Game journalism is a disgrace

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Oct 26, 2012.

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    here is the problem.

    and it is just not a problem with gaming journalism.

    it has affected even professional journalism.

    un-baised truth is what people want. if a game has a ton of bugs, then say so. if the game is a copy of the previous game, say so. if the game does not advance the genre, say so. if the game is remarkably mediocre, then it should get a mediocre score. if a game takes no risks and instead is just a copy of every other game in the genre, say so.

    the problem is, these "professional" journalists kow-tow to the publishers or developers because they think they have to for pre-evaluation copies and such. or agreements to hold their less than stellar reviews until after the game is out and all the people who did day one or even week one purchasing have done so and everyone knows its a shitty game.

    and i dont give a crap how many copies of a game sells. there is a saying people forget. "trillions of flies eat shit every day, why arent you?"

    first time i played a COD game, it was fun. i enjoyed it for a while.

    then i played another one. it was the same as the first one. then i played a third one. it was the same as the first one.

    i dont play them anymore.
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Well, no. And that's kind of the problem too. I remember the first time I saw Edge mag getting shit over giving a highly-anticipated franchise game (a Halo title, maybe? I don't recall, some franchise) a solid 8/10. It rained death threats and profanity over this infamy. How dare they!?

    So, think about it. That puts journalists in a lose-lose situation. Sure, there's level-headed folk who want honest, level-headed reviews, but they tend to congregate around the edges and they're not very vocal. So you've got publisher/PR pressure on one side, but you also have pressure from fans on the other, fans who just want to see their favorite games slobbered on professionally so that their opinions are rubber-stamped.

    It's completely lose-lose for journalists to then work hard to be honest. There's no reward in it, pragmatically. You lose access, and readers.

    So yeah, it's good it's brought up since it's been kind of ignored. Game journalism won't improve as long as there's zero incentive, and there's zero incentive as long as their readerbase acts this way.
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    Holy shit, I had no idea NMA and the Fallout news scene was such serious business. This is some high-end drama over here, guys. We should re-work this into a script and make a TV-novella about it.

    Well, TBH, we all know Kharn is always manipulating us. He manipulates me like four times on a daily basis. Not that I mind too much tho'.
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    i used to read computer gaming world all the time. plus that like maximum pc or whatever it was.

    i like RTSes, and they gave a huge review to starcrap. it was horrible and simplistic. a click fest.

    then i re-read their dark reign reviews and they praised it for its options and AI options and the map editor and such. figured that favorable starcrap review was due to them pandering to the AAA publisher which was kinda understandable at the time.

    then they did a review of supreme commander where they panned it for its complexity and upgrade system.

    strike 1, 2, and 3.

    final nail in the coffin was the review they did on another game, i forget what game it was. but they gave it a glowing hugely positive review. but when i played the game it was horrible.

    RTSes should be moving forward. simplicity and click-fests like starcrap need to stay in the 90s. we have much more powerful hardware and we can use it for far more complex ai and fuller options like what Dark Reign and Supreme Commander did.

    FPSes are doing the same. complex ones like quake and unreal and such get panned nowadays and now we get games with being able to hold 1-2 weapons, all picked at start of round, no finding weapons on maps, no armor pickups... we get games like COD and halo and crap. they are crap. they are not very fun. i do not know how people enjoy playing them for hours on end.

    at this point, the gaming media cant grow a sack. too many have caved. at this point its up to the fans en-masse to demand honesty.
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    Can you show the jury where on this doll was Kharn manipulating you?
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    Case in point, with examples no less, .

    Yes, I just provided a TvTropes link. No, I am not responsible for the hours that will be wasted because of this action.

    As for Kotaku, if there's one example of a site being in bed with publisher PR and acting like they're not, it's them. At least IGN is kinda-sorta honest about what they are.

    EDIT: When even Jim Sterling finds that the ''big game = big score'' situation has gotten out of hand
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    Nov 9, 2008
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    Good stuff BN. Incidentally, I've found all the Gamebanshee reviews I've read to be well throughtout, detailed and fair.

    edit: Da fuck at the pages 2-3. Though it does fill in some blanks for me.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    really? really

    What do you really want at the end of the day? Honesty or truth? An honest man will give you his opinion in 2 sentences or less after giving you his name. A liar will quote truth all day and still tell you what you want to hear. That's what it boils down to, opinion.

    Where's that BS detector they keep trying to invent? I hope it runs on java (or equivalent sun microsystem compatability).
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    I see your glittering gem of hatred somehow lost its glitter :p !!!

    Thing is, people don't realize that NMA is lead by a very small and Conservative, almost fascistic fallout-uber-alles loving core, working in the background like a shadow government, like the Enclave. BN is our liberal looking and acting face. Our puppet. Our Manchurian candidate! You people, are all just falling for his integrity and great intellect to boost our traffic. It has always been about politics. Fallout today. The World tomorrow.
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    I got mired in a sentence or two, but overall I liked it. I was surprised at how much of the forum thread was made up of complaining about how reading long paragraphs is hard.

    This part was a little puzzling

    because I don't remember Batman being in the Odyssey.
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    what the fuck is going on in this thread?
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    I see no-one mentioned Eurogamers head-honcho Tom Bramwell's update yet.
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    Oct 29, 2012
    Kick-backs yo. Srs bsns. :hangman:
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    it did just happen yesterday.
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    This may be the best follow-up article, because this guy highlights all the problems exactly by arguing in favor of corruption.

    We don't need rules! Having rules would be an admission of guilt! Also how can I do my job without compromising by accepting gifts!?

    Like I said before, guys like Keith here personify the problem. Prioritizing getting buddy-buddy and having press access over basic integrity is the crux of the problem.
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    Jul 19, 2007
    That article's author focuses on the most inane example (eating a free sandwich at a press event) to try and make a point, then proceeds to frame the issue as it being the vast majority of incorruptible, Batman-like journalists like himself against a minority of greedy slobs. He pretty plainly just doesn't get it.
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    Haha, it just doesn't end

    Nothing wrong here guys! Just move along!
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    "It’s a triumphant return for a much-loved series with impressive visuals and cinematic story."

    Can you write a more generic and vague line of text?