Which mods/patches for Fallout 1&2?

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Guest, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Silencer

    Silencer Night Watchman Staff Member Admin

    Nov 7, 2003
  2. bigmit37

    bigmit37 First time out of the vault

    Apr 26, 2007
    Just got the DVD 3 in one Version.

    I am going to play Fallout 2.
    I am running XP. Just wondering what patches I should install? Are there any Fan-Made patches I should look into?

    As for Mods, are there any that make the game more user-friendly or polished?

    Maybe something is done with the interface, or annoying glitches, things are improved, etc etc,.

    So if you have any suggestions for Mods, I appreciate it.

    Other than that, I am excited about the game, since I have only heard great things about it. I was looking for a TB battle system as well, since I really like to take my time with battles. I get too anxious otherwise. =)

    Thank you.
  3. Otay

    Otay First time out of the vault

    Apr 19, 2007
    Hey man!

    You'll prolly wanna get the 1.02US patch, which I think is on this site, that'll fix a shitload of bugs and issues.


    Plus if your running XP your probably running a system that is quite fast, meaning that if you travel the world map your going to be travelling at lightning speeds which means less encounters meaning less fun...

    That patch allows you to adjust the speed, which is explained in its notes.

    Thats all I got man, other than that, just make a build you've never done before, demo expert, ninja, diplomatic char, chem addict and so on :)
  4. Acrux

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    Apr 17, 2007
    Let me know how the DVD works. I've been considering purchasing it, but I've heard mixed reviews, like that it won't run on some DVD-drives.
  5. macrules

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    Oct 27, 2006
    Killap's patch is a bunch of stuff that interplay didn't fix and he took the time to actually code in everything...so I'd reccomend donwloading that. Killap patched everything that Per outlined and then some. That and the official 1.02 patch are the two most crucial, I'd beat the game with them first and then add on whatever you want after.
  6. bigmit37

    bigmit37 First time out of the vault

    Apr 26, 2007
    Is that the 1.05 Patch? That's the one I just installed.

    Hmm, I didn't have a problem installing it. And you don't seem to need the DVD after installling it. I haven't started playing yet, since I am trying to get through the manual....ugh it's a PDF file version. If only I can find the original Fallout 2 with the Manual. (Besides from Ebay, since I don't purchase things from Ebay)
  7. killap

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    May 16, 2005
  8. Skyrage

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    May 8, 2007
    Couple of questions regarding patches.

    Hiyas there,

    I was wondering about a couple of things regarding the fan-made patches for FO2. I'm kinda interested to know whether there is one in particular which is considered the most "official" unofficial fan-made patch, and second of all, whether it is possible to 'combine' patches?

    I'm kinda interested in the mod-patch by Seraph which includes fixes for the misc endings, however I'm also interested in a numerous of changes in the patches made by Celestial, but as far as I am aware those did not contain any endings fixes.

    Choices, choices..what to pick? :P
  9. Muff

    Muff Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    May 5, 2006
    I think the MIB88 mega mod has everything so get that, if not Kilaps patch should be what you are looking for, But if you find a bug with it please report it.
  10. Dude101

    Dude101 Vault Fossil

    Aug 3, 2005
    Muff is right on this:

    Best patch

    Best Mod
    Megamod - has everything you can think of including Killap patch.

    Seraph and Celestia patches are old news, same for 1.05. You cant combine patches.
  11. Tommyknocker

    Tommyknocker First time out of the vault

    Jul 22, 2006
    Which mods should I use

    I'm planning to play through Fallout and Fallout 2 again, and wanna try some mods. Firstly, is it possible to play Fallout in the Fallout 2 engine like with Baldur's Gate?

    Also I'm looking for mods with the following:

    Fixed bugs/dialogue
    Graphics updates
    New items
    New weapons

    For both 1 & 2. What would you reccomend?
  12. Silencer

    Silencer Night Watchman Staff Member Admin

    Nov 7, 2003
    To do: Search the forum, merge and sticky all the "Mod Recommendation" threads. There's a number of those.
  13. Demonslayer

    Demonslayer Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Aug 8, 2005
    MIB88 MegaMod.

    Or killap patches if you don't want hardcore changes.
  14. Tommyknocker

    Tommyknocker First time out of the vault

    Jul 22, 2006
    Hm, well I'm not really after massive changes. I'm sort of torn between 'New Vision', 'Survivor' and 'Finesse'... do any of these work with each other?

    And I can't seem to find any item/weapon mods for fallout 1.
  15. Uaine

    Uaine First time out of the vault

    Dec 2, 2004
    For F2, I would recommend Killap's. It fixes more bugs than anything else I've seen, and fixes a number of quests. Look into it - well worth the download. It's still semi-alive as a project too; Killap pretty much has his own stickied thread ::points up::

    As far as patch interoperability - most mod groups don't work with each other to make sure that their mods work together. Generally, I install one mod that takes care of bugs, and sometimes a second game enhancing mod - sometimes they work together sometimes not.

    A *rough* way to check, is if two mods both replace the same file (in the "data" folder) there may be some kind of conflict, because only one of that particular file can be used at a time.
  16. Tommyknocker

    Tommyknocker First time out of the vault

    Jul 22, 2006
    Okay, thanks. So what would you reccomend out of 'new vision', 'survivor' or 'finesse'?
  17. Uaine

    Uaine First time out of the vault

    Dec 2, 2004
    I wouldn't personally recommend any of those you are listing. However, please don't read that as my recommending against them. Read what each of them offers, and decide if that is what you are looking for.

    My highest recommendation goes to Killap's.
  18. uratransformer

    uratransformer First time out of the vault

    Feb 5, 2007
    What is your favorite Fallout Mod?

    Hey everyone,

    I am planning on playing through fallout 1 + 2 using mods. I have been looking through nma's downloads and other Fallot mod sites and wanted to know what one would suggest. Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank you
  19. heodien

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    May 22, 2006
    Man, this is the 10th thread about this this month, read a bit...
  20. [rgb]renegade

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    May 20, 2007
    best setting for a fallout 2 replay

    i just digged out my old fallout 2 and i want to replay it. but the question is, which mods/patches/wtf should i use to get the best gaming experience? any recommendations? i looked through all these "addons" here in the board, but i'm kind of swamped by the stuff. is there a kind of "best" setting, which you use to replay? thanks for your support!