Political Spergatory or How I Learned To Love /pol

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    That was the best Biden impression ever.

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  2. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/16/asia/china-india-border-clash-intl-hnk/index.html

    Three Indian soldiers killed in clashes along border with China in the Himalayas

    (CNN)Three Indian soldiers were killed during a "violent face-off" with Chinese troops along the countries' de facto border in the Himalayas late Monday, the Indian army said in a statement.

    The incident occurred during a "deescalation process" underway in the Galwan Valley in the disputed Aksai Chin-Ladakh area, where a large troop build up has reportedly been taking place for weeks now on both sides of the border, before senior military commanders began talks earlier this month.
    According to the Indian army statement, there was loss of life "on both sides," including an Indian officer and two Indian soldiers. The statement did not specify the number of additional Chinese casualties. It added that senior military officials from both sides are currently meeting to defuse the situation.
    Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday held a meeting with senior Indian military officers, according to the Indian army. He "reviewed the current operational situation in Eastern Ladakh" with the Chief of Defense Staff, and the chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the army said. The country's External Affairs Minister was also present.
    At a regular news conference Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that on Monday "Indian troops seriously violated our consensus and twice crossed the border line for illegal activities and provoked and attacked Chinese personnel which lead to serious physical conflict between the two sides."
    "China has lodged strong protest and representation with the India side, and we once again we solemnly ask the India side to follow our consensus and strictly regulate its front line troops and do not cross the line and do not stir up troubles or take unilateral moves that may complicate matters," Zhao added. "We both agreed to resolve this issue through dialogue and consolation and make efforts for easing the situation and upholding peace and tranquility in the border area."
    Zhao did not comment on whether there had been any Chinese casualties. Chinese military officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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    There's a small part of me, that feels very much like that impulsive intrusive thought part of your brain that tells you to jump when you're stood at a clifface. This part sometimes surfaces and makes me wish a solar flare would happen, and with a click and a thud we'd just pull the fucking plug on our civilization. It would bring untold suffering of course, but when I read the news the thought pops up all the same.
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    WW3 Rising.
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    I think Biden posting is my calling.
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    I don't think we will have a nuke fight unless folks try to invade China proper.

    Current news says 20 Indian soldiers dead.

    For now, China and maybe India is trying to see how much each country can get away with. Much like N. Koreas temper tantrums over fucking balloons.

    China in particular is having serious problems. Most of the world already hates the government for its bungled response to COVID 19 and the initial attempts to hush up whistle blowers. IMHO, the more force Beijing uses, the more they are going to be hated by the rest of the world.
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  7. North Korea is either throwing a temper tantrum or is serious.

    More than likely the former.

    China is moving their pieces around the chess board as they always do, hoping to swallow up as much as possible.

    Beijing has huge influence over North Korea, so action there might be under their scrutiny.

    Koreans and Chinese don't like each other very much.
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    N. Korea is like Chinas loud obnoxious wife whom China is simply stuck with. N. Koreas position as a buffer state is simply too valuable.
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    Too bad Carlins humor doesn't attack both sides, he would be much funnier, and much more legit.

    South Park is a great example of how shitting on everything and everyone is a superior form of humor.
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  11. So here's a new something that's politically unexpected.

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    My stepdad was a Merchant Marine Captain who mostly sailed around Asia. From what he tells me is that all Asians hate each other. If it wasn't for the US having bases all around the Pacific then Asia would have blown itself up by now. Many Asians countries are nationalistic and have instilled superiority complexes with it's people. Not to mention many past grievances that many Asian countries have with each other that they would like to get vengeance for.
  13. When agent Herman wants to drop Orange next time we should give him Lemon Kush.
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    I know a few products that I am no longer going to purchase. Uncle Ben might be next.
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    Really gets the noggin jogging.
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    I still find it funny how Liberals/Leftists/Commies (same thing) were bootlicking for the government when it was just oppressing Conservatives and small businesses. When it was just saying people can't go to gyms, churches, or small businesses, and can't go to large businesses without obeying "guidelines" you're arrested for breaking. They bootlicked for the government when white people were choked out and killed by cops, too.

    But when it happened to a black guy, they didn't care until they realized it can be a great opportunity to spice up Rainbow Flag Coprophagiac Corporate Pandering Season with some new bullshit.

    But hey, I'm pleased to announce that this "Discussion" thread in which we all agree gun control is a nonsensical solution to an exaggerated problem (While pretending there's any room for debate on this for no benefit) has been visited by some more leftists. Place your bets, how long will it be until they run out of lies and call someone good a Nazi, accuse someone good of doing something unpleasant/stupid, or accuse someone good of being wrong without any argument or facts to back that up?

    Maybe if we get really "Lucky", a herd of leftists will engage in a Truth-Burning Session. Or as some call this ritual practice, "Circlejerking the Lie".

    Edit: lol some dumb lefty tried the old "grrrr no-one likes u bronie!!!" bullshit. Christ, do these idiots think I or any other human gives a shit about their approval? They cheer for the pedophiles in hollywood and the terrorists on the streets and the ISIS religion raping the planet. I really don't give a fuck if Communists boo me. Hell, if anything, it's a sign that I'm on the right track. If lefties didn't hate me, I'd consider that a sign that something's gone wrong somewhere.

    Wait a fucking second, a game-changer just happened.

    A Republican podcaster single-handedly held off a giant Antifa mob at the home of Olympia mayor!

    Remember when Antifa vandalized the home of the far-left Olympia, WA Mayor Cheryl Selby? Despite the fact that Selby has publicly supported Antifa and defended left-wing violence in the past.

    It has now been revealed that the damage would have been far worse had it not been for the actions of Republican activist David Ross who once ran for Mayor against Cheryl Selby. Ross was following the Antifa mob around and videotaping them. As they massed in Selby's front yard, he got out of his car and confronted dozens of "black bloc" waving Antifa flags and torches. He basically punks out the entire mob single-handedly. Selby was not home at the time, but she later described the mob as "domestic terrorism," despite the fact that she has defended similar Antifa criminality in the past. To watch the video, go to minute mark 43:

    It would be lovely if that act of kindness convinces Cheryl Selby to become a good person and stop believing the absolute nonsense leftists say about humans.
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    I found a joke to make up for all this faggotry. Turns out they found a less offensive bottle design for Jemima.
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    Cheryl Selby is a fucking idiot. I live in Olympia and she is a retard. When she was running for reelection all she did was talk about "diversity" and "inclusion" and said nothing about the rampant homeless and heroin crisis plaguing the city. Whenever a woman brings up the fact that they can't go to a Walgreens without getting accosted by a homeless man, high as kite, threatening them for 20 dollars or they will bash their car windows open she just changes the subjects to "gay rights" or "trans rights". Everyone, if you ever wondered what a city would be like run by a bunch of incompetent hippies from a liberal arts college who only care about social media activism, look no further then Olympia Washington.