Fallout Haiku

The Masticator
will get my Vindicator
up his asshole, yo!



Next up: Minigun
The Bridgekeeper's robes
will be yours for a riddle -
the answer explodes.

Next: fluffer (FO2)
sorry, too little FO2 prolly, for i have no idea what fluffers are..and nobody has posted for over a day :/ so i'll just ask - what are fluffers? :P
Jeez. New Reno. The Golden Globes. One can work there as a fluffer. And what exactly does a fluffer do, you ask? A fluffer sucks cock. No, really. A fluffer sucks cock to keep the dicks of porn stars hard until the porn actresses come up and do their thing.


That's all.

Maybe someone should just do a haiku about good ol' Marcus.
This job really sucks
And that line was really lame
Should have gone with Marc(us)

Ok, that one really sucked...

Anyhoo, next up: good ol' Marcus!
Ye good old Marcus
Always with being ugly
Vatted as he was.

Next up: Cassidy
Good ol' Cassidy!
Shotgun weilding psychopath,
Yet drugs fuck him up.

Next: Corsican Brothers Porno place in New Reno
'T was at the Golden Globes
that poisoned I became
from fluffing in the dark.

Damn them rhyme schemes! :evil:

At the Golden Globes
my Cattle Prod examined
a mutant's black hole.

That's better.

Or better yet:

At the Golden Globes
I fucked a bitch up the butt
and became famous.

Alright! :D

Next: the boattrip to the Enclave
Fuck it was boring,
Masturbated eighteen times
While Sulik pole danced...

Next: keep this subject going.
But between wanking
There was much to see outside,
Like three-headed birds

next: there's still a lot more to write about that subject :D
I got to oil rig
faces on the pipes watch me
Now im the oil rig

I have been going
around in desert for days
dogmeat now looks hawt

traveling in the
wasteland for quite some time now
wish I got mira

Next: sex and/or fallout
Masturbation is
never as good as real sex
STDs aren't fun...

Keep this topic going
Oh look, a Brahmin
Let's make sure no-one sees me
He, Brahmin tipping

Ha, bet you thought I was gonna do something else, right? :P

Next up: the Toxic Caves (and if you'd like, the underground storage facility you can find there)
Ha, bet you thought I was gonna do something else, right? Razz

No. Why should've we? :roll:

Anyways: Toxic Caves

Gecko infested
Hell hole where the green goo burns
And radiates you.

Next: Seeing as I didn't cover the underground storage area, that's whats up next...
No point going down there,
Nothing amusing to see,
Do some Jet instead.

next: gecko skinning then
Inhale the Jet
Reload my Bozar and burst
No more skin left

Next up: the gigantic footprint
What the fuck is that?
An ancient settlement or
Godzilla's footprint?

Next: bottlecaps
"I'll have a beer, please"
"That will be 10 bottle caps, sir"
"Here you go, barkeep"

next: marcus + minigun