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    The complex is in Ann Arbor-- Google maps this:
    North Campus Research Complex, Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI

    18+ buildings. The buildings are filling up with U of M medical research labs that are being consolidated in one location (rather than spread out all over ann arbor)

    There are several layers of sub basements and steam tunnels.

    There are also some tunnels connecting the Ford Motor Company HQ buildings in dearborn.

    If you like tunnels, there were a number of insane asylums in michigan that were connected with tunnels (kind of reminds me of one of the Silent Hill games)
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    Seeing my Hometown (Toronto) included is cool, but you have to explain why its a frozen wasteland, because Toronto is a relativly hot city, we have had temperatures in excess of 100 Fahrenheit in the summer. Also, do you plan to make a full toronto? because this city is huge! and dont forget to include World War 2 British weapons, there are huge stockpiles in toronto of Stens, Bren Guns and Enfields
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    Yeah the frozen wasteland idea is related to a Weather Control Lab. It would be run by rogue remnants of the Midwest BoS. They used the blizzard to conceal their base originally, but the device malfunctioned somehow and won't shut off. One of the quests would have you repairing the device. It think it would be a cool way to implement some kind of weather control device like the Nevada Skies mod adds.

    It would be more likely that Toronto would be mentioned and referenced heavily, but not a location you could visit. You would probably visit the surrounding areas close to Toronto (relativity close anyway). The Devil's Brigade would have a presence in the area with plans of eradicating the last vestiges of BoS, and claiming the Weather Control Facility as their own.

    It is also more of a rough guideline/brainstorm rather than being set in stone.
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    Apr 11, 2012
    Well should it be included, the city's subway system would be fun to explore, as would its vast areas, Scarborough, East York, North York Etobicoke and of course Old Toronto. Hell, it could be a game in itself its so big! I would love to see my area falloutized!

    everything starts out as a rough guideline/brainstorm
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    That's really why it would be mentioned but not a location you could visit. It would make for a full game itself. The city doubles for New York quite a bit in the movies. This would leave the next game wide open for a To(Ronto) based game that would tie up a few story hooks from Motor City.

    Edit: Here is a very generalized and rough guideline of a working timeline. I haven't put too much time into this idea recently due to other pressing matters, but I hope to have more stuff to post soon.


    The Weather Research Facility is constructed by Poseidon.

    Traffic on the streets of the world stops moving. Fuel becomes too precious to waste on automobiles, so alternatives are explored. Massive layoffs and strikes take place in Detroit. This hurts the automobile industry in Detroit immensely.


    American Auto-industry begins to put massive amounts of money into researching new tech for automobiles.


    Food Riots cause even more trouble in Detroit. This leads to over 1000 deaths in a heavily televised uprising by several anarchist groups. Martial Law is declared for several months.


    Detroit begins to recover with thousands of additional jobs opening up at factories all over the US.


    The first of the Chryslus Motors fusion-driven cars are developed in Auburn Hills, Michigan near Detroit. Many Chryslus plants have long since been converted into making military ordinance with the factories in Detroit producing most of the nation’s ammunition at this time. The new fusion driven cars are a hit.

    2076 – Food and energy riots begin again in major cities throughout the United States. Military units begin to be deployed in cities within the United States to contain rioters, and many temporary prisons are constructed. A state of emergency is declared, and martial law soon follows. Detroit is so overrun with crime and the New Plague that it is quarantined from the rest of the US.


    January 22: The first domestic use of power armor within the United States for crowd and quarantine control. Units originally serving in China and the Anchorage Front Line find themselves fighting Americans at home. Food riots increase, and many civilians are killed. Several soldiers defect from the military both in Canada and the United States.

    October 23, 2077: "The Great War"
    After decades of feuding over the world's resources, the breaking point is finally reached. No one knows who the first one was to press the button, but in the space of roughly two hours on October 23, 2077, nuclear arsenals across the world are emptied as nations effectively destroy one another in a single, collaborative action. The long years of needless death and destruction in a fight to control Earth's resources are made futile as society comes crashing down in less time than it takes to watch the average movie. The survivors refer to this man-made apocalypse as "The Great War."

    The Burning Times begin as fires spread throughout the area. A few of the remaining oil fields in Detroit burn for several years afterwards.

    The Jitterbug virus first appears in the aftermath of the apocalypse . It is primarily transferred through bite wounds or exposure to contaminated blood.


    The Naval survivors based near Chicago emerge from their Bunker to a new world. The GLC is formed, and Great Lake City follows soon after.


    The GLC (in cooperation with local militias) heavily patrols the regions around Great Lake City, exterminating groups of raiders, Buggies, critters, and Ghouls in the process. Several FOB’s are formed in the surrounding areas. People are recruited from the local populace to fill the GLC ranks.


    The GLC manages to reignite the pre-war industry sector of Detroit known as Automation alley.

    A large gang of raiders known as the Cougars begin to cause problems for the area. They launch a campaign of looting and pillaging the outlying areas around the Great Lakes Wastes. The local militias prove unsuccessful against the Cougars, so they request support from GLC. The GLC engages many of the enemy, but they prove to be very elusive; using guerilla tactics, and human shields as defense. The Cougars are driven from the Detroit area, but the GLC loses many soldiers.

    Due to persistent efforts by the GLC and local populace, the Cougars are finally wiped out due primarily to starvation.

    The Great Winter begins. Many bunkered down in Vaults or other suitable shelters. The Great Lakes Wastes are stuck in a perpetual snowstorm for many months. Thousands died of exposure, disease, or famine.


    The Great Lakes Wastes begins to recover from the Great Winter. GLC begins to establish trade routes to better equip themselves and re-establish contact with the rest of the country.


    Moses (Working name) was one of the leaders of the faction of super mutants who fled to the East after the death of the Master and the destruction of Mariposa Military Base.

    2161 Fallout Begins


    GLC repairs the equipment in the Detroit Salt Mines. The Salt Mines are reopened shortly after. The Great Lakes Wastes begins to prosper. :)


    Moses leads mutants on a trek for 20 years through the wastes. Their tales would make for interesting conversation. They could talk about many areas that would be from the previous games like Vegas, the Hub, The Glow, etc….

    2197 Fallout Tactics begins.


    The few mutants that remain in the area stumble across a pre-war vault near Detroit. A Mutant/Ghoul community is founded there called ( Untitled). They start their own religion maybe? They use a Geck to build a utopia underground. A cache of historical books is discovered in the vault. Moses stumbles upon the location where he meets a smart Mutant named Erkal . They work together on a cure for mutant sterility. So members from Masters Army, Nightkin, and remnants form Gammorins Army have all come together to gather their forces. A new religion is founded with Moses being the God.


    The Mutants of Utopia begin to start experimenting with FEV obtained from scouting expeditions. They are attempting to perfect upon Masters research. One of the Mutants knew the Master and saw some of his research first hand. He has a photographic memory so he was able to recreate some of the work.

    2241 Fallout 2 begins

    2277 Fallout 3 begins

    * Once again, a very rough template I am working with so far. More to follow soon hopefully...
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    I somehow missed this post, so I felt like saying thanks. I haven't worked too much on this recently since my goals have changed a lot. I am in the process of moving this over to Fan-Fiction, so I hope to have that done soon. It really is closer to Fan-Fiction rather than Future Fallout Game anyway, but it is what it is. :shrug:

    I am brainstorming about a Fallout story that takes place in the South with Confederate ties. I have trouble splitting between several projects though, so I don't know when that will come together. Anyway, thanks to all who posted, and shared their opinions. :salute:
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    Is there something missing? ;)
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    Oops. Yeah when I copied and pasted from my source doc it must have fudged up. You figure as many times as I have edited this I would have all the errors fixed. :)

    Thanks though.
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    No problem, it was a cool read. Some of the (especially shortly after and prewar) years could be almost taken 1:1 out of my game, weather station named Poseidon isn't that much of a genius move from my own side though. ;D

    Do proceed, even if it is "just" fanfic I enjoy reading it since I compare it with my own ideas.
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    Yeah and one thing I have noticed about NMA is that many of us have similar ideas. It's cool to see what hardcore Fallout fans can come up with. Thanks dude.
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    Hehe yeah, I saw Tagaziel putting similar ideas into his vision too. Atleast I can say I was the first!111 ;P
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    Yeah great minds think alike. Willis has a lot of really detailed ideas on a similar concept as well.
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    Thanks for the plug!

    I have been busy with a new job so I have only been writing on paper not electronic yet.

    I did take a number of photos of the old Pfizer tunnel out at U of Ms NCRC complex (before I moved)

    I am locating another group in 1/2 the complex (they live in the tunnel).

    They farm mostly (in safe areas) and don't bother anyone. probably 50% of my groups don't actively go out and mess with people.
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    Yeah, no problem dude.

    Have you observed any of the urban-farming projects in Detroit? I am curious to hear more about these groups you speak of.
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    Feb 2, 2010
    most of the "urban farming groups" are either hippie-esque groups located in suburbs Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor etc. or a scant few trying to be healthy in detroit proper.

    The commercial urban farm groups have mostly been thinly veiled land grab attempts....

    Get cheap/free land for your farm company. Borrow money from another company of yours... default on the loan and then the other company gets the land.

    The group I wrote up lives in the tunnel (60+ feet below ground) but farms on the surface in a protected court yard and in the center of single story buildings that have had their roofs opened up and the floors hacked out to allow access to dirt.
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    That sounds pretty cool. Any pics of those areas?
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    Here are pix of the "public" tunnel part of the complex, connecting two groups of buildings (18 on west side, 7 on east side) divided by boulevard (4 lanes, large median)

    Entrance to tunnel from east side.

    on first set of escalators heading down

    bottom of first set of escalators looking at landing/platform between sets of escalators. To the right is an area with underground conference rooms. To the left are underground laboratories

    on second set of escalators heading to bottom/tunnel level

    view of room at bottom of escalators. Tunnel doors at bottom on right side.
    To left, mechanical room door, to the far left, fire door/escape stairs. Not pictured extreme left, service elevator.

    at bottom, looking back up towards surface level (top escalator has 24 steps.. counted when it was broken and not moving) bottom has more i think.

    building map of tunnel

    East end of tunnel looking west. Tunnel is pretty long. There are 12 ribs on right side (1' each) and each one is 12"+ apart. 120' minimum.

    View of ribs and where roof meets the wall.

    Another look down the tunnel.

    Ventilation shaft along south side of tunnel

    Ok, so thats the tunnel where one of my communities lives.
    They use some of the buildings on the east side for farming and the eastern courtyard (6 basketball courts at least in size)
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    Wow. That is a long ass tunnel. Neato dude.
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    Feb 2, 2010
    There are more tunnels in non public areas for steam, electricity, water etc. connecting all the buildings in the university and the hospital complex.

    the NCRC complex (from the pix) also has tunnels but I was told they were built by Pfizer and the previous owner (bristol myers squib???) for moving lab animals around without giving PETA photo ops
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    I support this, you have some really good ideas, i like it alot.
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