What will happen to the NCR

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    May 6, 2018
    I'm gonna be honest. The NCR is my favorite faction in Fallout. I will give an honest thought to what I think and not because they're the best. The NCR suffer from political corruption,traitorism and much more. But they are probably the best thing that could happen to the Wasteland. They are actively trying to restore the United States to its before war glory. The Brotherhood hasn't done much to the wasteland and just because a splinter faction breaks off and starts helping doesn't mean they are now better. I don't think the NCR will be able to reclaim all of the United States. But I think they can conquer the Entire West Coast and Form a nation there and try to expand further east when they know they can. As for after what happened in NV, I say the NCR wins but does not control New Vegas. The NCR probably stops trying to expand so they can focus developing mostly because of the heavy loses fighting Caesars legion and raiders. They may try to befriend the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood and a possible Alliance between the two. The NCR continues building its Military and Develops the Mojave(And whatever territories that aren't) and finish cleaning up any remnants or false groups of Caesar's legion. After that they just need to keep the Raider Population to a minimum and keep fighting the Corruption. So do I think the NCR will be the Dominant Power? No. Far from it. Sure they have numbers and are one of the only groups continuing to help the wasteland(besides the followers,Eastern Brotherhood and Minuteman.) But they have many weaknesses. Sure they don't have cool power armor or flying airships(I mean like the prydwen not vertibirds) but they continue to keep fighting and are determined to return America to its glory. Although it'll take a while to recover after NV I think they'll remain for awhile as a savior to the wasteland.
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    The NCR's future hinges entirely on the ending to New Vegas you'd want to consider 'canon.' Legion or House ending will make the NCR's eastward expansion incredibly problematic, if not completely impossible. I would like to see the Fallout world 50-100 years into the future to see how they fare with things, however. Implying they don't get wiped out and/or wipe themselves out with that dangerous ambition they're so famous for...
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    The environment to rebuild America just doesn't exist. Not now, at least.

    Outside of the Mojave, what civilization is there? Coal mines up north. Some weird assemblage under Caesar to the east. Nothing of note in Mexico. Nothing known about the North.

    The Great Plains is so barren you can fit Mojaves between what towns do exist like Macomb, Springfield, Gravestone, Junction City, and Cold Water. There's some greenery left there, so maybe expansion there could alleviate food problems...maybe. It's still a depopulated mess from the aftermath of the MwBoS-Calc war. Down Texas way you got Carbon, Los, and maybe Abilene exist. Though all the above is semi-canon at best. For all we know, the Midwest is a sprawling, rich green empire. Then, across that, you got the Pitt, a city-state in what is possibly Toronto, the Capital Wasteland with the gems of...Megaton and Rivet City; the Commonwealth with Diamond City and...something else.

    So South, East, or North; the NCR is seemingly fucked. The far South-East might hold a surprise...or not. There's nothing else to tax. There's barely anyone to fight but raiders, maybe the Khan again, and some small bunkers of BoS. There's nothing to really salvage. The NCR has California, the Mojave, southern Oregon, western Nevada, maybe the Southwest with Two-Sun and Phoenix and Flagstaff.

    Maybe they can go to Hawaii. Maybe the Enclave went back there, who knows. (Oh, fuck, I just guessed Fallout 5: Fight the Enclave Part 3). But the continental USA no-longer can't be one big empire again, not until 1) it becomes greener and 2) local civilization emerges in full. And even then it'll be a sore act of living on ruins, recycling junk, barely making anything new, barely being a fraction of a percent of what was.
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    Jun 25, 2018
    While I agree with the idea that rebuilding the America of old isn’t possible, at least for now, maybe the Republic doesn’t have to.

    As it is, the Republic offers security (though with a healthy dose of inefficiency on the side). And perhaps that’s enough. Maybe actually being safe isn’t as important as the idea of being safe. Whether the NCR over-expands and collapses in on itself or not, it’s still laid the seeds for the ideals of dredging up Old World ghosts in the name of security and unity. It’s, I’d guess, why people support any other faction (the Legion included); they want safety. And though the NCR doesn’t offer that as effectively as the Legion does, the people under its banner feel like they’re part of something larger. Like they’re reviving the America of the past, even though the NCR (in my opinion) resembles “War of 1812-era” America more than “global superpower” America.

    So to sum it up, I believe that regardless of the ending of NV, the Republic WILL overexpand, and WILL collapse; but when that happens, the ideals of the Republic will likely live on. If I had to say anything, it’s that the NCR could likely buy themselves a few more years of life if they didn’t stake their claim in literally everything. Because no one’s dick is that long. Not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick.
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    I always had misgivings about the NCR. They did some underhanded things in 2 with the raider conspiracy against vault city. In New Vegas, they are most often depicted as foreign, spread thin, with very little in the way of resources. Their grasp on the mohave is tenuous at best, and their defenses leave something to be desired. They have made it their priority to accept as many people into their care as possible, but I don't think that necessarily helps them. They have a situation where their most powerful resource is their population. In the battle against the Legion, they are more than willing to throw away lives for time.

    I feel like their situation reminds me China during world war 2. The Guomindang had a huge population, but was going through drought and famine at the time and were going against stronger japanese forces that had more modern technology. They were setting up old style fortifications that would get surrounded by japanese forces and massacred, but the GMD believed this was a worthwhile method because they were trading space and lives for time, but space and lives are the heart and morale of a nation. In that time when the GMD was cedeing territory to the Japanese, the communist forces started recruited people to work behind enemy lines. They employed guerrilla warfare and took back land from the Japanese to keep spirits up. The communist forces went from 44000 to several million in a few years, and that laid the foundation for the Chinese civil war. I would love to see a new group sprout from areas that the NCR fails to help due to its large size and colliding with another force like the Legion. Ultimately, I believe in the Fallout Universe, power corrupts, and the NCR empire is doomed to fall as all empires do. There is no future in bear or bull.
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    Jun 25, 2018
    I couldn't have said it better myself. The simple fact that corruption exists in the NCR is the fast track to a quick death or rebellion, in Fallout as in life.
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    Bethesda doesn't seem to care about Westcoast story arc much. Alll of their Fallout games are set in Eastcoasts (Ruins of Washington DC, Pittsbourgh-Penn, in F3), The New England Commonwealth (especially Boston MA), and Virginia (the upcoming Fallout 76) ... the only Beth era Fallout games set in the West was the New Vegas (made by Obsidian by the old Black Isle crew under supervisions of Beth, and much of Van Buren materials revised to fit in with Beth engines and policy) so the conclusions of Fallout New Vegas is still an open canon but likely against Robert House....

    Actually I favor a Free Vegas. (i.e. Yes Man Ending) with Good Karma and the followings endings for others.
    - Securitrons upgraded.
    - Enclave Remnants joined the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam and alive and with Gannon in the Followers of the Apocalypse camp. every memership survived the battle.
    - Brotherhood of Steel Mojave Chapter made peace with NCR.
    - The Great Khans severed alliance with the Legion and left Mojave into Wyoming to rejoin the Followers and rebuild their true Khanate there.
    - Nightkins get a cure. and so did Lilly.
    - Tabitha got her Rhonda fixed and left Black Mountain peacefully
    - Fiends weakened
    - Boomers got their bombers and joined the Battle.
    - Goodspring survived.
    - Primm got a gunslinger its new Sheriff.
    - Bright Brotherhood properly reached the space. and evacuated Novac.
    - Chief Hanlon survived the war and retired back to Redding.
    - The Misfits got an extra training and continued their service to the NCR.
    - Boone became a casino guard.
    .. that's a hell lotta lists of endings with slides... but in conclusion. NCR got jinxed as well as Mr. House and Caesar.

    Back to the question. should the Free Vegas be a canon ending.
    1. New Vegas became a powerful city state. through the government system is not told in the Yes Man ending but given a City State of New Vegas an absolute control over Hoover Dam, NCR will be either extorted. or stagnate to the critical point
    2. Aaron Kimball will be impeached out. possibility of Constitution Amendment or an entirely new constitution will be drafted. (AFAIK, Presidency lasts for life (Tandi and Aradesh) or impeached (Johanna Tibbets) but I don't know how NCR Presidential impeachment works. is it totally congressional process or involving prebiscite? Fallout wikia said nothing much about impeachment except 'Voted out by People'. Constitutional Amendments will set office terms and other limits of presidency... for the NCR Constution is more or less different to the USA Constitution)
    3. Food crisis in NCR will restore Followers of the Apocalypse' influence over NCR populace, they may broker peace or Free Vegas easings effort and if they succeed, the Followers will earn more leverage in NCR policy.

    1. NCR will be extor