NCR is actually the best ending, isn't it

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    Concentration camps: a family tradition
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    Sure everyone is happy, but now they pay taxes, which is pure evil and makes them the objectively worst faction.
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    The NCR is the most practical ending.

    Mr House's ending depends too much on trusting a rich guy that is completely dettached from the world and the most he has accomplished thus far is running 3 casinos that depend entirely on the wealth of the NCR to survive that he will be totally awesome with his open hostility to his only client, despite the fact that 2 of those casinos are directly conspiring against him and that a simple speckle of dust getting into his complex and impossible to replicate life support system will give him mega aids and kill him in a year.

    Idependent leaves a lot to your imagination, it's a pretty open ended, you are basically simply removing the infrastructure of the NCR, it's up to you to be openly hostile to them or end up more amicable but you are basically just doing House's plot without him.

    Legion is just the bad ending for everyone, probably even the Courier themselves as the Legion just has a track record of backstabbing everysingle person they work with and life under them is hell and depends too much on a bunch of blood thristy rapists following a pretentious idiot with a ticking time bomb on his brain. And if it goes off then you just have Kratos leading the band of blood thirsty rapists so you won't even have the pretentious larper blueprint either. The legion will also overstretch itself like the NCR but they schew their more modern technological developments like medicine and electricity to support it. I don't even think they can keep the Dam in any working shape.

    Quite the opposite. House depends entirely on the Courier, he depends on the Courier being an obedient servant as well, he even gets mad when the Courier gets any alternate ideas and if you just don't work with him he has no way of acquiring a second platinum chip that is now in your possession, the Courier can devastate his entire plan simply by doing the Caesar's Legion path of the bunker, like he has no other means to advance his plot than beg you (smugly) to activate his robots.

    House proudly considers himself a benevolent dictator, he has all the power and he is corrupt, his underlings are drug kingpins, slavers and cannibals and he is ok with all of that if he gets money from them.
    He directly wipes out the Kings if they are on friendly terms with the NCR.

    Caesar gives you a speech on how awesome a dictatorship is and he directly enslaves people and keeps everyone but his most trusted underlings ignorant and fanaticaly devoted to him.
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    Just a slight nitpick but he specifically doesn’t allow the White Gloves to participate in cannibalism.
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    Only when it gets too public tho, everyone knows they eat people on the downlow, but they kidnapped the Brahmin baron's son so they made it hard to cover up.
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    "Cuz i got a brand new shiny helmet and nice pair of brahmin boots.
    I got brand new service rifle and a nice old duster too.
    And we go on desert patrols we'll hold eachothers hands.
    We are the NCR and we are here to tax your lands!"
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    It's probably the best ending available. However I think the point of Ulysseus' interrogation of our ideals is the player is supposed to think of something better, something new.
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