Planescape Torment - ideal starting stats and mods

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    Sep 8, 2012
    A few years ago I attempted to play Torment, but I found out that the only way to play this game is with a high Wisdom and unfortunately I was already in Curst playing a regular old fighter. I restarted but I was so tired of playing through the beginning that I uninstalled it.
    Anyhow, now I'm ready to replay it, but I'm interested what kind of attributes should I give the Nameless One so that I can get the most out of the game dialogue-wise, but still not necessarily have to suffer with every single instance of combat early on? I'm guessing going with a mage is the best way, how can I actually be a mage as early as possible?
    As for mods I've decided to use the Ultimate Weidu Fixpack and Qwinn's Tweak Pack, do you think I should install Rest Anywhere? I remember in the Modron Cube - or whatever it was - I was extremely frustrated that I could not rest, and ended up not completing it.
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    Take 6 levels as a fighter trained to fight with daggers, then switch to mage and that's it. This way you'll gain some fighting skills early in the game and you won't miss those sweet specialization bonuses for mage class at levels 7 and 12.
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    I like to play solo - that way I gobble up all the experience. I played as a fighter all the way. It's tough early, but you eventually become a killing machine with multiple 25 stats. You do miss out on some of the stories behind the NPC though...:twitch:
  4. Depends on how you like to play the game.

    Planescape, unlike most games, writes it's script rather well based on your stats, so no stat is a dump stat, but if you do you won't be out of luck.

    I always try to play a character based off of myself in a given circumstance.
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    Wisdom is the most important stat for dialogue, then intelligence. If you upgrade those two stats, you won't really need charisma.
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    I've only finished PT once, but that took a lot of trial and error.

    As Sander points out, Wisdom is the most important stat, so get Wisdom to 19 asap for the bonus. And as valcik mentions: you can multiclass. Starting out as a fighter and then changing to mage (or vice versa - and sticking to it) isn't bad advice, but both fighters and mages can easily finish this game. Fighters will bore you more than mages, though, 'cause combat sucks in this game. Intelligence is another important stat, but if you plan to play as a fighter you should put points in Strength instead. I think. Charisma has its importance, but mages can cast spells that make up for this (or so I remember, it could be just one spell, though). Just don't become a thief, 'cause there's a really good thief npc in the game.
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    yeah ... I really have to say that PT is a good example how mediocre/bad combat can almost ruin any kind of great experience. Some might hate me for saying it, but, as much as I really really REALLY love PT, the combat simply kills it for me. I played once as a fighter and mage, and both times I found the combat extremly dull and boring in the game. The dialogues and characters though ... some of the best ones you can find in gaming, in my opinion.

    I really hope they will keep both in mind with Numnera. Because games need good combat mechanics.
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    I feel your pain. Having to fight those rats in the crypts, over and over again, was a bloody nightmare.
  9. UniversalWolf

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    RTwP strikes again!

    But it has turn-based calculations going on in the background...
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    Nov 25, 2008
    that is not what turns me off though (hah!), I love the combat in Baldurs Gate to be honest because if you ask me it offers you a lot of posibilities, but I guess I am in the minority here. THing is with the combat in PT, it feels to butchered. I don't even understand why they had to tak the DnD rules and ... simplify it so much. I understand if their idea was not to create a game focused around combat, but I just dont know, it always feels like it was something they slaped on the game in the last minute, and considering the fact how often you do have to actually fight in PT, it can really kill your motivation.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    I've enjoyed combats in P:T, it's raw and brutal! Provided there are three characters in my party: Nameless One as a pure fighter wielding badass axe, Annah and Dak'kon. More than three or four characters is nothing but a frenetic mess due to shitty pathfinding, that goes for all Infinity engine games. And hey, Dak'kon with his comments is cool as hell, I loved his critical hit taunt: "The karach sings true!"
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    Hmmm...let's see.

    Here are my stats right at the beginning of the game:


    ...and here are my stats at the very end of the game:


    I know, I wasted quite a few points on charisma.

    Just start by talking and interacting with the things you come across. Having a high wisdom is definitely important because there are lot's of things in this game that are activated through dialogue. Basically, talk to whoever you can and start doing quests. Recruit as many companions as possible because they help you a lot in combat, having dakkon in your party for instance is very important.

    Also, mods! They make the game look really really pretty:

    ...and last but not least, when you activate a portal be sure not to throw away the key, even if it's a piece of junk! ;)
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    Back from the dead?
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