Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - next release will be some time in Jan 2020

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    June 2021
    Hello all,

    i have decided to give fallout 1 another run after 2 1/2 decades. Very glad there is something like FalloutFixt, i intend to install "Fixes Only". i have installed the vanilla core fallout 1 from the Interplay Fallout Trilogy (although after installation i think that is 1.2 not 1.1), and the .exe inside the fallout folder is "falloutw.exe" i do not see any default "fallout.exe". Nukapedia wiki says core fallout without mods should be officially patched to 1.1 only, so i am confused.

    Anyway, I have searched and found that 0.81alpha is ready, but through google i learnt that the developer decided release an update in 2020, so i was wondering if there is any newer version.

    it would be appreciated if someone could tell me :-

    1. which vanilla core fallout 1 i should install,
    2. what is the latest falloutfixt i should download (if 0.81a is not newest)
    3. will hi-res patch be included with the falloutfixt, and
    4. is there any way i can force fallout 1 to 16:9 ratio (if possible to 1920 x 1080 res, but half of that is good too, priority for me is 16:9 ratio).

    Thank you very much. Would be good if u direct help corresponding to items 1-4 above, as i get easily confused.

    thanks in advance.
  2. DADi590

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    May 18, 2020
    Hi. If you'll release a next version, could you try to see how to get it to work with the DOS executable? I know it won't work with Sfall and High Resolution pack, but I mean without those. With the latest official version, I can get it to show the character and move it around.

    And that's with removing OBJ_DUDE.INT, because with that file, right after I see the character, it will go straight to the main menu, fading out white. Without that file, it kind of works. Though, when I leave the cave, it says I've lost because the vault is dead. That's when I noticed the dead rats on the cave shouldn't be dead - which happens with or without the file.

    Would it be possible to fix this? Hopefully it doesn't need Windows to work and is just some minor bug. Thank you in any case for the mod!

    EDIT: Seems the dead rats problem is fixed by removing the file WANRATS.INT (no idea if this fixes the vault dead thing, but I won't try unless you ask because I'm removing files... Not a good idea to keep playing without them, after I was told OBJ_DUDE is important). Hopefully this helps enough if you get to try to fix this. Though, I can provide any other info that would be needed. I can also send a debug file made with the DOS debug version of the EXE if needed.

    UPDATE: If you get to fix it, know that your version 6.7.2 alpha doesn't do this (got it from here: https://www.mediafire.com/?b88tc6m9h7m26 - thank TONS to the archive owner... Or I wouldn't be playing with Fixt now). Seems to work normally on those 2 things. Hopefully it works normally on the rest, because I'll play with it, both on my PC and tablet. At least until this gets fixed - if it does, that is. Anyways, only from 7.0 alpha onwards the 2 bugs happen. So again, thank you!! Will play with Fixt now!!!

    ----- Separate requests -----

    EDIT 2: Just one last thing. I think the HMI files that come with your mod (at least the newest version - I've been replacing them always, so didn't check) don't work at least with me on DOSBox 0.74-3. So I've been using the 2 I've attached, in case you'd like to use them on the mod or analyze them or something.

    EDIT 3: And still another thing xD. No idea if you can make it happen, but could you try having the enemy highlight correspond to the FOW setting? Not that cool to have it highlighting all enemies even with that enabled. If you can, of course.


    EDIT 4: I've changed the HMI files. These 2 fix the Sound Blaster 16 problem. I was trying to understand inside the game with a disassembler why this was happening. I noticed it was happening while trying to read the HMIDRV.386 file. So I went looking for other files and these are working perfectly.

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    Sep 24, 2021
    Hi, I often get a crash during world travel when encountering a special encounter, meaning I see the red maltese cross icon just before the crash.
    The error message is:
    The instruction at ### referenced memory at ###
    The memory could not be read from

    I managed to get a couple of special encounters without the crash so I suspect the crash happens for a specific encounter.
    I never got the alien ship, luck=8, so it might be it.

    Tried reinstalling the game and fixt.
    Any advise?
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    Is his now officially dead?
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    Seems so. So many keep saying that "et tu" aka "Fallout 1 in Fallout 2" is better in many ways.
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    "Soon". :)
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    and which is the truth
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    just wanted to pop in and ask: can you get together with Tandi as a female character?
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    Jan 11, 2022
    Hi, I am currently trying to install fixt, but when ever i try to and installation almost finishes I get 3 different "Unable to execute file" errors saying "create process failed: code 5 access denied" along with other 3 different paths like "(pc)fallout\fallout fixt\crashFix\DXSETUP.exe" or "(pc)fallout\fallout fixt\crashFix\vcr_2008_x64" and afterwards everything seems like it got installed fine but when i try to run fallout fixt or any program inside the "(pc)fallout" folder it says "windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item".

    Idk how to solve this I tried going administrator and running it but no success. If anything fallout folder is under "program files\ModifiableWindowsApps" i downloaded it through xbox game pass pc so idk if this mod works for this or if i have to get the game from steam instead to be able to play it. And i cant seem to be able to chaange the install destination for fallout, it always goes under "program files". Any help would be appreciated
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    Hello greenhorn..

    #1 Don't ever install *any* of the classic fallout mods anywhere inside Program Files/Program Files (x86) on your system drive! those folders are protected in newer windowses ( from win Vista upwards). Fallout won't install in those folders correctly or won't run at all ( despite it says initially it wants to instal there...) just change the instalation path to something else..

    #2 You greenhorns outside of NMA are probably unaware but Fallout FIXT is *obsolete* by now.. The project that is ongoing, and good to go in this matter, is now based on Fallout2 engine, and is called: Fallout: Et Tu. As in Fallout1 in Fallout2 engine. Some crafting is required to play, but it's nothing You can't handle.. mainly as a means of preventing unauthorised use by pirates (intelectuall property owners probably require this). Everything You need is in Fallout: Et Tu thread in modding (this) section of the forum.
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    I don't think one can change the install path for any MS Store/X-Box Live programs (stupid M$:falloutonline:), so you will need a "normal" Fallout PC version...
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    What if you copy&paste the files to somewhere else? Did they add DRM to it?
  13. gustarballs1983

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    Oh crap I didn't read fully his post.. That dude is trying to create Fallout: pos out out of FIXT, by enabling it on console.. PPL don't let Him do it.. I'm all for banning classic Fallouts from console. at least from preventing typical console-pesant mindset folks to downvote the game(s) to oblivion

    /PC-master-race rant...
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    Jan 23, 2022
    I didn't read about Fallout et tu as a better option than Fixt, so I wind up installing this, even I informed a little bit before installing any mod. It works good for now, but I'll let you know if I have a big problem. I just installed the Purist installation, because I remember a few things about this game, I only completed it once.

    Nevertheless, I have two questions/problems about it:
    1. Sfall is working very neat, except that speed modifier keys aren't working (i.e ctr+1 to 6). I've tried to edit the ini but I couldn't find a solution. Though the speed base modifier works, It's set up by default at 110 and you can modify at your will.

    2. When I finish the game I want to play with the full installation to see the restored content, should I make a clean installation in order to do it or just install it?

    3. Did the autor say anything about the alledged realease on Jan 2020? it has passed a year and the mod It's still on the 2015 version.

    Thank you
  15. Shanye

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    Jan 23, 2022
    Anyone has Error1 and Error2 on the Fixt 0.9 (fallout v1.0 testing playable)?
  16. Irradiated Rat

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    Jan 27, 2022
    Hello there, I'm new to Fallout 1 and new to this site. I had a few questions regarding general gameplay that I'm hoping someone can answer. Since I'm using Fallout Fixt, I am to believe this is the best place to ask.

    So my question are thus:
    1. Are doctor's bags/first aid kits required to heal crippled limbs? Are eyes healed the same way if so?
    2. Can companions become crippled? If so, how do I know when they are?
    3. Is there a difference between using the Pip-Boy to rest as compared to purchasing a bed?

    Thanks in advance for any answers anyone can provide.

    Hey there, I'm having trouble understanding the first question you asked as I'm also new to Fallout 1, but I've done some research and can answer the other two fairly confidently.

    So, version 0.81a seems to be the latest publicly available version of Fixt. Hi-res patches are indeed included with Fixt. Open your [f1_res_Config.exe] located in your fallout folder to customize your graphics setting and ensure the patch is enabled. As for enabling 16:9, I had issues with Fixt's direct draw method working properly for me. I went into the [f1_res.ini] file and changed graphics_mode to equal 2. This changes it to DirectX9mode. From there I was able to open the game and customize my graphics to better match my resolution and provide a proper 16:9 picture. Though you'll likely want to also activate scale x2 in order to make the menus larger.

    I hope that helped somewhat. Feel free to experiment with the in-game screen settings and .ini files to more finetune your preferences.
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    1. You don't need doctors bag, you can fix limbs and eyes using only your doctor skill(press '6' on keyboard to use). Doctor's bag is like a boost. First aid is less effective than doctor skill and doesn't fix broken limbs.
    2. You can use the binocular on companions and it will tell if they are crippled.
    3. (My old answer was wrong)
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  18. Lexx

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    3. I only checked the Crash House right now, but it will heal you with random 10, 15 hitpoints while you use it (till next morning, etc). Depending on how long it is till morning, it can be faster than using the PipBoy resting function. If it's worth it is another thing entirely, though.
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  19. Irradiated Rat

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    Jan 27, 2022
    Thanks so much for clearing that up. I remember reading on the Fallout wiki that you needed either a kit or bag to fix them, or at least that's what the writing suggests. We should get you lot here to create a better wiki, hah.
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    Using the items will give you a skill boost, so it'll be easier to repair crippled limbs.