North Korea Invades the United States

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    There is a big intangible with NK, and that's the fanaticism factor. Kim is god, general, father, everything to them, and they are told that America is the root of all their problems and ate their babies or whatever in the last war. Do they believe this, or do they only publicly display allegieance to stay out of a gulag? Do you want to test them? What's to gain if these poor bastards want to throw their life away for Dear Leader and 'revolutionary ideals' or whatever. It's sad really. US soldiers don't carry that kind of fanaticism, and wouldn't be fighting to defend their home and way of life from foreign invaders either. I guess you won't see many Americans jumping into the fray yelling "For Obama!", it's ridiculous to even think of it.
    When you have an inferior opponent with that fanaticism, you're going to get the terror tactics of banzai/kamikaze type warfare, conventional warfare is suicide anyway.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Yup. Any American military facility in Japan can get hit by Taepodong-1 MRBM.
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    Oct 2, 2012
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    And there resides your error.

    The whole idea of the north koreans making noise is that they are not a big powerful state like the US. They don't have territorial ambitions beyond Korea, North or South. At most they just want to "reunify" the country, so if they make a big enough mess, in Korea, they don't actually need to go over to the US and take over the enemy's capital just like huge wars between nations happened during napoleonic times. They have no ambitions of conquest. These are not two powers fighting a conventional war, so that was never the case anyway.

    The difficulty for NK resides in that the South is already very sympathetic of the west, so they would have a hard time convincing their South neighbors that their way is better. As for the NK citizens, how would you feel if the US president branched you as par of an axis of evil and continuously talked about attacking you? Because the NK government makes sure that their media broadcasts Bush saying those things. So the same, applies to the North, they view the US and western forces as their enemies and would take a lot of convincing that they're not, so simply attacking the north and getting rid od the NK government wouldn't be easy either.

    Either way the US is the one that has more to loose, because, unlike in the Cold War era where they had to fight the communist threat anywhere it was, they really have nothing to fight for here, not even oil and resources. The south koreans have a high motivation being their freedom from the north, and the north koreans reunifying the country. But I really don't see what's in it for the US in korea, so if the NK makes enough of a mess for the US to start suffering losses and spending money in a korean conflict, the US might end up opting to stay out and leave the south alone, or in any case limiting their support.

    So, still while I don't see a north korean victory as me most plausible scenario, specially because of how much the south is fond of the west, I can see how, if at al, it would work.
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    Mar 2, 2013
    If nukes are used, you do not have to be a military strategist to figure out what happens.

    Will NK win a war?

    Depends, maybe not in a traditional sense. What if the US, or US led coaliltion, nuked a nation with starving people in it?

    Dictators using meat shields, to play the political victim card, has been known before. Even if they wanted to, could Russia and China sit idle and witness this?
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    Aug 26, 2012
    I don't see why we didn't just nuke them in the 50's. Look at Japan, we nuked them and now they're for the most part perfectly fine
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    May 31, 2011
    It would backlash. The Chinese were backing the North Koreans; the Soviets were backing the Chinese. You would have a Third World War - and if not, I dunno if the European countries would think twice about allying with the United States again.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    you guys give NK way to much credit as far as their military power goes.
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    Indeed. Whatever military power you think North Korea might possess, divide that by ten, and you might be closer to what it can realistically do. In a hypothetical war, North Korea would not be fighting one adversary, but three - the US, fuel shortages, and famine. It is the latter two that are the more pernicious. North Korea will collapse the moment it tries to mobilize its 1,000,000-strong army, which it can't feed, can't transport, can't command, and can't arm with anything that isn't half a century out of date.
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    Jan 21, 2011
    hey guys the new red dawn movie was originally about the chinese and edited to be about the north koreans in post
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    Nov 25, 2008
    that was actually the plan.

    People seem not to know about how popular Douglas MacArthur actually was. Lets say it that way. If the USA would have been the roman empire, Mc Arthur could have easily become the Emperor killing the republic.

    He was though just as dangerous like inteligent. Winning the war in Korea in the 1950s would have meant to extended the War to China. And this would have meant sooner or later an direct confrontation with the Sovietunion. And that would have been basically a third world war. And those with an brain have not been very keen about that idea.

    The war in Korea was for many nothing more then a footnote in History. But if just a few things would have actually moved in an different direction ... it could have changed the face of the world. Imagine Mc Arthur taking over, the US in direct confrontation with the Soviets. Maybe even the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield. Things would be different now. Definitely.
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    Jan 21, 2011
    Japan is currently not a shithole because we stuck around and helped rebuild the country (MacArthur was in charge of this, and, also, against nukes).
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Why build nukes or even a Army when you have AMERICA to defend you.

    Japan pumped all it's resources into it's infrastructure since they knew no fucks would try to pay them back for the millions they killed, with Uncle Sam vacationing in the area.

    But we all know this....I just wanted to type America in big colorful letters.
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    You should have written it like this:


    The way you did reminded more of the French flag than the USA flag.
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    Ye, indeed. :lol:
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    @TheGM: You already have a strike because of your behavior in this thread, if I forgot to notice you is because the strike gizmo is broken and we had to do some adjustments, but it's already logged. Keep being disrespectful and insulting and I'll have no trouble in adding you more.
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    I'm sorry but people simply brushing the debate aside with the word 'drones' is missing the bigger picture.

    In any conflict you're going to need boots on the ground - the reason Thatcher never argued with the PRC over Hong Kong too much was because the Chinese openly said:

    "Give us back our territory or we'll just march in and take it."

    Yet we went to war over Argentina for spec of islands that (at the time) had no real importance to us.

    So superior technology doesnt always equal the winner - that being said N. Korea would have a tough time holding ground and winning any sort of conflict or battle - plus I have a hunch intelligence services arent going to miss an Army massing on the boarder preparing for a full scale invasion.

    IF the war went hot Korea as a nation would be left in ruins, its in no-ones interest to invade - the North has lasted so long because it restricts information to such a huge scale to its population they literally KNOW NOTHING outside of their borders - NOTHING at all.

    The population of N. Korea are victims - no otherway to describe them in my opinion.

    One day, hopefully in my lifetime Korea will once again become one country and the north will come crashing down - until that day things will continue with the stalemate - in my opinion.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Basic logistics dictate that NK won't go far. They barely have enough food as it is, if war is declared the US (and by proxy the UN) will probably cut off the supply. All those millions of soldiers don't amount to much once they have bugger all to eat, and it's not the land they will take in SK that will change that. China and Russia will almost certainly pull support too, the last thing they want is war with the US.

    The South Koreans would take a beating, however. We know Pyongyang has enough conventional artillery to basically reduce Seoul to a smoking ruin, and before a counter attack is organized they will suffer.

    But all this talk is moot anyhow. North Korea is making noise to extract food and money from the UN. They have absolutely no intentions to attack.
  19. Sub-Human

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    May 31, 2011
    Whichever side of the conflict China and Russia will take (within reason, of course), the US is not going to declare war on them.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    yes but the last thing the Chinese and particularly the Russians will do is to side with North Korea.

    The issue with NK is that its not an very reliable partner. It has almost nothing as far as trading goes and the only thing they can sell them is well, military equipment. The problem is that NK has neither the money to buy any sophisticated equipment nor the resources to keep them in running conditions. Most of their equipment is from the late 60s.

    The times when politics actually have been more worth then economics is over. Its not about spreading communism anymore. Its all about money.