would you survive the wasteland?

Thorium said:
And there isnt a infinit supply of ammo. There are no factorys producing ammo anymore. New ammo would need to be handcrafted and would be very expensive.

I don't get why people go on about scavenging. If there was a catastrophic event that kills 80% of the world population, we'd have enough stuff lying around to cater for our grandchildren.
Even if a lot of the infrastructure gets destroyed - but we're more likely to perish then lifeless objects.

I find a more interesting question: What would be your plan of action after said event? Eg:
1. gather relatives, friends, strong folks (cannon fodder)
2. find transportation
3. store non-perishable food and water (canned food, military rations)
4. find secure place (easily defendable with escape routes)
5. discuss contingency plans with group, form task groups and watch duties
6. hoard knowledge: raid a library and get "how-tos" on everything important (farming, DIY, power generating, medicine)
7. raid a pharmacy for the basics
8. look for essential people, try to add them to your group (doctor, soldier, farmer, metal worker, carpenter, ...)
9. lure every good looking and intelligent woman to this infrastructure, under the guise that you have the best set-up for re-populating the world. As you've arranged all of the above, you clearly possess the best genes of the group, and are best fit for repopulation DNA.
I have a plan formulated for Z-Day, but not for when they drop the bombs. Surviving the Wasteland shortly after the incident occurs is nigh impossible, but 200 or so years later would be no problem.
Considering how I have very little firearms experience, or any weapon experience for that matter, very little brawn, and have no particularly strong talents useful in a dystopian setting, I would probably die quickly unless I could find training. If I was born into a vault, I would almost surely die within a week at best, but a town/village, I would probably fare much better.
I'm a chemist, fuck the police. I will die a day after the bombs fall, BUT I CAN MAKE THINGS EXPLODE WHILE I DIE!
overseeer106 said:
do you think you have a chance to survive the wasteland?

i think i have some chance i know martial arts and im really good at scavageing but i don't have a weapon

but what about you?

Without internet and air conditioning? What are you, crazy?
civilized city people tend to underestimate nature (tourists prove this every year by venturing into our mountains, for never to return)
once you take a wrong turn, things can go bad very very quickly

a wasteland is more about just raiders and mutants, its about surviving the elements. we're used to resque missions, you can call for help, you can find a road and follow it to the nearest gas station - and even then people perish in the wilderness cus the wilderness is ruthless and unforgiving.

you may be stomping through the fresh green woods, surrounded by berries to eat, birds that sing, bunnies you could technically eat, the next moment you slip and break your knee, and four days later you are dehydrated, hypothermic, delusional, and a day from death.
next morning, you are gone from reality
nature is badass :D
I'd probably die pissing and shitting all over myself in state of mortal terror. To be completely frank the vast majority of people here would die the same way, anyone who says otherwise isn't being realistic at all.
In all do realism, nobody would survive unless theyre lucky enough to be working in a well supplied mine shaft, a underground secret meth lab or an underground rave party, and even then theres only so much coal, meth and rave to go around..enjoy your last days suckas if i see a bomb coming ima give it a big hug ^^
I will consider making my own underground hideout if things go badly as they did in FO Universe.
Eh, I doubt a Fallout-grade nuclear catastrophe would happen in my lifetime. In anything short of such total nuclear war, my area would probably survive the direct destruction, and there's enough... stuff in the surrounding area that I could probably survive a while.

There's a sporting-goods store nearby that would have all the low-"level" armor and guns I would ever need. I'm a stone's throw from a good lootable grocery store. But I'd have to hit the gun shop first, so I could shoot any other bastard who wanted that can of stew.
well, Toronto would no doubt be a winter wasteland, that being said I can survive very well in the cold, Feral Ghouls wouldnt be much of a threat because they would simply freeze to death. I can find shelter, learn how to shoot and id be good. I would try and claim my old high school because it has bomb shelters and firing ranges. Its also a fort.
Even if every major city got hit, outside the city limits, realistically how much damage is the fallout going to do? What were the radiation levels outside of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People are still living there now.
I think we've got more to be worried about from nuclear power plants.
If what people are saying about that is true, we might be seeing the effects of that very soon, if not already. One person mentioned mutated dandilions as being a sign. I just saw one the other day. I look at a lot of dandilions close up in my garden, never seen one like that before.

I think it really depends on if plants survive, or can be grown in the aftermath.
On top of having a couple rifles and keeping my food stocks up, I like to consider foods that grow quickly, easily and in high volumes. My girlfriend had some bean sprouts that grew in a jar with nothing but water and sun, in a couple days. There's some quick, easy, fresh veggies for you.
Could I survive? If I wasn't in the blast radius, if I can survive the people around me, if I can still grow food. Yeah, prolly.

I think the vast majority of people are too passive to just go nuts and try to kill each other over supplies. But they probably value order enough to help each other defend their communities from the people who aren't so passive.

Now if the catastrophe we face is something more along the lines of the Yellow Stone volcano, we might very well be fucked. There won't be much light to grow things with. Though, I wonder if plants that normally flourish under the canopy of larger trees would be ok.
Evil Banana said:
In all do realism, nobody would survive unless theyre lucky enough to be working in a . . . underground secret meth lab

Yea who's that lucky . . .
overseeer106 said:
do you think you have a chance to survive the wasteland?

i think i have some chance i know martial arts and im really good at scavageing but i don't have a weapon

but what about you?

I'd die a slow painfull death after a couple of days.

I know how to fight, shoot, make camps and whatnot, but I need medicine wich is really rare.
It depends, I have Mormon Food Storage and guns, which is a plus, and I have good sources of water and know how to make a filter even for fallout. Rural area, check.

However, if i go outside and break my leg when I am by myself, i am still screwed.
Don't know about anyone else, but if I encountered a radroach I'd be terrified! I mean it's just a simple cockroach, but it's the size of a freakin' cat!
I live near a russian subway, so i'll probably survive the Falloutian or Metro-2033ish nuclear war.
Otherwise, the tectonic shock will bury me and everyone else in a massgrave, unless i choke when the air is being sucked out on the surface. Or burned.

By being "thrown" in a postnuclear Wasteland, i'd probably watch for the next settlement and start repairing energy weapons/reactors/trading. I'm not a very adventorous type but i will perk up when the shit hits the fan. Heroes bring trouble.
I'd just live in a vault! Why the hell would you live in the wasteland instead? If I couldn't get in a vault, I'd live with the BoS, taking the easy way 8)
I'm right near where all the nukes would fall in a nuclear war anyway so I would probably be dead. If the nukes didn't get me I would probably live long enough to die from radiation poisoning. Not looking good for me.