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  1. Korin

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    Aug 6, 2010
    By the way, the funniest "bug" I've encountered so far happened in Riverwood. Any time you kill a dragon in a town all of the townspeople like to run out and gather around the corpse to gawk at it and generally talk about how amazed they are. Well, I killed a dragon that died just on the other side of the walking bridge. Probably 8 or 9 NPCs ran up and all tried to fit onto the bridge simultaneously. Sufficed to say, there wasn't enough room and one of the child NPCs was shoved off the bridge and swept down the river.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Drowned Kid humor!
    I had a really hard Fight with a Dragon last night, my third Dragon Now, the second Main Quest Dragon, I don't know if it was just hard scripted that way but I managed to make it fall from the sky, arrows andmagic kamehamehas, I used up 10 healing potions and my stupid horse died. I liek how theNPCs mention randomly some freak ocurrence that they heard happening someqhere in floatign tex and I get new locations marked on the map, it's a cool adventure game.
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    Feb 5, 2010
    Their games somehow receive astronomically high ratings and generate millions of dollars* so I would guess they are satisfied and will most likely continue making this type of "rpg" no matter how disappointed "a few" fans of the classic rpg's are with the direction the genre has been going for the last decade or so.

    I was never a fan of Bethesda's rpg's so I don't particularly care how Skyrim turned out but I can definitely understand the rage and disappointment I see here and there. (I know I was more than a little pissed when I started to realise what Beth was doing with Fallout)

    What I do find quite shocking is the state in which they released this title on pc and the fact that this shoddy porting hardly ever gets mentioned by "professional" reviewers. I mean just have a look at the article Sea wrote and be amazed by the total lack of care for the PC platform. People find it acceptable to manually edit an .ini file to edit out some crap that shouldn't be in any pc game in the first place and to rely on modders for higher resolution graphics and a better UI?

    *Some numbers:

    http://www.lensoftruth.com/skyrim-sells-3-4-million-copies-in-two-days/ (not including digital sales!)


    edit: typo
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    Jul 16, 2009
    What kind of sacrifices?
  5. Xellos

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    Feb 10, 2006
    Can anybody tell me what he/she encountered (what kind of draugr to be specific) during first college quest in the ruins (the one beginning with 3 rings and amulet) and your level there (if you remember). Cause I have serious feelings that Todd's claims "we removed level scaling" is big bullshit. I just want to compare if everyone gets the same opponents. Level scaling in shops is just to obvious to even mention. Pity, as it breaks a feeling of the game to a large extent.
  6. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    I fought a lot of Feral Ghouls with heavy weapons and ice spells, and I was level 10, but I also found some weak archers.
  7. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    I think that enemies like draugrs are scaled to your level somewhat, but special enemies are still hard as fuck.
    Tried to fight a Draugr Death Overlord at level 15, not a pretty sight.
  8. Xellos

    Xellos Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Feb 10, 2006
    well, for me in the proper part of the crypt where you go alone the weakest was restless draugr, while most were draugr wrights. Also draugr scourge and draugr deathlord (on wiki it says he is level 30 with ebony weapon, no suprise that he takes me out in 2 hits) and I haven't finished it yet. Yes, I farmed levels a little (now 24) so the case seems obvious. No level scaling - my ass :/
  9. Nark

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    Dec 6, 2008
  10. Ausdoerrt

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I saw this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA6IGOomaaw

    I'm sure there's more awfulness in the actual game, but GAWD, marriage in Fable 1 had more character, and it's not exactly a high standard...
  11. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Hi, I think I found a bugged quest or something, in Windhelm I started the find the serial killer quest, now I am compeltely sure I know who the culpcrit is

    [spoiler:5e0d5b49c6] It's Calixto, I pickpoketed him and used his key to open his chest, there I found a Diary )that I can't read properly, the top art goes off-screen),an iron dagger, a bunch of embaling tools and a bunch of Linen Wraps, now the murder victims were cut with a knife and bits fo them were removed with a curved object that could only be an embaling tool according to the coroner lady, so the only logical thign to conclude is that Calixto is the killer. Problem is, the quest is not actualizing, none of the related NPCs have a dialogue option to reprot this and Calixto seems to be essential, so what teh fuck? did I get ahead of te quest and I gotta do somethign else? the quest tells me to examine the crime scene but there is no interactable objects there, anyoen has any idea what I have to do?[/spoiler:5e0d5b49c6]
  12. UncannyGarlic

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    Feb 6, 2008
    I generally hate marriage in sandbox games as the relationships tend not to be developed at all. It's very barbie-playhouse. I can also see how poorly optimzed the UI is for PC in that video. I have a XBox 360 controller for my computer so I could get around that to a certain extent but I prefer playing FPS games with a mouse and keyboard.

    @Enemy scaling: It's not inherently bad, in fact the concept is a good one, especially for a sand-box game, it's just that it's generally poorly executed. When you truly can go anywhere and do quests in drastically different orders, there's a fair amount to be said for having scaling. After all, it's not a whole lot of fun to do a level 3 quest when you're level 30. That said, there is a balance to be struck and you really shouldn't be scaling the whole game 1-1. Parts need to be easier and others harder. Enemies should also always be interesting, meaning different behavior patterns, attack types, special abilities, group tactics, etc. If anything is a common failing in RT RPG-based games, it's this.
  13. SmartCheetah

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Well, that's something I felt at the beggining as well. Looks like they are people who love their work and really enjoy making games like Skyrim. I'm just curious if they are playing their own products after it hits the shelves. You know "Random Beth employee: Damn, our game is pretty cool but AI freaking sucks!"
    "Todd: Oh come on, kids are still buying it and reviewers keep scores at 95%+ Noone cares 'bout AI!"
  14. Ausdoerrt

    Ausdoerrt I should set a custom tit

    Oct 28, 2008
    To be fair, most of the stuff you usually do in a sandbox game outside of questing is "barbie-playhouse". I don't think the target audience would want it any other way. It's not a dating sim, after all.

    Though they could afford to have not-so-deadpan characters for marriage. At least make it entertaining.
  15. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    No need to help anymore, I found the problem

    It seems I was too smart for the game

    Multiple Apparent Paths - Clever and Efficient Investigation More Likely to Break Quest AWESOME!!!!
  16. Morbus

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    Aug 16, 2006
    I do not understand where the fun is in wasting time replaying a hard fight that's only hard because of the stupidity of the game designer or because they thought it should be hard when you can just tgm their asses and be done with it.
  17. Ilosar

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    Apr 20, 2010
    Level scaling seems similar to the Fallouts; equipment in shop and random drop scales, the rest doesn't. Enemies don't all get stronger, but tougher versions of them appear (Bandit/Bandit outlaw/Bandit thug/Bandit plunderer, what next, Bandit Jaywalkers?). My problem is that, beyond massive HP bars, not much seems to differenciate the tougher versions. Seriously, high level bandits wear bog-standard iron armor but can absorb more punishments that trolls?

    And about that. Magic is utterly broken at high levels, because spell damage doesn't scale. Weapon damage does; with better weapons, but also various enchantments giving bonus to 1-handers/2-handers, perks and sneak attacks. Spells stay the exact same in damage, and get up to 100% in damage increase from perks. So your 25 damage spell will become at most a 50 damage spell, and is the only (say) Fire spell that is not AoE, and thus does not fry you as well as that troll bearing down on your sorry ass. Alright, fine and dandy, at level 10-20 it's still a nice spell, you can use two of them at a time and charge em up with a perk. But at very high levels, when enemies have hundreds if not thousands of HP (not counting difficulty bonuses), your (max) 200 damage attack every 4 seconds that burns half your mana bar barely tickles them. Enchantements can only reduce the Magicka cost, not improve damage, but that doesn't really help when monsters kill you in 5 seconds.

    Meanwhile, the warrior has a 60-ish damage weapon on both hands, enchantments can give him something like 300% bonus damage, Power Attacks that deal even more, untold amounts of health and armor, and generally requires not much strategy beyond clicking stuff until it dies and chuck health potions when needed. Internal balance is utterly wrecked at higher levels, mages are harder to play and offer much less payoff for more effort. Even now, my level 6 mage has a much harder time than my warrior had at his level, because I barely do more damage than a meathead with a claymore, and if a guy sneaks up behind me I die in 2 hits.
  18. Nark

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    Dec 6, 2008
    Fucking hilarious video. :lol:

    Love how IGN is now apparently advertising glitches/bugs in the game, like they would show gameplay videos for any other game.
  19. Black Feather

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    Nov 10, 2010
    Pretty much sums up my feeling towards Skyrim. There are of course many things that they've done wrong again (Zodiac Signs? Regenerating health?) but i think the game has soul, this i couldn't say of Oblivion.

    I have always played Nord in TES games and read all books about them, and i have to say the ability to use the Thu'um in this game is just beyond awesome for me - and the nordic setting is probably why i like the game so much.
  20. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Actually thats why I tend to blame todd quite much for the "end product". He is the guy who has the last word in it after all. If I understand it correctly.

    It is very hard today to motivate and direct a team of 60 or 80 and even more people in a direction that really fits with what you have in "head". But this is what separates the true masters of game developers/directors with the stuff EA throws out sometimes (See the C&C topic). It is very difficult to make your visions true if you try it by your self. But explaining it to others makes it even more difficult. Because there is only so much you can with words. - Thats where good artistic skills come in to play many great movie directors do scrabbles for example which help the team to understand the situation better, pose, effects etc.

    Though I have the feeling Todd is someone who enjoys a very particular kind of game. And those might not be "deep" RPGs or "hardcore" RPGs (how they are sadly called today ... I HATE this words ... what is so "hardcore" about the old RPGs anyway ? That they have been a niche product ? Some people today enjoy down hill bikes even though the mountain bike is more common does that mean the downhill bike should be replaced by the mountain bikes ?). I mean Todd even explained it by himself that there have been many things he didn't liked in Fallout 1 where you could literally block your self "out" from quests (what a surprize, insult the quest giver and he will kick your ass ... thats kinda role playing in some way).

    I can see this of course only from my point of view and I am rather the "artist" when it comes to things - in other words I am not normal.

    Which means even if people think something I did is awesome it has to meet my own standards. A game can get many rewards and praise. But if it is an adventure game while you wanted to make an RPG ...

    I think you know what I am aiming at.