pre-war city of Toronto, Ohio, given the fact that it is a mere 30 miles away from the Pitt, right downstream on the Ohio River. The true location of Ronto is unknown. The context in which the region is mentioned implies that by 2277, Ronto had established a reputation as a significant military power over the years. Hmmm....

    I would like to see a Bunker filled with pre-war animals. The inhabitants would be a group of religious survivalists known as the Children of the Holy Trinity. The group had planned for the apocalypse by stockpiling large amounts of food, constructing a underground Greenhouse Complex, Training with various weapons, and collecting mates from many different animal types. The group was very well financed since it was occupied by various Christian philanthropists. They locked up their Underground Bunker Complex 2 years before the Apocalypse. The bunker has been locked up since then.

    I would like the Pitt mentioned in conversations during the game. Perhaps mention how they have recently started heavy weapons trading, or expanding their realm of influence. The GLC would have contact with them via the Iron Road. I think Ashur had some pretty ambitious plans in store for the Pitt. As much as I disliked Fallout 3 it did do a few things right. The Pitt was a great place to visit. If they did not die in Fallout 3 I could see them expanding in the future.

    Also, we could see a real Jazzier kind of feel with a Detroit based Fallout 4, music wise, that would be cool. I would enjoy hearing a wider variety of music types in general. A better focus on the ambient track would be nice.

    The Erie Stretch is a region mentioned by the slave Brand. The name of the Erie Stretch likely refers to the stretch of land bordering Lake Erie, the Erie Canal, or the area around the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. This could be mentioned or visited.

    Interstate 75 is the main thoroughfare between Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw extending north to Sault Sainte Marie and providing access to Canada. The expressway crosses the Mackinac Bridge between the Lower and Upper Peninsulas. Flint would be occupied by a small community of Slavers/Raiders. The Slaves would be primarily convicts or tribals.

    Interstate 94 enters the western end of the state at the Indiana border, and it travels east to Detroit and then northeast to Port Huron and ties in with I-69. I-194 branches off from this freeway in Battle Creek. I-94 is the main artery between Chicago, Illinois and Detroit.

    Old US 12 in Michigan runs from downtown Detroit to Chicago. What is now US 12 was originally Chicago Road, which ran from Detroit, Michigan, to Chicago, Illinois. In most cases the road is still there, and is named either Michigan Avenue, Old US 12 or the Red Arrow Highway, named after the 32nd Infantry Division.

    Possibly mention the Legion being far to the south. Would it be too far from their territory to see the Legion? Maybe have a few scout patrols? I would definitely like to see the Legion in future titles. I am also curious about what ending they will go with for FNV.

    A reference to the Calculator or Vault 0 would be possible. Maybe have a few scattered robot forces around? I wonder if the Midwest BoS would have any of the humanoid robots working?

    Multiple radio stations would exist. One would be hosted by a Canadian citizen in Windsor, and another would be hosted by a GLC citizen in Detroit. The GLC Station would feature the typical Fallout style music, several rock songs, along with a few Jazz songs. Something like CONELRAD would be pretty cool. Motown Radio baby!

    Travel on long Brahmin Caravans as a hired guard and Drive Cattle across the Wasteland. I liked doing this in Fallout 2. It makes sense in a recovering wasteland to need Brahmin for various reasons. Cattle rustlers would be a problem.

    Have more companions at one time. 4 (2 humanoids and 2 pet types).

    More in depth crafting and survival. You should have more uses for various items like hammers, clipboards, books, and stuff like that. The DLC in New Vegas did this well. I think they can expand upon that.

    I think a Robocop reference would be appropriate. Possibly add his pistol as a Unique Weapon.

    Add the Sixth Toe thing again. If you walk around in toxic ooze for a long time without rubber boots, you will grow a sixth toe. You can have the toe amputated by a doctor if you want.

    If you kill a child bounty hunters will be sent after you! They could use that function from Skyrim I suppose. I would want it executed way better though. I have a few ideas for a Bounty Hunter concept that I will post soon too. I think a wasteland Bounty Hunter makes a good main protagonist.

    Add a talking cow who says “Moo, I say!”. I would probably laugh my ass off. I loved that line from the old game.

    Ability to fill bottles with water from the start. The flask was a great idea.

    Build your own robot companion. The robot could be customized by using various parts from different types of robot, to make a new unique robot companion. They could be repaired with the repair skill outside of combat. They could also be upgraded with special weapons and tech obtained from certain factions and stores.

    You would be able to create and light fires using wood, gasoline, lighters, and various other objects. These fires would provide warmth on cold nights if you cannot make it to a shelter. Sleeping Bags would also provide a certain amount of warmth. While sleeping in the wild there should be a chance for random encounters to occur. This would allow the developers to implement old school random encounters. Certain easter egg encounters would be possible with the Wild Wasteland perk.

    Power Armor actually feel like Power Armor. Maybe add a visor interface when viewed through 1st person.

    More Monster and NPC variety types much like the Marts Mutant Mod. Each enemy would be sized differently instead of them all being the same height. Add small things like piercings, tattoos, and rings to the raiders so they don't all look the same.

    I would like the ability to hire mercenaries like in Shadowrun for the SNES. Different ones would appear throughout the game at various Bar's. This was done in New Vegas at Freeside, but I think it could be better implemented. They wouldn't be able to level up like your followers though.

    You would have the option to add several implants throughout the game from various factions or doctors. Many implants would be available only by gaining enough rep from certain factions, so if you decide to ally with the Reavers, you will receive technological enhancements that are unobtainable if you choose GLC, and vice versa. The amount and type of upgrades would be much different than FNV. Some modifications would add functions like Night Vision, Increased running speed, Increased jumping power, etc.. Maybe certain implants would show up on your character, so if you get a cybernetic eye it changes the way one of your eyes looks, or if you get a cybernetic arm it looks like it is made from metal.

    Feature a gambling format closer to Red Dead Redemption, so that Poker or similar style games are fun. Maybe keep the Caravan game too. It would make sense for Caravan to be popular along trade routes like the Iron Road, Long 15, whatever... Various bars throughout the game would have Poker tables (Or another similar game perhaps) that you can gamble at. You have the opportunity to cheat (Red Dead Redemption), but you may get caught, and attacked if you fail. Your reputation will determine how you are treated in various locations. If you are known as a cheater, some people may not gamble with you. I think making the gambling mechanic more interesting will draw people to it more. In FNV the gambling was pretty boring which should not have been the case since it was Las Vegas.

    You would have a chance of contracting various ailments if exposed to cold for too long. So you may just get a cold, or something severe like Frostbite, Pneumonia, and Hypothermia. Certain medicines might abate symptoms or cure certain illnesses outright. Of course a Doc would work too. I think a vomiting animation would be appropriate for sickness or simply drinking too much alcohol.

    Able to assemble armor from pieces, which would have different stats or uses. You could make them from junk or various pieces of armor that could be dismantled - Fiend skull hats, Brahmnin skull shoulder pads, Yao Gui Pelts, Gecko Pelts, etc... something like Ashur's Power Armor would be possible like this. So you would have a Pauldron option for certain armors kinda like in Morrowind. Add knee and thigh pads to pants, studded belts and steel toed boots to help with defense, . Craft/dye made from certain fruits, so everyone isn't wearing the same clothing in the Wastes

    When I'm carrying 300lbs of gear, a Duffle bag/Ruck sack stuffed full would be cool to see. Possibly even slowing you down progressively the more wight you carry.

    Having a Nightstalker pet would be neat. Would probably be too far from Vegas to make sense though... Maybe build your own custom K9 companion.

    Backpedaling would be much slower like in FWE. It would use AP as well. A Sprint function would be available, but it would use AP too.

    Bring Groin Shots back.

    Slavery would be present with slaves doing hard work on farms. Maybe add a large Slaver Faction of some sort. Of course you would be able to work for them. Maybe even capture slaves like in Fallout 3. You would have to get a slaver tattoo on your forehead though.

    I would like to see less pre-war loot laying around. It would have been scavenged from many areas by this point in time. Of course a few areas would still have pre-war food, water, etc, but in general I want to see more wasteland style stuff. More gecko bites and less Cram basically.

    Optional isometric view. Just allow people to zoom out farther at the very least. I think a few mods have done this well. Why hasn't this been done anyway?

    You should be able to climb certain mountains like in Morrowind and Skyrim instead of the invisible walls everywhere.

    Add a few jails to the game. Maybe you could get arrested for minor crimes instead of everyone in town attacking you like lunatics. Maybe a few cops would wander around the town, just a town sheriff, or perhaps a certain type of Robot. Different towns would have different methods of punishment from cutting off a finger ( Maybe decrease a stat or skill with this?), Hanging, jailtime, etc...

    It would be cool to have the option of getting disabled permanently as I listed above. Maybe your leg is gimped, so now you have a permanent speed decrease. Maybe you lost a eye so your perception is lower. Maybe you could buy a cybernetic eye to replace it, but it is really expensive. You could essentially become a cyborg maybe even earning the perk in the process. Just a thought. I like using the old school Trait idea. You limit yourself, by having to wear glasses for instance, but you gain perception. I want more options like that.

    The player should be able to break down some doors. Maybe add a breaching option like with the mods. Of course you would have a chance of destroying loot in locked containers.

    Tattoos, war paint, and other small Character customization options. It would be cool to paint a decal on your Power Armor I think. Also, why can't some things from Fable be implemented like progressive character aging and scarring? That is one thing I think Fable does right. I just think a few customization options would be nice. I would like to be able to have a Character Description function like in the old RPG's.

    Add in more roaming travelers and caravans. I would also like to see sustainable raider camps and towns in general. No more illogical setting like Canterbury Commons and Megaton.

    I think children should be able to be killed.

    *I have always had this idea about a coat, or in this case, a backpack, that contains within it a portal to an alternate dimension. In this dimension you can store things like guns, supplies, ammo, etc... You can reach inside of this backpack, into the other dimension, and grab your items anytime you need them. This allows for unlimited storage space in a pocket dimension! You simply have to imagine the item when you reach into the coat and then pull it out. So you would never run out of space in your inventory while carrying the backpack that holds the pocket universe. It would be called the Porto-Dimension 5000. Of course the explanation for this pocket dimension creator would be super-scientific and complicated and only one would exist in the wasteland .It would also be incredibly difficult to obtain and would require scavenging much like the Sunset Sarsparilla Stars did. So it would be similar to a Bag of Holding, but in a Scientific way. Of course many traditionalists might hate such a item, but it would be super-secret, obtained only through the Wild Wasteland Perk, and other pre-requisites would have to be met.

    *Also, I created a character for a story (which my avatar is named after) who wears a trenchcoat that contains a pocket dimension like I described here.

    A new currency would be appropriate. Maybe have a few like in New Vegas. Gold coins would be logical. Bullets might double as currency. Maybe even have the occasional Legion coin or NCR dollar show up?

    Would some kind of experimental Power Armor force field be appropriate?

    Various Vaults would be present in the game, but a few privatized bunkers would also exist; Those that were not constructed by Vault-Tec would be populated by various factions or NPC's. So all the Vaults would not look the same as they have in the past two games. Each Vault would appear slightly different so the grind won't get as boring. Maybe have a different company that built vaults. I think a Vault that had a religious background would be unique. Maybe putting two different religious groups in the Vault as a social experiment. I could see Christians and Muslims having some issues if they forced to live in enclosed quarters together for too long.

    Feature better tactical options for companions. Maybe a option for them to take cover or move to a specific area. A command to use suppresive fire would be logical. I would not like the game to be too much like CoD though.

    For some reason I think it would be an amazing sight to have one of those Zeppelins from Tactics in the game. Even if it is non-working.

    One of the little things that bothers me with Bethesda games is when you jump on someones table while they are eating, they just sit there like nothing is wrong. I think they should react like you stole something if you do something like that. Maybe just have them say "What the fuck are you doing?", or something along those lines.

    You should be able to smoke the Cigarettes in the game instead of them only being used for bartering. Not a big deal, but something to mention.

    I think that many unique weapons can be introduced into Fallout through the Wild Wasteland perk. This would allow for unique weapon types that would not normally fit the canon. I loved Euclid's C Finder. I want to see more things like that in the future.


    Note: I realize this is very generalized and basic. My primary focus is on the story elements and a few gameplay improvements.


    10MM Pistol
    10MM Submachine Gun
    9MM Pistol
    9MM Submachine Gun
    9MM Mauser
    Desert Eagle .44
    .223 Pistol
    Service Rifle
    Police Pistol
    .45 Auto Pistol
    .44 Magnum Revolver
    Lever Action Shotgun
    Sawed-Off Shotgun
    Combat Shotgun
    Sniper Rifle
    Pipe Rifle
    Pancor Jackhammer
    M1 Garand
    Assault Carbine
    Assault Rifle
    Light Machine Gun
    Hunting Rifle
    7.62 Sniper Rifle
    7.62 Minigun
    7.62 Dual Minigun
    .22 Silenced Rifle
    .22 Silenced Pistol
    Avenger Minigun
    Vindicator Minigun
    Dual Minigun - Two Miniguns Grafted Together. Must wear Power Armor to use.
    Anti-Material Rifle
    Tommy Gun
    Quad Boomer (4 Barrel Shotgun)
    Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun
    Heavy Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun


    Grenade Launcher
    Remote Pipe Bomb
    Missile Launcher
    Flash Grenades
    Bottlecap Mine
    Mustard Gas
    Smoke Grenades
    WP Grenades
    Frag Grenades
    Portable Sentry Turret
    Fat Man (Limited supply)

    Energy Weapons

    Plasma Pistol
    Plasma Caster
    Plasma Death Ray
    Laser Pistol
    Laser Rifle
    Plasma Rifle
    Particle Accelerator Pistol
    Tesla Cannon
    Gatling Laser
    Gauss Rifle
    MEC Gaus Minigun
    Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle
    Gauss Pistol
    Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle
    Pulse Rifle
    Microwave Ray
    Mind Ray - Turns one enemy into a ally for a limited time through mind control
    Alien Blaster - Wild Wasteland
    Alien Cryo Ray - Wild Wasteland


    Various Pre-War Outfit's
    Wasteland Rags
    Vault Security Armor
    Various Vault Suits
    Radiation Suit
    Advanced Radiation Suit
    Leather Armor
    Leather Armor (Reinforced)
    Combat Armor
    Combat Armor (Reinforced)
    Metal Armor
    Metal Armor (Reinforced)
    T45d Power Armor
    T51b Power Armor
    Devil's Brigade Power Armor(T45d)
    Devil's Brigade Combat Armor
    Riot Armor
    Iroquois Tribal Armor
    Tesla Armor
    Various Raider Armors
    Various Mercenary Armor
    Iroquois Combat Armor
    Redfaced Ones Outfit
    GLC TXX Naval Power Armor
    GLC Elite Shocktrooper Armor
    GLC Power Armor(T51b)
    GLC Trooper Armor
    CoS Power Armor (T45d and t51b)
    Gecko-Backed Power Armor
    Reaver Banding
    Reaver Robes
    Reaver Power Armor (Modified T51b)
    Winterized Combat Armor
    Poseidon (Modified T51b) Power Armor
    Winterized Power Armor
    Army Mechanic Suit
    Enclave Hellfire Armor (1 suit)
    US Army General Suit
    Space Suit
    Hazmat Suit
    Assassin Suit
    Jetpack Space Suit - Limited fuel.
    Re-breather mask
    Scuba or Diving Suit?

    Fort Wayne Pic.

    I think that these guys should be incorporated into Fallout at once. Why are only Brahmins used in caravans?

    Detroit area.

    I imagine something like a gladiator arena in the stadium. Perhaps something like the Thorn? Escape From LA comes to mind too.

    The DLC would add much more to the game to encourage people to play them all. It would change the Main Quest Final Battle a lot, so people would want to play through several times. The DLC would each feature more of certain factions, for instance, the Cleveland DLC would tell a lot more about the Iroquois. This would allow for much larger storylines to be used, many more alternative solutions to quests, and drastic ending changes. I think FNV nailed the Endings. I want more of that, but much larger.

    Fallout: Motor City
    DLC Iron Road (Chicago and Great Lake City)
    DLC Toronto
    DLC Frozen Wastes ( Frozen wilderness)
    DLC Cleveland Territories
    DLC Great Lake War (War Campaign Map)

    Add On Packs - These simply would give the devs a chance to add in more weapons/items that they couldn't finish for launch.

    GLC MegaMart Weapon Pack - The GLC Bazaar runs and operates out of a old MegaMart store in Detroit since the weapons factories are all nearby. This pack would be similar to the Gun Runners Arsenal.
    Classic Vault Suit Pack - Feature Vault suits from Vault 13, Vault 101, Vault 3, and Vault 22.

    I know this is a very simple explanation of the concept so far, but I will update this as I go along. If things come together right I could see making this (The Detroit area anyway) as a mod for a future Fallout title. I have also considered using parts of this for a fan fiction story, or a comic of some sort. The Future Fallout Game Discussion board doesn't get as much traffic, so this may just fall to the bottom of the forum. If that is the case then so be it. I have fun working on ideas like this, so if anyone feels like sharing ideas, send me a message. Until next time.....
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
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  2. Surf Solar

    Surf Solar So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Aug 20, 2009
    What is the point of writing down that stuff if it never gets developed etc.? Or do you have some engine already to do this? It looks a bit ridicolous what with even the "DLC" written there.. ;) It reads a bit like all previous Fallout titles mashed together (with all the old boring factions) in the Great lakes region.


  3. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    It could be developed as a mod project (I would like to do that). It's really just for fun. More on the reasons for the Mutant's later. I picture something similar to the Mutants in Tactics as they would possibly be in the area. The Mutants would have an important role in the story, but they would not be a major threat. They would be a minor faction similar to how the Great Khans were in New Vegas. The Mutants would not be anywhere near like they were portrayed in Fallout 3. They would desire an army of Mutants much like the Master did, but they would focus on creating smarter mutants. They know that if they are going to survive that they have to do something different. Maybe some kind of cure for their sterility? Would that be possible with SCIENCE!?

    The Mutants wouldn't have ambitions to rule the wasteland or anything like that. They merely want to thrive. I want to see something like Broken Hills, but in a underground bunker. It wouldn't look like a Vault either. I imagine a large tunnel complex with atrium's filled with various fruits and vegetables. All the inhabitants work together much like the humans would. A few outcast type humans would possibly even live there. The ideals of Unity would be around for sure. I know I need a new faction name for these guys too though. Part of me would like to see a Psyker again, but I don't know if I am comfortable with that. It has potential to suck if used too much. I don't want magic in Fallout. I think I have Deadlands for that.

    The DLC is written there mainly to show my general game concept idea for a Main Quest that spans across the DLC and several different regions. The Great Lakes War would be a big event covering a large area. Anyway, like I said I will further elaborate later on, however once again it is a very rough draft, and I have a ton of more info to add. Thanks for the reply.

    Here are a few more pics of Detroit. This is an overhead view of Detroit and Windsor. Windsor would be completely controlled by the Devil's Brigade. They would have Power Armor much like the Brotherhood since they scavenged it off of US military forces. The Devil's Brigade would protect the Canadian wastelanders, and they would be extremely belligerent towards American/Detroit citizens. They blame the apocalypse on America. The Devil's Brigade has extensive pre-war records on the Great War, so they are a very important faction. They could tell the protagonist a lot about the world before the apocalypse.

    The GLC and Brigade mainly hate each other due to pre-war reasons. The Americans (GLC) were executing the Devil Brigades ancestors during the Annexation of Canada. The Freedom Fighters that lived taught their children about the American invaders. They were taught to violently defend their homes from any invaders from now on.

    The Brigade has recently started attacking the GLC on it's own turf, sometimes firing at their boats while they are crossing the Detroit River, as a result the GLC has increased security on their boats. Both sides seem to be preparing for an all out war. The Brigades has plans for the various technologically advanced factories in Detroit. GLC is basically concerned with the Brigades aggressiveness. No diplomatic methods have worked in any way. The GLC and Brigade conflict is mainly due to territory/pre-war disputes, whereas the Reaver's are more focused on obtaining the other factions technology, and protecting their own interests. The BoS has a part to play as well, but their role is much more secretive.

    I believe this would be a HQ for one of the factions.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback. This is kinda a hobby of mine TBH. I am always open to talking about future Fallout titles, mod projects, fan fiction, or anything else really. I plan on drawing up (or having someone else draw) a few things like the GLC Troops and various other factions, but I am a bit rusty. Once again, If anyone wants to work with me on some ideas like this let me know. I regularly check my messages and the forum here, so I am easy to reach.

    Anyway, that is it for now.
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  4. Ohaimerk

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    Mar 30, 2009
    What's the point of sucking dick if you never make it cum? It's called messing around dude. It might lead to something better, it might not. Doesn't mean he can't have fun with it
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  5. Joelzania

    Joelzania Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 12, 2011
    Wow, you have obviously taken a lot of time thinking about this idea. I enjoy the aspect of a custom mode, and the factions on the whole sound pretty interesting...

    Nooooooooh aaaaaaaaaah!
  6. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    I like his ideas as well.

    (We have both been independently working on Detroit stuff)

    I have a clear advantage... because I live just outside detroit. :mrgreen:
  7. the_cpl

    the_cpl Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Aug 9, 2009
    I visited the city several times. It looks really "falloutish".
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  8. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am working on posting more information soon. I did add a few things to the original post and reorganized it for easier readability. I will be posting info on the protagonist and main storyline in the near future, but I am reworking a few ideas ATM. Basically Fallout: Motor City is what I want from a Fallout game. I would love to make a mod like this, but I wouldn't know where to begin. I like to come up with ideas like this for fun. It is the only way I can express my creativity the way I want I guess. I like to work on ideas with other people, and have often dreamed of game development, but I think this is about as close as I will get, unless a mod team magically comes together. It is what it is though. :smile:

    Here are a few more ideas for my Fallout concept:

    More organized Raider groups like in FNV, but to a larger degree. Most groups that get together come up with some kind of name, so I think it makes sense to see Fiends, Kahns, Scorpions, and Jackals, instead of generic Raiders. It would also be nice to see these groups attempt to rob stores, or houses in certain areas. A few scripted encounters like that would be a welcome change. Imagine walking in to buy some gear, and a bunch of thugs come in to hold the place up.

    Making the dog companion more useful would also be nice as verevoof has mentioned before. It could bark when danger approaches, growl at potential enemies during heated conversations, dig for loot at certain spots, warn you when bad weather is coming, and guard your camp while sleeping. It may even help during random encounters that occur while you are asleep, by giving you extra time to prepare, or by barking to wake you up before they are right on top of you. You would train it to do other things besides those I already listed.

    Bring back Follower levels. Add some additional perks, specific to the follower, that they can get as they level up. It doesn't have to be too complicated, but it would be a welcome change. Optimally I would like to have maximum control over my followers by allowing them to get implants, learn from skill books, and learn new fighting moves (Takedowns and such).

    Add things to the map. I want to leave notes for myself to remember. That is what a fucking Pipboy is for anyway. You could add upgrades to your pipboy. It would be cool to add your own music from real life via a Pipboy function. I know mods do this, but it would be nice. You could have a maximum of 20 songs on there. Just a thought. Hell, a Motion Sensor upgrade was in Fallout 2. Why not in Fallout 4? You could find a upgrade that would optimize your V.A.T.S too.

    All scoped weapons get multiple zooming steps. The number and magnification of those steps is based on the type of weapon, so it will not turn a pistol into a sniper rifle. Selected weapons have a digital zoom (Gauss, Scoped Laser Rifle).

    Configurable Timescale. Not a big change, but something I like to do.

    It would be cool to add a game mode where you play as a character with a pre-set background like in FWE for Fallout 3. You could be a Raider, Ex-BoS Paladin, Mercenary, Trader, Ghoul, etc. This would be a nice idea if you don't want to play with the protagonist and storyline that the game is normally based upon. So in the case of Fallout 3, instead of playing the Vault 101 sequence again, you can start in an alternate location with a different background. This would be a safehouse of some sort with a terminal you can use to choose your character options. You could still have access to all of the content, but your character would be more unique.

    I liked the custom ammo in FNV. I would like even more options like that. Making custom weapons should be expanded upon greatly though. The workbench should be a little more useful I think. I think if they made more schematic weapons available that may do it. If schematics were more numerous it would give loot hoarder's something to hunt for too.

    Adding more Snowglobes/Bobbleheads to the game would be nice for people that dig that kind of thing. FNV didn't seem to have enough stuff like that to please some of the Fallout 3 fanboy's, so I think a small thing like that is easy to fix. I saw that complaint pop up a lot. For the record I don't agree with that, but more stuff to collect isn't a bad thing. I saw a couple of mods that added stuff like that to New Vegas, and they appeared to be popular.

    More Wasteland prostitutes! Sex is one thing the wasteland would have plenty of. People turn to what makes them feel good in bleak situations like that. The wasteland has not been gritty enough for my tastes. I think Sex slaves and sex trafficking would be a problem in the wastes. It should be addressed tastefully though. I don't think nudity is a big problem in games, so I don't understand why it can't be in a Fallout game. It might limit the audience I suppose.


    Anyway, That is all for now. That is most of the changes/tweaks that I would make to the gameplay, that I have came up with so far. Nothing too major since FNV fixed many of Fallout 3's problems, but there is still plenty of changes that could be made, that I haven't thought of yet. I should have a few character outlines ready to post here in a few days. Also, I am working on a timeline for the Great Lakes Wastes, so that will be posted in the future.

    Detroit has a few working cable cars. Nothing too major though. I think maybe one or two cable cars would be enough. Detroit doesn't have a subway system like Dc, so the Cable Car's could be one way to get to a couple of locations. A Armored Train would run through Detroit too, since GLC runs the Iron Road through there. Detroit would be one of the largest cities ever shown in a Fallout game. The community would be a lot more developed. The wastelanders have built a oasis alongside the Great Lakes, but that is actually their biggest problems. The Motor City is a giant target. The central conflict would revolve around the various factions intentions for the Motor City.

    Here are a few related pics. There are various national guard armories and a old naval base near Gross Point. There are actually a couple of islands on the Detroit River. I think these could be self sustained communities. Maybe they travel back and forth to the mainland via a ferry.

    Here is a view of Detroit from Windsor. I believe it is taken from a scrapyard.

    The Motor City Casino would be much better than the casinos on the Strip. You would have many more quests available inside for one. There would also be stores inside as well. It wouldn't be as tedious as in FNV. Maybe have a quest where you can take over and run the Casino. Casino's rake you in a lot of caps if you run them right. You even get to pick your own theme for the Casino. I kinda like to go with a New Reno vibe personally. Have a few mobsters toting tommy guns, nice suits, and fedora hats. :smile:


    Once again, I apologize if this is hard to read. I find it difficult to express my ideas in a organized way sometimes. Originally I started thinking about what I would want changed in Fallout 4. I started going over various features I would add or expand upon. It became a bit like a Wishlist, but then I began adding various story ideas into the mix.

    I then began thinking about where the next Fallout game should take place. I felt that it should take place somewhere new, so I went from there. Detroit was a logical choice for me really.1950's Detroit oozed of Americana. Chryslus (Chrysler) would probably be based out of Detroit for starts. Detroit is also the largest city in Michigan and Its automotive heritage plays an important role in America's culture. I feel it would be important after a apocalypse due to it's fresh water reserves, but also because of it's factories. The music for the game would be awesome too, because of all the great Jazz influences. Motown is known for music after all right?

    I have seen a few F3 and FNV mods that featured different locations like Illinois, Iceland, California, etc, and I am sure that a Fallout: Detroit or Fallout: Motor City would work just fine. Maybe one of these days I will venture beyond the concept stage, trek into modding territory, and create a something like I am describing here.

    Let me know if any of you like this, or if you have any constructive criticism. I have considered turning this into a short story of some sort, so it may eventually get transferred over to fan fiction. That is honestly where I see this project going realistically. I have drawn up a few comics in the past, and plan on doing some concept art for this idea anyway, so I have high hopes for this. Plan on possibly seeing a Fallout: Motor City comic before the real apocalypse happens. That should give me plenty of time to figure it all out! :D
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  9. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    Since you are adding the casinos, I want to put in a few bits of info.

    You have both "Motor City" casinos shown. The nicer one is the "new" casino.

    The older one is in the historic "wonder bread factory".

    For years there was a huge WONDER BREAD Neon sign on the front of that building... it was broken. it read WO P B AD

    Really, the "R" in wonder had broken into a "P".

    WOP BAD became slang for any of the extremely rare Italian Mobsters still in detroit... or anyone you could jokingly claim was Italian or a mobster (like Train Spotting or playing "Homeless or Professor")

    All three Detroit Casinos have the Temporary (up for years) and permanent casinos... so there could be 6 casinos in FO detroit.

    Also, there are tons of not quite legal "charity gambling" rooms all over the place. Some are safer than others... they are all not quite legal. They benefit from the cops having better things to do than arrest people breaking the law.
  10. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    Thanks for the post! That is why I love working with you on this - You actually know the area :smile:. I would like to see numerous casinos like you described. They would be a lot like the ones in New Vegas, but I think it would be interesting to have one of the major factions, like the GLC, running one of the casinos. They would also have a few stores on the inside, so the casino wouldn't be so bland. You could even buy guns in one cordoned off area. Of course badass gun turrets would protect the casino patrons, so no one would dream of robbing the joint. Maybe you would have the option to run the casino for the GLC, Take it over for another faction, or go independent and create your own empire.

    I found a lesser known company that would be mentioned in Motor City. Here are a few thought....

    The Yuma Flats Energy Consortium was a pre-War company that specialized in high energy weapons manufacturing and research. Its major achievements were the creation of the YK32 pulse pistol andYK42B pulse rifle.

    According to Fallout Tactics, the YK42B was rediscovered by the Reaver Movement and later again mass produced by the Brotherhood of Steel. Would that be the case now? In Motor City, the Reavers would posses a large amount of these weapons. In typical BoS fashion, they will try to kill the Reavers when they develop a more advanced prototype. The BoS would not be a major power in the area though. Their interactions with the Reavers would be more of a side-plot. Many of the Midwest BoS would also wrongly think that this sect of Reavers are responsible for things the other groups of Reavers did in the past. The Player could negotiate a diplomatic solution to the Reaver/BoS dispute, or handle things in numerous other ways.

    Maybe you could see several separate cults of Reavers. Have some that follow the old beliefs and whatnot. Any religious group will split into several other sub-groups over time. I think this would happen in the Wasteland. The Reavers worship technology. It would make sense for them to try to obtain coveted pre-war tech. I think that would make a interesting plot point. All of the factions in Motor City would struggle to obtain the large amounts of pre-war tech in the area, minus the Iroquois Confederacy, who stick to using old fashioned firearms. Technology would corrupt a few of these organizations in some of the endings. That would be one of the over arching themes of this tale really - Technology can be either very useful, or very harmful.

    I posted this and got no replies, so I figured I would move it here. It is applicable to my project, so here goes:

    I have been thinking a lot about the events that took place during Tactics. Considering that it is semi-canon, elements could be used for future titles. I am wondering what fans would think about seeing possible remnants of Calculators forces, or maybe new robots designed by BoS based off of HR 1205. Would the Midwest BoS be able to replicate the robots by using HR 1205? I know most were destroyed, so I am wondering if they could have survived elsewhere perhaps? Was Vault 0 the only location with C-27 Series humanoid robots ? What about Acme robotics? Could they have designed any other robots?

    I would personally like to see a wider variety of robots in future titles, so this interests me somewhat. Were the robots in tactics all destroyed just because the Calculator was destroyed? Was that due to some kind of neural link or what? I have never beat it personally, and the only knowledge I have of the game is from the wikia. Any thoughts?

    House had a army of Securitrons; Would a army of C-27's be possible? Could a powerful faction with access to pre-war industrial facilities recreate these robots?
  11. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    In the picture, you can see the "elevated train/tram" that runs around the center of detroit. It is called the "people mover". It has very few stops and doesnt go anywhere (just in a small loop)

    Also, in the background is the Renaissance Center (General Motors World HQ). I personally think it would make a bad HQ because it has too much glass (not a very secure building if there is lots of shooting and or bad weather.

    For FA, I would expand the route(s) and even if the trains no longer run, the elevated monorail can be used as a relatively safe way to get around the city free from attack by monsters/animals.
  12. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    Thanks for the post man. Yeah, I guess that might not make a good HQ. I mainly picked it because it is recognizable. You can't see a picture of Detroit hardly without the RC popping up.

    I think the monorail's would make for a good way to introduce small hubs into Fallout. It would break certain areas up a bit because they would be blocked off and only accessible via monorail. Detroit would be heavily cordoned off by GLC, and they would control the monorails, trolleys, etc.. I liked how Freeside, Westside, and the Strip were protected by walls of junk. Detroit would be much like that.

    Raiders and critters would steer clear of Detroit for the most part because of all the firepower in the area. GLC can defend Detroit without a problem. Once again I am thinking a lot of how FNV was. Detroit would have several communities inhabited by unique groups similar to the Follower of the Apocalypse, Kings, and Van Graffs in Freeside. I would like to see an all Ghoul community living in the slums of Detroit personally.

    In the case of Acme Robotics and the humanoid robots, I am leaning towards the Midwestern BoS having a large army of them. They could have revived a old Vault that doubled as a Robot Manufacturing Plant, and by using HR 1205 they managed to assemble a small army. Of course supplies would be limited, so they wouldn't have a endless army of robots. If the BoS still possesses half of the resources that they did at the end of Tactics, then they are even stronger than the California BoS. Imagine the C-27 robots armed with those badass Pulse Rifles! They would be a force to be reckoned with.

    The catch would be that the Midwest BoS has become infected with the Jitterbug virus(see my previous posts for more info). They have had to quarantine several members, even losing one of their bases to the virus. The infected BoS members have became a bit of a menace to the surrounding area as well. The "Buggie" BoS members would be pretty unique enemies (and sometimes allies), since they are insane they would spout a lot of nonsense, constantly shaking, and fighting off hallucinations. Something sounds cool about BoS members running around acting like lunatics. There would be a small amount of the BoS due to the their decline in recent years, so the "Jitterbug" BoS would be confined to a few small locations.

    Anyway, just a few ideas.
  13. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    Is Jitterbug like mad cow or that disease they get in New Guinea from eating their dead relatives brains?
  14. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    Want any more gun information...

    I feel like there are lots of .22 weapons in detroit heheheh.

    I got a copy of "Worlds Deadliest Rimfire Battleguns"

    Some sort of brass tube making factory in detroit will be responsible for why there are so many .22 bullets in the wasteland.
  15. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005
    Jitterbug would be comparable to something like Mad Cow disease. The people that come down with Jitterbug would be cast out into the wastes. They are hard to get along with because of their psychosis, so they would be aggressive most of the time. They also suffer from constant tremors, so they act a lot like tweekers. I imagine them gritting their teeth, picking at their skin, and eating other humans. That is actually why the Jitterbug virus became so prevalent in the Detroit area. The eating of infected meat is what causes the virus to spread.

    About the guns though....

    I haven't added too much to that section because I am more focused on the story portions ATM. I could write out a large list of weapons, but I am more worried about other things. Once I get more of the story elements down I will focus on Items, Music, and some quest specifics. I think Fallout New Vegas had a perfect amount of weapons, so Motor City would build upon that. The weapons would be a lot more modifiable in Motor City. I want to see more rigged up weapons like the Pipe Rifle personally. I think it would be cool to add Pauldrons like in Morrowind. This would allow for mix matching of shoulder pads, so you might salvage a shoulder Pauldron off of a T51b, and add it to your Combat Armor. I am not sure about this, but it sounds cool.
  16. SealyStar

    SealyStar It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Mar 23, 2012
    Ah yes. I was thinking about this too. I live in Grand Rapids (which, while a ways off, would be a good place for Fallout), and, on my last visit to Detroit, was just thinking on this topic. I was joking about how Detroit is dead already, but then it hit me, and it you too apparently: in keeping with the 1950s aesthetic, Detroit would still be a successful industrial city. Especially with cars. I'd love to get back behind the wheel of a Highwayman again...
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  17. Renegadexss

    Renegadexss It Wandered In From the Wastes

    May 26, 2011
    Really cool and good write up kudos to you sir!
  18. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    I live in Ann Arbor, I have been helping him with local stuff (I have my own PnP FO game going as well)

    Please send us anything you think would be helpful or interesting from your part of the state.

  19. WillisPDunlevey

    WillisPDunlevey Mildly Dipped

    Feb 2, 2010
    I just took some pictures of an underground pedestrian tunnel that connects two medical research complexes (under divided parkway). it takes two sets of escalators to get down to the tunnel.

    The tunnel is wide enough and long enough for a post war community to live in (like the "Family" in FO3, but better)

    On the east end, there is a large platform/landing in between the set of escalators with a number of rooms.

    I have been working on this for my FO PnP game, but thought I would share it. I will resize and crop the pix and put them up here later.

  20. TorontoReign

    TorontoReign Level 27 Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 1, 2005

    Sounds cool dude. Around what area is it located? I could imagine two research companies doing some shady shit with underground tunnels. It reminds me of Umbrella for some reason.

    I have been slacking a bit with Motor City, but I hope to have more stuff to post soon. Playing New Vegas with mods always gives me a lot of gameplay ideas. Any future Fallout game should AT LEAST have a backpack, pup tent, and portable camping site IMO. I also think that you should be able to fill your canteen or water bottles from streams, toilets, sinks,etc...

    Little things like that would make sense I think.