Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - next release will be some time in Jan 2020

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    Oct 28, 2009
    So 'ol Tarballs got called to the classboard agin eh?

    Well I can tell you this:
    -no point in sticking to DosBox of any sort.. DosBox emulates whole x86 system configuration up to win98.
    -no point in running DosBox with win 98 on board as it will run slow and buggy
    - Dos Version of Falout1 does not support so called 'sfall' modification, which is nessecary for some of the fixt stuff to work (as sfall is a .dll file which work only i windows)
    - default version of sfall, that comes with FIXT0.81a does not support windows prior to XP anyway.

    -FIXT is not the newest Fallout1 experince out there. Fallout: Et Tu (so called Fo1toFo2 project) superseeded FIXT.

    The best way to run FIXT or Fo:ET Tu on a modern phone would be by running it on ExaGear: Windows Emulator.
    No ExaGear stuff is available in playstore anymore (unless you had it before it was pulled off from playstore than it's on Your download list, but otherwise you can't get it from playstore anymore). So finding it is up to You. ExaGear Winows Emulator may not support bluetooth gamepad, however it does support both Bluetooth and USB-OTG mice. (right click works only with default controlls, when using external mouse, otherwise it will crash the game to destop). The configuations are gimmicky too, however with at least 1.5GHz six core CPU, One might run it smooth.
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    Dec 1, 2020
    Jeje sorry from waking up you from sleep ^_^

    Thanks for the fast reply ! I spend several weeks triying to do it

    So , there is no way to play Fixt on Ms Dos

    I will give a shot to this et tu mod yours was talking about this last,, one hundred pages ,

    Yeah i played so time ago F1 and f2 in win 95/98 emulated under ms dos in a phone, testing and helping with the first packs rolanddeshain did , bit it would be the last shot i use with the game

    Thanks again

    I wanted to share a game easy to play to a old school comunity of gamers , as far exagear its not in google play, i tought dosbox is the easiest way

    I had it , i bought it, and in very very happy, i dont understand why the project stoped , most people can alsl use exagear windows , but exagear rpg runs Perfect with Fallout or Starcrfat

    To have exagear rpg now, you must use lucky patcher and other stuff not easy for everyone , i tried to share The most Complete fallout for ms dos to my comunity ( www.abandonsocios.org ) we have a lot of old games, most abandonware, with original disk and also repacks for scummvm dosbox etc,, all in spanish

    As far i see you know a lot about fallout mods, could you say to me the most important mods you can put in Ms Dos ?
    So i can make the most complete version to share

    I tried this mod patchers

    Parche Semioficial 1.2.1:

    Parche no official 1.3.5 ( team X )

    But dont know if works in Ms Dos executable

    About gamepad / mouse i need a special gadget with has two USB OTG and Hdmi output so i can put Mouse in the Free USB, i need to buy it

    Also im triying to use Chromecast Gadget to port the screen from phone to the proyector i use, i can play F 1 F 2 and tactics nice

    But still a "complete" version in ms dos is something i want to have / share

    Thanks again for all the work and the help guys !

    I know very people is waiting to new Fixt or another mods, i can understand, but really is someting dificult to do for only one person , someone can spend a whole life with this,,

    What about a crowfunding to give money so a programer could programing all we want ? I think is the best way , more than wait years and years,, in another hand,, i have all the time of the world

    Thanks again we see us by the way !
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  3. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    I downloaded and installed the full version, however i noticed that the ammunition modifiers are missing from the ammo descriptions and I have no idea if they work.

    I understand that ammunition modifiers dont work in vanilla, does this mod make them work?

    Edit : Looking at the changelog, im guessing it does not. Is it an engine bug or something? Thought someone would have wanted to make them work if it was possible.

    Edit 2 : Also, did this mod change things so that enemies always drop armor on death? Because in FO2, i know that most enemies drop no armor and the armor stats are "baked" into their base stats.
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  4. ocelot

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    Sep 17, 2003
    I now decided to give this thing a try, using the Purist Install. The engine enhancements (e.g. FO2-style running, Take All option in inventories, and improved NPC control) are great. The same goes for the graphics fixes, good work!

    My main objection so far is a fairly minor one but nonetheless disturbing. Namely, this patch categorically implements the feature inspired by NV (or was it in FO3?) where a weapon matching your tagged combat skill(s) is added in your inventory at the beginning of the game. Characters with Big Guns tagged get a free Flamer, those with Energy Weapons tagged get a free Laser Pistol, etc. This is not original Fallout behavior. While its overall impact on game difficulty is fairly minor (those extra weapons are largely unusable at the beginning due to the lack of ammo), it nevertheless conflicts with vanilla behavior and lowers the difficulty of a game that was rather too easy to begin with. I understand that this feature mimics NV and that it (arguably) constitutes a successful new feature in NV, but it should absolutely be optional in Fallout 1 rather than something that is forcibly imposed upon the player regardless of his/her wishes.

    A second problem worthy of note is that sometimes caravans accuse me of abandoning them, refusing to pay me even though the caravan run went completely by the book (with 1 hostile encounter subdued without losses). Very annoying, even though admittedly this bug occasionally occurred in the originals (at least FO2) as well.

    This is original Fallout behavior. It was dropped from Fallout 2 as the developers realized it made the game too easy.
  5. ocelot

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    Sep 17, 2003
    I don't think they ever really worked in Fallout 1. And if they did, their mechanics were never transparent, i.e. there were no visible modifiers enabling the player to do the math himself. Such visible modifiers were only introduced in the sequel.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    First off.. dont double post. edit your post if you want to add something but nobody replied yet.

    Secondly, there should be an option in the installer to set what stuff is given to the player at game start.

    Thirdly Fallout FIXT is waaaay outdated... try Fallout:Et Tu. It's full Fallout1 experience ported completely into Fallout 2 engine. It's out for over a year, and on the contrary to FIXT it's still beeing worked on (as in ocassinally new versions do come out [That is whenever Lexx deems it fit] ). in adition to that you can drive your vehicle in Fallout: Et Tu with style, a thing which was not possible in original Fo1/FIXT, plus other benefits of using Fo2 engine.. relatively easy to mod, new items and no Fo1 255 item protos limit. so in fact you *can* find stuff like avenger minigun or bozar, or HK-P90 in the game hidden in certain places. and lots more.
  7. Question2

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    Jun 20, 2017
    Oh, did not realise this was a dead mod or there was a port to the FO2 engine.

    Is there some reason why the port is not mentioned here? https://www.nma-fallout.com/resources/categories/fallout-1.2/
  8. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    it's a relatively new mod. and it's not in downloads section cause it's in modding forums threads. Downloads section is not a place to look for fallout stuff, t's mostly old and outdated either Look up Dobrovik's archive (pinned in modding subforum) or look in _Pyran_'s signature for a link (visible after log-in). as for Et Tu..

    Fallout et tu - Release v1.3

    If you want, there's also a possibility to get an up to date version from github via tortoise.svn, but I don't remember how I've managed to configure that stuff.
    (takes up significant amount of space on hard drive).

    anyways as in other thread You've posted FIXT also has the option to disable gun holster/unholster animation when doing stuff, You probably just have to update Crafty's sfall1 (not the same as sfall for Fallout2 ) (sfall for fallout2 has at least 3 branches standard one, eXtended by Mr.Stalin and Crafty's sfall2) Crafty's version for fallout1 is not updated anymore but still it's waay newer than the one used in FIXT-0,81a. though expect ocasional crashes with any version of sfall1 as that stuff is really old, and it was built around the time sfall had several issues with crashingthe game. latest release ( of standard and extended version (Fallout2 engine) is actually very stable[haven't got a single crash since release] ).
  9. ocelot

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    Sep 17, 2003
    One would indeed expect so, but there isn't. One would also expect that the Purist Install, which claims to contain only bugfixes without any added content, would refrain from tampering with ANY of the original content, starting inventory included. Unfortunately this expectation is not met. I just now stumbled upon a few more unannounced modifications:
    1. The inappropriate (for a Purist install) addition of extra inventory items for a new character applies not only to combat skills but to all Tag Skills, e.g. selecting Sneak as a tag skill adds a free Stealth Boy to your startup inventory. I'm pretty sure tagging Lockpick will add lockpicks too, etc. While I think this was a nice idea that worked quite well in NV, it has no place in a FO1 patch install purporting to be purist.
    2. Ripper has been modified to use only 3 AP per attack instead of the original 4.
    3. One of the mutant sentries guarding the nuclear bomb now wields a Turbo Plasma Rifle instead of the original Power Fist.
    4. Packs of Centaurs encountered near Mariposa are incorrectly labeled as Floaters.
    5. Higher-ranking Super Mutants (ones in black vests) are inappropriately described as "human female with protective leather apparel" when performing a Look on them.
    6. These are just the ones that stuck out in a brief, casual playthrough. There are bound to be many more.
    While items 4 and 5 are just unfortunate bugs, items 1 to 3 are deliberate and unannounced alterations of game content. While a case can perhaps be made that they improve game balance, such changes should be strictly optional. The overall conclusion is that despite the technical enhancements and engine improvements, this patch fails to meet purists' needs.

    I see. Well, Fallout FIXT currently tops the downloads list, so I naturally assumed that it was the FO1 patch to get if one wanted a maximally bug-free version of the original Fallout experience.

    All I wanted was a patch enabling me to enjoy the original Fallout experience on a modern Windows machine. Motley mixes of FO1 and FO2 aren't my cup of tea. FO2 and NV are great games in their own right, but I'm more of a purist who prefers to stick to the content that the original developers intended for each game.
  10. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    You can just run the latest TeamX patch and install latest Sfall and HiRes patch manually.
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    Dec 29, 2020
    Hello! I discovered a very strange and old bug related to the "Gifted" perk. The description says that it should subtract 10% from all skills, but it takes 10% only from battle-related skills and 20%!!!! from peaceful skills, which does not correspond to the description and seems just simply unfair. This cannot be seen at the time of character creation - an additional 10% subtractor is applied after the game starts. To reproduce this bug it's enought to create a character and start the game - then view into CHR list and you'll see, that some of skills fell below 0. You can calculate that with the stats from my screenshot My Outdoorsman should be 2% (5%+(7+8)/2 - 10% = 7,5%-5% ~~ 2%) but it doesn't. I always can restore this 10% by artmoney, but it doesn't seems fair.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    You sure He doesn't have turboplasma in backpack?

    I seemed to always had a second one after visit to cathedral vault lvl 4, Perhaps all Sduibek did was a change to wield turboplasma instead of power fist, since turboplasma is more op than hth weapon, anyways haven't got to cathedral on my TeamX-1.3.5 patch playthrough. currently that playthrough is on hold for me.

    also fallout FIXT tops downloads since it's out there for over 5 years!!
    don't expect Fallout Et Tu to beat it anytime soon, since it's only 1 year old and on top of it it's not as well and widely known yet.

    You're absolutely sure You're *not* playing on *hard* difficulty?
    because what hard difficulty does is substract 10% from all non-combat skils from the player, and applies certain bonus to enemy combat skills.

    so all in all: -10% from gifted and -10% for non combat skills from hard difficulty. would yeald a -20% modifier on outdoorsman, so [5% + (7+8)/2 -10%]=2,5% and now apply the -10% from hard difficulty, than it's -7,5% rounded down to -8% seemes legit to me..
    Don't seek errors where there are none.
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Fixt adds the same gear to both mutants (via script). So yeah, both will use the turbo plasma now. I reverted that in ettu a while ago.

    It's just one small change of many that Fixt adds to the game even in the "purist" version. Sadly most don't know about these things and keep proclaiming that the purist version is the unchanged original Fo1... Trying to combat this misinformation feels impossible, because folks either don't seem to believe it or just go by what's written on other websites.
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    Oct 28, 2009
    buhuhu.. [sniff] poor Katja back to the damn 10mmSMG for her.
    Could you at least add a chance for a HK P90 to also spawn at gunrunners. I mean the one from glow is sweet but Ian ain't the only one using SMGs.
  15. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Sure, done.
  16. ocelot

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    Sep 17, 2003
    Indeed, sir. I feel quite betrayed by this patch now, having realized how blatantly it misleads by claiming "purism" while still tampering with original content.
  17. RazzorBee

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    Dec 29, 2020
    Oh. Didn't know that. Thanks. That's kinda strange and rare gamedesign idea to reduce your skills with difficulty. Never seen something like that in other old school games :/ .
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    Jan 15, 2021
    Is there a comprehensive guide to install this? I'm new with computers and I don't know what i'm doing.
    Edit: tried installing the thing onto fallout, then deleting it. Now I can't play fallout, it doesn't work. Pls help.
    Edit 2: Managed to get fallout working, but no mod.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    The FNV feature is actually inspired by Fallout 1.

    In the first Fallout game, you get a Brass knuckles if you tag Unarmed and 2 Throwing Knives is you tag Throwing. Tagging other skills give extra stuff too.

    Fallout Tactics also does something similar with Tagged skills, Unarmed gives a Brass Knuckles, Melee gives a Broken Bottle, Throwing gives a Frag Grenade, 10 Rocks and 3 Spears, Doctor gives a Scalpel, Sneak gives a Axe Handle and Repair gives a Crowbar. Tagging these or other skills will also give extra stuff too.

    But you're right. One of the criticism of Fixt is that it always adds stuff that wasn't in the original game. Even if you install the Purist version.
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  20. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Btw. things like this can be disabled in Fixt. But you have to manually edit the global variables in data/data/Vault13.gam

    STARTING_ITEMS_DIFF_BASED :=0;  //  359  Fixt: CHOSEN BY PLAYER - Does number of each starting item vary on difficulty, or is it same as vanilla?
    STARTING_ITEMS_BIG_GUNS   :=1;  //  360  Fixt: CHOSEN BY PLAYER - Does tagging 'endgame' skills like Big Guns and Energy Weapons give the player those weapons?
    STARTING_ITEMS_KNIFE_CLUB :=1;  //  361  Fixt: CHOSEN BY PLAYER - Does player start with Club or Knife based on Melee Weapons skill tag?
    STARTING_ITEMS_GIVE_AMMO  :=1;  //  362  Fixt: CHOSEN BY PLAYER - Is player given ammo for gun-related skills, or no?
    STARTING_ITEMS_LIGHTER    :=0;  //  363  Fixt: CHOSEN BY PLAYER - Does player start with Lighter in inventory if Player Smokes is enabled?
    I think latest Fixt can also do this at the terminal outside of V13, but I'm not 100% sure right now.
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