Vote for your top 5 changes from fallout 3 to new vegas

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  1. cogar66

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    Feb 16, 2010
    1. No, I want the story to be less like the old ones, as in: go out, fetch, bring back, save day. All of the Fallout stories have been cut/paste. Also, I'm not talking about side quests, fetch quests are fine for a few sidequests, but not the main quest please. Granted, the main quest wasn't really the fetch quest, it was more of: Fetch item, kill evil boss you encountered trying to get item. All 3 Canon Fallouts had this story.

    2. This is my list kthnx. Also, it's not high up there. Notice how I added what was on my mind at the moment in addition to the top 5.
  2. Eternal

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    Nov 4, 2008
    1. More believable scenarios

    2. Believable dialogue trees

    3. A Constant world that your choices affect more than just the local area

    4. Better combat system (make your stats actually MATTER)

    5. The revival of BiS and creation of a new top down isometric turn based RPG that doesn't even have to be a new fallout but could be a whole new universe.

    6. For #5 to not be a wonderful wonderful pipe dream.
  3. Captain Taipan

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    Apr 15, 2010
    I'll make my first post here as this is a topic I'm very keen on :)

    1 - I agree with those that have said the combat system needs to be greatly changed. As said before, it becomes to easy after about lv 8 even in difficult mode. Making the targets harder to kill, ie; shooting them more times, doesn't fix this problem. Yes there should be tough enemies like Overlord SuperMutants and such that are incredibly resiliant to gunfire etc as well as easy picking like mole rats and so on. FO1 got the balance right I believe in that early in the game the critters were not too hard to bump off but if you went out and into dangerous territory, you got splattered.

    2 - More dialogue options and above all - MORE VOICE ACTORS! Come on, it can't be hard to hire a few more Voice Actors to play specialised NPC's can it? It got a bit tiresome listening to the same actors modify their voice for when they did the dialogue for different NPC's.

    3 - A much bigger sandbox map with realistic distances. Also settlements and fixed encounters need to be spaced apart to encourage exploring.

    4 - More & varied weapons. I want to see home made guns like muskets made out of steel tubing, crossbows and compound bows, slingshots, spears and javelins and hell, even rocks! Lets face it, guns in 200 years plus will be rare as hens teeth and as such the world should reflect this that why X-bows etc should be common and firearms [modern] are rare. And energy weapons even rarer although this will go against the canon of FO I think? It just irks me to see hundreds of energy weapons floating around in FO3 when it's 200 years since they were last made :roll:

    5 - I'd like to be able to use vehicles and animals for transport. This would circumvent having to walk everywhere and nerf the fast travel mode. It'd also mean you'd have to mainain your animal/vehicle etc and they could be killed destroyed in a fight. This would add a great new element to the game and make players think carefully about riding into a firefight if they know their car or horse could get shot to pieces :wink:

    6 - Better companion NPC's. I like having back up in certain fight and the NPC's in FO3 were amusing but they got rather stale after a time. They need more dialogue and should respond to situations like them telling you to bugger off if you are taking on something far too tough or putting them in danger. They diffinently need better AI.

    7 - I like what has been said about New Veags' hard core rules, especially about ammo actually having weight! This should be mandatory, not hard core. Also limit the number of weapons you can carry, ie; 1 rocket missle launcher or large weapon, 1 rifle sized weapon, and a few hand guns. Otherwise, even though you have the carrying capacity, its ridiculous to imagine a person running around with a missile launcher, mini gun, fatboy, chinese assault rifle, laser rifle, sniper rifle and so on which with a half decent STR you could easily carry.
    IRL, you would fall over and running?! :crazy:No way in hell with all that gear on your back! It just has to be a bit more believable. Less is more! :mrgreen:

    8 - More areas within settlements/places to explore. someone mentioned earlier Rivet city being a few decks and I agree, it was not enough for the size of the place. Also more ruins and less [intact] buildings. After 200+ years of negelct, most buildings would be rubble and that's not counting blast damage from A-bombs etc. In NEw Vegas though, since it never got hit and has had power via the Hoover Dam, I can see the city being moderately in good shape thus I suspect most of the places will look a bit like Tenpenny Towers, in fairly good condition. However, out in the wastelands, there should be hardly any old structures left standing and those that are have been repaired [often badly] by survivors who aren't qualified builders or engineers thus are likely to look like ruins.
  4. NoiseMarine

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    Apr 15, 2010
    -Weapon Mods/Unique looking weapons.
    -Hardcore mode
    -Supposedly going to be more "first person shootery" so you can hit things out of Vats and you don't have bullet dumpsters for enemies.
    -More dialogue options.
    -More joinable factions.

    Why'd you have to make me pick only five?! :(
  5. Nikola's Cannon

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    May 15, 2010
    1. A weather cycle
    2. Slower degrading, if any at all.
    3. More need for food. (i.e. more health restored, need it to survive, etc.)
    4. Different skins for unique weapons.
    5. If you are wearing sunglasses, make the world tinted. When you wear the NCR helmet, with that red, high-techy tint, make the world red, and add a few new HUD items specific for that helmet.
  6. MKSaibot

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    May 11, 2010
    Fully agree X2, which saves me from having to type anything other then . . .

    I want there to be a Tommy Gun in the game badly.
  7. boer_kameel

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    Apr 2, 2003
    I REMEMBER every settlement from the original FO's. They all had a certain feel, an atmosphere. I want it back.
    BoS can remain, being closer to their original base of operation. Losing the Mutants (ogres?) as opponents wouldn't bother me at all.

    Balance: Why implement RPG skills when they feel underused? Make a shooter, or a 3D RPG. Don't TRY and mix both.

    Design/Freedom: The orignals FO's kept a feel of freedom, because almost every door was passable almost instantaneously. Maybe some limited backtracking was needed, say to relay Poseidon nuclear generator intel to Vault City. I don't want to spend some 30min real-life time to backtrack to get some key. I keep some dynamite in my inventory / Spend points in Science for a reason.

    Design: Indeed, more Mad Max, less post-apo Orcs. People are scavenging for survival, not (re)inventing nucular catapults.

    Persistent world: Persistence doesn't mean bullet holes that stay. It means, if I blow up a city, even neighboring cities will know and fear/despise me for it.

    Dialog: True... Dialog means immersion. Not boring repetition of mudcrabs.
  8. nemetoad

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    Dec 7, 2008
    1.) Better character designs. Fallout 3 is full of NPCs that either a.) have no personality, b.) have a personality that is obnoxious, c.) exist to serve one purpose and then have no other reason for existing and can be ignored completely, or d.) a combination of the above. Some are okay, but the overall lot of them are about as interesting as listening to a Clear Eyes commercial. It'd be nice to instead of having an obnoxiously long list of characters that serve no purpose and reduce it down to a smaller list of interesting people that occur several times in different sub-stories to New Vegas.

    Oddly enough the questline of characters I found most interesting and amusing in Fallout 3 was the Republic of Dave bit.

    2.) Interwoven questlines. I'd like to see the completion and failures of quests to affect other questlines in the game.

    3.) An actual ending D:

    4.) Less randomly generated encounters, loot, etc. This has been something that's bothered me since Oblivion. I'd like the return of actual consistant rewards at the end of, say, dungeon crawls instead of a random loot chest that may or may not spawn something you want. I'd also like to see less scaled enemies based off your level and more scaled enemies based off the area that you're in. I'd be easy to give more depth and variety to randomized human enemies such as Raiders by simply segregating them into clans/tribes/gangs/whatever and giving each their own variety of weapons, armors, and skills. Sure, have the random guy have a weapon he got off a corpse, but it would give more depth to the game in a simple manner while also diversifying the challenge.

    5.) Weapons and armor variety. I've already seen screenshots of Fallout 3-styled laser rifles with scopes. I hope to see laser rifles without scopes, a different variation of laser rifles that matches the Fallout 1/2 version, etc. Basically I'd like to see variety that not only gives different stats and uses, but also creates a less generic feel to everything you pick up and use.
    I also hate unique weapons that use the same model as the base weapon, with no change asthetically. Get rid of that, Obsidian >:|
  9. DirkGently

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    Jun 2, 2010
    1) Having your agility/AP matter outside of vats. This is one of the most annoying things i found in FO3. Your AP should apply to all your shooting/reloading/Stimpack using, not just inside of VATS. The original idea for VB was to make it so that moving would stop AP from regenerating; this would've been excellent in FO3, and really made it feel more like a RPG.

    2) A repair system that is completely not lame. The repair system in FO3 doesn't really bother me that much. I'm cool with it, except, the thing that des bother me, is that ti's completely boring. If I had had my say in the matter, I would've had it been done so that each gun has a small section of durability that can be regained by cleaning it (lets say 10%). After this is gone, you'd dig into the body of the weapons durability. If you get to this point, the weapon becomes innaccurate, does less damage, etc. If it hits a certain point, it will break, and need a number of parts to fix it. These parts could be found by dissembling other guns, in containers, stores, etc.

    Cleaning the gun would restore some part of that 10% on top; However, if you've already degraded the 'body' of the gun, it won't regenerate what's been lost. EG, if your shotgun is at 75% durability, cleaning it would restore it, at most, to 85%. This way repairing could actually be interesting and not just a boring, button mashing task.

    3) Multiple companions. Make fights easier for a more diplomatic/non-combat oriented character, plus, inter-character relationships.

    4) energy weapons that could actually be aimed by people. I absolutely hated some of the looks of the energy weapons in FO3. Sure, they had a certain 'duct tape and bailing wire' feel, but I wish they actually looked like they could have been used by a soldier. How exactly are you supposed to aim a plasma pistol or plasma rifle? Because I don't have a fucking clue.

    5) Five is going to be two things because that's how I roll.

    5a) the skins for the guns need to be randomized. It's really weird how every weapon looks like it's scuffed up exactly like every other version of it out there. It'd be cool if there was a randomization algorithm that changed up the dings and dents and scratches on stuff.

    5b) Weapons are still being made by the BoS and other factions in the Fallout universe. It'd be cool if there were different arms/armors that reflected this. I'm not just talking about uniforms, but being able to find a "Brotherhood 10mm Pistol" which did extra damage or carried extra bullets would be cool. These guns could be less dinged up or have extra designs to them as well to set them up.
  10. alec

    alec White heterosexual male Orderite

    May 21, 2003
    [1] No cheap fun for fun's sake like, let's say, supermutants with a gender problem or pimped up bling-bling PipBoys.

    [2] A post-apoc world one can believe in, and not just a grey war torn world of ruins and craters, but more something like:


    [3] Plants and trees. Lots of them. Also: flora inside buidlings, on top of buildings, covering buildings. Plants and tress. Yes, sir. They should be fucking everywhere.

    [4] No minigames that test the player's intelligence/reaction time rather than that of the character that I am roleplaying.

    [5] Quality and depth of dialogue.
  11. DirkGently

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    Jun 2, 2010
    I don't mind the Super Mutant who identifies as female; it could actually work to explain how Super Mutants mutate and what their society is like, since we mainly know them from fighting them, or, occasionally, talking to them. If there character is more than 'lol gender issues' and actually interesting, I'm cool with it.

    I don't think this is the setting for the world being reclaimed by nature. Maybe in the general worn down, ruined sense. If it were in maine, washington state, or even DC, to an extent, that would be pretty cool, but there isn't much life in mojave as it is, so here, it wouldn't make much sense.

    However, I cannot agree with you more about number four. Why the hell am I putting points into a skill if I'm going to personally pass the skill check myself? That should be something in an action game (think Bioshock), not a RPG. And if it is in the RPG, then it should simply be a skill assisted thing, not a skill check. IE, if I pass the check to pick the lock, it's picked. If my lockpicking skill is not checked, but rather goes towards making the lock easier to pick, that's different (I still prefer number one).

    But yes, number four so fucking much. I hated it in Fo3, and I hated in Oblivion. Hopefully obsidian will do away with it and make the game better for it.
  12. Mr Krepe

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    Mar 28, 2010
    I want to add some more, but it's been so long since I posted on this topic I forgot what I did post so tell me if I have repeated myself:

    -I saw the E3 video and I noticed the decline in Caesar's Legion reputation, I like that idea, but I think what would make it better is if armour and clothing affected your rep to, say if you were wearing NCR Armour in a Legion camp, your rep would depreciate and the legion members would start insulting you.

    -If you won a certain amount of chips you could exchange them for, caps, weapons, armour, clothing even an apartment in the casino, or maybe a companion who was traded for a certain amount of chips.

    -A companion from each faction, where if you moved up the ranks you could persuade them to follow you around i.e NCR=NCR Rnger, BoS=Paladin and so on.

    That's all for now.
  13. DirkGently

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    Jun 2, 2010
    From what I've seen in the demos, it looks like money will be a regular inventory item, so chips can probably be bartered like everything else. They may not be worth much outside of the casino, or, the casino may not care much for you taking a whole bunch out, and force you trade them in for whatever currency the strip uses or whatever. Then again, the strip may use the various chips as it's currency, just as the Capital Wasteland used bottle caps. Hell, that's what I'd use for currency in my post nuclear vegas.
  14. Nark

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Man, I'd love to see Fallout set in a place like that. It would be pretty damn cool.
  15. matthewfarmery

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    Jun 26, 2010
    bring back traits, (I think the lack of them was a bad idea, and make perks every every 3 levels or 4 with the skilled trait (like in FO1 and 2) but also make both traits and perks really mean something, not add loads of useless ones, but a few good ones but your choises really effect the game / playing style, I didn't like the way that you could have so many perks and most weren't that great, and 1 every level was a just too much

    the game world needs to be bigger, or city areas smaller, so that the game feels big, not so tightly squashed that you run into stuff every few steps

    better story, and link to the 2 in some way

    SPECIAL that really means something, less then 4 INT makes you dumb but would be interesting, but I guess the game won't go that far,

    I just want to see a good game, and hope it plays like FO1 and 2, even though its a FPS, there should be some hope that the game won't be so dumbed down, but in this age, I fear the game will be another FO3, simple to play and no challenges, but we will see
  16. GreatestHits

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    Jul 12, 2010
    1. Less OTT silliness.

    2. No behemoths, giant firebreathing ants, radscorpions, mirelurks, centaurs or any of their ilk, no matter how integral to FO lore they are. If they remain, at least give them a more menacing appearance. No talking trees, aliens or samurai. At all.

    3. Moral choices should be far less obvious and far more common
    than in Fallout 3, and I shouldn't have to go out of my way or pick the unreasonable asshole dialog option to lose karma. Petty theft I think is the only way I lost karma in FO3. And less archetypal villains. And no messiahs.

    4. Simpler UI with no popups or cheerful noises for things like karma gain, exp. gain, etc.

    5. Timed quests. E.g., take too long, and you fail. Complete a quest quickly enough, and you may receive an extra unleveled reward.
  17. Chr1s

    Chr1s First time out of the vault

    Jun 14, 2010
    1. Better storyline

    2. More choices

    3. More detailed ending depending on your VARIOUS choices
  18. overtake

    overtake First time out of the vault

    Apr 7, 2010
    1. More mad max, less sci-fi-enclave-superweapon-shit.
    2. Grim atmosphere, not the "shootmutantsdisneyland"
    3. Good twisted humour.

    5(bonus): Loonie named B.E tesha, that makes his own versions of grognak the barbarian-comics
  19. Einhänder

    Einhänder Mildly Dipped

    Jul 10, 2010
    Oh god, better gore. Fallout 1 and 2, when you got Bloody Mess and shot a normal human with a sniper rifle, the fucking side of their body would explode, and oh god I want that. Not "hurr arms and legs come off lol".
  20. DirkGently

    DirkGently Still Mildly Glowing

    Jun 2, 2010
    Yeah, hopefully the gore won't look hilarious laser either, although the 'meat and giblets' gore you got from explosions and liberty prime was pr. good.