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    Ted rubs the bridge of his nose before standing up and getting into character.

    Hey...Yo, Cochise. I know he looks like some old dude because honestly.....He is an old dude, but he knows how to party, man. The Paradise Garage, the Viper Room. they ring a bell, man? He been to them all.

    (OOC: Rolling charisma of 15 + 1)
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    OOC: Roll - Success

    The bouncer's face twists up and he thinks, silence passing by over a few moments.

    "Alright, but if any weird shit goes down or we get any complaints from the girls inside I'm throwing his ass out, and yours. And no smoking old man, you fuckin' smell like cigarettes."

    The group enters, and the moment they pass through the main doorway the music blasts down the hall, with the floor thrumming, playing dark synthwave.

    George face curls into a frown. "What even is this shit?"

    Moving further inside, the club is fairly well packed. There are two floors, at the top is a bar with a smoking area and seats, and at the bottom is a stage where club goers dance, along with further seating for groups. Throughout the area the group can spot suited men, most likely security and bouncers.

    The club itself is fairly dark, with the only light coming from the strobe lights in the ceiling, along with the fairly dim lighting in the floors and walls. A thin mist flows through the club near the floor, most likely being projected by fog machines. Taking a look around, the club seems to cater to all walks of life. Average club goers mix in with the rich, while a masked D.J. sits at the booth keeping the music going. The whole place has an air of degeneracy... but perhaps that's just from the atmosphere of average club life.

    The group moves to a table on the lower floor and takes seats, where it can get a good idea of where to go next.

    George leans in and tries to talk quietly, but the loud music makes that difficult.

    "Alright, we need to find a way into the basement. We have to figure out where the sewer comes up from, and if it's traversable. We also need to scope out the second floor and VIP if possible." He points towards the double doors on the southern wall.

    "According to the municipal blueprints Ted pulled up, through those doors should be the bathrooms and VIP. We need to go through VIP to get basement access, and that's also where the elevator to the top floor is. Also, Melvin - if you can try to get a couple pictures with your phone of this area, but don't make it obvious you're taking pictures."

    OOC: What does the group do from here?
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    Stozak stands in front of the group. he is in hell. the shitty music blasts his eardrums while strobe lights would almost be blinding him if weren't for the fact he is wearing sunglasses at night in doors. worst of all none of these punk kids know how to rock.

    Just fucking shoot me.

    OOC: Detective Powers Activate. Tell me mind, what do I see?

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    Mar 8, 2022
    OOC: Roll Result: Critical Success

    You take a look around and let the surroundings sink in. The first thing you notice are the guards. There's too many people in the club to do an accurate headcount, but you make an accurate estimate based off what you've seen that there are six of them - on this floor alone. They're all suited, and wearing earpieces, meaning if you alert one the rest of them will probably know in short order unless you take the one that's been alerted out quickly and quietly.

    Another thing you've noted was, actually, George. Particularly, the way he looks at the guards. George has a fairly keen eye for spotting people with combat experience or at the least, training. You've seen it too, through your years on the force. It's all in their stance, the way they walk. These aren't your average nightshift weekend warriors, nor are they your average club bouncers. These are trained men, hell you'd liken them more to private security than club bouncers. Hell, they might even be packing, probably pistols if they are - nothing heavy but still enough to worry about. If you didn't know the identity of the one you hunted, you would be hard pressed to ask why they needed such security. But you know.

    In fact, on the topic of security there's another thing you *do* note. Rather, the lack of. There's no security cameras in the club. Anywhere. It's strange enough to leave you wondering why, there must be things happening they don't want anyone ever getting a hold of, especially if police were to come knocking and asking to look at the security tapes.

    Finally, you note one last thing of interest. A ventilation shaft that moves below the roof, and then through it. It looks large enough for someone to crawl through, and probably leads up to the building roof tops, past the second floor. Another entryway?

    There's really nothing else to note, other than that the music sucks and is way too loud.


    After you take in your surroundings, you hear George start to speak up.

    "We need someone to go check out the hall that leads to the bathrooms and VIP area. But we can't all go back there at once, we'll look fuckin' weird. Especially not being on the list. We need to figure out what kind of security they have guarding the VIP - because that's our ticket to both the basement and the upper floor."

    He leans over towards Melvin. "Make sure you get those pict-"

    A drunk girl with pale white skin, raven black hair in a bob-and-bangs haircut, wearing a jet black dress who looks to be in her mid 20's, wobbles her way over towards the groups table. She looks directly at Melvin, the (obviously) youngest of the group, and begins to speak. She's slurring her words.

    "hheeey, wanna danssss?"

    You think she's asking him for a dance, but she's slurring her words so badly it's anybody's guess. George looks really impatient and like he's ready to shoo her away like a nuisance, like she's a stray cat or something. He's looking at Melvin with the "don't let the strays associate you as a source of food or comfort" look.
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    Caleb quickly intervenes...

    "Sorry lady he's with me."

    He puts his arm around Melvin and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Caleb whispers to George...

    "I'll check out the hall near the VIP room."

    OOC: Anniversary so I had to do wife time.
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    I hate this place and the people in it. if it was up to me I'd firebomb this place to ashes, vampire and dip-shits all. But right now we are doing our best lost tourist impersonation, it's bad enough how much I stick out in this crowd to anybody sober enough to pick up the cop vibes I'm putting off, but If I am the sore thumb, George is the bloody stump that hand used to be attached to. The security aren't your typical Goons you'd find breaking fingers for peanuts. these guys appear to be legit and I don't want to find out their combat experience first hand or heaven forbid one or all of them has some type of half-vampire bullshit. Melvin Froze up again, I'd say it would it would be a bad habit but with a place like this, man batter is the last thing he needs to worry about being sucked out of him.

    *Detective Stozak turns to the rest of the group*

    I'm going to the bar.
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    Mar 8, 2022
    Caleb gets up from his seat and pushes his way past the drunken girl and the crowd, moving through the door way and into the hall.

    In front of him, he notices the bathrooms on the right hand side, and a open double doors on the left. Standing in front of the double doors is yet another suited bouncer with an earpiece, shitty expression on his face, and a chip on his shoulder. Walking up to him he immediately turns to you. His question doesn't waste any time, it is blunt, and direct.

    "You on the list?"


    Ted wanders up the stairs and over to the bar, taking a seat on one of the few open stools. The music is a little less loud here, and instead replaced with the sounds of barroom chatter. Most people are obviously here with someone, making Ted stick out.

    A attractive waitress in her early twenties wearing a shit ton of makeup and a skimpy bartender outfit that was most likely pre-selected by her employer walks towards him. She has the 'I'm just here to pay for college' look about her.

    "Can I get you anything?" she yells over the music.
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    The cop in me wanted to order a whiskey but I might as well shoot a flare gun into the ceiling that says narc if I were to go that route. With a name like Stozak people would think I'd run right to the vodka bottle, they'd be wrong. the people in the old country had their own choice of drink.

    Yeah, Beer me. Local Independent brewer if you have any. no name brand trash.

    Stole that line from some putz I overheard once, fucking clown had on rainbow suspenders over a Patrick Ewing jersey and his hair in a bun. some rookie told me it was about making a statement. all I saw was he didn't know how to dress himself.

    OOC: Rolling Perception to make sure I don't get ruffied and maybe a to chance over hear something. COPDAR ROLL IS GO 16 + 4
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    "You on the list?"

    The guard barked at Caleb with not so much as a smile. Caleb scrunched up his face and did his best to play it cool.

    "I didn't realize there was a list. What is this the VIP area? Do you think me and my friends can get in there?"

    OOC: Roll for Charisma is gonna be pushing it with a 3 in Charisma and a 8 for a roll. It was worth a shot.
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    Mar 8, 2022

    The guard isn't budging. He just looks at you directly, and jerks his thumb back into the hall. "Get the fuck outta here."


    The bartender reaches down below the shelving, coming back up with a glass. As she wanders over to one of the keg taps, you hear a security guard seemingly speaking into his earpiece.

    "Yeah. The upper floor vents have all been left open for the next few days. They gassed 'em to try and clean out the rats, so the venting has been taken off while it airs out."


    "You mean the weird lookin' dude wearin' the mask? Yeah he usually stops by every week, and we're all told to let him into the basement, and not to ask questions. Which I don't, and you shouldn't either. Weird thing was though, he was supposed to be here tonight and never showed."


    "Fight? Where? Him again? Goddamnit, we gotta stop letting him in. He does this shit every night."

    The security guard runs off back downstairs, just in time for the bartender to show back up with a beer in her hand.

    "Here ya go. Locally sourced, just like you asked."

    A few moments of silence pass...

    "So, you don't seem like the club type. I've worked this shift nearly every night for two years and I'm able to spot people pretty well. What brings ya here?"

    It's just now that you begin to notice she has a slight Brooklyn accent. It's hidden away pretty well behind a west coast veneer, but it's still there.
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    Melvin's eyes adjust to the lighting in the club. After a quick look around he sighs.

    Damn, I feel like I'm gonna piss myself.

    Before entering the men's toilet he attempts to take a few pictures of the hallway that leads to the VIP area, while trying to stay unnoticed.

    OOC: Rolled a 20! + Agility to hide the camera (4 points)= 24
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    Caleb walks to the bar next to Ted to grab himself a drink. The security was just tight enough to be a pain in the ass, but they were lax enough to leave the vents off. This entire mission was starting to look like a pain in the ass though. There was one thing Caleb did not like and it was ass pain. Caleb hears the bartender talking to Ted in a Brooklyn accent. She is being a little nosy so he butts in.

    "Hey barkeep I'll take whatever my friend here is having."

    Now talking to Ted in a low voice:

    "What do you think, brother? You getting any of those spooky feelings? I think I heard some staff talking about a guy in a mask that was supposed to be here by now. Sound familiar?"

    OOC: Good thing Rise took that mask we might be able to wear it to get one guy in undetected. With the vents being off at least one more could fit through there.
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    OOC: For Melvin - Critical Success. You're not only able to take the pictures without being noticed, but you're able to get pictures of the VIP area and the route to the elevator as well. You couldn't get an image of the whole room, and it looks like the actual elevator itself isn't guarded whatsoever. Just based off a quick look, you see multiple club goers back there, but you don't see any actual bouncers.. Once you get back to the headquarters, you'll be able to upload the image to your laptop and analyze it further with the group.

    George, now sitting at the table alone, looks at his watch. "Where the hell are they?"
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Ted takes a gulp from his beer, it's ok. Turning to Caleb he speaks in low tone.

    No Spookiness. Guess our Ol' pal had something come up. I heard a little bit about vent cleaning but listen, these security guys on the ground floor here, they ain't your normal rent-a-thugs, these are pros. sooner or later one of them is going to get wise to Me or George, they can think whatever but they will be watching us like a hawk in the next couple minutes or so.

    Who are you trying to fool with your outfit old man.

    If we are going to try to get a look or make a move we better do it soon.

    Ted takes another swig from his crafted beer.
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    Mar 8, 2022
    George is seen as of the corner of the eye walking up the stairs, with Melvin behind him.

    He leans in closely towards Ted and Caleb.
    "We've got the pictures. I don't know about you but I feel like we've worn out our welcome, and we still need to reconnoiter the building from the outside. Let's get out of here. Me and Melvin will leave first. You two wait two or three minutes, and then follow so we're not seen all coming in and then leaving together at once. We'll meet you back out by the van. And don't forget to pay for your drink."

    George turns around to walk off, and taps Melvin on the shoulder to signal him to follow.

    The bartender returns to Ted and Caleb. She turns to Caleb specifically.

    "What can I get ya sweetie?"
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    The deafening music really makes this place insufferable. That last bass drop was a little too close to the ear drums due to speakers mounted on the walls.


    Caleb yells. The bartender nods in acknowledgement as Caleb continues the small talk routine he worked on his entire life. Fake it until you make it they always say.

    "How long have you worked here? Just curious because I think I might go deaf if I stayed here too long"
  17. Mστh

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    Mar 8, 2022
    "Long enough to know you two are out of your element" she smiles slyly as she pours the drink.

    "How about leaving a working girl just trying to make her way through college a decent tip, and I forget to tell anybody about the four guys lookin' like cops who were in here in obvious disguises looking around and talking about scoping the place out?"

    She hands you the drink, and winks.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Ted gives Caleb a fatherly slap across the backside of his head and gives him a look of what the hell is wrong with you.
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    Where the fuck are the other guys anyway?

    Caleb mentions as they leave the bar, still rubbing his slightly sore head. He thinks maybe the beer will help so he downs it. This unit is not running like clockwork yet. Hell it isn't even a sundial. Where the hell is Bob? Something has been off about that guy since he picked up the mask.
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    Bob is waiting outside the club. He approaches George and Melvin on the way to the van.

    Sorry guys, I had to get out of there. The lights and music were giving me headaches, but it was the security guys that made me want to leave. Once I got close to anyone, they would just stare at my face and keep onto me. Even just the normal folk, when they had a good look at my face, would do their best to keep their distance, while looking at me with fear and distrust.

    I was drawing too much attention to myself, so I got a drink, stayed in a corner and after finishing the drink I left. I didn't tell any of you because I didn't want the security to know I was with any of you guys. That would have drawn attention to you too.

    I guess that's what happens when someone with such scars on his face, and looking like a bodybuilder goes clubbing.