Fallout: Motor City

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    Necro much?

    To be fair tho, I hope Toront gets his ass back on this thing and finishes it.
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    Is there any Mister Handy repeating Robocop punch lines out of context ?
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    Thanks. I mulled the concept around in my head for a long time so I just had to put it down on paper so to speak. My New Vegas modding skills aren't quite what they should be to pull off a project of this size, but I am STILL surpised no one has yet to produce a Detroit Fallout mod. It writes itself.

    There would be.

    I just don't know what to do with it. I could do some shitty comics using the story or something, but the meat of the idea is the gameplay mechanics. The Skyrim survival mods added something to that game that should be replicated CORRECTLY in Fallout, not some lame ass Fallout 4 Survival mode.
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    In my head canon, that's how the Chosen one/LW/Courier first encounter/mission with BoS in Power Armor should be.......

    The targeting is so VATS.......
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    I just want to point out Surf Solar later quit working on his Fallout mod.



    I have been mulling over three or four concepts with Motor City. I will share them with you now keeping in mind this original concept would be revised heavily since I am in a totally different skill range than I was in 2012.

    Idea 1: Fallout: Motor City would be a mod for Fallout 2 much like Mutants Rising (speaking of which I need to get to work on my writing for the random encounters on that), possibly after it is finished so I can kidnap .Pixote to get him to do levels for it.

    Idea 2: It would be cool if Motor City was a FOnline modification (or maybe even Tactics) with it's own world space and quests and such. Fallout 76 eat your heart out.

    Idea 3: Fallout: Motor City would be a Doom mod, with RPG elements, dialog, quests, etc...

    Idea 4: Something like this....


    I would be tempted to create new "Mutants" like these if I ever made a Fallout game. Not that big though.
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