NMA Fallout 3 preview and Q&A

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    Sep 29, 2003
    Saying it like that makes this place sound so bad. Kharn and SuAside had genuine reason to be there for their affiliated gaming reviews, they just happened to be two of the most outstanding members of NMA.
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    God is dead to me.
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    LoL at SuAside's questions. He really didn't hold back, nice and bold. Great job the both of you.

    I know you guys are getting a lot of questions here, but were there any really Falloutish moments at all in the demo? Any moments where a combination of things like the sounds and an image really made you feel like you're watching Fallout?

    Also, I was hoping the music and the sounds would really make the game feel more like Fallout. You said that the music wasn't all too fitting but what about the sounds? Were there any old Falloutish sounds besides the mentioned combat slider? Doors opening in the vault, computers, interface, lockers, etc?

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Intro, most of the vault and the Protectron.

    Not that I recall
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    Jul 25, 2003
    (Please move this if any mod/adm thinks it needs to go somewhere else)

    I am here just to report something interesting.

    There aren't a lot of media coverage of FO3 in the Chinese gaming sites. The best I was able to find was a few blog posts/forum topics here and there. Surprisingly, there are some old time fans of the FO series on some of these forums. Someone actually made a simplified Chinese patch for the original FO recently.

    One thing of particular interest is the frequent mention of NMA on a few forums. This is true especially after the preview has been posted. I found one posts to be particularly amusing because the poster was posting E3 previews snips from various sites, then he chimes in, "go to NMA for the most comprehensive information, what? You don't have the site's address memorized/bookmarked?" :lol: NMA seem to be held in high regard on this forum.

    One finds strange allies in the most unlikely places. :)

    So, I wouldn't worry, because even if Todd were to deny it, there are quite a few Chinese gamers behind us who are equally holding FO 1/2 in high regard and watching FO3's development with cynicism. And if they are any representation of the attitude of some of the Chinese gamers who might actually "buy"(fork out money) the game, I am not sure if the stock holders like brother Trump will enjoy some constructive criticism from China.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I didn't know about China, but I do know NMA functions as a hub for the international Fallout community as well as the English-speaking ones.

    Most major language groups have their own hubs and there're some great sites in there, but I'm pretty sure all of them watch NMA, follow our news, translate and discuss pieces of us. More or less


    Oh noez, I've been pwnd!
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    It's a shame you guys had to resort to that to get in, still, whatever gets the job done.

    Nice write-up - comprehensive and objective. It was pretty refreshing (and enlightening) to see something that wasn't just the hype machine in action. Overall I found it to be a fair treatment of the game, and it certainly shed light on a lot of things (at least for me). Up until now I've been keeping an open mind on the game, because a lot of other previews I've seen have been insufferable, and as such *useful* information has been limited.

    Reading this has driven home the point that, for me, unless there are some dramatic and unlikely changes, "Fallout 3" seems to be headed towards the "interesting Fallout spin-offs" bargain bin pile, rather than the "Fallout games" shrine. This was something I hadn't made my mind up on yet, and I realise I'm quite a way behind at least most people here in that regard. In particular I found the references to hit-and-miss atmosphere and environments to be a big letdown, as they were probably the two things I was really hoping they'd nail, and definitely the things I think they had to get right in order for me to really give it a chance as a proper Fallout sequel.

    In an interesting spin, however, despite this impression on my part, this write-up has done more to interest me in the game than any of the other junk which I've seen pumped out. Turns out that engaging people by providing the type of information they're likely to be interested in is far more effective than writing up glorified advertisements like so many previews tend to be ("professional" gaming press, take note).

    Anyway, good job again guys, on the most entertaining, informative and trustworthy preview for F3 I've seen thus far.

    Edit: redundant words.
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    On a lighter note, BN... That picture inspires the thought, "I wish I were emo, so I could cut myself."

    In the end, you could sell that shirt on ebay for a pretty penny... Maybe with a fake signature... Where is that Vanguard $OE shirt I have... I need booze monie$.

    A great read from two very articulate honest individuals. It is a real treat to actually get an in depth review on Fallout 3. It unfortunately, is a rarity among most gaming media today to produce such a review. Thanks for the read and thank you, for yet again for representing NMA to be the opposite of what so many stigmas suggest it to be.

    Ah! and those news bits Briosa found make my day.
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    May 27, 2004
    the intro gave me goosebumps. though i suspect this is as much from anticipation of seeing FO3 as it was from the intro itself.
    with the exception of voices, radiomusic and footsteps, most sounds were turns down pretty far. probably for Pete not having to strain his voice to be heard over the game.
    hey, at least you gotz them russian chicks at the orphanage that adore you :twisted:
    wont get you much money.

    too many of these shirts around already.

    especially the filefront one quoting my conclusions as an example of how professional we were... i'd say the walkthrough is professional. not the musings or conclusions. those are more 'fan'-stuff (mine anyway).

    but whatever, made me laugh :)
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    Why are they considering "pesimistic" or "not positive" something opposite to comprehensive or professional? Does this mean that professional journalists are the positive ones?

    Another thing that struck me is the intro in Xbox360rally.com article:
    I've never seen such a positive description of NMA community on a mainstream site.
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    May 27, 2004
    coming from an Xbox site that is rather strange. :)
    though he makes up for it in the rest of his post.

    but as said, in the preview itself, we're more often called "Internet Curmudgeons with a Heart of Radioactive Gold" or "Glittering Gem of Hatred". :)

    i really like when people eloquently try to describe the NMA community
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    EDIT: **snip** just saw the other press post (sorry started this earlier)
    I do hope the MSM will want to do a follow-up on the ethics of the game industry espically since more recent questions have been raised directly relating to Bethsoft by Washington Post

    Heh, and they call you fanagaling.

    Edit: Love this Wapo quote

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    Actually, it was an Oblivion fan that tried to sneak into the Fallout 3 Preview event.



    I have to admit I'm somewhat speechless about that one. Though being the most respected out of a fanbase that gets little to no respect in the first place isn't exactly anything to call home about.
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    May 27, 2004
    read the rest before jumping to conclusions ;)
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    Jul 14, 2007
    Best. Preview. Ever. :)
    Thanks for writing it and the whole effort to get to see the demo - you have sneak/speech tagged?;). I'm rather an 'unarmed' man. I'd just hit everyone in the groin, play the demo while they're lying in pain and run away. ;)

    Very detailed. It's good that there were two people in (pity that not three:() - less possibilities of mistakes or biased opinions. Very objective and rather unbiased. Even your opinions at the end of the writing are without jumping to conclusions about how awesome or how much failure the game will be. The web/press should get more people to write like that.

    Couple things I noticed (may've been already pointed out, I just skimmed through a part of the comments due to lack of time):

    Babbling about immersion while not taking much damage/radiation from nuclear explosions is a bit silly. That and actually waiting for the shockwave from Megaton to hit the PC, which is just... wrong. Keeping balance between the realism and fun should be more thought out. The work-in-progress/demo argument is still a viable option, but for marketing reasons I'd try to make the demo as perfect as possible (or at least I would have taken some of the most serious objections (e.g. fatman+cars=nuclear explosions everywhere) into account and remove them from it).

    The game seems to be failing at most of the points that are used for marketing/hype (or we tend to see mostly these mistakes, because our heads are notoriously filled with the same immersion/VATS/maturity/violence mantra).

    I liked the Behemoth (although the boss setting is a bit lame). Didn't like the generic mutants/army-like BoS. Enclave Radio...even if it's just kind of an easter egg reference to F2 (just a radio station which "accidentally" has a familiar name), it just doesn't seem right.

    One question: You wrote that after Mentats were used no negative effects were noticed - was it based on the character screen visible after using Mentats or you just assumed it on some other basis.

    Being concerned about showing killing children and not being concerned with showing negative effects of drug usage is just stupid. Even if I might not like their ideas, they should at least follow one set of rules and directions concerning mature content and 't3h immershoon' (which was mentioned earlier) and other things as well.

    and finally:

    Oh, it would, but it probably wouldn't make as much money without being "mainstreamed". :twisted:

    Thanks again to everyone who made the previews possible. :clap:
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Assumed. Or rather, it says I didn't see any negative effects, and that's the case, I didn't. The originals had warnings for both addictions and negative rehab effects, I saw neither here.
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    Apr 5, 2003

    Controversy is a good thing.
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    I need to check the news post section more often...
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    I love the entire bold nature of this preview. The sneaking, the under the radar flight, the Hines realizing after the interview - oh shit, I've been speaking with NMA, the witty humor, I love it all.

    And.. it's also the first review of Fallout 3 that I could trust. :D