So, who's excited for The Frontier

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    Maybe this mod is awesome. But nothing I have seen so far really screams "Fallout" in to my face. in fact if anything this reminds me to the Metro games. But not in a good way.

    No disrespect to the moders here and the hard work they put into it. I am sure they try their best.

    But let us be honest here the combat in both Fallout 3 and New Vegas is shit. There is no sugar coating it and I am sure many people have "fun" with it and will tell me that I am retarded etc. But when you compare it to all the thousands of mediocre shooters out there the FPS combat in the recent Fallout games is really boring, unintuitive and honestly a million games out there did it better. Even if we look at the so called "RPG hybrids" of FPS games than Deus Ex did a better job here already 20 years ago.

    So when I see a "mod" that puts so much focus in their trailers on shooting, guns and the action I can not say that I am even hyped in the slightest. You would have to really rework the whole game from the ground up to not make the combat suck in either F3 or New Vegas. I can also not say much about the story here since yeah it hasn't been released yet.

    But as others already said, the setting and some of the actors/factions there really are very hard to explain. I mean I am sure you could come up with an explanation why the Enclave is fighting a war on Venus with the Brother Hood of Steel. but that doesn't mean it's actually good.

    So yeah. That's that.
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    The Enclave fighting the BoS in space is way more in line with the set dressing of Fallout than Caesar's Legion popping up in Oregon to fight the NCR. Both are tech powers and privy to the American Space industry.

    I always found it odd Fallout took a hard, hard turn away from the Space Race and all that. For being a 'future of the 50s', there's a lot to be desired in that regard. Mankind would had had bases everywhere fighting the same wars. The Aliens of Mothership Zeta, perhaps, should had been attacking a BoS lunar or Old American Lunar base, not sniping us across thousands of years.
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