How does one handle coming back to the RPG (Fallout 2 for an ex.) after a long time.

Discussion in 'General Fallout Discussion' started by The_Den_Resident, Apr 21, 2024.

  1. The_Den_Resident

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    Jan 26, 2022
    It's been almost two years since I played Fallout 2 with only playing it for about an hour four times between the nearly two years since 2022. I have currently 468 hours in the game, but man I don't know how I did it about two years ago. I came back today and played for three hours giving me 468 hours from the 465 hours I played before.

    (This idea can be applied to any RPG game how do you come back to it after a long time? I mention Fallout 2 for this specific case. But it can be for Fallout 1 as well.)

    But yeah, how do you guys/gals retrace your steps? Do you leave notes behind before stop playing the game for a long time? Do you wing it? Or is your memory awesome that you recall everything you did last?

    I did remember a couple of my goals.
    - Get as many companions as I can into the Bishops casino upper floor. Done! ✔️
    - Go to SanFran and do the quests there. Oh no I forgot to get Chip's spleen! Poor Chip r.i.p, =(

    Anyways what do you folks do? When coming back from a long hiatus, do you have a set plan? Following the old one or make a new one because you forgot?

    So how do you handle coming back from a long hiatus?
  2. Aurelius Of Phoenix

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    Mar 9, 2018
    I end up restarting, then playing other games, and then the loop repeats until I can't stand doing it anymore so I stare at the game for a second and play something else. This happened to me with the Shadowrun games and Pillars of Eternity. I'll finish them someday.
  3. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    Usually I start a new save while keeping the old one, telling myself I’ll come back to it eventually. I never do.
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  4. Hawkwing74

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    Feb 20, 2024
    This is what I do as well. I was on my fifth Baldur's Gate 3 run before I even finished the game.
  5. Risewild

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    Jun 14, 2014
    I just restart. My memory is so bad that I can forget almost everything I did in a game if I don't play it for a week...
  6. PlanHex

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    Nov 4, 2007
    I am a bit compulsive about only playing one game at a time and finishing it, so this rarely happens, and I would always restart, because if I have put the game down it is likely because I deliberately stopped.
    I can't really recall picking up an old save ever, though I suppose I must have at some point in my life...
    I've finished lots of games and books I didn't like much due to the compulsion to see it through to the end too.
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  7. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    I always read through the quest journal- both the started and completed quests to help refresh my memory.

    Classic Fallouts are a bit worse in that regard, only having the goals listed and getting crossed out as they're finished.
  8. Yossarrion

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    Mar 25, 2022
    I usually playthrough it once or twice a year. So when I go back I just restart