Political Spergatory or How I Learned To Love /pol

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    I don't know if it's possible for such a discussion to be civil, to be honest.

    The entire concept of "gun control" is that liberals want their corrupt government officials to have absolute power over who does and doesn't have the right to own a gun.

    A man can only explain why that's fundamentally wrong so many times before the Liberal starts getting angry at the person whose rights it wants to violate.

    We've seen what happens to places like Communist Russia, National Socialist Germany, Democrat Chicago, Leftist Venezuela, and Maoist Communist China when the left gets what they want.

    Wanting a good person silenced isn't civil or reasonable. Wanting a good person raped isn't civil or reasonable. Wanting a good person disarmed isn't civil or reasonable. Liberals want to use the government like a club to get their way, and that's morally wrong. There is no good argument for being that way. Why do you think the liberals try so hard to derail threads when they're losing arguments in them?

    Giving up a little more of your gun rights because a liberal says so isn't a "reasonable compromise". "The taxes should be higher" is something we can have a civil discussion over, "You and I don't deserve rights and you can't convince me otherwise" is something only a lefty would say. I can explain why you're wrong to think that, but what am I supposed to do if you get uncivil and mods blame me for that? Imagine if America gave up a little more of its land to ISIS every few months because ISIS feels entitled to America. We'd get no benefit from that. The ability to compromise with liars and irrational radicals isn't a virtue.

    When starving people protest in Venezuela, they get attacked with rocks and clubs and guns by Antifa, who work with the police because they are the system and its corruption. The same shit happens when they attack free speech marches in America. Remember Berkeley? Cops disarmed the protestors and then did nothing when Antifa showed up with bike locks and bombs and ice picks. That's a good argument for gun rights. Liberals hate gun rights because they don't want their victims to be armed. If the Civil Rights marchers carried guns, liberals would be too afraid to throw bombs and swing bike locks. They're already too afraid to pull that shit in American states where people still have meaningful gun rights.

    Liberals try their hardest to make their massive egos and easily-hurt feelings and faulty understanding of the world your problem. They feel entitled to your time, patience, money, respect, and even the food off your plate. They don't even try to hide what they really are because they don't feel like they have to.

    Conservatives and Libertarians gain nothing by allowing anti-gun loons to repeat CNN's fear-porn misinformation. Yet they believe in free speech so they allow it anyway. That foolish virtue won't warm a liberal's heart.

    Liberals want laws that forbid guns that seem too good and too scary (and they will consider more guns too dangerous/scary over time). And they want to forbid anyone "dangerous" from having a gun, so Karen snitches can report thoughtcrime to have the guns of innocents taken away. They want easily-abused laws because they feel comfortable living under them, knowing Conservatives would never use marxist tactics against the marxists to stop marxism.

    Personally, I think a debate over gun control would only ever go anywhere constructive if the moderators kept a running tally of every fear/misinformation-based gun-control argument and when it was debunked in the thread. Also, the moderators would have to stop the argument from going in circles by warning anyone who tries to bring back an already-debunked argument 6 pages later hoping to try the lie again. And warn any liberal who derails the thread by insulting and attacking those who see through the lie of gun control. Eventually, the gun-fearers would run out of lies to repeat, run out of insults to use, and end up forced to come to terms with the fact that their position is not reasonable or logically sound. Gun-fear isn't a valid political position, it's a mental disorder. It's not something that inherently deserves respect, and they should thank everyone who gives their "ban guns!" bullshit the time of day instead of going full lefty.

    But how many liberals would post in, and read posts in, a thread where they can't get away with lying at will and derailing with personal attacks when called out? They aren't here to debate, they're here to create the illusion that being a Liberal is normal and not being one is something that invites and excuses abuse from Liberals.
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    I'd ask where the liberals hurt you, but a) I don't think you'd acknowledge liberals having any power whatsoever, and b) you're getting bullied by everyone, everywhere, anyway.
    Personally, I found my political direction in the posadist NazBol movement (that I may or may not have invented myself). Using the might of nuclear war to start the world revolution into NazBol so interstellar travel can be developed to bring the cleansing fire of nuclear war into space and to the aliens that have not yet adopted the glorious ways of National Bolshevism. That's my jam.
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    I get why you split the thread but dammit why does it have to look like I started it? :lmao:
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    thanks for playing
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    Sure it is possible for the discussion to be civil. You just can't be so heavily invested in it. If you get butthurt when Crni and Friends talk bad about guns you might be a redneck. Just kidding. The problem is you have a lot of Lefty types around here. Those that are not Lefty types live in countries that are ran like Lefty Circus Clown Parade so their guns were taken away long ago. If they were not taken away it is so hard to get one you don't bother. You will never be able to convince someone that gave up their right to use a gun, that the gun is actually useful to have. It is some esoteric tool that they see black people shot with or used in war stories on TV. That is all they know.

    If the Lefty Circus Show had it's way I would need to call animal control to kill the snakes that try to bite me in my yard. That means it would not happen since my town has no animal control. Then I would call the cops and they would shoot my dog on accident. Just bad all around. I'm glad to be able to go and actually have the right to buy a gun from my stepdad if I need one. I could also use my GOD GIVEN right to go buy the gear to make a bomb that blows up a large FBI building downtown but I just don't think that is a wise life choice.
  6. Whatever works, works.

    Bang bang is fun. You don't miss out if you don't get to bang bang too much if what works works. What works for us is bang bang, but mostly Bud n chill.

    It's all about what you invest your mind into. The problem with political process is that it is short-sighted and wants to keep people children. "YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS CHILD!" So the child goes fuck you and becomes obsessed with bang bang, when its an inanimate object that is 99.9% the user.

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    I was gonna post this in the gun control thread but that isn't the place.
    To think things like Liberalism and Social Justice were Republican talking points 100 years ago with Teddy Roosevelt.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Tucker over on Fox is now considered a liberal centrist so I can dig it.

    <-A liberal centrist.

    Floyd's drug results came in. Immediately I figured out why they had to fight so hard to get him into the police car. Not excusing kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes while three pigsters stand by and direct traffic, but GODDAMN that is a lot of drugs. Why did they not just taze him and be done with it? I guess we will find out at the trial. You almost feel sorry for cops attempting to do their job now getting thrown in jail with people that want to rape and murder them.
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    I for one loathe this trend of white's kneeling to blacks and praying for forgiveness (I mean bro, just give them $20 or some jordans instead), you must have be some serious issues to bow before someone else unless you are a monarchist or you're bowing to your god. Kinda weird in my opinion but I also think destroying your own community somehow owns the system. The very same system these people use for food stamps, welfare, etc.

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    Right, while this is kinda mockingly called the Spergatory, I'd like to ask you in the interest of keeping this thread civil and running in light of current events that you refrain from pure shitposting (aka just dumping potentially inflammatory links or ironic racism without any comments). I know, sometimes we all just run across particularly spicy memes that demand to be shared, but put in some effort.
    When you have something especially outrageous to share, please try and fact-check it before posting, or make it clear that the verdict is still out. Stuff like "the store owner defending his store who was beaten is dead", when it wasn't a store owner nor is he apparently dead. Or "13 year old got shot 19 times", when it was apparently a 34 year old with a gun who refused to put it down.
    And don't post anything graphically violent and follow the site's rules. I'm quite lenient when it comes to some ironic racism because I know most of you guys and I believe that actual racism is based on intent, not just on using particular words or whatever. But if you're not sure wether you can post your latest "when you kill nigs bottom text lmao" meme, well, maybe just don't. In the interest of keeping this open, maybe take a step back instead.
    Use this for discussing political events with an open mind and in a civil manner, because I'm honestly tired of reading the same fucking circlejerks over and over again.
    Any questions?
    Then go ahead. I predict you retards are getting this vat'd in two days flat.
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    Since body-cams have enough statistical evidence to suggest they are ineffective at getting cops to stop killing black people for a laugh, suggestions for police reform:
    • Establishment of a nation-wide digital "Overwatch" that tracks all citizens and maintains socio-stability
    • Neural-augmentations linked directly to officers on the ground
    • Direct reward for successfully maintaining social cohesion such as neural simulation of reproductive sensations and the affirmed maintenance of officer family safety
    • Direct punishment for failing to sterilize potential or current anti-citizens, such as off-world reassignmnet
    • Calmly re-affirming stun batons and comforting gas masks for all
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    Oh shit, looks like they found oil under the Lincoln Memorial.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Also as a sidenote I saw someone on /v/ claim that NMA was a "SJW Client site" of Resetera which makes me laugh considering half the shit I've seen the users on here post. It didn't even make sense as an insult but /v/'s growing population of F3 Babbies will do as they do.
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    My opinion is that they'll end up giving him the first degree murder charge and despite no evidence to prove that (3rd degree seems to be the ticket) kind of like Charlottesville with that whole car thing (vroom vroom). With something this mainstream it will be almost impossible to find an unbiased jury so they won't try to. He'll probably get murdered in jail anyway so I guess it won't matter. Or maybe they'll try and get him off to start another round of riots.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Take this with your preferred brand of salt but there were murmurs of people wanting to show us why black lives matter by defacing the Lincoln Memorial...

    ...the president who ended slavery.
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    Yeah, but Lincoln was a Republican, so it doesn't count.
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    Mar 9, 2018
    Say what y'all want but this dude spittitn' straight facts doe.
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    Apr 1, 2005

    Strategic looting. Apparently a bunch of people would pull up, break the windows, and then wait and see if the cops are coming. If they didn't they would then load their cars up with loot. One car had so much clothes in the trunk they couldn't keep it closed. Then Trump walks out with a Bible he has never read and wonders why people can't take him seriously HAHAHAHA!!!!! Even his base is like "dude just stick to what you know" in which case you know you fucked up.


    According to Huffington Post the black community is getting hit hard by Covid namely in the job department in which case I am wondering why the black community endorses the burning down of businesses that can hire them. Last I checked Target is always hiring.


    My internet is barely working so browsing the internet is more of a pain that it is worth. I blame white people. Namely the white guy currently selling me my internet.

    This David Dorn guy really gets me. 12 people dead.


    Bricks being left at the site of the protests by unknown agents. Then you have cops going home with TBI from a brick to the head.


    If they abolish police we are looking at some kind of OCP type thing which I am down for.

    Someone else got real tired of India in Civ 5.

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    Lel, thinking that Lincoln ‘emancipated’ anybody. That sucker was a white supremacist whose government only partially abolished slavery. It’s okay as long as it’s done ‘as punishment for a crime’.

    Normally I would post citations (even in ridiculously easy cases like this one), but considering that you puke‐for‐brains have demonstrated over and over again that you can’t read worth a damn, what’s the point? A vague shitpost is the least that you deserve.