Fallout: The Frontier - Released!

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    From what I understand the Legion's treatment of the Mojave is different to that of the non-tribal settlements out East because they make note of those who bedded with the profligate NCR. Now, obviously, considering the game's scope is limited to the Mojave this makes them even more unsympathetic but the way they treat the Mojave and its locals is apparently not how they normally go about things.
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    You're new here. Chill out. Main forums are a bit slow sometimes. Fallout 76 was almost 3 years ago. There's not a lot that can be said for New Vegas, 2, and 1 that hasn't been said before. Sure, people still argue and talk about it from time to time but you won't see activity popping like this isn't a forum from 1997 when games aren't releasing. Not to mention, what do we even talk about with 76 here? Not much. We post about updates and mistakes the game has, someone usually actually spends the time to play it, says it's bad. We all laugh, say what could one expect though?

    People will respond, especially if you provoke conversation. It just might not be instantaneous.
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    To give this pile of paste one more good whack. TGSPY is doing a dev commentary playthrough of The Frontier (updated version)