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  1. KillerBee256

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    Oct 31, 2008
    So okay I like the power armor jet pack, with that said I think it was a last minute addition and I get the feeling it wasn't fully tested because I find things that are missing collision meshes and a few unfinished areas of Trinity Tower that are part of the "cinematic escape sequence." And I've read you can set off the mass fusion question by getting to close to the roof top with a jet pack. It makes me wonder why New Vegas got so much flak while the media and community ignore Bethesda's bugs.
  2. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    I made the naive, optimistic mistake of assuming there would be a point to the jetpack

    I even found a location that seemed inaccessible, one of the radiated sites, with large stone blocks surrounding the map-marker, so you can't reach it.
    I was convinced this was at least ONE location that required jetpack to access

    Buuut, I was wrong... :I
    I just missed out on a slim entry between two blocks...

    Jetpack-hopping around is fun enough, but I wish there was a point with it...
  3. Someguy37

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    Nov 18, 2015
    If you go into the Mass Fusion building you can use the jetpack to reach the otherwise inaccessible 28th floor where one can find the freefall boots.

    A pair of unique combat armor boots that totally negate all fall damage. Which is normally impossible outside PA.
  4. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Hm, I did consider a possibility with the sky scraper floors, but eventually gave up hope.
  5. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    The Jetpack is pretty useless. What a waste of components it wass to build one.
  6. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    I got mine as a BoS quest reward
  7. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I got it too, but it was for the T60 and I had been using a T51 by that point so it was literally useless to me. When I got the Jetpack I built it for my suit of Enclave Power Armor.
  8. Ben Soto

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    Jul 7, 2014
    I think the reason New Vegas got more flak for it was because at that point the Gamebryo engine was around ten years old and people were sick of all the damn bugs. Then Skyrim and Creation came along and reset the critical clock.

    Personally, FNV had more of an excuse for massive bugs. It was developed in 18 months. F4 was developed in 3 years.
  9. Someguy37

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    Nov 18, 2015
    Obsidian got a lot of flak for NV's bugs because Fallout 3 was a buggy mess, and got heavily criticized for it, and then when New Vegas came out, it had most of the same bugs, including many of the ones Bethesda already fixed in Fallout 3, along with tons more like the VATs camera getting stuck, that weren't present in Fallout 3.

    It also didn't help that Obsidian have a previous rep for being one of the most consistently buggy devs, with NWN2 still being considered one of the most buggy games ever made, and even Obsidian admitted they make hilariously buggy games when crowdfunding for PoE... and then PoE came out and needed a small novels worth of bug fixes to get it to the playable state its in now.

    Bethesda games have tons of bugs, many of are game breaking for people, but they tend to have them in less number then OBbidian games, with most of Bethesda bugs being "NPC flys around the screen after you kill it" type shit.

    Both companies have made a lot of progress over the years though, which is why after Fo3/NV neither haven't gotten as much flak for it.
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  10. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I think the flak New Vegas got on release was pretty fair, it was buggy as hell, I was able to look past it but I don't think anyone has any obligation to do so.
    85 seems like a fair score to me, even if I love the game.

    Fallout 4 tho? It's not getting nearly a quarte of the FLak new vegas did from the same people, despite being just as buggy.
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  11. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    90% buggy? :o
  12. Someguy37

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    Nov 18, 2015
    I personally haven't had anywhere near as many bugs with Fo4 as I did NV.

    Even today, NV crashes every 3-4 hours, without fail, and I have to use console commands to get through an umber of quests, unless I use unofficial patches.

    Over 150 hours in Fallout 4, I have had zero CTDs, and only one quest break in an obvious manner.
  13. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Fallout 4 was giving me BLUE SCREENS until I downloaded the Ini tweaks. My New Vegas is moded to fuck and back and it never gave me blue screens.
    I would say The pipboy not working at random falls straight into Game breaking. Same with quest markers on the main quest disappearing and having no way of asking character to tell details again and being forced to find an online wlakthrough. Character falling through terrain, that's a fun bug too, if I had been on console I would've lost half of my companions and have 4 broken extra quests.
  14. Someguy37

    Someguy37 Mildly Dipped

    Nov 18, 2015
    I'm not saying you aren't having those bugs.

    All I am saying is I haven't had the same experience, and that by my personal experience, Fallout 4 is a massive step up from Skyrim, which was itself a massive step up from Fo3/NV, in regards to bugs.

    Bethesda/Obsidian bugs have always been something of a Russian roulette scenario.
  15. zegh8578

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Yeah, same here FO3 gave me the regular crashes akin to Morrowind tradition

    FONV never crashed on me. I also only use console commands to spoil myself, such as marking companions essential during hardcore mode :look:

    OWB is the exception, as it crashed on almost every fast-travel
  16. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I once had a very strange bug in OWB where my body seemed to have detached from me, I would enter VATS and attack someone but then my body appeared like 20 meters away from where I was exectuing the attack animation or just ragdolling through the screen. The game then crashed 10 minutes later. It was pretty freaky but it was kind of fitting for that bug to occur in OWB of all places.
  17. r0b0wnz

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    Nov 17, 2015
    I like the jetpack, it got me unstuck from a lot of areas.

    personally the only bug I had in new vegas was freezing and I played it at day 1. fallout 4 ive ran into a lot of GAMEBREAKING bugs and tons of freezing even more so than nv
  18. zegh8578

    zegh8578 Keeper of the trout Orderite

    Mar 11, 2012
    I did get some freezes with FO4, I wasn't specifically aware this could happen on game consoles, but obviously... logically speaking, why not?

    But it has been fairly bug free - except for one icky one where the game becomes unresponsive in the very beginning, when you are de-frosted, and just climbed out of the stasis pod.
    It is fixable by saving, then shutting the game off and on again.
  19. Doctor 0

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    Sep 8, 2015
    When it comes to NV, I only ever had the occasional crash.
  20. Plzstandbuy

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    Dec 7, 2015
    Its useful when avoiding attacks from big hits like Mirelurk queen and Behemoth. You can also use it to quickly fly up and stomp down on multiple enemies which coupled with explosive vents on legs does decent damage.