Political Spergatory or How I Learned To Love /pol

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    Oh hey there, how are you doing? My post got moved to this thread because it triggered Liberals too much.

    Also, you're right.
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    Yes, it got moved because it triggered people, that's why it's still openly visible in the thread just below the original one. It has nothing to do with your continued refusal to not go full-on off-topic spergfest in the other one ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
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  4. It's great that the internal development of Americans is that of a Mad Max film.

    Unity through sex, drugs and rock and roll.

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    Mar 9, 2018
    Gay black man follows white woman home, films address and license plate under accusations of calling him Nigger, continuation of his long saga of clout chasing where he stalks random people and repeating this claim. Also remember when Karen meant some annoying bitch a few months ago before the twitteratti started using it to mean white woman,

    In other news here is a study by the CDC on minority std rates:
    Here is another study by the CDC on homosexual std rates:
    This man could be looking for his next victim to pass on his gift to AS WE SPEAK.

    EDIT: Here is his previous attempt:
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    That reminds me of that one black guy that said something like that then went on a cop killing spree. * People like that have been radicalized by Lefty propaganda. You can't even dispute it now. Hell it's been happening for decades.

    *there have been several.

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Some of it was started by the rich black people that made it big. Some of it was started by the Democrats to strengthen their base. The underlying social issues were started by Communists like Crni that seek to destroy the current order and supplant it with their own ideal super state. One that has never worked out by the way. These morons want either Anarchy or Communism and they will end up getting Fascism if they keep playing their cards like this.
  8. No not like Crni. Some people actually want to improve things instead of tear them down. Problem is when everyone is happy they don't have any motivation to make things better. Only small amount of people give a shit. Majority of people it's always about them.
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Well Crni is exempt from the moron moniker but they are like him. They want what he wants. It's pretty straight forward when it comes to that mindset. Anyone who is "extreme" left or right is wanting some radical things.
  10. People want something that works, but they are guided by morons and PHDs and librarians and bureaucrats and feminist bloggers. People that live in a fantasy land.
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    People wanting things to drastically change are living in a fantasy land. That is why most of them are mentally ill. What they really needed was good parents.
  12. People belonged to The Lord not more than a few hundred years ago. It takes time.
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    Apr 1, 2005

    A bunch of horse shit like I thought it would be.

    Seems legit.
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    I would like to think that in the end, we would all, regardless of political affiliation, like to live in a world that is progressively 'getting there'.

    I personally believe that we have just recently taken the first steps toward a future with more afforded to everyone thanks to science and tech.

    Engineered crops and livestock are healthier and feed more people than any point in our past. Medical technology has allowed the average human, even in the 3rd world, to live longer than someone from 100 years ago.

    With advances in 3d printing and robotics, we as humans have started down the long road to a more utopian future.

    I just think the problem lies with those who think they can FORCE the better future to come quicker. They think that no sacrifice, whether in time, technology, or in human consumption, is needed. The only thing holding back progress is people not giving the government more and more power while having some kind of Mother Theresa mentality where people do not need to change, just tax the rich.

    It is equally puzzling as many of us here revere choice and consequence and know the fact that nothing can be achieved without sacrifice.
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    Conversely I think human civilization is unironically destined to deteriorate due to resource scarcity and unsustainability. We may not have even reached the peak before the fall just yet and I might not see the regression or collapse in my life-time, but I believe circumstances will put insurmountable strain on us and because we don't live in a movie, we won't be able to band together and solve some singular problem that causes it. I imagine we won't really be even able to clearly identify it as it's happening. But it will happen all the same.
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    The biggest obstacle I can think of dragging the planet down is overpopulation combined with really in-efficient consumption. Keep in mind however that technology and science can solve a lot in regards to above.

    Also who knows, science and tech will eventually allow us to reach out into space for resources as well. The issue is whether we allow science and tech to make the world fairer or follow the path that has failed time and time again, where we force equality through authoritarian social policies with no help from the former.
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    We have plenty of farmland for food but the government uses all of it.
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    The Mayor should be fired.