NCR is actually the best ending, isn't it

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    House has made a pretty good plan but its not without flaws. The point is, without someone to do the Courier's job (i.e secure the Chip from Benny, or eventually Caesar if Benny is left to his own devices) House has control of Luck 38 and the Strip, but no way to upgrade his Securitrons to the Mark II programming or extend their control range to the entire Mojave. That's my point. You are correct, the Courier is not Gordon Freeman or the Master Chief in that he isn't a uniquely incredible individual that is the only one that can achieve these things, but my point is that any gunslinger or wanderer can do these jobs, but the same goes for the various errands of the NCR. If you use that argument for House, by logic it also extends to NCR. Complaining or using the Courier's initative as an argument is false, IMO, for this reason.

    I agree that in a world where the Courier died in Goodsprings, Caesar would likely win Hoover Dam. The difference, IMO, is that the Mojave would be much more of a dustbowl quagmire for the Legion afterwards. The victory would be harder fought, with less chips on their table, and the Mojave itself would be full of massive amounts of unruly factions, tribes, individuals that the Legion will have to deal with in the aftermath of their occupation. It's entirely possible that they would eventually clean up the situation, but it would be a much, much more difficult victory without somebody like the Courier. Keep in mind that without the Courier's unique access to House, he'd still be high and tight in the Strip when Caesar marches over the Colorado. That's an entire premsie of its own.

    I also don't think Caesar not having an heir is bad writing. Caesar is not an ubersmench leader, there's a reason his voice direction and demeanor is more like a loudmouthed character from the Sopranos rather than a more typical/cliche coldly intellectual overlord. In real life, there have also been poorly-sighted leaders who left their position without naming an heir, and caused subsequent chaos. You say poor writing, but I think Caesar's vision of the Legion and the reality that he's constructed being divergent is entirely intended and IMO makes them more interesting. Although, the Legion has enough flaws as is but if you were to do an overhaul/revision of the faction that particular angle is one I would 100% keep in. But yeah you're right, it's a chat for another time. One I'd like to have though.

    Huge asteriks there for as long as you're not a woman or a tribal. I don't like a flawed bureaucracy either but I prefer it vastly and unequivocally to mass-enslavement, rape, torture, rule of fear and the institutionalized subjugation of women into literal brood mares.

    I disagree just from a pure utilitarian/outcome perspective, the massive amount of good achieved in the Mojave after NCR victory is much better and will lay much better roots than the immediate anarchy and instability of Independent Vegas. I still really like Indie Vegas, and whether I prefer it or NCR swaps by the day, but I think a Mojave 30 years into the future where Freeside had a good chunk of time as one of the most stable and productive humanitarian regions of the Wasteland with a well-funded, well-supported and widespread relief effort with the Followers and the Kings is going to just flat-out produce better outcomes than the alternative where they never reach that stage and they're overburdened and failing as an operation from the moment Hoover Dam concludes. Same thing goes for the Brotherhood. A truce agreement between the BoS and NCR even if it's only regional is massive and even moreso a productive/healthy relationship within which the Brotherhood protects the Mojave in a genuinely altruistic fashion. In that 30 year timeframe, that's going to have heavy positive benefits vs letting them dig further into their grave of tech-raiderism or wiping out an entire tribe of people with a BoS-NCR peace never even having a single step achieved.

    As for Primm and Goodsprings, I agree Primm's ending is a less preferable one but so are the NCR endings where the Khans and BoS are killed to the last. My argument isn't that all NCR endings are better, it's that a specific combination is. As for Goodsprings, I think the negatives are extremely few. Firstly, we are told flat-out Goodsprings prospers, and as for the taxes when your point of comparison is literally no taxation at all, we don't actually know how bad NCR taxation really is, not that bad if the vast majority of the town barring grumbling old cowboys like Easy Pete decides to stay and prosper in the new roadside boom-town.

    House himself says he doesn't give a shit about the people under him as a selling point as to why he shouldn't be feared as a dictator. I don't think House is bad either. But he is not an altruist and he has no humanitarian intention. His historic actions on the Strip and in Freeside, and his potential actions in wiping out the Kings speaks enough to that.

    I agree to an extent that NCR certainly has a "Sins of the Father" vibe with Pre-War America, but I think to actually compare the millitary-junta state of Pre-War America to NCR is unfair. To the same degree, House was literally one of the most powerful technocrats of that pre-war world for decades upon decades. He was part of the problem as much as the NCR inherting the mantle of American democracy is. Though at the same time, you obviously can't ascribe to House all of the faults of the Great War. But you also can't do the same for NCR. The same for Caesar and the Legion deliberately imitating the cultures and tactics of societies that not only eventually collapsed but also caused great human suffering. Yes Man could be seen in this vein as stripping back the raw nerve: Anarchy. The primitive state of man killing man in a lawless land.

    "War Never Changes" is not a prophecy of total annihilation but rather just an observational description of mankind. The Great War was humanity's destructive tendencies taken to its greatest possible excess: The Apocalypse. It doesn't create a destiny of exact repetition in that regard, just that no matter the circumstances mankind will continue to suffer the same struggles, arguments, and fight over resources that it always has, and there is no way out because that is humanity. In fact, part of the point is that the stakes aren't the same, just the bleak core of the why.

    The NCR isn't a carbon copy. That is part of the point, to my view, is that the NCR is a ship that can be steered. Very difficult to do so, but it's possible. Take Colonel Moore for example, left unchecked you'd be correct. She's an imperialist willing to exterminate tribal peoples that oppose her regime (Standard procedure for Caesar and House, I might add) but with the tempering of people like Hsu, Crocker or the Courier instead there can be made pathways to peace and prosperity.

    I personally reject any interpretation of Independent Vegas that isn't as the story is boilerplate sold: Anarchy where the communities and tribes of the Mojave govern themselves in a free-state protected by an overall deterrent. But that's a whole argument in and of itself.
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    The problem is Mr. House only needs to get lucky once to achieve a system where a benevolent benefactor like the Courier is unnecessary. The NCR on the other hand needs a lot of individual pieces to go right and for those pieces to not suffer over time. Once Mr. House gets the chip from Benny (which considering Benny has the chip on him and is based in the strip, the one place House has the most influence it shouldn't be too hard) and get someone into Caesar's fort (which again considering Benny managed it with a cheap disguise and a stealth boy only failing because he was too vain to mess up his hair, isn't a herculean task) he can go forward with his plans unaided. The same cannot be said for propping up the over extended and corrupt NCR. And the problem is we've been shown that the NCR is pretty terrible when it comes to hired help just look at "Fantastic". The point is Mr. House doesn't need to continually rely on the right person stepping in at the right time over and over again for the foreseeable future for his system to not fall under it's own incompetency. It is unfair because House has far less territory to worry about securing but when referring only to the consequences on the Mojave itself it's irrelevant.

    I don't deny that a Legion victory without any assistance wouldn't result in higher losses. My point of contention is whether or not the system that Caesar would have set up in the Mojave would provide as much stability and security as the one enforced by the NCR and for a greater amount of time.

    The problem comes not from the concept of a strong man ruler who hasn't put any thought as to how his Empire would function without him but from exactly who that person is in the context of Edward Sallow. We're expected to believe that Sallow was such a Romaboo he decided to craft an entire civilization in it's image. A man that despite being so enriched with historical knowledge due to his time in the Follower's of the Apocalypse, he missed the part where the man he named himself after started planning out his succession and how his death sparked a massive civil war. It stretches my suspension of disbelief that he could call himself Caesar and not give a seconds thought to finding his Augustus. This is a bigger issue of how Caesar's emulation of Rome seems to include parts that anyone with a good knowledge of Roman history like he is alleged to have wouldn't recreate due to their part in it's downfall. Another big one is the praetorian guard which was a scourge on the office of Roman Emperor for centuries and not only did he decide to introduce the concept into his society, he made killing the man in charge an integral part of the promotion process! This is a whole different discussion to have but it is something that has frustrated me for a while. At times it feels more like writers going down a checklist of "well of course a Roman faction would have THIS iconic thing!" but then also tried to make Caesar out to be a pragmatist who values stability over all. Like Caesar is just copy pasting Roman motifs without putting any thought into it when he's meant to be a bit more historically savvy than that.

    It's not pretty but it's better than life under no form of civilization at all with roaming gangs of arbitrary raiders who would do all the same for no reason other than their own twisted amusement. The benefits of NCR society won't really matter if it collapses anyway.

    To me it just seems less likely that the roots they lay would better better than if the Mojave was given self determination from the start. Especially if those roots are going to be ripped up if the NCR crumbles or has to pull out. It would be better for them to start learning self reliance and sustainability from the get go instead of having to rely on the already incompetent NCR to handle the economy, security and law enforcement and doubly so with the (in my view, inevitable) collapse of the NCR.

    But how long is that really going to last without the NCR propping them up? The only reason they were allowed to stay and receive support is subservience to the NCR, if they're gone they're gonna be left with even more patients and even less preparation to deal with it on their own. The independence ending for Freeside always felt strange to me as it never really changes based on the actual quests you can do for them. Like others have stated doing everything to help the Followers at the fort should really result in a different ending imo.

    I can't argue at all that the Brotherhood gets the best outcome with the alliance NCR ending. The only thing is that the Brotherhood is a relic of a dying era whose ideals and code are outdated. This is reflected in the fact that their options are pretty much to either be destroyed or completely change their code if they want to survive without being reduced to tech raiders. As for whats best for the Mojave even with this truce/alliance the Brotherhood is still going to be seizing tech from citizens with the NCR's blessing which I don't think is a good thing for the Mojave as a whole. Without the threat of the NCR if they pull out of the Mojave (which we do see happen with the ending you get if you negotiate a truce and then go independent) they use this opportunity to devolve back into their old ways of patrolling the Mojave to strip tech from travelers. Unfortunately without a head canon that a Courier who helps them out/completes Veronica's quests in their favor will have the Elder's ear and be able to convince them to see things their way, the best option may be to finally finish off this dying remnant of a bygone era.
    (As a side note when going through the endings again on the wiki they all seems to only list the House/Independence endings where you DON'T upgrade the securitrons. It's been so long since I've finished the game to competition, is this a case of the wiki missing information or a consequence of NV's unfinished state?)

    With Primm it's just the same general argument of having NCR taxes and laws imposed on them and having to rely on the NCR who isn't in any position to maintain their crumbling unchanged system from a pro-NCR Courier.

    And with Goodsprings the immediate negatives aren't huge but it's new "boom" is only as strong as the NCR's position and the need to move traders between that region. If the NCR pulls out Goodsprings would go right back to where it was at the start. I don't think there's many strong arguments against Goodsprings gaining under the NCR but I don't think there aren't any at all.

    House is uncaring but my argument is more that even if helping the people he rules isn't the point of his mission they still stand to gain from his plans. He's not doing it out of altruism but the ends are ultimately positive. And him wiping out the Kings only comes about if the Courier decides to have the Kings make an agreement with the NCR which is a hostile party. He responds the exact opposite if the Kings decide to fight against the NCR.

    I think there's more than enough parallels between the two with the influence of brahmin barons and incompetent war hawks. And while it's true Mr. House didn't help the situation pre-war his role pre-war and his role post-war are completely different and not significantly comparable. Most importantly Mr. House doesn't have any intention to replicate the old world system in any capacity. He may have been a part of the problem of an oligarchic, stagnant republic ruled by special interests but by the time of NV he's not and the NCR is.

    Caesar is imitating and taking inspiration from an old system but also one that is far more compatible with the reality of post-apocalyptic life, lasted a very long time (far longer than pre-war America which the NCR is taking inspiration from) and in theory with some tweaks from a good understanding of what led to the collapse of that system a fixable one. The same could be said of the NCR except unlike Caesar it cannot make decisive changes uncorrupted by compromise with incompetent or self serving interests. With someone like Tandi in charge there's a better chance but the NCR has proven that it cannot keep a consistent trend of good leadership elected. Caesar is taking inspiration from better, more stable system and has the ability to freely make improvements without dealing with any bureaucracy. House has the same ability but without the inherent faults related to an existing form of governance to take inspiration from.

    If that's your interpretation of the ending, sure.

    I understand that but there is an underlying current in all of these games (except bethesda fallout) of recreating a society and a stable, lasting one that will succeed where the last one failed. It's the motivation of the NCR, The Master, Enclave, Arroyo, Caesar, Mr. House et cetera. Finding out a way to move forward without slipping back into the folly of the past.

    Maybe not 100% identical but it's following in it's exact footsteps and at an alarming rate as well. The NCR in theory could be steered into a better direction but there's nothing to really support that it's going to head in that direction. If the NCR wins people like Oliver, Kimball, Moore and their ilk will take all of the credit and be vindicated. This will only serve to slide the NCR further and further down the path of annihilation. An easy victory for the NCR ensures that it goes along just as it came into the Mojave, utterly stagnant and rotten to the core.
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    In Regards to the question: I would make the case that what the NCR are engaging in is quite blatantly Imperialism: They are involved in the Mojave for the sole reason of extracting vital resources from Hoover Dam needed for the continued functioning of the NCR.

    Moreover, in the case of Freeside, they're pretty much directly engaging in Settler Colonialism. The NCR are mass moving in NCR Citizens, gentrifying Freeside locals out of neighbourhoods. and then secretly providing them with aid through hidden networks, and then outright responding to locals with the threat of violence if they feel it's necessary.

    The NCR have full intention of abusing deployment of soldiers in the Mojave during wartime for the forcible annexation of an entire territory which largely opposes it, with very little in the way of anything resembling a justification.

    You can, through a series of diplomatic manuevers, broker peace deals with The Kings, The Khans, ect, that make the NCR's forcible annexation of a territory go well. So yeah, there's a specific set of circumstances in which things will be fine.

    But ultimately, the NCR is solely there to extract resources for their own ends, and any benefits brought with that are concessions in order to keep the peace. They've proven time and time again that they have pretty much no hesitation to escalate violence in order to put down those who resist their conquests.
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    About a year and a half later, if you get the NCR all the allies possible and don't set up any major failures like having them guard Primm over Primm Slim, then that is the best ending.

    In conditions of extreme instability and extreme scarcity like the postapocalyptic world of Fallout, you need an organized government that will bring stability and then increase people's prosperity, of course the NCR will be imperfect, you won't find perfection in that kind of an environment. Imperialism as Vladimir Lenin described, is when one country keeps another country poor in order to stay rich, the NCR is not doing that, they are trying to take back the former United States of America and make life better for people, the battle with the Great Khans was a fatal mistake.

    There is no reason why the NCR as a fairly strong democracy would definitely not improve after the ending of FNV.
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    “There are no such things as miracles,” Lomonosov replied. “Even the Bolsheviks cannot perform miracles.” We looked at each other, all the more depressed because none of us knew the technical workings of the transport system, nor the technical workings of such gloomy calculations. “Still, we’ll try to perform the miracle,” Lenin muttered dryly through his teeth.

    Failure in transportation of corn grown on the NCR farms led to hunger of the peasantry.

    The NEP ended in disaster. Dry season after dry season showed very low production. The Marxist dream of hyper production, gluts and food for the masses fucked up big style.

    The Brahmin Barons had long been driven away, people had to eat toads tools ( it may have been frog's dicks non canon )

    Fallout New Vegan failed. Amen
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    It’ll improve for a time, especially if you get a Theodore Rooseveltian NCR President.

    But all things degenerate, and so will the Republic. America had the benefit of some amazing leaders. NCR seems to have had Tandi and a bunch of goons. It’ll take a few cycles of death and rebirth for perfection, but the NCR as it stands will almost inevitably turn into the shit of the modern US given time.
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    Yes Man ending FTW, because gaining power (then one way it could be used is to help people) suited well with my idea of Courier 6.

    I trust Yes Man enough that he will not become unloyal. Even if he's somehow self aware of capable of making his own decision, it can be easily steered by my smartass Courier.

    No Fallout game makes you the leader of hive mind entity in such vast scale, Automatron DLC is the closest but there is something more about controlling Securitron army + accessing Mr House vast data bank in his Lucky 38 mainframe + being the leader of literal pre-war research think tank.

    I will not trust NCR to manage the Lake Mead and the Dam. The environmental damage they did to their own existing lakes and dam were mentioned quite few times by wandering rangers. Pristine lake full of water being turned into muddy stagnant water in just few decades.
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    I didn't say NEP was needed for FNV at the time of the NCR - Legion Hoover Dam conflict with the Courier, but NEP was needed in the Soviet Union for a time, however after its time was up the Soviet Union needed to move on and go through industrialization, which they did and it ended famines in 1933, famines which were so common in the Russian Empire before the Bolsheviks took power however those famines are not talked about as much as this one natural disaster famine from 1932 - 1933 that was going on not only in Ukraine, but also Russia and Kazakhstan and their famines started in 1930 even before Ukraine's, however all the famines outside Ukraine during those two years were just not politically convenient narratives to talk about in the West. There were no food shortages in the Soviet Union from 1933 - save WWII-1947 - until free market Perestroika in 1985 which also started to raise ethnic tensions again like between Armenia and Azerbaijan with Nagorno-Karabakh. Even the CIA admitted in 1983 that Soviet citizens ate about the same as Americans, but maybe even healthier. Then remember that housing was guaranteed in the Soviet Union and is still not guaranteed in the US today, so the US nutrition stats that the CIA used were skewed.

    Regardless, things could still get better if the right things are done after the Hoover Dam is won by the NCR, again, in conditions of scarcity like Fallout's post-apocalyptic world, things will not be perfect and you need some level of central planning and public enterprises to grow your economy and raise living standards. In Fallout conditions, you will need a lot of public enterprises in the economy to reindustrialize, bring order to society, and not have people die from malnourishment or marauding gangs / slavers. Even private businesses would need to follow the central plan in the way that they would only profit for society's needs, never profit against society's needs.
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    The US had maybe 3.5 good presidents including Lincoln, Grant, FDR, and possibly JFK who died two months after proposing a joint moon mission with the Soviet Union and after he was upset with the CIA for lying to him about conditions and public opinion in Cuba before he launched the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    There is no guarantee that anything will fail until it happens, but the NCR is the best hope for the western US.
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    I get confused. When I see Hoover I don't think of vacuum cleaners I think of J Edgar Hoover. When I see mention of Paul McCartney I am reminded of senator McCarthy and witch hunts.

    the 1930's were a weird period Stalin purged the ' Red Army' all mentions of Trotsky and distrusted the old Bolshevik guard.
    Stalin also hated the kulak class so when the redistribution of grain went wonky after collectivisation it got blown up into mass starvation.

    The 'Potato blight famine ' in Ireland started by the English was always played down.
    There is no mention of potatoes being grown in Fallout New Vegan. ' Vegan' being the watchword.

    Like when the USSR broke up a political void is always filled by gangsterism. Even in recent times, Portland USA anarchists fought nazis set up an autonomous zone within days gangsters took charge.
    So if the residents of Freeside had gained control of the water supply and had formed workers militias and put forward the slogan

    Peas spuds and cornflakes Veganism may have won. The NCR which was not democratic centralist would gradually move toward a police authoritarian state.
    The King's gang loved chestikov2011 that much they brought him gifts. Not wanting to be corrupted chestikov2011 gave to the Freeside poor.
    So after chestikov2011 wiped out the weirdo cannibal club he and his girlfriend had a pool party when later that night the NCR were given the job of protectors of the workers and peasants and a peace deal was signed with Brahmin barons to sell meat at fair prices.
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    I don't understand anything you were talking about in that last paragraph or the point of the first and second paragraph, however I just noticed your bio and I love Blue Öyster Cult.

    How were all mentions of Trotsky purged in an army? The "Great Purge" or as it is called Yezhovshchina was done by NKVD head Nikolai Yezhov and it was only declassified in the late 1980s that he was secretly executed for doing the mass purges of innocent people and they also found he had a link to the Nazis, so the only evidence out there shows that Yezhov went rogue and his death coincided with the end of the "Great Purge".

    The kulaks were agricultural capitalists, they only wanted to make money for themselves and stay at a class above the peasants, so they worked against the otherwise natural disaster famine relief effort when they started burning their crops and killing their livestock which led to many preventable deaths, then as I already said, after that famine was over, there was no food shortages in the Soviet Union - save WWII-1947 - until free market Perestroika in 1985 which the Baltimore Sun article I posted in my last comment summarized very well and the 1983 CIA report I posted in my last comment confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    This is a great video about what actually happened in the Soviet Union during industrialization and collectivization:
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    Go back to Massachusetts pinko
  13. william dempsey

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    Yeah I fully understand about the Kulak class.

    I meant Trotsky was made a non person airbrushed out of history, murdered in Mexico.
    I am not sure how good your English is. I speak in riddles anyway, I was just making referrences to the 1930's which in my opinion
    where the weirdest in history. Anti Soviet propaganda.

    Hitlers dive bombers in Spanish civil war. Britain's aristocratic fascists etc etc.

    The last paragraph was about the video. The sound quality is rough. The last 5 minutes a riot.

    I will watch video as soon as possible although I have seen lots of videos and articles about " Holodomor "

    Take care.
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    Oh yeah, the man who built JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS outranks Eisenhower and Theodore Roosevelt to you. Brilliant.
  15. Yes. Keeping the US afloat, the new deal, the welfare programs, the arsenal of democracy and pursuing a global war on two fronts outdoes Eisenhower (can't even win one war on his own) or Teddy, and one blight won't knock him down below those two comparable nobodies. Unless you honestly think small-budget-small-spending 'wahh the MIC I made is a problem' Eisnehower is somehow better than FDR...?

    Overall, FDR is one of the highest, up there with Lincoln.
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    Problem with NCR victory is that both Kimball and Olivier come out on top.

    Kimball has a reelection in his pocket while General Wait-and-see gets more influence over the army.

    The best thing for NCR is a gentle kick in the balls with indenpendent Vegas (either the Yes Man or House ending).
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    Once the war hawks like Kimball are gone, the Republic stands a better chance honestly. And them being deposed after the unpopular Mojave campaign is the best way I can think of in terms of removing them from office.

    also @Señor Wally, we’ve discussed US history many times, argue with Eshanas for me, I can’t find the energy :(
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    Excluding the player using yes man to take it all, House is the best ending.

    The NCR is expanding too quickly, without regard for those it's expanding over, and has too much corruption.

    House would give them a kick in the pants to get their shit together while keeping them connected to the Mojave as valuble trade partners.

    If anything the NCR would expand around the Mojave and end up allying against the legion when it inevetibly returns.

    Now that said, the ultimate best ending has the potential to be a yes man run where the player is a really good guy.

    With all of the tribes of the Mojave united under the couriers banner, the region would rapidly become an economic powerhouse to compete with the NCR, and their animosity to loosing the Mojave would quickly cool as people make money and secure opprotunities, and Vegas allowes power lines to go west to the NCR.

    Eventually Vegas would join the NCR in some way, but likely retain some independence.

    Id like to think in a perfect outcome for my general prefered playstyle, the BoS Mojave chapter ends up becoming entwined with the New Vegas goverment as its tech people, helping to maintain systems and securitrons, and being less the tech police and more just the reclusive bois in power armor who help fix stuff for supplies and caps, the followers establish clinics in all settlements, and the NCR keeps the airport and sharecropper farms because they make trade easier to accomplish.

    With NCR caravans doing great buisness in Vegas and making caps, political anger against the courier would die off pretty fast, especially once returning NCR troops tell the press tales of the courier helping out in little ways... and big ways, and as the NCR eventually expands to surrounding regions New Vegas and the Mojave become an pretty safe area with reliable water and food supplies.

    The BOS and Boomers would probably get along real good once the courier got them talking, too.
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    It's remarkable how much the DLCs have improved the lucrativeness of Yes Man ending, but without those it can be argued that it does not offer as much as good future as Mr House ending.
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    House/player really depends on how you've roleplayed that game in my eyes.

    House will pull dickish moves if he feels them nessacary, which becomes a liability when he controls a region.