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    Aug 16, 2010
    I think pavlov would have a field day with you, dude.
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    I never knew Cleric was an extreme leftist. It must be because he isn't. LEFTISTS! LIBERALS! EVERYWHERE! Worse than Scalper and his NAZIS!
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    Aug 16, 2010
    I can understand him, though. As a brony he must be getting his shit kicked in so much that the police doesn't even bother anymore. So he needs guns to defend his degenerate lifestyle. Not that he should be able to get, really don't want mentally unstable people like that to be armed.
    And the latter part is without any jokes and has nothing to do with the cartoon horses and whatever he beats off to. It's pretty clear that there is some psychosis going on there. The overreactions and constant repetitions of the same things while selectively ignoring the world reek of half a dozen of diagnoses. I suggest everyone to just ignore him since there is absolutely no point in talking to him. He doesn't live in yours or mine or anyone elses plane of reality.
  4. Proof you don't read other people's posts so why bother with your block of shit.
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    Mar 16, 2013
    Bitches be shoppin

    Bronies be schizo
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    Again. I am an 'extreme' leftist and I do not support this. I am even arguing for citizens to own fire arms.

    However I am not responsible for what you believe you might know about people you actually have no clue about.
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    Jun 1, 2018
    You're an absolute moron at this point dude. The fact that you have accused multiple people of being extreme leftists for mocking your spastic books of text you posts is proof of this. The idea that I was an extreme leftist and now Mr. Grandma is too is just hilarious.
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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Aug 16, 2010
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    Aug 19, 2008
    As a Chicago native that is why a I chuckle when I see people talking about kneeling and BLM. Yeah I get it, Police brutality is shit and out of hand and I get called a commie for pointing out stuff like the Daniel Shaver shooting before people started to pretend they care about any of this. But there was ONE protest about gang violence and when the media didn't show up, people just packed their shit up and went home. I doubt any sports millionaires and hollywood actors tweeted about it either.

    But I end with this.
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    A little bit about violence.

    Maybe the media is responsible for gun violence since the USA decided to MKULTRA the populace into doing their political bidding. It's obvious our propaganda machine has infected all parts of this world but in the USA it is inescapable.

    Frankly I am starting to think games like GTA are causing kids to disassociate from reality. Then add in drug abuse. Then finally it's the guns. Blame the guns last.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    It has been long standing tradition to blame the acts of people on things. long before games it was violent TV and movies and rock n' roll. before that it was comics turning the youth into homosexuals. before that books like catcher in the rye did...stuff to the youth. Before that scandalous plays were an affront the common decency of the populace and a threat to the moral fiber of western civilization. it is like people can't seem to except that some people out there are fucking idiots who are going to do idiot shit. The modern Media exists to exploit that idiocy because they have fear to sell you. speaking of idiots.

  13. People chase things in their mind when the nature of mind is illusion. That is why they are confused. Less instruction and tradition leads to chasing things that are ephemeral and causes suffering.
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    I understand that GM trust me. They blamed Ed Gein's thing on a book he read. But now you have kids killing their mom because they can't play their murder simulator. Parents let their kids do things they should not. Take a mentally ill kid and give him something to obsess about and you might have a problem if that thing he obsesses about is a game where you murder people. Am I saying these games should not exist I mean I shouldn't even need to answer that? My point is our society is fucked in the head and kiddy fuckers like little kids shows for a reason. I sense further elaboration being needed on that. A psycho will attempt to live out their psycho fantasy before actually committing the act. Columbine Doom obligatory.

    The point is everything you ever read, watched, listened to, or played forms your worldview and how you will choose to live your life. I am willing to bet (from my research) that your average mass shooter is more likely to be into some form of media with that kind of violence.

    The short answer is those things are tools that help shape minds. How you choose to use those tools is up to you. If you choose to watch Nature Born Killers and go out and live that fantasy you are likely a little off in the head in the first place, but you did get the idea from that movie. Two teenagers did do that by the way. They got high and watched the movie on repeat for a week and then went on a killing spree.

    I feel like this needs a good anti american meme to go with it.

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  15. The nature of man is that of his environment that has made him so. However he is not satisfied and strives to be something great, but looks towards his environment for answers. He can find the clues to his predicament, but in essence the nature of man is of his mind. He is attached to his mind.

    The world itself is always in flux and chaos at all times. Things are created, and destroyed..yet their true essence is immortal. There is no good or bad in the world, but there is in the mind. The mind makes it so. He shrugs off his true nature when he doesn't realize that his own mind is subject to shadows and illusion. These shadows and illusions cause suffering. His mind is no longer under his control and lost to the changes in the weather.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Well that just goes with absorbing stuff from you environment but sometimes fuckwits are gonna fuckwit. You brought up weirdos and cartoons, look at Randy Stair aka Andrew Blaze aka Tranny Phantom he was obsessed with some cartoon character on a show called Danny Phantom and he believed in his heart of hearts that if he killed a bunch of people and blew his head off he was going to get a ghost vagina in afterlife. Now I have never seen Danny Phantom but I bet is about a kid with powers doing shit. Somehow this fuckwit thought it was gonna give him a spectral pussy.

    The thing is none of this shit is new. I read about this fucktard who just started massacring people in some german market place in the middle ages and the only reason he was stopped as soon as he was, was because and actual fucking Knight was walking by and saw what was going on and cleaved the fucker in twain. I doubt it he was up late reading tomes. they said he was bewitched by evil spirits. sounds to me like he was yet another fuckwit. it probably didn't happen as much back then since you spent most of your time trying not to starve to death until you die at the old age of 32 from the pox though.

    See this is where the real culprit comes in. people having way too much free time to have their rotted brains filling their heads with shitty idea.
  17. He was bewitched by evil spirits but people don't understand what that means. People think that spirits are things. This whole world is bewitched by spirits, when a man can survive off of a ball of rice a month and filthy water.


    I look at my life and see my lack of success and then wonder what do I need to be successful for? I already have whatever I want.

    It usually comes back to the nature of being, to be one's self. However one is alone in this world when the majority of people are bewitched.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    See this what I'm talking about. rampant fuckwittery.
  19. TheGM

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    Aug 19, 2008
    What you see now is a just a regular apartment in Isla Vista California. In there is a man who is cursed, cursed with the knowledge that in his life he will never get a girl to touch his penis. Today is the day he tries to lift that curse, because he is about to enter The Twilight Zone.

    I'm making fun of Eliot Rodgers btw.
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