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    ♱ Introduction ♱
    This World of Darkness is... not a pleasant place. On the outside looking in, which is the perspective of most who actually inhabit the world unfortunately, it's no different than what we know of our own lives. Governments squabble and bicker, corporations amass riches, people go about their day to day lives concerned with work and the mundane, and assholes on a Late Night show get up and crack terrible jokes about it all. These people are what we call sleepers.

    They don't know what really inhabits this world. They don't know that they walk the same planet with an untold number of beasts waiting for an opportune moment to end their lives and feast on their souls. Vampires, werewolves, malignant spirits, and worse... it all exists and walks this very world right under everyone's nose. The Vampires, well, they call this the Masquerade. They let us go about our daily lives, work our jobs, have our homes. Meanwhile they herd us like cattle. And make no mistake fleshbag, that's what you are to them. A walking sack of meat and fluid.

    Oh, you've probably met one already and didn't even know it. Or at the very least, an agent of one. People just like us, although they're firmly under the control of their masters and many of them don't even know it. When and if you do meet one, with an untrained eye you won't be able to tell. They might look like you. They might talk like you. They might even put on a show and make you believe they're just like you at heart, still human. Then the moment you let your guard down... turn your back... They're not human. That might look like a teenager to you, but it's a ravenous beast waiting to rip your fucking heart out and drain you dry. The rest of the world might be asleep. Hell, the poor bastards would probably prefer to stay asleep if they knew. Knew about them.

    They're the stalkers. The apex predators. Our malevolent shepherds with eyes and ears everywhere. They have their fingers in every pie - every government and every business, pulling strings behind the scenes like twisted ventriloquists while they operate the largest human trafficking market on this planet behind the stage curtains. But us... we're the hunters.

    Or at least, that's what I'm going to turn you into. I'm going to train you, teach you, and give you the skills you've been desiring. You are all here for a reason. I found all of you, and I found you because something happened. Something happened which woke you to the horrors of this world, brought you out of the sleep you've been under for so long. You all know why you're here, and what you desire to do. But before we begin... you need to know two things.

    It's not deer we're hunting. What we'll be doing is jumping in a shark tank. The sharks, they'll be able to sniff you out from a mile away, and once they have your scent it's over. They'll be stronger, faster, and make no mistake - a single one will always be a hell of a lot more dangerous then all us together as a group. What makes a hunter isn't necessarily his skill. It's his wits. If you try to go toe to toe with a grizzly bear without the tools, without preparation... you'll lose that fight every time. But if you stalk it... find it's lair... prepare a trap... you might just have a chance.

    The second thing... forget who you were, or what your life was before this. Did you have a career? That's gone. A house? Might as well torch it and collect the insurance. Family? Not anymore. That's all over. The rest of your life is going to be spent going to ground, and you need to learn how to blend into society and stay hidden just as well as the creatures you hunt. If they find you before you find them: your hunting days are over. One mistake, that's all it takes. One slip up, one loose word spoken in public that shouldn't have been said.

    And above all else, remember: the hunt costs us everything.

    ~ George

    ♱ Background ♱
    The year is 2010. Your character is going to be a hunter when you begin, that is a given. But when the game starts, you will have not yet had a single successful hunt.

    Rather, you are a brand new cell, put together and trained by an NPC - George. At least, that's what he calls himself, he's changed his name so many times in his travels as a hunter, this is the latest in a string of name changes. George is... getting old. He won't tell you how old he is exactly, but he'll be quick to point out that he is old indeed. If you had to guess, you'd say he's pushing early 60's. He may be fit, but he's fit for his age. Rather, what makes George an adequate hunter is the knowledge he's accumulated over the years. And the fact that he's survived long enough as a hunter to even grow old. He knows his time is almost up. His last hunt is going to be very, very soon, he can feel it. He's trained you up as his latest cell, after operating by himself for the last five years or so. (If you're picking it up, it's my goal to have George act as "training wheels", and he's not going to be around forever).

    Each of you have known him for at least a few years (time may vary between you), and that time has been spent getting you ready. Yet in all the time you've known him, you still know little about him. You know he fought in Vietnam. You know he's pretty damn good with a rifle, and is extremely experienced in hand-to-hand combat. You also know he's a very skilled tracker and scout.

    Exactly what he's taught you thus far, what you've spent your time training with him in - that's up to you during your character creation. Spend your points wisely, as they'll dictate how you've been trained.

    The actual start of the RP will be your entire cell, all of you, in a car. You will be on route to your very first target, your very first hunt, a suspected vampire masquerading as a upper-middle class businessman living in a gated community. You and George have spent the last six months tracking him down and now you have finally found the bastard - and have surefire evidence of what he is. George finally thinks you're all ready. Ready for your first hunt. We'll get into details and set the scene when we're there however, after character creation.

    ♱ Character Creation ♱
    Your character creation is going to consist of three parts.

    The first is your personal background. This is all fluff. The things you'll need to think about: your age, sex, where you grew up, how you grew up, what your first exposure to the supernatural was and how that led you into meeting George (you can set the circumstances of this meeting as you like. What part of the world did you meet him in? How'd it happen? Hell, you can even say he was going under a different name when you met him). How long have you been training under him (generally I'd say one to four years would be good, but I'm going to leave this entirely up to you. If you want to say you've been shadowing him and his previous cell for ten years you can).

    The second part of the character creation: SPECIAL

    Yes, we're using special because we're all familiar with how it works. Some things have minor changes, I'll give a quick break down:

    Strength: Your characters strength, rather self-explanatory.
    Perception: Your senses. All six of them. What do I mean by this? Well, this will track your ability to perceive the normal and the supernatural around you. For example: a character with a high perception skill might be able to immediately tell there's something invisible nearby, they just don't know what or where right off the bat.
    Endurance: This one will be a little bit different. It's not just how physically fit you are and how much punishment you can take, but also included is your personal willpower. How much of a beating you can take physically AND mentally.
    Charisma: More or less the same - your ability to talk to and influence folks with one addition: this will also include your ability to resist some of a creatures more supernatural abilities that might affect you mentally/characteristically, like their attempts to hypnotize you.
    Intelligence: Think of this as both your street smarts and your books smarts. It will include both how knowledgeable and practically smart you are, and being able to figure out what some key lore points mean might be bounced off this stat (for example if someone mentions a vampire clan, how much will you know about that?)
    Agility: Your ability to move and groove. Dodge, balance, the usual works.
    Luck: What it says on the tin. I might randomly throw a curveball your way that relies on a luck roll.

    So how does this work? Well, all of your SPECIAL stats will start out at a baseline 5. For each tick you put into one or take away from one, it will effect your roll. Example: If you have a strength of 5 and I ask you to make a strength roll, you'll just roll a normal D-20 and give me the result, no bonus or negative. If you have a strength of 4, you'll roll a D-20 and then subtract one point, and that will be your result. If you have a strength of 6, you'll roll a D-20 and ADD one point. So on and so forth.

    For your HP, it's going to be Endurance x10. So five endurance = 50HP, 6 = 60HP, 7 = 70, and so on.

    You'll all start with a baseline of 5 on each stat, with five extra points to distribute. Taking points away from one stat to give to another is allowed. Classic Fallout style. But, you may want to save a point or two, because you can also spend a point on a trait.

    I've created a small list of traits here that you can use a SPECIAL point on to take. You can take a maximum of TWO TRAITS, no more. Each trait costs one single point. Here are the traits:

    > True Faith: You are a true believer in one of the world's religions, your faith rings with such strength that it can have an effect on things around you. Your character will naturally include a religious symbol with them. They can use this symbol, such as a cross, to stun and even harm supernatural creatures.
    > Learned: You've spent a lot of time studying the supernatural under George. Any time you might need to roll for a lore check on something, you automatically receive a +3 to your roll.
    > Psychic?: You don't know what the hell it is, but it's something. You seem to have a knack for naturally detecting when something supernatural is around, giving you a +2 bonus roll to perception for this purpose.
    > Imbued: You were visited in a dream by one of the last remaining angels, or maybe you saw it in a really old book. Either way you discovered the existence of a symbol, and the very next day you went out and got it tattooed onto your body, giving the tattooist a special ink to use that you concocted as per instruction. The rest think you're crazy when you tell them, but you know. This symbol gives you protection from many supernatural attacks, such as attempts to hypnotize or mind control. When you need to make a roll to resist such attacks, you receive a +3 bonus.
    > Stronk: "Willpower training" from the old man. Hah, to hell with that, you don't need it. You're strong, and you know it. If you receive damage which normally would render you unconscious, you resist automatically and remain on your feet. If you receive damage which normally might be a killing blow, you survive. This ability only happens ONCE per combat.
    > Hate: You fucking hate them. You hate all of them. In fact, you'll tell them just how much you hate them. There are nearly forty five miles of nerves that run throughout your body, enough to stretch across an entire city. If the word HATE was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those forty five miles worth of nerves it would not equal one-billionth of the amount of hate you feel for them. (When in combat with a supernatural creature, the damage they deal to you will always have a -2 negative applied to it).
    > Marksman: You prefer using firearms, and the time you spent learning them in your training has shown that. +2 to all combat rolls when using firearms.
    > Warrior: You spent a lot of time learning melee combat under George. In fact, that's probably what you spent most of your time doing. You're definitely more than proficient at this point. Any combat roll you make in melee will gain an automatic +2 to combat rolls.
    > Stalker: You were taught to find them. You were shown how they hide, taught to track them. Any roll you make for this purpose is granted an automatic +3.
    > Trapper: George showed you a couple tricks, taught you how to tie his personally created and tested "special knot" in rope. Showed you how deep to dig the hole, which way to lay the wooden stakes and the perfect amount of dirt and leaves to cover it with. Any time a trap is set for a creature or person, it is guaranteed to do at LEAST some damage based off a D20 roll.
    > Computer Nerd: They used to call you nerd, but you didn't give a damn. You've always loved technology, and have had a knack for it. Computers, phones, hell if it has a board you can probably figure it out. This trait works towards whenever anything the character needs to do regarding electronics, they will receive a +2 to the Intelligence stat for that purpose.


    I decided to forgo skills in regards to this RP, just because I didn't want everything to be bogged down in being too technical all the time, as the actual WOD RP system is far from that. So anytime you need to make a roll for something, it'll either be a normal D20 roll or it will be a d20 roll against one of your SPECIAL stats.

    Background Story:
    (Your endurance stat x10)
    (What weapons you might have. Firearms, wooden stakes, knives, bulletproof vest, trenchcoat of reinforced leather, et cetera. I'll leave this up to you, just don't go absolutely crazy with it).

    LAST THOUGHTS: The only thing you'll really need to do is make d20 rolls. There are several free sites online that simulate these rolls, but I can help you find one if you need help with that. The group and I, are going to trust that your rolls are really what you say they were, a sort of "you're on your honor" thing.

    Annnd, I'll leave you too it. Go ahead and make your character sheets, and once everyone has submitted theirs I'll make the IC thread and we can get started. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.
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    Name: Melvin Moore
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Background Story: Born in Washington DC in middle-class family. As a teenager got involved with a gang stealing car stereos. One of the other members got caught and sold the remaining members to the police. Ended in a juvenile correction facility. Decided to clean up his act and graduated college. Learned from his mistake and decided to work alone. Started a one man consulting company as a front for his thieving activities across the country. Got interested in new technologies and started employing them in his thefts.
    His career ended in 2008 in New York with a failed break in. The target penthouse was supposed to be empty during the day. He tries to forget what happened inside, but still has nightmares. That's where he met George, who showed him the true nature of the penthouse owner.

    HP: 30
    SPECIAL: S3 P8 E3 C4 I8 A9 L3
    TRAITS: Trapper, Computer Nerd
    EQUIPMENT: laptop, toolbox, lockpick set, cable ties, crowbar, Taurus Model 85
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    Awesome character sheet! Can't wait to see what the rest come up with.

    Also to give you all an idea of what George might look like I'm going to be using "Bill" from Left 4 Dead as a stand-in:

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    Name: Roberto Machado (goes by Bob)



    Background Story:
    Born and raised in Portugal, Bob had a normal childhood. Forced to join the Portuguese Army for basic army training at the age of 19 (basic military service was mandatory for any 19 yo man considered fit for service back then). Bob enjoyed his time in training and made some good friends. Since he didn't have many skills, he decided to continue his military career, he was on several foreign peacekeeping campaigns (Kosovo and East Timor). This last one was what awaken him to the fact that the supernatural is indeed real.
    Back in the early 2000s, Bob's unit was assigned to make camp in East Timor's jungles, their mission was to find the camp of some dangerous rebels, and capture their leader (if possible). The first night in the jungle was not what Bob expected. Instead of rebels, his unit was attacked by a creature that was neither animal nor human. Sharp claws shredded soldiers like they were made of paper, with a speed that human eyes could barely follow.
    Bullets didn't seem to slow this creature down, or it either managed to dodge them or they just couldn't injure it enough. A unit of trained soldiers was all killed in a brutal and savage way. Bob tried to shoot the creature (like every other soldier in the camp did), but with little to no success, the creature slashed Bob's face with its claws and then lifted him in the air before throwing him like he was a garbage bag.
    Bob woke up in a military hospital a couple of days later, he was the only survivor. When asked what had happened, he described it all, as close to what he could remember. People didn't believe him, they thought that either he had been traumatized by the event and his memories got messed up or that it was the blow to the head he had received.
    The entire situation made Bob extremely angry, he knew he had to share the truth, so he contacted the media. After he told his story to the media, the situation just became worse, he became a national joke, seen as a lunatic. No matter how much he would try to make people aware of the truth, the worse people would treat him.
    Bob's anger grew and grew, he's angry at how the media portrays him as crazy, he's angry at the people who laugh at him, he's angry at the Army for not believing him, he's angry at the monster who slaughtered his friends and comrades, he's angry at being disfigured and looking like a monster himself (he doesn't really look like a monster, he just thinks he does), he's angry at himself for being the only survivor of that night, he's angry at being so weak that he couldn't do anything against the jungle creature.
    Feeling so inferior and weak compared to whatever attacked him in the jungles of East Timor, Bob dedicates himself to physical training, becoming obsessed with being as strong as possible.
    Four years ago he got a mysterious package, it contained a one-way plane ticket to the USA and a message saying that it was sent by a friend that believed Bob and offering a way for him to help prevent monsters from claiming other victims. Bob travelled to the USA where he met George.
    George tries to train Bob in many areas, but it seems like Bob always prefers to be close and personal if there's a fight. George tells Bob that's going to be his death, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on Bob.


    • Strength: 10
    • Perception: 3
    • Endurance: 10
    • Charisma: 2
    • Intelligence: 3
    • Agility: 5
    • Luck: 5
    TRAITS: "Hate" and "Warrior"

    EQUIPMENT: Necklace with a bullet tip recovered from the jungles of East Timor, Aitor Oso Negro Knife and knife cover (Portuguese Army Version) - SIG Sauer P226

    Sorry about the big background story, I have trouble writing short stuff when I'm tired and I'm always tired. I hope it makes sense at least.
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    Holy hell, that was great! Pretty damn good for being written tired, lol.

    This is all definitely coming along good, and I've been working on the campaign in the meanwhile.


    At this point I think we're just waiting on TR (no rush). I just wanted to let you guys know though that the entire first arc of the campaign is done and ready to go, including maps, story, and everything. This is going to be a hell of a campaign.
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    Shit, I forgot about you GM, haha my fault.

    I definitely still want you in the RP.
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    I have to admit I am partial to this system although we did not game it much...

    Anyway on to SPECIAL then!

    Name: Caleb Backlund


    Male (yes please)

    Height: 6 foot 6 inches

    Caleb was raised with a strict military upbringing since his parents were both in the United States Army. He was a rebel in his youth often times requiring the MP's to escort him to his parents house for a good scolding when the local bully's would get what they had coming. This did make his parents military careers a little difficult when he set fire to the local YMCA and was sent to juvie at the age of 16. His father disowned him at that point, but the mother still talks to him on Mothers Day when he calls without fail.

    He eventually joined the military like his parents but not for the reasons they did - he just wanted to hurt bad people. He made it through his tour in Iraq just fine mostly due to the high speed unit he was with, but a disagreement with the chain of command over a dead hadji caused him to lose his Sergeant stripes, and get busted down to Private First Class. He served the remainder of his time in service wishing he killed more of the bastards while he had the chance. That is when the drug issues began mostly due to a lingering back issue from playing high school football a little too over zealously.

    Caleb started being seen at the VA for his numerous physical maladies from years of rough and tumble. This is when he ran into George in the waiting room. George did not seem to fit in a place like a hospital waiting room. Almost like a medieval knight wielding a machine gun - something about the image did not seem right. He didn't seem to need medical attention actually he appeared in excellent health for a man at such an age. He didn't have the glaze over his eyes that most people have when waiting in a waiting room. Actually he was staring right at Caleb!

    Soon enough Caleb learned that George had been waiting for him to make his appointment. He had something to tell Caleb. He didn't need to tell him to sit down because he was already sitting but when he told him that both his parents had been killed by vampires he didn't even flinch. The hadji he killed in Iraq had only died when his body had been completely blown to shit by grenades but the CO didn't wanna hear it. Now it made sense.

    Then the real training began. Nothing like Forth Benning, nothing like Airborne School, or even that bullshit on the TV. This was what he had been born to do.

    HP: 70

    • Strength: 8
    • Perception: 6
    • Endurance: 7
    • Charisma: 3
    • Intelligence: 5
    • Agility: 5
    • Luck: 4
    TRAITS: "Stronk" and "Marksman"

    EQUIPMENT: Desert Eagle, vials of holy water, rosary beads that double as choking implement. Machete and wooden stakes.

    Hope I did the stats right I get mixed up on numbers due to dyslexia. Chose to go the non psychic route so I could be less fruity.

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    I normally wouldn't have minded using the WOD system for hunters except three things:

    > There's three different systems. A system for Vampire: The Masquerade hunters, a system for Vampire: The Requiem hunters, and I think the system for Hunter: The Vigil is separate from those two making it a third different system - but all are WOD systems, just written in different eras. I even downloaded all the books for inspiration via pdf online, but if we were going to end up using one of these systems choosing which one might have been a pain to get everyone on the same track.
    > Neither Alphons, nor GM, or I have ever done WOD at the tabletop before (despite the fact that I love the setting and have researched it vigorously over the years). Catching everyone up on a new system might have been a pain.
    > I have absolutely no idea how well the WOD system would integrate with a board-ran RP, because as a disclosure this is the very first time I've ever DM'd.

    Instead of trying to find a way through these three hurdles I figured "eh, fuck it. We'll use SPECIAL because that's something we are all familiar with, and I'll homebrew the ever living shit out of it". Is that lazy of me? Extremely. Is it also practical/smart of me? I sure hope so, I suppose we'll see.

    Also - while I'm a tad bit sad you chose not to be a badass psyker, I love your character nevertheless - as any good DM should. I'm just happy people are taking this seriously and nobody made a stupid joke character like "Richard Tucker" the Discord moderator with the computer nerd trait and charisma score of 1 or anything.

    NOW, with that all said, we are almost ready. We only have @TheGM and then we can get started, and goddamnit I'm excited.
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    Yeah I really wanted psychic but I would have needed to write in some kind of IED blast or something instead. Think with stronk and high strength they go together.
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    Apologies in advance. no sleep gets to you after a while. I'll get around to cleaning it up a bit later.

    Name: Detective Theodore "Ted" Stozak
    Age: early 40's(looks almost 50)
    Sex: Male.
    Height: 6'1'' (looks more like 5'10'' do to slouching)

    Background: The All-American boy from the All-American home. Excelled at studies and sports and at a high enough level to get a scholarship to NYU, where he obtained a degree in Criminal Psychology before following the family tradition of going into law enforcement like his father and his father before him. That tradition is helped with his fast track up the ladder as a model officer. Even made detective before he was even 28 and had a 20 year career on the NYPD. Spent most of it in the Homicide unit were he traded a his marriage, meaningful relationships with his children, his health and even a little bit of his sanity to get one of the highest clearance rates the precinct has ever seen. Was called Good Police by his fellow Officers and was considered one of the best detectives on the force.

    Like all bad things it started with a women. you know the type, blonde hair, blue eyes, the kind you wouldn't mind walking into your office, but here we found her hanging upside down in her apartment, drained of all her blood. the ninth one if three months. None of the victims had anything in common other than the way they died and that they were all lived alone. He would sneak in their homes, throttle them unconscious, string them up and then drain them of every last drop with two tubes in their neck. The press were calling him the Soho Leech or The Succubus and he had most of Lower Manhattan barricading their doors at night... He came in through the window. Fuck if anybody knew how. Nor did anybody notice the guy walking around with over a gallon of blood in bucket on him either. But he messed up. Ms.Dorset just got done painting her living room that night and the perp left a partial left hand print on the windowsill. But even that didn't add up, prints came from a missing person case, some 28 year old electrician who fell off the planet six months ago. Another victim got called in 2 weeks later. then it hit me, looking at the board, seeing all our cases spread out over lower Manhattan, it was a half circle and right at he center was the old Hedgewick Hotel. Our electrician worked their a couple years ago before law suits put an end to the renovations. Nobody knew who owned what and that made getting a warrant to check the place out even harder, some investor somewhere was pulling strings, the law suit was enough, saying a Serial Killer was using it as a lair would be even worse. Decided there are ways to get around that deadlock, did them at night, hoped nobody would notice. I was stupid.

    Found him in the ballroom of all places, with victim eleven...that we knew of. Fuck the paper work, had to get out there, get back up-but he knew, don't know how, but he knew, walked through the fucking dry wall like the goddamn kool-aid man and stuck me with a knife, caught my badge in my left breast pocket. broke 3 ribs. I ran, I fell. Damn renovations. Landed in the dark. laid an ambush, big storage area. It worked...kinda. son of a bitch took 8 .45s and had half his head removed before he stopped moving. All I could think about was how the hell would I explain this to the chief and then HE appeared. never heard him coming, but my brain was buzzing like it was on fire when I realized he was there. He looked dejected, told me he needed my perp there for the dirty work that was below him. Asked me if he know how hard it was to get another one, then he punted me fifteen feet into a storage locker. broke my left arm on that one. He let me see his face for the first time, mother fucker had fangs, like the fucking movies. the fuck was going on? He ranted about something, who the fuck knows what. then with the blink of an eye he snatched me out of that locker and tossed me through a door into the next room. wanted me to know how much he hated having to soil his hands dealing with scum like me, all I could think of is getting that .380 off my ankle and just trying. it fucking worked, right between his eyes couldn't believe it, shouldn't have believed it. he wasn't amused. the kick that put a rib into my lung let me know. was fading. He let me know he gave that one to me, it had been awhile since he did something like this. then I heard him, A different man, had a grizzled voice, he he said "Hey Shitbird, should've stayed in your Ivory fucking tower"

    that was almost 2 years ago. that is how I met George.

    Stats HP 50hp.


    • 3
    • 7
    • 5
    • 6
    • 8
    • 4
    • 5

    Traits: Psychic?(he used to think it was just intuition or a hunch, it has gotten a helluva lot worse since that night), Marksmen.

    Equipment: Smith & Wesson Model 327 TRR8 Revolver, Coat, Old Badge(with 1 knife dent), pair of handcuffs + key. bottle of pain killers. Smokes. Lighter(for 20 years of service)
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    Plus we are gonna shoot the shit outta them vampires with our super special garlic UV magik bullets.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Looking at our stats hopefully there won't be many Charisma checks.
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    The Asshole Squad.
    @TheGM your pic did not load.
  15. Mστh

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    Stat wise GM is the most charismatic one here, and I think that's fucking hilarious.

    Anywho, with that said we're READY. I'll write up the IC thread, set the stage of your first hunt, and everyone will take their first move...

    ...after I get about 12 hours of sleep because I've been up all night and I'm exhausted. Now it's my turn to keep everyone waiting folks. Speaking of, TR what in the hell are you doing up this early?
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    We'll let the detective do most of the talk. :lalala:
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    Oh gawd dammit. how about now? this is what I was trying to use.
    That is true...oh you mean here.
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    Mar 8, 2022
    IC thread is up: https://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/ic-world-of-darkness-hunter-rp.221079/


    Here's the easiest, quickest site I could find for rolling digital dice. Just click on D20 and it'll give you your roll, when/if you need to make a roll.


    Though you don't strictly have to use this. Hell, if you have a D20 at home you can even roll it physically if you want.

    Or if for whatever reason you can't I can make your roll for you.

    Also remember that most rolls will be done against your SPECIAL stats, and how that works. For example a roll against a Strength of 6 adds +1 to the roll. Strength of five nets no change, strength of four is minus one from the roll, so on and so forth.
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  19. TorontoReign

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    I just want to say how great this is due to the WoD setting as opposed to boring ass dead as fuck Fallout. I am a total noob with the dice rolls so I might have some dumb questions since it has been literally twenty years. I take it I can ask those (OOC: as you did when posting in the thread like this)?
  20. TheGM

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Shit, I have no idea what I am doing and am just winging it. Though I did play Hunter The Reckoning on the gamecube like 20 years ago.
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