Quakecon 2015: Fallout 4 details

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  1. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were the authority on all aspects of what makes a person like Fallout. I don't love the new system, but it honestly could've been a lot worse. At least they allow SOME VARIETY opposed to none at all, and min/maxing your character to death. If the level cap is only 20 that would mean you can't get every perk in the damn game, so you would have to start a new character to try out different playstyles.
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    The level cap is at least 50 in the Vanilla game (A screenshot showed a Level 48 character on the pip boy). Altho it was level 100 in Skyrim so I am thinking they'll go more that way.
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    Or a story. Wrtiting. This all has to take a backseat! You heard the Todd-man! They don't have time to do everything ;)

    At which point does it stop to be a Fallout game though? I mean honestly now. When it finally reached CoD gameplay? Or the status of Quake 4?

    I mean looking at Skyrim you could barely call that game a role playing game ... adventuring and killing stuff in different ways is ... fun, sure. But that is different from CoD how?

    We have to wait and see I guess. But my hopes are not very high.
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  4. If it's not Fallout, why is it in the Fallout section? :wiggle:
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    Because it is a ghoul, a decayed image of it's former self, that may remember it's past but may never get back on the same level of its past self.
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    I like having real time looting in FPS games. However, combining it with Bethesda's usual janky, console-style interface sounds less appealing. And since opening the magic Pip-Boy still will freeze time, including in the middle of combat I would imagine, it seems like a weird feature to add.

    The perk system sounds just as bad as I had feared. With seven rows of ten, it apperas the progression is wholly linear within every category. At least Skyrim had perk trees. But I guess it didn't make a lot of difference in the end, since you could get so many of the perks that the branching aspect didn't really matter.

    As for the romance, I'd be fine with it if there was any depth or anything of interest to it, but since there will be 12 different NPC's that can be "romanced", it isn't hard to imagine how shallow and inconsequential the feature will be. Actually, we don't have to use our imagination at all, we can simply look at how the marriage option in Skyrim was utterly pointless and had no impact on the game whatsoever. What is important is obviously to get all the species/race/gender categories possible, otherwise it would be racism/oppression/evil/hate/nazism/whatever. Personally, if I can't romance Dogmeat and various terrain features, I will feel repressed and make a big stink.
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    Tho looting and the multiple conversation part sounds interesting, however isuspect that the multiple conversation part will be possible only because they simplified the shit out of dialogue. The part where they really made a mistake is with trying to make this game more cinematic with the talking pc, love stories and the whole drama part with the family. Beth is flat out terrible with stories and script, their games strong part (unintentionally) is the randomenss of the world. I think people who will play this game (i will not, because it will not be ported to linux) better get their hands ready for some facepalming.


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    I would really like to see them explain how your character can be gay and at the same time married to the opposite sex.

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    Jun 30, 2015
    Bisexuality is a thing, you know?
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    That's pretty easy actually. It's likely some combination of:

    1) Pre-War social norms saw any sorts of relationships besides "getting married and having kids" as unamerican and thus suspicious, so you got married to someone you weren't really sexually attracted to as a way to advance/protect your career.

    2) You can be bisexual, if you want.
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  13. Next, you guys should explain to him how to find the clitoris.

    I mean fund the clitoris.
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    Some more details by Polygon here: http://www.polygon.com/2015/7/24/90...ns-upgrades-special-customization-progression

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    Bisexual is different to gay, you know?
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    Obviously. That's why you don't have to explain being gay and having a wife, it's just a bisexual character.
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    Well, skillpoint allocation being replaced with a series of linear perks isn't quite the same as the worst-case scenario that we all feared of the skill system being tossed entirely.
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    And the award for "not fucking up as badly as you could have" goes tooooo. . . Bethesda Game Studios!
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    I wonder if Romance will be like in Skyrim

    *cuts some wood for a random woman*

    "Hey, marry me!"

    "Since you cut some wood for me, I accept! You're the best husband ever!!" (or wife)

    Skyrim has no level cap.
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    The interesting thing is you can assasinate the parents and adobt the child. Probably something Bethesda has overlooked.

    You never had a situation where you did something against your better judgement? Gays are people too!
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