The Iron Lady.

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I am not sure if that alone is the reason though. At this point it seems that US has little to no interest in invading NK, and they sure dont need nuclear weapons to cause some preasure on NK. They will simply starve them to death, like always.

    Savefty is for sure one of the main reasons to get nukes. But the potential of beeing less dependand on coal/oil as energy source is for sure another reason to push the nuclear technology in NK.

    just saying, there are probably many reasons. Not to mention NK might even sell that technology to other nations. Nations that would usualy not fall in the category of "trading partners" for the west.

    I suppose nuclear weapons as threat are not even important anymore with the Soviets out of the picture. The US has a lot of tools at their disposal which can be used to influence nations. Particularly as not even China is feeling that close to North Korea anymore.

    Wait a min. Didnt you agreed somewhere in the past that the US should cut down on A LOT of their military instalations all around the world to save money?

    Dont be so damn obtuse. Seriously. I was anyway only half serious. But you damn well know that a lot of money is spend for military equipment and companies developing military technology. For sure today a lot less compared to the Cold War. But both, the west AND east have spend much in defence and offense during the cold war. To have an nuclear arsenal and also to maintain it, is not cheap.
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    You could easily cut our military expenditures drastically and put the money to more productive uses. The United States hasn't benefited from the simulated war-economy since sometime during the cold war, and we've reached the ridiculous through-the-looking-glass stage where we're pouring billions of dollars into tanks the military is adamant we don't need and experimental fighters that will never leave the testing stages while our troops on the ground have to make do without the essentials and our school systems and public infrastructure are outdated and decaying. A philosophy of "less money, better spent" would benefit everyone but defense contractors and congressmen.
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    That's a so not American thing to say, you pinko commie bleeding heart kool aid drinking bastard.
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    It's the same today though isnt it?

    We can spend billions on a nuclear deterance that we don't need, millions on a state funeral over half of the country didnt want and still pay out 'expenses' worth hundreds of thousands to self made millionaires who supposedly represent the people but the rest of us have to suffer through privatisation, loss of services and sell offs.

    Disgraceful - roll on 2015.
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    Thatcher allowed people to buy their council houses. Excellent idea.

    With that said she was a fucking hag who deserved her fate.

    As someone who grew up in the north Iv'e seen the array of closed coal mines and the fallout it caused, and still causes.

    She sunk the Belgrano.

    She was homophobic.

    She implemented the poll tax, causing yet more riots.

    Badly handled the miners strike.

    Privatized public entities, now we pay 4x more for water than Italy, and we are an island nation that has rain 200 days a year.

    Services like trains and gas are now massively expensive.

    She went to war to secure an oil rich Argentinian island, with prior knowledge of the invasion, but let events unfold so they could use the 'occupied' islanders as an excuse.

    Fucked the poor, loved the rich.

    Was a bitch.

    Wasn't sexy.

    Also she WAS NOT the first female MP. She was the first female PM.
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    Dying rich, in a bed, knowing that she would forever be in the history books, and the only people who didn't like her, couldn't do shit about it?

    Terrible fate indeed.
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    Nov 4, 2010
    She had alzheimerz and dementia. She didn't know who she was, or who her children were. And on that note none of them spoke to her, her beloved husband died well before her and she lived with the shit that she did on her shoulders.
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    Oh like Saint Regan.