Pain, Bigotry, and Other Things Relating to Post-Necrotic Humans

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Is ghoulification worth the trouble?

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  1. KingArthur

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    Jun 25, 2018
    Since I first played a Fallout game, I've been fascinated by the ghouls. I love everything about them lore-wise (even with the radiation/FEV discrepancy), and absolutely adore the very idea behind them. In that vein, I have a couple questions to discuss;
    1) Do ghouls feel pain/does being a ghoul hurt constantly? Raul mentions feeling his age, but I also question if ghouls feel their bodies rotting away slowly. I'd be willing to argue that necrotic dead tissue can't feel, due to being, you know, dead skin.

    2) Sterility. Typhon states that the ghouls are sterile, and that the ghouls that exist currently are the first and last generation of ghouls. But considering their heightened sense and longevity, what would happen if the ghouls weren't sterile? Would they overrun the wasteland due to being arguably superior than humans?

    3) Ghoul bigotry and the idea that ghouls don't want to be ghouls. I can understand both sides of this; humans shoot on sight because they're not sure if that rotting body shambling towards them still has its mind. Fine; but why the bigotry against all ghouls, even the ones known to be reasonable? I almost feel as though ghoul bigotry is like a social commentary on race tbh. And I also understand the idea that ghouls don't want to be ghouls; they bemoan what they have become and some likely simply want to die. I get that; but personally, I'd love ghoulification. De facto immortality and immunity from background radiation at the cost of sterility and my rogueish good looks? Sign me up! Sure, I might be treated like shit and shot by the occasional trigger-happy wastelander, but ghoulification as a whole (especially living in a ghoul community like Gecko [provided the Chosen One doesn't sabotage the town of course]) seems like a good deal. So why the hate for the condition?

    4) And finally, a cure. If radiation paradoxically heals and accelerates the change to feral in ghouls, then what would a cure even consist of? Where would doctors begin? Or, do you think the condition is incurable?

    I just made this thread because I didn't really see many like it, so I figured I'd ask the questions I was most curious about and see what the rest've you think.
  2. Alphons

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    Aug 9, 2017
    I think Lenny mentions something about exposed nerves dying, but I can't be sure now.

    Ghouls are in major disadvantage against humans- they're extremely weak. They can't/ shouldn't run and have extremely weak bodies that can easily break. Their power is knowledge. As they're last pre-war people, they have education and knowledge unavailable to most post- war humans, so if they had access to some high- tech equipment (energy weapons, robots or power armour) and right people that would know how to operate and maintain it, they would be much more powerful than common humans.

    I'm basing it mostly on FO2. If you've got both Cassidy and Lenny in party at the same time, Cassidy will sometimes mention Lenny's stink and advise bath in disinfectant. Combining this with Lenny telling that Gecko population might die in near future without proper medical care (for example with VC equipment), which is caused by various diseases that incubate in ghouls' dead flesh, along with their hideous look, I can see why most people wouldn't want them in their settlements.

    New Mexico had an experimental facility that used surgical operations to cure radiation burns. Machine uses organs and body parts from various donors to replace patient's damaged ones. But the process isn't 100% successful, as after some time (months, even years) body decays again, which this time leads to death.
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  3. KingArthur

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    Jun 25, 2018
    I think he does; I'd have to go back to FO2 and talk to him again. What I remember most about Lenny is Chris Avellone talking about how he's a character who exists to be shot at.

    That's reasonable. In that vein, I feel that if pre-war ghouls had access to, say, Brotherhood tech, they'd be the strongest faction in the wasteland.

    I suppose that's fair enough; but wouldn't a pre-war ghoul with knowledge of things such as medicine and tech be an invaluable asset to a settlement? I feel like the gains outweigh the risk when you consider that ghouls and humans working together could create a symbiotic, mutually beneficial society.

    Well shit. I suppose if you're a ghoul tired of living it'd be worth it both to finally die and get your humanity back, however briefly.