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    Hi Mr Krepe,

    Thank you for the compliment but I told you before, I can't use this for a modification, how much I would love to see this being realized.
    Not in good conscience as two ideas I would really like to include are not my own, and they would be missed if I removed them. (the Followers of the Atlantis, and the Angels of the Apocalypse)

    I would probably choose to use Fallout New Vegas as a basis as this idea has been intended as a sort of spin off to Fallout Yurop (if that had been realized), the concept itself taking place in and around Berlin.

    (That doesn't mean I would never like to see something like Fallout 2 or the canceled Van Buren but if I worked with an engine like that I would choose most of an entire country or American state, or perhaps even parts of several, for example a large part of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic as I think that would make a very good backdrop)

    I am happy to hear that you like it.

    It was my intention to make something that feels in the spirit of Fallout 1 and less Fallout 2/Fallout New Vegas, how much I like those games.
    The world is still mostly in ruins, most settlements have just started, and if there are major organizations around you should be wary of them.

    The Black Fist for example would be more Gizmo and Decker like rather than the families from New Reno or New Vegas.
    Sure they would be wealthy but don't expect golden mansions, villas, or something like the casinos.

    (In my take only the founder of the new Heckler and Koch and his children/successors have a mansion with land around it, almost completely restored to Pre War conditions. But many people including employees of H&K find it a waste of resources and a too tempting target to have spend so much money/trading goods on)

    I was and am still somewhat concerned about Totenkopf, the reason of the whole psychotic-brainbot-soldier-turned-raider-leader was because I wanted to do something honestly different with a raider gang instead of having yet another gang of random ruthless murdering thugs

    I am worried that people do not feel it as a good idea, even in the setting of Fallout.

    One of the main reasons why I started to write this idea document is to show that Fallout is more than just Vaults, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Super Mutants, the Enclave, and FEV.

    These are elements of Fallout but it is not dependent on them, and those who claim they are are fooling themselves and limiting their imagination in my opinion.
    This also counts for the developers of Zenimax Bethesda.

    I read some doubt in there.
    If you feel or think some elements or ideas are out of place or not completely fitting you can tell me.

    I am not that arrogant that I consider my ideas to be flawless without any kind of improvement possible, or perhaps removal.
    I have gone over it several times myself, and except fixing grammar errors I have also been fixing, updating or removing stuff I felt needed it.

    Heck, I think I am perhaps even more critical about my stuff than any reader might be.

    As for Berlin, truth be told I got most of the knowledge I used from Wikipedia and the Berlin city website.
    I still barely know anything about the culture or various movements that take place in the city, currently or in the past.

    And if I recall correctly you gave the suggestion that the building style of the buildings should rather reflect Bauhaus than Googie.

    There is probably still loads of the German capital city for me to discover that could lead to inspiration and good ideas.

    Currently I am trying to come up with ideas for some more 'mundane' elements in Fallout Yurop Berlin, things like trading houses and settlements that do not require fantastic technology and such elements or are religious or political focused.

    I have some thoughts about a major trading house that had a lot of economic power and influence in Berlin until another trading house/company set up trading routes to the city, buying and selling goods at far better prices than their competitor.
    This is causing serious unrest between the two trading companies.

    And perhaps some small ones to create diversity.

    Also thinking about a mercenary organization and factions/organizations like salvagers.

    And of course more bio weapons and robots to make Post Nuclear Europe a dangerous place.

    BTW, what do people think of the timeline?

    While Van Buren mentioned an American mission to Mars it was never mentioned if it was to be the first one so I thought it would be a nice idea if the Chinese expansion into space caused a new Cold War like space race to claim the Solar System and its resources.
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    Oh no, I really meant it. What you have ſo far is really great and I hope that it gets implemented at ſome point.
    The timeline is really cool, I really dig that „Cold Space War“.
    Alſo, that Enviroment Armor with implants is really cool. I always thought that ſtrength-enhancing tech would be needed for the heavy H&K weaponry that we know of, thoſe implants are a really neat ſolution ſo there won’t be juſt another variant of power armor.
    I alſo like the Signal Liſteners (alſo I would rather call them „Lauſcher“ or ſimply „Liſteners“, the „Signal“ juſt feels too long ;) ). The Fernſehturm is a landmark and the Liſteners are a really cool group to occupy it.
    The Totenkopf is good, but I think that his name and logo is too much Naʒi-alluſion. I like that he’s ſeen as Death or the Grim Reaper, though. Maybe call him "Senſenmann", which is ſimply the german name of the Reaper.
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    Hey Hassknecht,

    Now that is a cool idea and suggestion and exactly the sort of stuff I am looking for, cultural icons that can be used in an interesting way.

    Its one of the reasons why I like Poseidon Energy for example, with all their projects and sister companies/departments which have names based on Greek mythology like Prometheus Coal, HELIOS One, ARCHIMEDES II and so on.
    It gives ideas or concepts that extra little bit to make them sound more interesting.

    I'll take the suggestion of making the Signal Listeners just the 'Listeners' into consideration but I really like the alternative you have me for Totenkopf, renaming it the Sensenmann.

    Reich pretty much already fills the niche of Nazi allusion so we don't need more of that.

    You are correct about the strength boosting implants, I thought that having yet another version of Power Armor would be ridiculous as there are already way to many variants as it is.

    The T-45d, the T-51b, the Mid West BOS modified variants, Enclave Advanced Power Armor and and Advanced Power Armor MkII (and the East Coast varieties), Vault Tec's version of regular and Advanced Power Armor, Tesla Armor now being Power Armor and coming in various varieties, Hellfire Armor.

    Its getting a bit out of hand and it no longer feels special like it did in Fallout 1 and 2.

    If there is Power Armor in Europe it would be imported suits of T-51b and those things would be very very rare, not something sold by every junk salesman.

    Anyway I see no need to bring it back again, not when there are alternatives.

    Glad to hear that the Space Race is liked, I have always been into space exploration as I truly do think our future lies in space.
    Research, resources, but also new places to live.
    Same goes for the great oceans on Earth, there is still so much left to explore and learn.

    Isn't that mankind's greatest adventure rather than pointless bickering and wars?
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    Okay, I forgot that you mentioned it wasn't a mod, but you said something along the lines of not doing it too much like the yankee fallouts, so you did things like enviroment armour instead of power armour, and I was thinking of an alternative to a plasma gun could be a sort of coil gun.

    If you don't know what a coil gun is, it's when a projectile is put through a tube, which is covered with electromagnetic coils which can speed the projectiles launch, mount this on a gun and voila you gotta' coil gun. So is that good Dutch Ghost?
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    Mr Krepe, the plasma gun was developed in Europe, remember?

    Glock Ges.m.b.H. manufactured some of the more popular types.

    I would love to make this a real mod, or game, but so much would come into play, even if I could get permission.
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    Oh yeah, wasn't the Plasma Gatling gun thing-a-maggic made by Winchester, a British company?
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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hmm, I always though Winchester was an American weapons manufacturer.
    I need to investigate.

    But yeah, a lot of weapons the US armed forces used in Fallout's universe come from Europe.
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    Hey, I'll be using water/underwater themed locations in my mod too, it's a rather unused theme in my opinion. :)
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    You are correct about the location of Winchester company, afaik. I think that it is from Connecticut.
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    Oh wait I just checked the fallout wikia, It is american in the fallout world, but in this world winchester is british.
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    Yeah, more Gauſs-Rifles for the Euros :D
    I really dig H&K. The whole "ſuper-powered conglomerate" reminds me of the big firms in the Neuromancer-trilogy by William Gibſon.
    You know, big corporations that are actually more powerful than the gouvernment.
    Hey, a ſubplot like that could be cool, a perſon wants to get out of H&K, ſo he hires t profeſſionals to make a "run" and buſt him out :D
    Ok, that is actually juſt the plot for Count Zero, but that may be cool place to hide ſome eaſter-eggs :D
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    Oh wait, i'm wrong again, I just realised i'm thinking of Enfield.
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    Fallout Yurop - Berlin

    Years ago, around the time just before Van Buren was made public an East European team was working on a very near Fallout 2 Total Conversion called Fallout Yurop.
    Next to Fallout 3/Van Buren itself this seemed one of the most exciting projects around at the time and I like many others was really looking forwards to it.

    Unfortunate there must have been some problems with the project as things were delayed, the forum was hacked and eventually the project died down.
    I have been keeping in contact with the head developer of the project, Jiří 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz, in the hope to learn some more about the project and what his team's intentions would have been.

    From what I understand Shigor might still bring the game out one day but as a stand alone project called Fallen Yurop, which has no connect to the Fallout universe.
    I can understand his reasoning, especially now that Bethesda owns the franchise and that he wants to develop the ideas into its own freeware or commercial products but I still would have found it awesome if it had been a Fallout project in Europe as we know so little about how the world is like there.

    Some of the ideas I have used in this idea are what I know from Fallout Yurop and it is not my intention to steal them or claim them to be my own whatsoever, I just do not want to let these ideas die as I think they are really good.

    “Black Fist” is sort of a filler name for that organization as it sounds way to much like 'Black Hand' from Fallout Between Good and Evil, and like with Shigor I do not mean to steal these fine folks good idea, I just needed a name for the moment.

    I haven't thought of names yet for other groups, factions or organizations or very detailed ones, but not that that is so important, this is just to give an impression what my take on this idea would have been like, and no so much the details and backgrounds.

    It would be extremely cool if this could ever been made for real but I hugely doubt that.

    This concept takes place in the Fallout universe but in what once was the European Commonwealth, there are some major differences regarding technology, creatures and lore between Europe and the United States, with some thing being absent and replaced with other ideas instead.

    -There is no FEV in Europe, so no Super Mutants and FEV created mutants. However the former members of the European Commonwealth were working on their own bioweapons before the War and a lot managed to escape, finding a niche in the world in which they could thrive and multiply.
    -There are radiation based mutants, based on science! such as Ghouls, giant insects and arachnids such as Giant Spiders.
    Some mammals have also undergone strange changes because of the radiation and the toxins.
    -There is no or barely any Power Armor, its not known of the EC had its own Power Armor project but as they were already at war long before the Great War amongst themselves probably not much came of it.
    Perhaps some suits were purchased or sent to American bases in Europe but the idea is that its perhaps completely absent, being replaced in game with the unique NBC 'Environment Armor' and implants.
    -There are no Vaults. Perhaps some government bunkers, shelters built by companies for themselves and private made shelters but no Vaults.
    Also, no Vault experiments took place in Europe.

    Rather than having this in mind as a full classic Fallout 1/2 campaign, I would consider my idea more of a spin off similar to FNV, dealing with one large settlement and surrounding settlements rather than the entire former country or state.

    As the name implies, Fallout Yurop - Berlin takes place in the ruins of Berlin, and in the region around it which can include settlements and other places of interest.


    1940 - 1950

    The Second World War is won by the Allies; UK, France, Australia, Canada, United States, and the CCCP. (and probably others I forgot to mention)

    Europe is divided in two sides and two ideologies; most of Eastern Europe come under control of communist regimes supported by the CCCP, Germany is divided amongst the Allies with Eastern Germany including Eastern part of Berlin under CCCP/DDR rule.
    A Cold War starts between East and West.

    Heckler and Koch is established in an old Mauser factory, at first only producing machine parts for house hold machines and bicycles but eventually manufactures weapons for the Bundeswehr.

    The foundations of what one day will be the European Commonwealth start to take shape.

    NATO is established by the Western allies as a united block against the CCCP and her allies.

    1950 - 1960

    Eastern communist countries and the CCCP form the Warschau pact as a counterpart to NATO

    The Glock company is founded by Gaston Glock, originally only manufacturing curtain railing until they expanded into the weapons industry and started manufacturing weapons for the Austrian army.


    The European Commonwealth is formed between most countries of West Europe in order to promote political cooperation and free trade amongst its members.
    Some countries like the UK, France and Germany start to work together on military projects.

    1980 - 1990

    Due to decades of large expenditure on the arms race and other military and political oriented expenditures the CCCP is nearly driven bankrupt.
    It can no longer support its communist allies or maintain full control of its own territory, the government is so much in debt that government workers and military personnel go unpaid.

    Without support of the CCCP and its own economy in ruins the DDR opens its borders and eventually dissolves.
    The CCCP can do nothing but watch from the sideline.

    1990 - 2000

    The economic collapse of the CCCP continues and the communist regimes in countries like Poland collapse, more democratic governments take their place and they start making approaches to the West.

    Despite an attempt by left wing supporters to replace the government the communists prevail and remain in control.
    However in order to stay in control they are forced to reduce their costs in order to save what is left of their economy, severally reducing departments such as the military.

    The citizens of countries that were once CCCP allies sense their chance and start to demonstrate and revolt.
    Even parts of Russia itself demand the right to secede and administrate themselves.

    The Kremlin makes it clear that such actions will lead to war, a threat they can not fully back up.

    With the CCCP’s military potential in decline the United States starts to withdraw stationed troops and dismantle its missile bases in West Germany.
    Duties are turned over to German armed forces.
    (remaining nuclear weapons that ‘officially’ were removed during the 60’s and 70’s are also transferred to American territory)

    The European Commonwealth expands with new members and most of its citizens enjoy a high standard of living, consuming resources in large quantities.

    University scientists start warning for the eventual depletion of natural resources such as petroleum and that there should be more research into alternatives or new sources in the solar system.

    As Chinese communists loosen their grip on the economic sector somewhat its economy starts to bloom as foreign investors start to invest in manufacturing and assembly factories, hiring low wage Chinese workers

    2000 - 2010

    By now the Warschau pact has completely crumbled and several countries and even parts of the CCCP have gone on their own, several of them have even opened diplomatic contact with the West, much to the anger of Moscow.

    The army is deployed, but with so many fronts the CCCP is unable to retake even parts of former territory, a period of tensions and brush wars follow.

    Scientists in France and Japan start working together on developing practical fusion power.
    Unknown to them agents from the US have infiltrated the research group and relay any discoveries and findings back to corporations like Poseidon Energy.

    The economy in China continues to improve and the Chinese government uses the extra money to invest into regions around the world in which they have interests.

    Technology they are not able to acquire through legal means are gained through use of undercover agents and the international black market.

    The European and United States space agencies put a space station in orbit.

    China puts its first astronaut in orbit.

    2010 - 2020

    China replaces the CCCP as the most powerful communist state in the world.
    With their campaigns to retake lost territory a failure and their economy in shambles the Soviet Communists can not do more than threaten those provinces that wish to leave.

    Unable to exploit their own resources any more the CCCP is forced to increase its negotiations and contracts with foreign investors and corporations for such basic necessities such as food and electrical production.

    2020 - 2030

    Heckler and Koch starts research into energy weapons after United States weapon engineers produce the first fully usable laser weapons.
    One of the results is the Gatling laser.

    Glock starts development of the Gauss rifle and Gauss gun, seeking to overtake their competitors; Heckler and Koch's weapon designs, they later reveal the Glock plasma gun and the rare Gatling Gauss.

    These weapons are used by armies within the Commonwealth and a large number of them are also exported to other countries such as the United States.

    The European Commonwealth becomes increasingly dependent on petroleum from the Middle East, consuming thousands of barrels a day for production and fuel.

    As the oil wells start running out the prices increase, with the result that necessities like food become more expensive for the regular people.

    Robot drones from the US, European Commonwealth and China are sent to the moon and other rocky planetary bodies in the solar system to look for new resources.

    European astronauts set foot on the moon.
    The first modules for a colony are placed, starting a dispute with the US who claims prior ownership of the region.

    2030 - 2040

    The CCCP accuses the European Commonwealth of selling weapons and munition to renegade states provinces in return of access to their natural resources such as gas and petroleum.

    The Commonwealth denies these accusations, trying to hide the truth from the general public.
    With its increasing populations the Commonwealth is becoming more and more dependent on resources from other countries and seeks alternatives to the emirates of the Middle East that are draining the EC members economically dry.

    The discussion starts again to remove the preservation status of the Arctic and the Antarctic so that the resources under them can be exploited.

    A Chinese astronaut sets foot on the moon, creating a new ‘red scare’ for the communist conquest of space, both the US and European Commonwealth assure their citizens that they will have control of the moon and the rest of the solar system before China does.

    Funding of the USSA, the American space agency is increased and work is started on the first manned mission to Mars.

    2040 - 2050

    China needs more resources for its growing industry and population and takes control of Eastern parts of the CCCP which has become increasingly dependent on them, an ironic twist on the dependence of China on the CCCP back in the 20th century.

    European universities start working together to work on Artificial Intelligence in order to compete with their US counterparts and corporations.

    After a journey of six months American astronauts set foot on Mars, the United States promptly claims ownership of the Red Planet, replacing the short public excitement and relief with tension with Europe and the People’s Republic of China who respond that the planets of the solar system belong to everyone.

    2050 - 2060

    After oil prices have reached an all time high and European economy and society starts to suffer from the shortage the European Commonwealth takes armed action against the Middle East, sending in armed forces to take control of the oil fields.

    During this conflict both sides starts using biological and chemical weapons, despite their claim of only targeting military installations and fortifications many civilians are killed or affected by the weapons.

    The European Commonwealth’s armed forces are in need of a new type of combat uniform that can protect soldiers and officers against the use of NBC weapons and allows them to remain effective in the field.

    European scientists and engineers create the ‘environment armor’, an armor that provides the requested protection and improves the wearer’s effectiveness with various built-in features.

    The suit is designed to look intimidating for the purpose of psychological warfare.

    While the concept of Power Armor is known to European engineers, they have not been able to manufacture a practical suit, instead scientists seek to develop implants that can boost a person’s capabilities

    2054 - A limited nuclear exchange takes place in the Middle East, increasing the fear of a worldwide nuclear war.

    After the nuclear attack Environment Armor wearing soldiers quickly move in to secure sites.

    Some members of the Commonwealth start investigating the state of their Cold War nuclear shelters or build complete new ones.

    Large civilian shelters are established under large cities such as Berlin by digging large underground chambers or reinforcing the metro network (make no mistake, these shelters are not Vaults, or as effective).

    Some of the more rich countries like the UK and Germany establish bunker complexes for their governments and other personnel considered important or necessary.
    Production puts a heavy strain on the economy and a lot of these projects are simply not finished.

    Heckler and Koch and their investors invest into the construction of a private bunker complex for themselves and their families, unknown to most the heads of the company plan to fill up the complex with the necessities to restart the company after a nuclear war, dedicating only a small portion to habitation, mainly themselves.

    2057 - In the United Kingdom several cases of the New Plague of 'Blue Flu' break out in Essex and Kent.
    The citizens of Greater London fear its only a matter of days until the New Plague reaches the region, city dwellers try to flee into the countryside, blocking up the roads and highways.

    Only the petroleum companies profit of the situation due to the high cost of gasoline.

    Quarantine barriers and stations are set up to contain the spread of the virus but appears to be already to late as several days later there are also reports of New Plague cases in France, suspected caused by British refugees who used the Channel Tunnel to reach the European mainland.

    The Channel Tunnel is locked down to due quarantine reasons, and ship and plane travel between the UK and the European mainland is strictly monitored.

    Unknown to the general public the release of the New Plague is the result of a botched transfer operation between the United States and United Kingdom government agencies.

    ATLANTIS, the result of almost a decade of computer and artificial intelligence research, is created.
    It is first used for primarily scientific and educative purposes, its memory banks expanded with large quantities of information on pretty much every subject, but is soon bought by NATO to be used for military campaign planning and the coordination of communication between bases.

    The European Commonwealth cancels its space program, only a handful of corporations and private investors continue.
    Space now belongs to the United States and China.

    A group of scientists and private investors set up a company and foundation named Copernicus, after the Polish mathematician, physician, juror, lawyer, and astronomer (filler name) specialized in space travel, the company's goal is to design and construct an interstellar capable spacecraft.

    The foundation buys up used space craft, space stations and other technology as well as rockets and other material that was never used for some reason and recycles these into components for something new.

    The foundation buys rights to launch rockets are the Centre Spatial Guyanais (Guiana Space Center) in French Guiana but also opens a facility in Peenemünde, a German town also known as 'Rocket Town' due to its proximity to the military research center where the V1 and V2 rockets were developed during World War 2.
    This is allowed by the German government in return for creating jobs in the region.

    The opening of a launch facility in Peenemünde proves to be a brilliant foresight as access to
    the Centre Spatial Guyanais becomes impossible during the European War.

    2060 - 2077

    The Euro-Middle Eastern War ends as the oil fields in the Middle East run dry... there is no longer a goal in the conflict, and both sides are reduced almost to ruin.

    The European Commonwealth dissolves into quarreling nation states, fighting over the remaining resources.

    Germany takes control of all former NATO and Commonwealth bases in the country, including the bunker in which ATLANTIS is installed.

    Those nations that are still capable engage in the development of new weapons including bioweapons.

    No longer protected by the nuclear arsenals of the United Kingdom and France the German country fears that its country is vulnerable to Western nations with superior conventional forces or the CCCP who might see this as an opportunity to reclaim territory lost during the last century.

    Construction of additional defensive missile bases is started throughout Germany, one base is located close to Berlin with the task of defending the capitol from enemy airforces, conventional missile attacks and eventually being able to shoot down enemy ICBMs.

    Rumors soon start that Germany has started a crash nuclear weapons program despite the old post WW2 treaties forbidding them to do so, or is buying nuclear weapons from the United States when its uncovered that the German Department of Defense is in talks with its American counterpart.

    There are even claims that Germany is developing new kinds of superweapons instead to counter other European countries nuclear arsenals, claims strengthed when employees of West Tek and Poseidon Energy are sent to Germany.

    The British Government orders the destruction of the entrance to their side of the Channel Tunnel while the French Government orders the same to their side.
    Neither government wants the other side to make use of the tunnel to transport troops and material and attack each other.

    The destruction of the entrances make the Channel Tunnel structural weak and the remainder of the tunnel collapses after only a few years.

    After being connected to the European mainland for a few decades, the British Isles are separate once again.

    The British Royal Family considers fleeing to Australia as their safety can no longer be fully assured in the United Kingdom and the United States unwilling to intervene in what they consider to be an 'European internal matter'.

    French Guiana declares its independence from France but allows a number of French and other European refugees who seek to escape the European War to settle in the country.

    The research and development team of Copernicus make an incredible technological development for the work on their starship.
    The German government is interested and buys the patent to this technology.

    The American government also learns of this technological development, they invite the scientists to come to America to continue their work but the team refuses to hand over their hard earned work.

    The US government starts seeking alternatives to get their hands on this technological marvel Copernicus possesses.

    For nearly a decade Copernicus has been working on a spacecraft made from recycled rockets and stations and components and technology developed by themselves.

    The ship is to be powered by an ion drive, with a plasma drive supplying the initial speed boost during start up.

    Called the Columbus the starship will bring the scientists, their families and a number of other selected and recruited skilled people and ship crew to the Alpha Centauri system.

    Most of the world ridicules for the scientists' day dreaming and claim that even if the crew don’t die during the journey that they will eventually be back when they discover no habitable planet or useful resources at Alpha Centauri.

    Exception to this ridicule is the United States based Enclave organization who sees the scientists and the Columbus as a threat to their own starship program and colonization of space.

    Its not known if the Enclave ever follow up on a plan to sabotage or hijack the Columbus when the ship leaves Earth orbit in 207X. (Fallout Yurop)

    (source picture: http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=229)

    2077 - 23 October

    The nuclear War between the United States and the People's Republic of China finally happens.
    No one knows who started the War first but after two hours no one cares anymore.

    When the warnings came in that a nuclear war between China and the United States could break out within several days, what was left of the German government and had not fled to neutral countries went underground in the bunkers they had prepared decades ago for themselves.

    Politicians, scientists and military personnel enjoy better and luxurious protection than those who took shelter in the public fallout shelters that were constructed under some of the major cities.

    The German government plans to emerge once the radiation levels have lowered to human tolerable levels again and re unite the country under their rule, thinking that they will be greeted as the saviors of the survivors.

    The heat released by the warheads sets the Grunewald on fire, the forests burn uncontrolled for months until the fires start to set down.
    Nearby survivors start to call the former forest lands the Ashlands.

    ATLANTIS goes into shutdown in order to protect itself from the electronics disrupting effects of the nuclear war.

    2077 - 2080

    Overcrowded by more people than it originally could handle, the public fallout shelter under Berlin finally fails when food and medicine run out, what follows is anarchy as the strongest individuals and groups compete with each other for what is left.

    Groups start to leave for the surface, taking what supplies and personal possessions they have with them.
    Amongst them is a group led by Ernest Schneider who seeks to lead his group to safety at the former ######.

    In what was once Poland, a predominantly Christian religious country, various often self proclaimed religious leaders starts to spread a message of religious unity and and a stance of anti technology amongst the various survivors.

    The desperate, hopeless and divided Polish survivors seek any kind of solace and leadership to hold on to and eagerly embrace the idea that it was technology and science and the abandonment of God that has led the world to destruction.

    A small Luddite cult starts to form that travel from settlement to settlement to bring their message, their members and those willing to listen to them are sometimes severally violent against surviving scientists and people with technical skills who are demonized by the new faith.

    Starving and desperate British survivors besiege the government bunker where the Royal family has taken shelter during the world wide nuclear shelter.
    When the survivors refuse to back off when soldiers order them to do so, they open fire on the crowds
    But for every survivor is gunned down three take their place and the soldiers are unable to defend the bunker.

    The survivors force their way into the bunker and kill and tear apart anyone who stands in their way as they look for food, water, and medicine.
    Eventually the survivors find the British Royal Family that is hiding on one of the lower levels of the bunker.

    Despite an attempt by the Prince of Wales to make the hungry and sick survivors listen to reason they attack the Royal Family in frenzy and the House of Windsor comes to a bloody end.

    Roy Hanglan manages to cross the English channel with a boat he managed to fix up, wanting to escape the anarchy that holds the remnants of the British Isles in its grasp.

    2080 - 2090

    ATLANTIS ‘awakens’ from its protective shutdown and start to survey its surroundings and the state the world is now in.

    Several of the robot drones it was tied into before the War have survived the passage of time and the scavengers that have been looting the ruins of pre settlements and bases.
    After clearing out the direct area of rubble and hostile wildlife ATLANTIS sets up a defensive perimeter through the facility in which it is installed but it does not expand outwards as it does not want to deter human wanderers who might come across the bunker.

    Monitor drones are sent out and relay much information back to ATLANTIS including any discovered human populations such as settlements and wandering groups.
    ATLANTIS concludes that humanity is rapidly loosing its Pre War knowledge and barely knows how to survive at all in this new environment, living of what left overs of the old world it can find.

    The Artificial Intelligence starts to run simulations on what the likely chances are of humanity's survival and its own on the long term.
    Even with all its robots ATLANTIS would be unable to take on the significant human numbers, furthermore it does not want to eliminate the survivors as its simulations show that working together with humans would increase the survival and possibility of progress chance percentage significantly.

    What the remnants of humanity needs is a strong and brilliant leader who is not limited by human weaknesses and nature and capable of leading them back to the path of scientific accomplishment and progress which allow them to both survive and one day rebuild the world.

    Hundreds of records written on how to survive such as cleaning water and food such or how to proper use medical method are still stored within ATLANTIS' memory banks and this would be a powerful bargaining chip with the survivors.
    Remote drones are instructed to make contact with groups of wandering survivors.

    Most people fear the drones, fleeing from them or attacking them when both encounter each other, but other groups and individuals start to listen to what ATLANTIS has to tell, often people who came from an educated background.

    Over the months ATLANTIS teaches them how to clean water, what food is still edible and which plants are, basic agriculture, how to diagnose diseases, sterilize wounds, set bones, create medicine from available material or properly used scavenged medicine.

    People start to see ATLANTIS as a guide, a teacher or an oracle and grow more dependent on its advice, in time the computer becomes their leader and it guides those it calculates to be the most trustworthy back to its home base.

    When ATLANTIS reveals itself to them and its true nature some are disturbed by this but others who have perhaps become tired of the follies and weaknesses of human leaders or simply want a way out of this chaos accept the fact and embrace the fact that ATLANTIS is now their leader and that its vision is theirs.

    Using surviving VR chambers ATLANTIS starts to teach these people the basics about engineering, electronics, machine maintenance and repair, and other subjects, forming the basis of its followers.

    When fully trained the first followers divide in two groups, one remains in the bunker and helps clean up the facility and repair the equipment including additional VR chambers for future students, while others go out and seek new people to join the followers, using the skills and knowledge they have been taught on how to survive to bargain with as well as small supplies of medicines or tools.

    As the number of followers increase so does the specialization of the various individuals, having a number of technicians, engineers and doctors ATLANTIS starts to educate members to become scholars and scientists to assist it with its research and to send out on field assignments to Pre war educational, industrial, government and military sites to look for more things ATLANTIS and the followers can use.

    But ATLANTIS knows the risks it followers will be taking outside and it does not have enough robots to protect both its base and holding and those it sends out, even with the robots the followers salvage and repair.

    As its NATO duties also includes the task of training military personnel, troopers, officers and so on, ATLANTIS selects the most physical and mental suitable and able and starts to teach them the basics and essentials of being a soldier.
    It teaches them how to operate in the field, working together, small and large scale tactics, the concept of stealth and camouflage, how to optimally use the environment, unarmed combat, melee combat, and the use of all kinds of weapons, from pistols and grenades, to heavy and energy weapons.

    Once trained ATLANTIS opens the storage rooms containing a large supply of Environment Armor suits and its medical specialists start to fit the new troopers with the suit interface implants.
    Equipped with state of the art weapons and equipment, and dressed in environment armor not seen since the War the first of ATLANTIS' elite forces appear in the wasteland, searching the remnants for anything that can promote the Followers' goal.

    2090 - 2100

    After a decade of severe overuse systems in the main government bunker starts to fail and some systems shut down permanently.
    In parts where the communication system no longer works children born in the bunker are put to work as couriers.

    Sheltered scientists and technical personnel warn their leaders that its only a matter of time until the bunker becomes unlivable and that they are better off taking their chances outside with what they still have.

    The politicians refuse, having become to accustomed to the luxuries they still enjoy and the control they have over the population, fearing that going to the surface would take that away from them.

    Some of the more outspoken troublemakers are exiled to the surface when they refuse to stay silent, soon after other bunker inhabitants to who the increasing oppressive leadership has become to much also leave.

    Eventually a group of raiders starts taking notice of the people leaving the bunker and trace their path back to the source.
    Believing the bunker to be full of weapons and supplies, the raiders contact several rivaling gangs and manage to form a temporary alliance with some to invade the bunker together.

    Using explosives and slave labor the raiders manage to gain entrance, soldiers inside try to hold the raiders off but in response the raiders send in the surviving slaves to serve as cannon fodder.
    When the soldiers run out of ammunition and need to reload the raiders finally enter themselves and slaughter any armed opponent they run into.

    The remaining population is killed or enslaved, with the women forced into servitude (and the occasional man or so) to satisfy the whims of the raiders.
    The bunker is cleaned out for all it contains and is abandoned.

    In the years after the bunker becomes home to wildlife and the occasional group of refugees who know nothing of the previous inhabitants and their plans.

    The first expeditions of the Followers of the ATLANTIS reach Berlin, they search the city for technology and resources but show little interest in setting up a camp or outpost in the city for the time being.

    2100 - 2110

    The Angels of the Apocalypse 'officially' form from various small anti technology Christian cults.

    A pope is elected by Angel bishops who proclaims that the Angels will rebuild the original Papal States and expand upon them to include the entirety of Europe.

    They start a brutal campaign of conflict, conquest and conversion in order to reclaim the ruins of Kraków, those outsiders who manage to survive are absorbed into the Angels, often by force.

    ATLANTIS starts to send out scouting expeditions into the various wind directions of Germany and neighboring states to look for useful resources, technology and new recruits.

    2110 - 2120

    The residents of the Heckler and Koch bunker open the doors to the outside.
    The inhabitants consist of a few members of the old generation that took shelter in the bunker and their children.

    In the Ashlands the Wild Army forms from the descendants of survivors that fled there to take shelter when the War took place.

    2120 - 2130

    2130 - 2140

    2140 - 2150

    The Followers of the ATLANTIS and Angels of the Apocalypse forces clash at Warsaw.
    The Angels outnumber the Followers but the Followers have brought restored artillery along with their expedition.

    The following battles consist of fire fights in the streets and buildings of Warsaw between both groups, and the shelling of Warsaw by the Followers in order to drive the Angels out.

    In the end neither side is victorious and the Followers and Angels are forced to retreat, leaving an already divided Warsaw in greater ruins behind than before their arrival.

    Warsaw is one of the few places where both the Angels and the Followers are hated.

    2150 – 2160

    2165 – ATLANTIS orders its Followers to retreat West wards after several engagements against the Angels of the Apocalypse in Poland are lost.
    The Followers are forced to give up several camps and claimed locations of interest to the Angels who are determined to pursue them and find their headquarters and ATLANTIS so that they can destroy it.

    The Followers dig in at/near Berlin, setting up fortifications, barricades and minefields and bring in pieces of artillery.
    They also start a more thorough search of Berlin in search of technology they can use for their goals and against the Angels.

    2166 – Follower representatives and representatives of Heckler and Koch meet and a trading agreement is set up between the two organizations.
    The Followers provide technological expertise in return for weapons and munition.

    The Signal Listeners improve their laser perimeter barriers and place laser cannons on their headquarters' walls to keep enemies like the Angels of the Apocalypse at bay.

    2167 - Fallout Yurop Berlin starts.

    The Followers of the Atlantis

    An organization founded and led by the supercomputer ATLANTIS.
    Before the War ATLANTIS was developed as Europe's answer to ZAX, while originally used for scientific and educative purposes ATLANTIS was later purchased by NATO to be used for military operations, system administration and to oversee communications between bases.

    After the War ATLANTIS was forgotten but it was not destroyed, through robots and cameras it monitored the ruins and wastes of Europe and the various survivors who had managed to survive the European War and the nuclear War between the United States and China.
    ATLANTIS started to run simulations on the situation of the continent and the Dark Age in which mankind found itself, and determined that mankind might possibly never recover from it on its own, eventually loosing all remnants of its scientific and technological progress.

    ATLANTIS decided to take an active role in rebuilding civilization, it would unite and educate under its leadership, gather the resources and means to shorten the current Dark Age and lead its followers into a new golden age in which they could develop and use technology without superstition and fear from outsiders.

    At first ATLANTIS started simple, making contact with isolated groups of outsiders and teaching them how to clean water, what food was edible and how to prepare it, and proper use of medicine and medical method.
    When it had gathered enough followers it started to teach them more complex subjects, using the VR chambers that were hooked to it and information from its vast archives, making them into scholars, technicians and eventually soldiers.

    ATLANTIS knew that it would face enemies to its goals, those who simply targeted it for their own needs and ideological opponents such as the Angels of the Apocalypse who seek to cleanse the land of all advanced technology.

    Its followers and robots are send out to gather important resources or information or to secure sites that ATLANTIS considers to be of great importance while at the same time fighting those who would seek to take it away from them or destroy it.

    The Followers use a lot of the more advanced remnants in the wasteland, high powered assault rifles, energy weapons, various types of grenades, modern medical technology, and whatever military hardware they can find and repair.

    Unique to the Followers is their Environment Armor.
    After the limited nuclear war with the Middle East and the use of biological and chemical weapons, the European powers had a great need for combat armor that would protect its wearer from NBC weapons while allowing them to function in the field.

    The result is the unique Environment Armor, a high tech isolation suit that is equipped with life support, alternate vision modes, and a full computer and communications suite that monitors the wearer's and outside conditions and maintain contact with fellow soldiers.
    The suit also provides physical, kinetic and energy weapon protection.

    In order to interface with the suit well the wearer must have an implant surgically placed in the back of their head where the suit interface goes, without it the suit is impossible to wear.

    Unlike Power Armor it does not provide increased strength as Europe did not have that technology at the time.
    Instead European scientists developed a lot of implant technology that could improve the subject's strength, vision and so on, and the Followers have recovered this technology.
    With an Environment Suit and implants a Follower is reasonably on par with a Brotherhood Paladin.

    Over time the armors have been customized by technology found by the Followers and individual taste.

  15. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004
    The Angels of the Apocalypse

    Post Apocalyptic Luddites that originate from the south of Poland.
    After the nuclear War had happened the Christian fate in some settlements took a rather fascist and disturbing change, those religious leaders that survived preached that the destruction of the world was the result of man turning away from God, putting his faith in science and technology, and that the European War and the nuclear War was the result of walking this false path.

    These religious leaders proclaimed that if man was to return to the grace of God that all remnants of science and its products should be cleansed of the Earth to set mankind back on the right path.

    While just contained to small groups at first, these would eventually merge into a monolithic movement that would control large parts of entire former countries, rapidly converting those who had lost hope and sought something to blame for their misery.

    Eventually calling themselves the Angels of the Apocalypse the movement decided to expand into the rest of the country, spreading their message and converting people, by force if necessary in order to 'save' their souls.

    Wherever the Angels came and their movement took root all technology, broken remnants or repaired machines and devices were destroyed, and those educated in the knowledge in how to use these or repair and manufacture them either had to convert and give up their wicked ways or be put on the stake or crucified.

    The Angels see themselves as the deliverers of the word of God and their truth to be unquestionable.

    Of course the Angels are not fools, knowing all to well about the dangers of the wasteland and the many groups, factions and organizations that do use technology and science without considering the evil behind it, and their own armed forces use some of the tools of the wicked and heathens, seeing it as a necessary evil they must endure in order spread their message and influence.

    The most feared members are the Inquisitors, 'officers' of the Angels' forces who are known for their single minded devotion to the cause, and the 'Crusaders', the Angels elite soldiers who are known for their cruelty.

    Often towns that are chosen for conversion get little as a warning beforehand before an Inquisitor and his forces marches into a settlement and proclaims their message and intention.

    Angels brutally go to work, search and destroying any device or text about machines and science principles.
    Often the ‘worst’ offenders are selected and made an example of for the rest who are then gathered and forced to watch the fate of all blasphemers.

    Regarding equipment the Legion uses customized versions of Metal Armor as well as some Combat Armor suits, weapons range from knives, spears, gauntlets, to pistols, rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, various types of grenades and mines, and the occasional flame thrower or bazooka.
    They also use some old world remnants like stimpacks, medical supplies, radios, and radiation suits, understanding that these are sometimes necessary.

    The System

    A communist government from the East.
    Despite the War communist ideals and dreams continued to survive in the hearts and minds of some people, what started with small groups of survivors and settlements eventually formed into a government that referred to itself as the System.

    No longer the workers' revolution, the System brings the people's revolution, a society in which ordinary citizens are not ruled by warlords or unelected leaders who have taken power by force and use those under their rule for their own betterment.

    With knowledge relearned since the War or regained from old records and computers files the System has established an agricultural state that is capable of feeding and supporting itself and shows the early signs of a new industrial recovery.
    With this power and resources the System has founded an army for protection of its own settlements as well as expansion outwards, seeking to absorb other territory in their own and liberating the 'oppressed'.

    The System has established its own learning and scientific center where scholars are trying to rediscover some of the secrets of the past.

    Though the System is in general reasonable well off, being able to feed, protect and educate its own citizens, it also has the same flaws as communist states before it.
    The party and the chairman firmly hold on to the power they control, and new members are carefully selected and screened to make sure that they follow the ideas of the current members.

    Its secret police is feared by both citizens and outsiders as it does not shun any action to reach its goals.

    Its mandatory that all able bodied System citizens serve two years in the military before they can return to the civilian life and take on the role of their own choosing.

    The System military is well equipped for an army its size, being made up of several divisions with various specialized departments.

    Their troopers and specialists have access to the most general weapons and equipment found in the wasteland but have little exotic or specialized versions.

    Disturbingly, much like communist Russia and China the System also maintains work camps where renegade citizens and captured outsiders are put to work while being ‘re educated’.
    System leaders call it beneficial growth in a supportive environment but outsiders recognize it for the slavery it really is.

    The House of Schneider (work in progress, not completely happy about the name and concept needs more details)

    A rather curious throwback to a much earlier age, the House of Schneider is a feudal settlement but contains elements from the modern age as well.
    The city is ruled by the Line of Schneider whose ancestor helped found the city and who on their turn are advised by the council which members come from the various castes inside the town.

    The Schneiders are the city leaders or Kings and also its protectors, being in charge of the town's defenders.

    When the public fallout shelter under Berlin finally failed when supplies ran out, the survivors of those who had taken shelter there divided in various groups, some would eventually become raiders while others sought to establish new shelters amongst the ruins of Berlin or the country side.

    One group of people followed a man named Ernest Schneider whose charisma and words had convinced them to band together for better survival chances.
    Taking what equipment, supplies and possessions they still had and could scrounge from the shelter they left for the surface and traveled amongst the ruins of Berlin for many days, having to defend themselves from violent and insane surface survivors.

    Once in a while they encountered individuals or other groups, some of them joined Schneider's groups while others left it.

    Eventually the group reached ####### where Schneider instructed them to set up camp.
    Schneider started to organize survivors along their previous professions, those with building and engineering skills started to set up defensive walls, restored remaining buildings to somewhat habitable conditions and built new houses while those who knew about agriculture and cultivation started to set up the first farms.

    When the basics of a town were set up, some would remain and continue construction or protect it from raiders, while others would scavenge the surrounding city ruins for anything they could use.

    The people had need of a strong leader and a symbol to gather around as Ernest Schneider had led them to this new place and had worked along with them to set up the town's foundation they choose to make him the leader or King of the town.

    Schneider ruled for many years fairly and eventually took a wife who gave him several children.
    One of Schneider's sons took over from his father when he had become unable to rule.
    While not as diplomatic as his father the second Schneider was a cunning military tactician and warrior, fending of several raider attacks that attempted to take #######, and there was no doubt by the citizens that he cared deep about the city.

    Unfortunate when it came to his successor problems arose as amongst the family there was a conflict of who should be in charge next.
    Some of the Schneiders’ started to seek outside aid to secure the position of rule for themselves, allowing corruption to take hold within.

    When the best choice, Elza Schneider was accused of betrayal, she was forced to flee and her weaker brother Anton took control instead.

    Unlike his ancestors he is much weaker politically, preferring to squander his time and riches on comfort and entertainment.
    He is easily influenced by the advisers who helped him into power and who pretty much control the real power.

    Anton’s biggest fear is that his sister Elza will return and organize the family and the city people against him, and his agents constantly looking out for signs of insurgency.

    The city has not been doing that well under his leadership and is unlikely to be able to protect itself from threats like the Angels or being annexed by the System.

    Elza's Liberators (working name)

    A group/organization founded by Elza Schneider, it consists of those members of the House of Schneider that are still loyal to her and friends she has made amongst the people in the wasteland and ruins of Berlin.

    Their main goal is to retake the House of Schneider and install its rightful leader to power, driving out Anton and those loyal to him including the corrupt advisers that use him as a pawn.

    Elza also has greater plans, she hopes to rally the various settlements and inhabitants of Berlin under one banner and drive out the disruptive and corrupting elements that have established in the city.
    For one she would like to make an end to Reich who seeks to take control of the city and drive off the Black Fist who seek to control the various settlements from the shadows while overflowing it with cheap drugs and booze and driving its citizens to gambling or into prostitution.

    Heckler and Koch despite bringing in money to the city and employing a portion of the inhabitants would most likely incorporate Berlin if given the opportunity.
    They only care about profit.

    It is also her intention to keep Berlin independent from the Followers of the Atlantis, the Angels of the Apocalypse, and the System.
    Elza does not hate the Followers but distrusts them because they follow the rule of a computer intelligence, the Angels seek to establish a theocratic and intolerant dictatorship, while the System would turn Berlin into a colony under leadership of a puppet government chosen by the Chairman and the Party.

    Still despite her good intentions Elza might not be the most ideal choice of ruling Berlin either.

    The University

    An underground movement of post apocalypse scholars and scientists, it is not as much a faction as an organization moving within settlements and governments.
    Its members seek to recover and store both pre War and post War knowledge others would prefer to make disappear and educate people on it.

    The University fears that the Angels of the Apocalypse would destroy most history and knowledge while the System would censor part in favor for its own agenda, failing to learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

    They have no signature clothing or gear and in general prefer to avoid conflict or public awareness of their existence, though they seek to improve the world and the condition of those within it.

    The original organization was founded by government officials and scientists who had taken shelter at one of the government bunkers of Germany.
    This particular bunker was chosen for many members of the remaining intelligentsia in Germany.

    After other bunkers and facilities dropped of the communication grid the community in the bunker remained isolated and underground for some time until the leaders decided that the time had come to find out what the condition of the surface and survivors was like.

    Scout groups returned went above and explored former nearby settlements, a lot of them returned shocked while others did not return at all anymore.
    They all shared stories and reports of how society had collapsed into anarchy and violence with only a few structured groups remaining, some had taken residence in the leftover and ruins of towns or built their own while others had formed tribes or raider gangs that preyed on survivors.

    There was also a lot of unusual strong mutation going on and the presence of bioweapons that had been developed before the War by the former EC members including Germany.

    Most knowledge was lost and the people on the surface already had difficulty enough with survival to focus on preserving what is left.

    The inhabitants of the bunker decided to set out preserve the knowledge of the old world as well as record whatever history and achievements were made since the great War, educating those in the wasteland who were willing to listen and learn.

    The University seeks to help those who try to rebuild society but because of their limited numbers they can not take an active stand against the more aggressive and expansionist organizations and factions in the wasteland other than warning people against them.

    Black Fist (working name)

    (temporary filler image, image source: http://www.cafepress.com/+black_power_raised_fist_small_poster,132822232 )

    The seedy underbelly of Post War society, the difference between the Black Fist and raiders is that they operate from within settlements and organized governments like the House of Schneider and even the System, preferring to make their money through intimidation, blackmail, providing cheap drugs, booze and prostitution for the drags of society.

    The Black Fist prefers to work through manipulation rather than brute force and their influence can be found from the lowest circles to high ranking leaders and politicians.

    Most of their holdings can be found in or near cities or settlements, though the Black Fist controls at least one town of its own where they can operate more openly.
    Their leaders are not really interested in having actual control of entire societies, preferring rather to have a powerful say in matters while the people rule themselves.
    They have seen to it that leaders, mayors and politicians have been replaced with those that are in their pocket to make sure that things go their way.

    Raiders either work for them or try to avoid them.
    The Black Fist has a small army of enforcers that work for them, keeping order in their gambling halls, bars, prostitution parlors, escorting high ranking members and dealing with those that are a threat to the organization.

    Heckler & Koch

    Originally a Pre War arm manufacturing company in Germany that manufactured a variety of regular firearms and more exotic energy weapons.
    When the European War broke out Heckler And Koch already isolated itself as much as possible from the conflict in order not to be destroyed by it, continuing to manufacture the weapons that the fighting sides needed.

    But when it became obvious that a world wide nuclear war could break out the company's CEOs redirected some of its profits to the construction of a vast underground complex or re purposing an already existing facility.
    It was presented to the company investors, staff and personnel as a shelter for them and their families, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    In reality most of the facility was dedicated to store manufacturing equipment, raw material and fuel, and generators/reactors, everything needed to rebuild the company should the world be consumed by nuclear fire.
    Only a 'small' part of the complex was designed for a population to be protected during an attack and life for at least two or three generations underground before they could return to the surface.

    Not even those who knew of the complex's purpose managed to make it in time before the doors closed, sealing it off, while a small group of corporate members and their families enjoyed the safety and comfort of the bunker while the others were killed immediately or slowly after the War.

    Decades later the bunker was opened and Heckler and Koch started anew.
    The need for weapons was great in the anarchy of the European wasteland and wastelanders could easily be contracted to work for the new Heckler and Koch company.

    After some training they would either work in the new factory, man new stores or guard its holdings and the shipment of its goods.

    (note: the CEO of Heckler and Koch dresses and speaks like a Pre War individual, he is a well educated individual who despite his appearance is well aware of the conditions and situation of the wasteland and the dark age humanity currently is in.
    Still to him its nothing but a temporary thing that mankind will sooner or later overcome and Heckler and Koch will be at its side, supplying weapons, munition, and armor)

    The Iron Rollers (working name)

    The Iron Rollers are Heckler and Koch’s private mercenary army, they are seperate from their factory guards and caravan escorts, instead dealing with outside threats such as ‘hostile takeover’ attempts by various groups and organizations.

    They also are in charge of the protection of the CEOs of Heckler and Koch.

    Protectorate (working name)

    A small settlement that owes its existence to the presence of the Heckler and Koch factory.
    All residents are employees of the company, working in the factory or in a capacity outside it.
    Heckler and Koch provides some basic functions like protection but for the rest lets the town’s people deal with their needs and problems on their own, much to the frustration of some of the people who feel that Heckler and Koch could do much more for their employees.

    The settlement is a market for the Black Fist who provide drugs, booze, gambling and prostitutes to the settlers who always seek entertainment or an escape from reality.
    So far Heckler and Koch have not interfered but they know all to well that the Black Fist seeks ways to get some control of the company and the money it makes, and if they continue H&K will intervene, with armed force if necessary.

    The Wild Hunt/Wild Army/Furious Army

    Named after a folk myth from North, West, and Central Europe.

    From Wikipedia
    “The fundamental premise in all instances is the same: a phantasmal group of huntsmen with the accoutrements of hunting, horses, hounds, etc., in mad pursuit across the skies or along the ground, or just above it.

    The hunters may be the dead or the fairies (often in folklore connected with the dead).
    The hunter may be an unidentified lost soul, a deity or spirit of either gender, or may be a historical or legendary figure like Theodoric the Great, the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag, the Welsh psychopomp Gwyn ap Nudd or the Germanic Woden (or other reflections of the same god, such as Alemannic Wuodan in Wuotis Heer ("Wuodan's Host") of Central Switzerland, Swabia etc.)

    It has been variously referred to as Wilde Jagd (German: "wild hunt/chase") or Wildes Heer (German: "wild host"), Herlaþing (Old English: "Herla's assembly"), Woden's Hunt, Herod's Hunt, Cain's Hunt, the Devil's Dandy Dogs (in Cornwall), Gabriel's Hounds (in northern England), Ghost Riders (in North America), Mesnée d'Hellequin (Old North French: "household of Hellequin"), Cŵn Annwn (Welsh: "hounds of Annwn"), divoká honba or štvaní (Czech: "wild hunt", "baiting") , Dziki Gon or Dziki Łów (Polish) and Oskoreia or Åsgårdsreia (Norwegian: "ride of Asgard").

    Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage some catastrophe such as war or plague, or at best the death of the one who witnessed it.

    Mortals getting in the path of or following the Hunt could be kidnapped and brought to the land of the dead. A girl who saw Wild Edric's Ride was warned by her father to put her apron over her head to avoid the sight.
    Others believed that people's spirits could be pulled away during their sleep to join the cavalcade.

    In Germany, where it was also known as the "Wild Army", or "Furious Army", its leader was given various identities, including Wodan (or "Woden"), Knecht Ruprecht (cf. Krampus), Berchtold (or Berchta), and Holda (or "Holle"). The Wild Hunt is also known from post-medieval folklore.”

    There are many slaver groups operating in the ruins of Europe but the most notorious is the Wild Hunt because of both its strength and brutality.
    Attempts have been made in the past to eliminate them but they always recovered and came back in strength.

    The members are vicious and seem almost tribal in their customs, rituals and appearance, but they are not ignorant savages.
    The customs and rituals exist to strengthen the bonds between the Slaver members and to determine the strongest who should lead and rule.

    The rule of the strong is law amongst the Slavers and those to weak to keep up become slaves or are disposed off.

    When outsiders wish to join they have to go through a grueling experience to show their strength and intellect on which their place and rank is decided afterward, that is if the initiate survives the ordeal.

    While raids are mainly performed to gather slaves and supplies, members take great pride when the opportunity arises to fight enemies of equal to greater strength and arise victorious after it.
    When male enemies are fought and defeated their testicles are cut off and placed on a necklace the victor wears, occasionally slavers compete for each others’ winnings.

    Captured slaves are either used in slaver camps or are sold on to settlements and groups that trade with the slavers, purchasing guns, ammo and other things the slavers need in return.
    Slaver equipment ranges from the most primitive to sophisticated levels such as combat armor, assault rifles and so on.
    Usually these are ornamented with the colors and symbols of the wearer to identify to who they belong.

    The strong usually get the first selection in raided and purchased equipment.


    Some bad things never disappear, even if a war happens, and Reich is such an example of a bad thing from the past coming to haunt the present.
    Reich's ideology is based on what its founders could remember of the Nazism (Nationalsozialismus) and even that was just a plain excuse to beat up outsiders and take what they want.

    Reich is more of a gang of violent thugs than a true organization that terrorizes the territory it has established itself in, demanding tribute in return for protection.
    Its leader speaks propaganda such as “Strength through Unity” and carries the same delusion dreams of ethnic and ideological cleansing as a certain predecessor, but Reich in general lacks the resources to be more than a particular troublesome raider gang.

    Those with true power in general do not pay much attention to them though they know not to underestimate Reich, knowing that it is looking for a chance to increase its strength.

    Reich hates the System and occasionally tries to ambush expeditions but they are smart enough not to openly confront them as the System would use the chance to wipe them out once and for all.

    The 'Greenhouse' (working name)

    (source: http://www.hickerphoto.com/biodome-de-montreal-6225-pictures.htm)

    (source: http://en.academic.ru/pictures/enwiki/66/Biodome_Montreal.jpg)

    (note: building in picture is the biodome in Montreal)

    A significant agricultural engineering project that took place some time before the European War.
    Like the United States would face problems with food production in a few years the European Commonwealth's scientists also predicted a growing gap between food production and food consumption.

    Even worse, food production like many other essentials could be a target for terrorists and hostile nations' attacks, destroy a significant portion of the yearly harvest could leave millions starving.

    The government in Germany decided to bring together agricultural experts to work on a solution to the possible problem.
    Interesting enough a solution was found in a similar project the space agencies of the worlds had been working on for some time, creating self sustained biospheres.

    By creating a self regulating and monitored biodome the cultivation of food and its security could be carefully overseen, ensuring that no pollutants or toxins could be introduced from the outside.

    One such Greenhouse, perhaps the only one was constructed near Berlin with the intention that once the facility was up and running it could supply the city's population and nearby animal farms of food.
    Waste products that could be used as fertilizer could easily be sent back and used for new harvests.

    To ensure that the safety of the water, a water purification installation was also assembled inside the Greenhouse structure.

    Most of the work in the Greenhouse would be done by robots which would be controlled by a master computer that would also oversee dome conditions and security.
    Only a handful of people would be necessary to run the facility.

    The Greenhouse survived the nuclear war relatively well, of course parts were cracked open and exposed to the outside, killing or mutating some of the plants but a significant portion of the facility remained isolated and running.
    Even without the human overseers the computer carried outs its programmed instructions, growing and harvesting plants and recycling dead plants into new fertilizer.

    It would at least take several years before survivors discovered the Greenhouse and the riches it held.
    Enough food was produced for a limited population but the survivors realized as they explored the Greenhouse and learned more about it and how it worked that this source of food would attract more people who would quickly deplete its supply and resources.

    Theses survivors banded together and now zealously guard the facility, making sure no one gets a chance to discover it and tell the rest of the population in Berlin and the surrounding lands.

    Despite their respective use of the facility and what maintenance they perform the Greenhouse's systems are starting to fail due to lack of maintenance.
    With the right knowledge and components the deterioration could be halted and reversed.

    Even more important, the Greenhouse could be restored to almost near full capacity again, feeding a larger population than it does now.

    The Signal Listeners

    In part tribal and in part cult, The Signal Listeners are the example of a 'cargo cult', mimicking the behavior and actions of Pre War technicians before the War in order to gain the favor of the gods.

    The Signal Listeners occupy what used to be the Fernsehturm using it as a home and headquarters for their cult.

    (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernsehturm_Berlin)

    The got some of the generators up and running again and have fixed any equipment they are capable of repairing such as the communication systems and satellite uplink with which they try to communicate with the great minds beyond the stars or something in that sense. (perhaps they aren't even sure themselves what they worship)

    A number of communication satellites is still in orbit and working and the cult has contact with them, using them to contact the star gods or whatever.

    These satellites could be used for communication throughout the wasteland and the player could set things in motion that the cult becomes specialized in setting up communication centers in the various settlements, maintained by their members.

    The Circle of Outcasts

    Where do people who when they are no longer a member of a community, an organization, a raider pack, or a cult?

    The Circle of Outcasts is often a source of solace and shelter for such souls that have been separated from their former existence.
    Sort of like a tribe, the Circle includes people from various places and groups, exiled citizens, outlaws, raiders, former cultists.

    They are all welcome under one condition; they leave their former existence, ideas and practices behind when they become a member, the Circle is made up of people that are not part of anything but the Circle, bringing in these old things from previous existences would make them part of something else.

    The Outcasts usually stay underground during the day, in old cellars, caves or the old Berlin metro system through which they also move through the city.

    When they come out at night they are completely dressed in black, black linen wrapped about their arms, legs, body and face, or black clothing, they cover their eyes with glowing goggles (night vision goggles?) and wear black hoods or cowls over their head.

    This is done to go up into the darkness as the Outcasts do not want to be seen when they go out to search for food, salvaging or to steal from traders and settlements.

    Outcasts are not 'evil', they just stick out for themselves and seek to survive in whatever way possible.

    Hanglan's Chains

    A small Slaver Organization that was founded by Roy Hanglan, a survivor from the United Kingdom who managed to reach the European mainland in the months after the nuclear war.
    Hanglan's Chains is a family business which leadership is passed on from father or mother to son or daughter, whoever shows themselves to be the most capable of being able to lead the organization.

    Outsiders have been accepted within the Slaver group as otherwise it would not have been able to operate but so far no non Hanglan has been able to become leader of the organization, lieutenants at best.

    They are reasonably well armed and organized, understanding the concept of small group tactics and discipline but by now means are equal to a professional mercenary gang or the Wild Hunt which is their biggest rival and threat.

    The Black Fist usually deals with Hanglan when they are in need of 'unwilling workforce', finding the Wild Hunt rather disturbing to work with.

    The Wolfsrudel (translation; the Wolf pack)

    The name is based on the German submarine mass attack tactic that was used against convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic and later adapted by American submarine commanders against Japanese vessels during the Battle of the Pacific.

    A raider gang that operates amongst the ruins of Berlin.
    The Wolfsrudel members care little of what is left of Pre War morality and culture and they are savange on the point of being almost tribals.
    But they are also fanatically loyal to each other, something not seen much amongst Post War society.
  16. The Dutch Ghost

    The Dutch Ghost Grouchy old man of NMA Moderator

    Jan 11, 2004

    (source of image: http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/האנשה_של_המוות)

    A raider gang that operates amongst the ruins of Berlin.

    The gang itself consists of ordinary raiders, violent thugs who harass settlements and traders for food, water, weapons and chems but their leader is a separate case.

    Their leader, calling itself the Sensenmann, is a heavily customized humanoid Robobrain that resembles an armored skeleton with a brain visible under it skull's plexiglass dome.

    Before the War, during the European war, Sensenmann was a regular soldier of the German army who got severally wounded during a mission.
    With his chances of survival almost zero percent army command offer the soldier the opportunity to participate in a unique experiment to create a new kind of soldier that would suffer none of a regular human's weaknesses.

    Knowing that he was going to die otherwise the soldier agreed with the procedure and he was immediately prepped for surgery.

    His brain, spinal column and part of his nervous system were carefully removed and installed in an experimental several modified humanoid brain bot that had been purchased from General Atomics International.

    The procedure was a success and various trials followed to see how the first 'skelett krieger' reacted to its new state.
    Designers choose to redesign the humanoid brain bot on purpose to resemble a skeleton as part of psychological warfare, creating a terrifying image that would haunt enemy troops' imagination by resembling something of Gothic terror.

    Unfortunate while the physical operation was a success the psychological adaptation was far from it, removed from normal impulses provided by a human body the soldier's brain desperate for any sense input severally increased the ones the soldier still had such as the discomfort he felt when his nervous system interacts with his new cyborg parts.

    Slowly but steadily the soldier started to go psychotic and the scientists had more and more difficulty with keeping him under control, relying on powerful medical drugs to calm the soldier down and to put him in artificial induced comas from period to period.

    The experiment was deemed a failure (at the time the German scientists did not know about CODE which General Atomics International used to 'reprogram' robo brain host brains to prevent them from going psychotic due to their new state and physical experiences), and it was decided to euthanize the soldier to put him out if his misery.

    Sensenmann came to realization what was going to happen and tried to rebel, killing and wounding personnel of the research center when the War between China and the US finally happened.

    A warhead impacted nearby, collapsing the research center with the released shockwave and covering Sensenmann with large piles of rubble even its robot body could not move.
    Trapped for decades under the rubble but still alive and aware Sensenmann's journey into insanity only continued until salvagers found him.

    Sensenmann thanked them by killing them quickly.
    After being released Sensenmann started to travel the wasteland, spreading fear by just appearing and soon people started whispering about him to each other, thinking he was an evil spirit of the war that had come back to haunt the people, or Death itself searching for more souls to take..

    The cyborg did not care what people thought of him but he started to desire power and respect, befitting a being such as him.
    Deciding that he needed some followers for this Sensenmann searched out the most powerful gang he could find and forced his way into their hideout where the terrified raiders had taken shelter when they realized that the Death had come for them.

    Sensenmann ruthlessly killed their leader and made it clear that he now led the gang, accepting no opposition and promising to hunt down and kill those that deserted the gang.

    Under his command the raiders have become bolder with their raids and Sensenmann uses them to gather components for its cyborg body to remain fully functional.

    The Dogs of War (working name)

    (Inspired by the Desolation MUD)

    A former group of mercenaries who turned to raiding when the Landsknechts Mercenary Outfit established itself in Berlin.
    Because of their prior military skills and gear they have become a bane to settlements and the caravans and travelers that move between them.

    The Keepers of Tranquility (working name)

    A strange and peculiar cult which promises inner peace and harmony to wastelanders who join it.
    The Keepers seek to spread a message of peace across the wasteland, or so it claims.

    That something is not completely right is already obvious of the goal of the movement and the fact that they have not been exploited or destroyed by outside forces or cunning manipulators on the inside.

    Then there is the noticable change in its members’ personalities after they join up with the Keepers, becoming unusual pleasant and friendly, and showing a willingness to help and shelter others.

    Traders can not turn away trade and they are no threat to nearby settlers but all agree that something most disturbing is going on in the cult’s inner sanctum and that its only time for whatever darkness the Keepers hide to show itself.

    In truth the members of the Keepers have become influenced and addicted to a Pre War device/chemical called ‘Bland’ (working name) which was developed by medical scientists for the military to deal with war time stress and PTSD

    As in any conflict even the most hardened soldier can break under stress after so much conflict and gruesome sights.
    With the war in the Middle East in effect the European Commonwealth armed forces could not easily allow soldiers absence of leave to recuperate or dismiss them from the army as they were no longer able to serve.

    The EC’s medical association was approached to develop some artificial means to ‘suppress’ war induced stress and traume in soldiers.

    A research group made up of medical specialists including psychologists developed a ‘treatment’ that would allow soldiers to easier deal with war trauma or even completely ignoring it.

    Unfortunate the side effect was that the test subjects became completely passive, almost unable to feel or express negative emotions or thoughts.

    Of course emotions like anger or rage can not be that easily eliminated and increasing treatments would be necessary to keep these emotions at bay, effectively addicting the user as ignoring the treatment could lead to mental and physical anguish.

    The experts predicted that even with treatment those artificial barriers would break down and they feared the reactions of the passified users whose aggressive tendencies had been locked up.

    These theoretically enraged subjects would be mindless in violence and the scientists decided to call such subjects Beserkers after the Norse warriors from Olde Norse literature who fought in a near uncontrollable trance like Fury.

    At first the European Commonwealth was actually interested in carrying out experiments to see if beserkers would be a useful military tool.

    But running into both ethical criticism, plus several accidents at military research facilities made an end to this project.

    The Landsknechts Mercenary Outfit

    From wikipedia
    “Landsknecht (singular Landsknecht, German plural Landsknechte, sometimes also in English publications) were European, most often German, mercenary pikemen and supporting foot soldiers from the late 15th to the late 16th century, and achieved the reputation for being the universal mercenary of the European Renaissance.”

    A mercenary outfit that came forth from The Dogs of War that quickly replaced them as the top mercenary outfit in Berlin and surroundings because of their willingness to take more risks for employers and always getting the job done.

    Another thing that also set them apart was that unlike The Dogs of War the Landsknechts at least maintain some kind of moral code, they will take on most jobs but will not participate in slavery or complete genocide.
    (killing all the male members between 20 – 50 is one thing but killing the weak, sick, non dangerous women and children is something were they draw the line)

    Founded by #######, originally a member of The Dogs of War, one of the earlier mercenary organizations that had set up in the North East of Germany.
    ####### was already an excellent soldier and leader, but he was also somewhat of an intellectual and went through all books he could find in the wasteland or buy from traders.

    Still was not satisfied by the The Dogs of War they lacked military discipline, sometimes retreating and breaking contracts that had been difficult to get, and were not above pillaging, murdering and enslaving of their enemies and their families.

    ####### was of course no moralistic fool, believing in concepts like the knight chivalry in fiction but he still felt that the The Dogs of War could behave more professional like their name intended and less like a group of violent thugs that were more that often raiders with a price.

    ####### wanted less random killing and less brutality to improve the image of the organization and be more accepted by settlements and traders to make acquisition of new goods in a legal way and the recruitment of more stable and sane members easier.

    He first tried to reform the The Dogs of War but quickly ran into opposition such as his superiors and other members of the organization who felt he was upsetting the status quo.
    Only a few shared the same sentiments as ###### and when his attempts at improving the mercenaries' behavior and actions failed he and those others left with him to found the Landsknechts.

    The Landsknechts themselves had been based on an historic group of German mercenaries that had been founded in the 16th Century by Maximilian the 1st and found themselves in various military campaigns, sometimes fighting at both sides.

    ###### had read about them in books provided by the University and felt that they represented the style and organization he was looking for for his own mercenary outfit.
    By using the name Landsknechts ###### feels that he is continuing a German military tradition.

    The Landsknechts elite soldiers are called the Doppelsöldner.

    Doppelsöldner (Double mercenary) were Landsknechts in 16th-century Germany who were prepared to fight in the front line, taking an extra risk, in exchange for double payment. The stated ratio was that one Landsknecht in four would be a Doppelsöldner.

    More expensive than the regular Landsknechts, the Doppelsöldner set themselves apart by their bravery and and willingness to take greater risks like their historic namesakes.
    As a result they often are given and equipped with the best gear of the mercenary outfit.

    The Fellowship of Dada

    (inspired by “How much for just the planet” by John M. Ford)

    Taking inspiration from the Dada movement that started in Switzerland during the First World War and peaked from 1916 to 1922, the Fellowship of Dada promote a 'Live free' mentality and taking less inspiration of the world from before the War.

    They are called anarchists by some people which they in a form are but they are not nihilists and they do not seek to undo leadership of settlements.
    They simply wish to remain free of structured hierarchy as much as possible and pursue their own interests.

    As long as it does not harm others or conflict with their choices and freedom everything is allowed.

    Of course they are not completely devoid of any kind of rules or cooperation as otherwise the group would be unable to function.

    From time to time individuals will take it upon themselves to gather food and water for the group or items and material which they can use or trade with other wastelanders, others will take up defense and make sure that there are no serious conflicts in the community, people constantly change from position to position when they feel like it though a number of individuals retain certain roles longer than others such as the Fellowship's doctors or those better skilled in defense.

    They do try to teach others who are interested in picking up this knowledge and capabilities as well.

    One thing the Fellowship shares with the Dadaist movement is their interest in art, poetry, music and other expressions of creativity, and concepts of the absurd and surrealistic.

    Like their predecessors the Fellowship is strongly anti war, ridiculing it.
    They avoid it as much as possible but will fiercely protect their homes, friends and family.

    Trader caravan #1

    Trader caravan #2

    Almost every trader and caravan trades in some weaponry in the Berlin region but ######## is one of Heckler and Koch's biggest competitors despite that Heckler and Koch have working factories and can manufacture new equipment while ######## deals is salvaged and repaired weaponry, armor, and munition found in the wasteland ruins.

    Their strength is that they deal in items that other than the Followers of the ATLANTIS no one possesses and Heckler and Koch does not produce or is unable to produce.

    Trader caravan #3

    Trading center

    Berlin Missile Defense Base.

    (source: http://smilejunkie.com/tag/anti-missile-base/)

    This military base was constructed before the War near Berlin with as purpose of defending the city from enemy nations’ air forces, conventional missile attacks, and even shooting down incoming ICBMs.

    The facility was a combination of a powerful ground radar equipped with a satellite uplink for direct communication with orbiting military satellites, and long range automated missile launchers that could be activated within a span of seconds to react on incoming hostiles.

    (source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dw2a3dWZPxo/TKRGetu1hnI/AAAAAAAAHxE/nJ-8tBue1-M/s400/1.jpg)

    The base itself was equipped with powerful radar jammers that made missile lock-on impossible.

    The fact that Berlin did not suffer as severally as some other cities in Europe did like Paris or London indicated that Germany’s upgraded missile defense system was reasonable effective despite its late deployment.

    When the Followers of the ATLANTIS were forced to retreat and dig in at Berlin they took control of the remains of the base to install their longe range artillery cannons there.

    Their technicians go through the remains of the base and the missile launchers for components and devices that can be salvaged, and the Followers seek to rebuild one of the missile launchers from the wreckages to use against the Angels.

    The Berlin public fallout shelter

    A reminder of the failure of the German government to protect its citizens, the Berlin public fallout shelter is a series of reinforced Underground stations and tunnels, and addition corridors and rooms that had been dug before the War to expand available space for the Berlin population and the surrounding country side.

    Some basic essentials like first aid posts, surgery rooms, storage rooms, and water cleaning equipment had been set up, but even this was not enough for the large number of people that fled to the shelter once the siren warnings went off.

    The Reichstag

    (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_(building))

    The former parliament building of the German Bundesrepublik before the Great.
    It was mostly destroyed when several warheads hit Berlin, and it has been decaying ever since.
    It has been mostly looted of what valuables have been left and the only place of interest is the abandoned government nuclear fallout bunker under it.

    The Brandenburg Gate

    (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandenburg_Gate)

    Surprisingly, it is still standing, defying the Great War as it has done with conflicts prior.



    A bioweapon design by one of the governments of the former European Commonwealth during the European War.
    Designed as a terror weapon against both military and civilian target, the Absorber is a genetic recombinator organism, a cluster of cells that can convert human cells into new cells to expand its own mass.

    Once an individual has been infected with an absorber it rapidly starts to cover and infiltrate this person's body, replacing muscle, skin and nerve matter with its own.
    A person at this time can still be saved depending on the size of infection but severe amputations are necessary, and without use of pain killers as this makes the absorber react violent an expand at a faster pace.

    Once the absorber cells have reached the person's brain they are clinically dead.
    The absorber can mimic some primary brain functions like mobility, making the absorbed body movie around in order to infect other humans.

    Over a course of months the absorber 'digests' the remains of the human it has infected until a large gelatinous mass is left.
    After having found a moisture rich environment the absorber takes the solid form of a toadstool like object that can remain dormant for decades until a human passes by after which it explodes with force to infect this person.

    Regenerator, also called a 'regen' (pronounced 'Re-gen')

    Inspired by the regenerators of Resident Evil 4

    Related to the absorber


    Inspired by the movie 'Fiend without a Face' and the Desolation MUD creature.

    A bioweapon developed by one of the former European Commonwealth countries prior to the Great War.
    The Brain Fiend is another ‘terror’ weapons, designed not only to be lethal but also inspired fear amongst enemy troops, hence its rather disturbing appearance.

    Acid Slug

    A mutated descendant from regular European slugs that has mutated to large size due to radiation and toxins released during the European War and the later Great War.

    Giant Wasp

    Giant Spider



    Fallout Yurop, Followers of the Atlantis, Angels of the Apocalypse, and Columbus concept and images belong to the Fallout Yurop team/Jiří 'Shigor Birdman' Matyskiewicz and I do not claim any ownership.

    Heckler and Koch image is from The Vault Fallout wikia and is the property of Heckler & Koch GmbH.

    Fernsehturm image from wikipedia

    Brain creature pictures are from 'Fiend without a Face' by Amalgamated Productions 1958 and were fond on Bad Movies.Org and denofgeek.com
  17. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Very nice ideas, but thsi message is to share with you this gem of genius and creativity I found one lonely monday night while reading youtube comments, just marvel at the sheer beauty, the masterfuly crafted structure of this idea, so poetic and beautiful that it will make your heart grow three sizes, This, my dear readers, is just the work of a master mind:
    i wish it would take place in scotland and it would be called FALLOUT 4 REBUILDING SOCIETY. and is where you have to work together with the enclve and the brotherhood of steel to fight these mega power full NCR FIENDS called the viron exrons and they have been making an ATOM BOMB FOR 17 YEARS packed with enough radiation to blow up the world 5 times over.

    so beatuiful.
  18. Millim

    Millim Venerable Relic of the Wastes
    Orderite [REDACTED]

    Oct 13, 2010
    I think I would set in back in DC, twenty years latter. You start off in big town and you learn the LW is dead. The game starts off with a new high elder of the BoS. He is very currupt and turns DC very 1984 ish. Your character is then tasked with becoming the new head of a new faction. To do so, you do odd jobs for settlements. You then gain followers in a war with BoS. After that, DC is yours to control and you can set news laws.
  19. Millim

    Millim Venerable Relic of the Wastes
    Orderite [REDACTED]

    Oct 13, 2010
    I think I would set in back in DC, twenty years latter. You start off in big town and you learn the LW is dead. The game starts off with a new high elder of the BoS. He is very currupt and turns DC very 1984 ish. Your character is then tasked with becoming the new head of a new faction. To do so, you do odd jobs for settlements. You then gain followers in a war with BoS. After that, DC is yours to control and you can set news laws.
  20. Seasick91

    Seasick91 First time out of the vault

    Mar 28, 2011

    Darkness. Sparks, then panning out to reveal a radio sitting in a cabin. It turns on, and begins to play Dream, by the Pied Pipers

    The Cabin has tons of pre-war treasures lying around, and then you pan out of a window, you see a camp full of shadowy figures sitting around a campfire, eating canned foods, snowflakes flying in the breeze, you hear the distant howls of Timber Wolves, Bears, and the caws, tweets, and hoots of various birds.

    The Fallout Theme begins to play, as the camera pans up, to9 a small hill, the Radio's music gets more eerie and muffled from the Fallout Theme, and you suddenly see a pole be driven into the snow, as the camera pans out to show a figure wearing a tattered Trench Coat, Black Gloves, with large, laced boots. His short hear blows in the breeze, as you see, attatched to the pole, is a battered red flag...A Soviet Flag.

    The man slowly turns his head, and then the camera fades to black, as the title 'Fallout: Alaska' appears, covered in snow with icy mountains behind it, with a Soviet Flag, sticking out of the left and a Canadian Flag sticking out of the right.

    What do you guys think?